In the Eyes of God (from an official DLM publication)

On May 24th, 1974, at 8 pm, Guru Maharaj Ji was wedded to Marolyn Lois Johnson in a small chapel in the Colorado Rockies.

The following story is taken from excerpts of an interview with one of the sisters in Denver who attended the ceremony.

It was a small, quaint looking chapel with a view of the intercontinental divide with snowpeaked mountaintops and valleys. The first four rows of the chapel were filled. The "Good Name" band was playing some songs that Maharaj Ji had selected: "If Not For You?, "Amazing Grace?, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face?.

First Marolyn's mother, escorted by Milky Cole came down the aisle. Then came Donna (the maid of honor) followed by the flower girl who strew rose pettles on the runner as she walked. Ron Coletta escorted Guru Maharaj Ji in from the side; Marolyn's father then escorted Marolyn down. The preacher asked, 'Do you give the bride away?" Mr. Johnson said, "Yes, my wife and I give the bride away." Mr. Johnson then sat down and Maharaj Ji and Marolyn were side by side. The preacher started to give a sermon. He talked about the invisible unbreakable bond between them. He also said, "This marriage is taking place before the eyes of God." At this point you could hear the weeping in the pews. It was too much to hear this said in front of the Lord! When Marolyn started to take her vows, she broke down crying. Maharaj Ji reached into his pocket and gave her a handkerchief to wipe her eyes. She could barely talk. Then and there everybody started crying; that was all you could hear. The preacher asked Maharaj Ji if he took Marolyn for his lawfully wedded wife. Maharaj Ji looked Marolyn in her eyes and said, "Yes, I will." The preacher then asked Marolyn if she would take "Prem Pal for your lawfully wedded husband.? He pronounced them husband and wife; they embraced. The band played, "Green Were The Hills I Used To Roam" (the song that goes, "Now I stay right by your side for I've now become your bride.?)

The ceremony was over, and Maharaj Ji and Marolyn began walking back.

Maharaj Ji stopped and allowed Marolyn and a few other premies to kiss His feet. Then Maharaj Ji and Marolyn got into the Maserati with Dr. Pepper cans tied on the back with a "just married" sign. Raja Ji followed in his car.

It was all so quick but so divine! We use that word so easily to describe something far out, but this was really heavenly, it was purely heavenly! Guru Maharaj Ji married us all through Marolyn. The marriage was made in heaven so much that everyone there was brought to heaven! ? Oh well, you'll see it soon on video.

See also "The Wedding" - an article in the Divine Times June 15, 1974 Volume 3, Issue 2

These audio clips were made from a copy of the "Wedding Video" that was overlooked during the destruction of Divine Light Mission publications in the early 1980's. Unfortunately it was later destroyed by a zealous "student" of Prem Rawat's.

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NB: the actual wedding ceremony probably did not include a background soundtrack