The Compassion of Prem Rawat: Durga Ji Reminiscences

This excerpt from Mrs Marolyn Rawat's speech at the Guru Puja (worship) festival on 10th September 1978 in Geneva, Switzerland highlights the differences in Prem Rawat's outlook on people and hers and her attempted justifications of his callous behaviour (not that she actually can or does justify it).

Sometimes I feel like, who are you Guru Maharaj Ji? Who are you? I don't know. Only you know. What are you Guru Maharaj Ji? I don't know. Only you know. How are you? I don't know. Only you know. But it's like, when are you and where are you, where are you Guru Maharaj Ji? You are here. Always here. When you ask that question: "Where are you Guru Maharaj Ji? " Guru Maharaj Ji, you are here. By your incredible, infinite mercy and Grace you are here.

Always that question, that can be followed by: "Here, Guru Maharaj Ji is always here." No matter where I am, as long as I can say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, Where are you? You're here, Guru Maharaj Ji."

And "When are you? You're now. For me, right now. I'm alive." And that's all we need to know. We can never understand why, what, how? That's for Guru Maharaj Ji. But it's just like Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Just relax in me, in me."

One time we were driving down in the motor-home and it was so cold and so rainy and so … it was just really terrible outside. And I saw these two hitch-hikers and they looked terrible, really … I mean, OK, you can say they were hippies. They had very long hair and very old clothes and very raggedy and they were wet and cold.

And here we drove by and I was just looking out the window; we went right past them in this beautiful motor-home and it was like I looked at them and I completely identified with them because that's the way I was.

It's just like I flashed: "What would it be like if we stopped right now and said; 'Get in, in this beautiful motor-home'."

They were just expecting a Volkswagen. They would be happy with anything that came to give them a ride. They just wanted to get out of the cold or just to get a ride. But what if this incredible, beautiful motor-home that had everything in it stopped and picked them up. It would be so like, "Wow, Wow, Wow." And it was Guru Maharaj Ji's motor-home at that. I mean, it would be beyond anything that they had ever dreamed of, or hoped for or anything. And then there would be Guru Maharaj Ji in there as well, giving them warmth and love and food and clothing and shelter and just everything.

But no, it wasn't supposed to happen, that we pick those guys up. But at that moment I really experienced that that's what happened to me. I was just like that -- cold, hungry, afraid, lost, and Guru Maharaj Ji came by and picked me up and put me in this incredible motor-home, this incredible boat, this incredible whatever, his world. And he's taking care of me like I could never take care of myself. Never! None of us could ever take care of ourselves the way Guru Maharaj Ji takes care of us. Can any of us say that Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't take care of us? That he doesn't give us everything, everything we need, and even more than that, even what we want? It's just really too much. Because he is our father.