Elan Vital Local Community - 1990/2000s

Minutes for meeting - 12th January 1998
Finances: The account for December has balanced. C. has been able to pay the royalties up to the due date. (Woopee!).

Minutes for meeting - 17th April 1998
Finances: We are unable to meet the monthly costs at the moment and are falling short each month by $200. Main ongoing costs are venue hire, the monthly fee that supports the production and distribution of the videos for the screenings, postage, photocopying, stationery and telephone rental for the information line. Costs total approx. $1400 per month. The last events at the Novotel Beachcomber Hotel will be held on Sunday 31st May.

Aspirant Video Catalogue - 18th April 1998

OH&S - 1st April 1998

Minutes for Meeting - 15th May 1998
Next agenda: How to encourage people to invite their friends to the introductory events.

17th May 1998
Dear B. and K., We had a planning meeting last Friday evening. It was again most successful. We are making changes to the current video event calendar so that we can develop the format currently being encouraged - viz fewer introductory events - and the "Learning More" programs. I need confirmation on a few details:
We are planning to have a special introductory event on Tuesday, 16th June. Again, there has been a strong interest from people here in serving a very simple "supper" following the program. We did this some weeks ago and it was very pleasant. Would it be OK for us to do this again on the 16th?
In our calendar of video events, we have been using the categories: People with Knowledge; Open; and Introductory. Now that we are making changes and incorporating the "Learning More about Maharaji and Knowledge" events, please clarify the descriptions for how each type of event can be "labelled" on the schedule. Also at the bottom of the schedule we provide an explanation of the three labels being used. Because of input about two years ago, the word "Aspirant" has not been used very much on the calendar. At that time we had been encouraged to use the term "Open" and a description of an aspirant without using that actual word. The preferred current specific wording for categories and accompanying definitions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Change of Venue Sign - 18th April 1998

3rd July 1998
Dear B.,
We plan to have our next introductory event on Tuesday, 21st July. On the last two occasions we have served a light supper and hope to do this again. I am just contacting you about this to be sure that it is still OK for us to do so. These simple conclusions to the events have been very pleasant and this venue has very suitable facilities for such. Please let me know if it is not appropriate.
Re invoices for the screening fee - the invoice for Gold Coast (#10793) for July is for $340. In the past we have been billed for $300 per month. The invoice for the circuit (#10798) remains at $120 but now includes a fourth person (Stuart Railton at Uralla). I wondered if the $40 would not be better added to the invoice for the circuit rather than to the Gold Coast one.

Jitendra Stats - 1st August 1998

Minutes for Meeting - 9th October 1998
Finances: J. gave a very comprehensive picture of local finances. The current situation is that we are unable to meet the total amount necessary to cover all costs because of a shortfall of $200 each month.
Some time was spent brainstorming ideas as to how to improve this ongoing situation. Suggestions included having a stall at the Carrara markets, running raffles on a regular basis, providing an opportunity to contribute at the planning meetings. People tend to consider that national and international projects are very special. Likewise, local projects - namely, conducting regular video events are also very special and vital in the fabric of all that occurs.

FC Message to National Contact - 4th November 1998
To increase the screening fee by 60% from $300 to $480 will be an incredible challenge. It is certainly a concern that too much focus will be forced onto raising money and not the essence of what is really happening.
Re the formula that $10 was calculated for each person per month who was included in the count as "attending a video event once a month or more" - the statistic submitted was based on attendances just prior to M's visit and so we were seeing people who are rarely seen during the rest of the year. Like other regions, there is a certain percentage of people who would attend once every three months. They fell into that total due to the prospect of M coming to Australia soon. Also, they are in the category of people who would be unlikely to contribute a donation at the door.

Monthly Screening Fees Increase - 6th November 1998
To increase the screening fee by 60% from $300 to $480 will be an incredible challenge. It is certainly a concern that too much focus will be forced on to raising money and not the essence of what is really happening.

Minutes for Meeting - 20th November 1998
New screening fees: A revised formula has been used to determine an increased screening fee for the Gold Coast. This fee is used to support the production of new videos in the U.S. and to enable global propagation in poorer countries. The amount being contributed by Australia has had to be re-evaluated because of the fall in the value of the A$. Beginning January 1999 the Gold Coast will pay a fee 60% higher than the amount of $300 currently paid. ($480) This obligation demands serious commitment from many people if we are going to continue with the current number of video presentations as well as meet the increased fee.
Finances: Joan gave a very clear and comprehensive presentation of our current financial state. Because of the increased screening fees, many ideas about calculating our ongoing financial position and establishing an enduring financial bottom line with local commitment were discussed. Brod and Joan will invite people who are interested in helping set up strategies, to meet with them soon.

