Marolyn Rawat Tells the Truth About Her Husband
What IS Prem Rawat Really Like?

Marolyn Johnson, as an ashram premie (follower of Prem Rawat) must have "given satsang" many times before her marriage but we only have one record:

"This meditation that Guru Maharaj Ji's giving I can keep with me all the time and this my passengers I think also can experience because when I'm feeling calm and peace and very much loved within myself I can just emanate this out to my passengers or to anyone that I'm with."

I don't know if this took many takes to film but even here in a shoot she is nervous and stumbles over her words. However, what she is saying is hardly unusual or controversial. Later on, she often appeared on stage like a rabbit caught in the headlights scared but ready to talk from her heart about her Perfect Master. You couldn't doubt her sincerity but you could certainly doubt her sanity.

Marolyn Rawat Kissing Prem Rawat's Feet

"And the other night I just looked at Guru Maharaj Ji's Feet, and there they were, you know. And to me - I mean, all of a sudden - I know Guru Maharaj Ji's Lotus Feet are the most beautiful thing in this world, but I was just looking at his Feet and I just went, "Oh, my God!" And I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't take my eyes off his Feet. And its like, if you go to , maybe, people of the world and just try to tell them, "Well, Guru Maharaj Ji has the most beautiful Feet," it just won't make sense. But to premies … You know, it's like, I am so blissed out looking at Guru Maharaj Ji's Feet. And yet, to each one of us, we know how beautiful those Lotus Feet are, because he gives them to us to hang on to, you know. And that's like the gateway to his heart: His Feet. And they're so beautiful. They're so perfect. They're so lovely. Physically, even. I mean, they're just so beautiful." - Prem Rawat's Wife - Denver, Colorado September 3, 1977

One wonders what she might have said about his penis.
Surely that's no less beautiful than his feet even if he's not supposed to have it kissed in public.


Marolyn and Prem Rawat 1975

Marolyn Rawat Often Inadvertently Revealed What a Sh*t Her Lord and Husbane Was
She Reminiscences about His Compassion or Lack Of It!

"One time we were driving down in the motor-home and it was so cold and so rainy and so … it was just really terrible outside. And I saw these two hitch-hikers and they looked terrible, really … I mean, OK, you can say they were hippies. They had very long hair and very old clothes and very raggedy and they were wet and cold."

"And here we drove by and I was just looking out the window; we went right past them in this beautiful motor-home and it was like I looked at them and I completely identified with them because that's the way I was. It's just like I flashed: 'What would it be like if we stopped right now and said; 'Get in, in this beautiful motor-home'."

She not only demonstrates his mean-spiritedness and lack of compassion she also demonstrates her complete lack of understanding.

Marolyn Rawat Giving Satsang

She Often Spoke About Rawat's Pastimes: She Never Once Mentioned Him Meditating

"Maharaj Ji plays with the stereo for hours, or he gets into a car and drives really fast. … Maharaj Ji likes to play a lot with stereos. I mean, he really likes them. When he turns one on, he blasts it really loud. Then he turns it off, and you can still hear the current running through the speakers, even though there's really no music coming out. It's just like a "ssssshhhhh 11 that's kind of going on in the speakers. … The other night Maharaj Ji was playing pinball - because we have a pinball machine. I was watching him play, and he was perfect at it.

Prem Rawat cries tears of joy at his birthday present
Prem Rawat cries tears of joy at his birthday present

Fast cars, Loud Music & Pinball: The True Spiritual Path to Enlightenment

"We're full of poison. We've lived in this world and we've accumulated so much negativity, so much jealousy and pride. Maharaj Ji said it at Hans Jayanti, we've built a monster. We've built this ego ourselves. And the only thing that's going to get rid of it is to really practise this meditation, to really completely, completely surrender to Maharaj Ji all the time."

Like Most Premies, She Often Spoke of Her Own Failures in Meditation Even With Her Maids, Nannies and Cleaners

"I went through a phase of, 'I can't meditate. I just can't meditate.' I'd sit down and it was really very difficult. Maharaj Ji is very intense, and just being with him is a very intense experience. Before I knew it I was going, 'I don't have to meditate formally. I'll just meditate on the Word all day long.' It was such a joke, because I realized I was just kidding myself. It was the biggest delusion that was happening."

"He is with me all the time, and I still get so distracted by so many different things - like each one of us do. We say, 'Oh well, all we have to do is remember the Word all day long and we're right there.' That's really beautiful, but how many of us really are remembering the Word all day long? Some people can say, 'Oh yes, I'm there.' But who are we kidding?"

Marolyn Rawat At a Community Meeting

Marolyn Rawat no longer sat on stage with her husband and spoke "from her heart" to his followers after the early 1980s change in Rawat's presentations.


Don't take my word for it. Read her satsangs yourself and see If I'm selectively quoting or giving an accurate picture of her public speeches.

All of the transcipts of Marolyn Rawat's speeches are taken from official publications of the Divine Light Mission.