About Knowledge (685) Duration:28 mins

Maharaji talks about Knowledge, clarifying what it is and what it is not.
Selected excerpts from Montreal, Canada May 28 1996.

About Learning (692) Duration: 29 mins.

Maharaji talks about how people sometimes come to Knowledge with concepts; they need to learn for themselves how to feel the thirst. Be simple and learn to comprehend the joy inside.
Selected excerpts from Auckland, NZ, September 21 1996

About You (571) Duration: 21 mins

You are the biggest thing happening in your life. 'I'm not talking about what you do in your life. I'm talking about you!'

Accepting Knowledge (684) Duration: 27 mins.

Maharaji talks about how Knowledge is more than four techniques. Listening and practising regularly are an integral part of it.

Selected excerpts from Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, August 2 1996.

Ask Maharaji (512) Duration: 26 mins.

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Is Knowledge the only way?
  2. Which is more important, enjoying your life or being successful in life?
  3. Could I receive Knowledge if the thirst is not always there?
  4. How does Maharaji choose who receives Knowledge? Does it depend on how many times we have come?
  5. How do I learn to get in touch with my heart?
  6. I feel very thirsty. How can I overcome the emptiness I feel every day?
  7. 7. If receiving Knowledge quenches thirst, then why do people who have received it continue to practise?

A Permanent Home (747) Duration: 37 mins.

Maharaji talks about the permanent home within where we are always welcome. This is where our joy resides.

Aspire to Learn (682) Duration: 35 mins.

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. What is involved in becoming an aspirant?
  2. What does Maharaji mean when he says, 'Come to the master like clay in the hand of the potter'?
  3. If I don't know what Knowledge is, then how do I know that I am ready to receive it?
  4. Why are there doubts in me even though I attend video events?
  5. I feel caught between hearing what my heart knows and what my head says. How do I resolve this?
  6. Learning about Knowledge is something you have to allow to happen.

Come and Listen (702) Duration: 25 mins

Features Maharaji talking about the importance of keeping in touch with the Master and coming to listen at the video events.

Courting Clarity Duration: 21 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Should there be one Master, or are there many?
  2. How do I get ready for Knowledge?
  3. How do you go to that inner place as an aspirant?

Drop by Drop (712) Duration: 8 mins

Focuses on participation and propagation.

Feel the Thirst (359) Duration: 16 mins

Maharaji talks about the process of Knowledge unfolding.

Feel Your Way (524) Duration: 17 mins

Maharaji says that people in the West have a problem with the idea of a Master. He explains that a master is someone who frees the heart so that it can be our companion wherever we go. If you listen to the heart the Master's words make complete sense.

Fort Lauderdale Q & A Part One (40 mins)

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. I live in a remote area, how do I keep in touch?
  2. Why do people with Knowledge stop practising?
  3. How do you know when your heart is talking, not your head?
  4. My 12- year-old is interested, is it appropriate to bring him to events?
  5. Does resistance because of a fear of a teacher preclude receiving Knowledge?
  6. If you are an aspirant but you have lost touch with the feeling, how do you get back in touch with the feeling?

(Content overlap: Learning to Listen)

Fort Lauderdale Q & A Part Two (43 mins)

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. What do you give to the Master, he gives so much to us?
  2. Why are so many children suffering and dying in the world?
  3. What is the nature of fear?
  4. Is life free will or destiny?
  5. How do you obtain clarity?
  6. How do you get to that inner place as an aspirant?
  7. Is Knowledge the only path or are there other paths to follow?
  8. I'm afraid of receiving Knowledge for fear of losing my joy and longing.
  9. I struggle with the issue of having a Master. How do I stay grounded and see you as a human being without losing myself?
  10. Where did this gift come from and how did you become se enlightened? You have so much insight into life.
  11. Is it hard for you to stay on the path?
  12. Do the questions ever stop?
  13. How does Knowledge differentiate itself between itself and everyday life?
  14. How does spirituality correlate to Knowledge?
  15. How will Knowledge benefit me more than the meditation I am doing?
  16. Should I stop meditating before I ask for Knowledge?
  17. How do I know if I'm disciplined enough to do the techniques?

(Content overlap - The Bridge)

Informed Choice (862) Duration: 30 mins

About the fact that we have the ability to choose understanding, fulfilment and enjoyment and that Knowledge can help us achieve these.

Inside of You Duration: 18 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Could you talk about the struggle between the head and the heart?
  2. What does Knowledge show you?
  3. Why is Knowledge imparted?

Interactions Duration 18 mins

In his interactions with the audience, Maharaji talks about:

  • Living in a 'drug environment'
  • Seeking approval from others
  • Commitment

Keeper of the Key (730) Duration: 49 mins

Maharaji talks about the need for simplicity. The door is within and the Master has the key. Open the door and live life in all its glory. Formulas, ideas, concepts and explanations come from many teachers. The Master brings us unconditional love. The heart dances.

Learn to Admire (621) Duration: 23 mins

Maharaji talks about the uniquely human ability to appreciate, to enjoy, to admire and to love.

'What will Knowledge do for me?'
Knowledge puts you in touch with something inside of you. This is for life. This is for you.

Learning More (Part One) ((731) Duration: 33 mins.

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. What is the gift of Knowledge?
  2. Why do we need a master?
  3. Will the food I take before or after practising Knowledge affect Knowledge?
  4. I used to go to a Buddhist temple and was initiated by a Buddhist Guru. I practised meditation on my own.
  5. Is this Knowledge very different from ordinary meditation?
  6. Will I have to make any changes to my lifestyle after receiving Knowledge?
  7. What is Maharaji's opinion on life after death?
  8. Can Maharaji change the world to his beliefs?
  9. How long will it take to change the world?
  10. What is the youngest age a person can receive Knowledge?
  11. How do all the events come together and how do people find out about this?

Learning More (Part Two) (732) Duration: 35 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Where does religion fit into all this?
  2. Why do so many Indian people receive Knowledge?

Maharaji also discusses another question:
Isn't five months of watching videos a long preparation process?
He tells how the instructor answered that question and how HE would have answered it.

Learning to Listen (288) Duration: 17 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. How can I enjoy this experience when I have so many responsibilities?
  2. How can I tell the difference between my head and my heart?
  3. How can an aspirant get back in touch with the feeling?
  4. How do I know when I am ready for Knowledge?

Maharaji Answers Questions Duration: 25 mins

  1. What is Knowledge?
  2. Who decided that Maharaji is the Perfect Master?
  3. Maharaji, did you have a spiritual master?
  4. Can Knowledge be imparted to everyone regardless of race, colour and creed?
  5. Does Knowledge cost anything?

One Kind of Friend (498) Duration: 22 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Why do I need a Master?
  2. Why do I need someone to show me?
  3. Why don't you charge?

Preparing for Knowledge (632) Duration: 19 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. Should there be one Master or are there many? (One foot in one boat, one in another).
  2. What if someone we love is negative about all this?
  3. Why do aspirants need to watch videos for five months before receiving Knowledge?
  4. Why is it so essential to come and listen to video events?
  5. Why do we have to go to the events and watch the videos?

Concludes: When I am ready, you will have Knowledge. Until then, relax and enjoy.

Preparing for Knowledge (741) Duration: 43 mins

Maharaji talks about the process of preparing for the feeling inside. Talks about the commitment.
Selected excerpts from Brighton, England, April 1996 and Kuala Lumpur, February, 1996.

Searching (860) Duration: 18 mins

Maharaji points out that people tell themselves that they are searching. The question is, what are they searching for? Is it for something they have lost? They think that this is so. Maharaji points out that this is not the case. That which we seek is within us, close at hand.

Selected Questions, Amaroo (511) Duration: 26 mins.

  1. Have these four techniques been taught in the past/
  2. If my yearning for Knowledge is strong why does it matter how long I've been listening?
  3. What is Knowledge going to do for me?
  4. How do you know if you are ready for Knowledge?
  5. Will Knowledge help me differentiate between thoughts and feelings?
  6. How did you become a Master?
  7. Why are we not born with that experience?

Sincerity (691) Duration: 32 mins

Free of cheat and deceit is how a human being needs to live their life. We pretend that it is fine to be caught in a bit of pretense; we feel we need to pretend we know what is going on, even when we don't. But when we approach Knowledge and the Master, we need the utmost sincerity.
Selected excerpts from Aguas De Lindoia, Brazil, August 10 1996 and Brisbane

The Bridge (360) Duration:24 mins

Maharaji answers the following questions:

  1. What is Knowledge?
  2. What will I be receiving?
  3. Is Knowledge the only path?
  4. What is the difference between Knowledge and everyday life?
  5. Why do I need someone to show me?

(Content overlap: Fort Lauderdale Q&A Part Two)

The Eye of Knowledge (835) Duration: 23 mins

In the eye of Knowledge, you are everything. You don't need to prove it, you just need to know it, you need to feel it. In the eye of Knowledge, you are, you matter.

The Heart of the Story (748) Duration: 25 mins

Maharaji begins by telling the story of the mice, the cat and the bell engraved with Buddha's picture - to illustrate how, with concepts, we try to manipulate things to fit our picture.
He answers the following questions:

  1. What's going to happen to me or my religion if I receive Knowledge?
  2. Where will I find God? Do we get to be a part of something truly divine?
  3. How should I ask for Knowledge? How do I know it's for me?

The Master Brings Knowledge to Life (696) Duration: 22 mins

Can Knowledge die without the Master? Without the Master to breathe life into it, it will die in an instant. Like a car without fuel, it won't go anywhere.

The Next Step (759) Duration: 13 mins

When you feel the thirst, respond to it.
Why does a human being want to be happy? Is it something he learned?
Learn to feel what resides inside of you.
What is the next step? Once you have found the thirst, let your heart be the guide.

The Original Dream Duration: 33 mins

Maharaji talks about our fundamental desire to be happy and how we should enjoy the thirst because this is our driving force. He answers the following questions:

  1. How can I obtain some continuity in my experience?
  2. What is the difference between true love and a child's heart?
  3. Will Knowledge help me to talk to God?
  4. I wonder what is going to happen to me. Am I going to go to heaven?
  5. One part of me wants to watch more videos, and another part says - no, enough.
  6. My mind is very tricky. I am finding what a distraction it really is.

Selected excerpts from Amaroo.

The Seed (802) Duration: 7 mins

About commitment

The Sunflower (576) Duration: 13 mins

Maharaji answers the following request from Brighton. England, July 2nd 1993 'Maharaji, please talk about love.'
He speaks about how a sunflower follows the sun as a human being can follow her or his heart.

Trust the Trustable (736) Duration: 41 mins

Maharaji talks about respecting that which is respectable, loving that which is lovable and trusting that which is trustable.

Excerpts from Buenos Aires, Argentina, August, 1996

Two Worlds (859) Duration: 27 mins

Two worlds: thinking and feeling.
Are truth, love and joy something to be defined? Or are they something to be felt? We have definitions for these things, but the question is, do we feel them?

When you go to Meet with Your Heart (459) Duration: 20 mins

The most important occasion. Come free of cheat, deceit, doubts and fear. Bring the present of gratitude and devotion and the doors within will be opened. Come with the heart of a child.
Maharaji mentions the three vows and insists on a commitment (no commitment, no Knowledge).

Why a Master? (065) Duration: 24 mins

So, what is a master? One who can show you he way to satisfy that hunger. Selected excerpts from Amaroo 1994