1st Class Local Contacts Box message - 23rd November 1998
Kaye suggested I write to the contacts box about how things are operating on the Gold Coast as it might interest others.

Concern over National Honchos message - 23rd November 1998
Concern over national honchos interfering at local level

Instructor Visits Analysis - 5th December 1998
How many visits can we manage financially? We have now established a specific fund which we are going to build on as regularly as we can to support the possible instructor visits for 1999. In the last six months, the instructor visits cost approximately $1400. It took a lot of effort for us to cover these costs, but we just managed to do so.

'Learning More' Analysis - 5th December 1998
The new MC's scripts were received and everyone made an effort to learn them and stick to them. We were lucky enough to attend further MC training at Amaroo with Ira a couple of months later. This added good polishing to the sincere efforts already being made by the MC's. The attempt to be accurate in the presentation of the script continues to also educate the audience as we go along.

Gold Coast Draft Action Plan for 1999 - 6th December 1998
Aspirants: Provide unobtrusive but effective support - Continue to conduct special aspirant program - Invite to participate in basic activities such as set up for events; invite solid/long term aspirants to planning meetings
Attendance: Observation of enthusiasm (from a distance) - Work within time frame that corresponds to major/special/regional aspirant events

Plans for 1999 - Australian National Aspirant Team - 17th December 1998
2.2 Propagation: What: Aspirant numbers to increase significantly in 1999 - How: Beautiful video events for everyone; the provision of clear information regarding the learning process and requirements for receiving and practising Knowledge; with help from our teacher and everyone; close collaboration with all of those involved with propagation - With whom: Propagation team, information contacts, MCs, national team, local contacts, aspirant team, instructors - When: 2-day meeting with all of the with whoms (above) early in the year, after the schedule for the year is made known

Request for 'Printed Materials Record Form' - 12th January 1999

Marc Levitte training - 13th January 1999

Marc Levitte training - 29th January 1999

1999 - Introduction of Smart Cards
In 1999 Elan Vital introduced their Smart Cards, a card with an embedded chip and a method for quick and easy identification of premies as bona fide. From these they can quickly identify the number of active premies and the level of their involvement but they have never published these figures.

Minutes for meeting - 5th February 1999
Finances: Unfortunately the bank balance is gradually and steadily diminishing. The screening fees have increased by 60% and no fund raising activities have been arranged recently to provide further support. There is always the need for ongoing donations at the door or people can take the opportunity to arrange regular sponsorship for local events.

Roles and Meetings - 15th February 1999
I am writing on behalf of all of the people who attended the latest planning and update meeting. Concern has been gradually developing over some months among people who are involved in service locally regarding the imposition of new roles from the national level.

Minutes for meeting - 5th March 1999
Financial report: The expenditure for the month greatly exceeded the income (by 36%). The account balance is being quickly eroded. Within three months we will be unable to meet the monthly expenses. Outcome: Maintain a focus on the contributions table: ensure that it is conspicuous.
A great deal of communication has flowed among the various local contacts regarding the proposed propagation meetings. A planning meeting will be held on Sunday for the local contacts in SE Qld and Nth NSW to develop the ideas further.
Feedback from seminars: Paul spoke about the input from Marc Levitte and the development of management structures.
Aspirant library: A set of videos is now available for aspirants to view. People interested in further information can see Marion for these details.

Minutes for Meeting - 16th April 1999
Financial report: A full report was unavailable. However income has fallen dramatically and an alarming shortfall has occurred for the month. We need to decide at the next meeting if the current schedule of events must be changed to solve the problem. Free libraries: Many ideas have been fielded throughout Australia regarding the possibility of free libraries for PWK to access for videos for interested people. This topic is still undergoing discussion. Introductory and learning more events: The numbers in all "categories" of people attending have been lower for the past two months. How can interest/support be invigorated?

Aspirant Mailing List - 17th April 1999
I was fortunate to attend the aspirant contact meeting in Johore Baru which was very clarifying on a few levels and shed some light on the aspirant mailing list. Charananandji expressed very clearly that if they are absent from videos for 2 months or more then the name should be crossed off and added again if and when they start attending regularly, hence the severe slashing of the Gold Coast list.

Statistics 29th April 1999
Do you need the number for the local bank account for the Gold Coast? There are 80 people on the GC mailing list.

Minutes for meeting - 21st May 1999
Finances: The situation looks very grim with drastic shortfalls continuing to occur again this month. The shortfall for April is 30% and May is shaping up as being even more disconcerting. It was agreed that EV should be informed of the recent monthly attendance averages and the need to negotiate the monthly screening fees. A new contributions brochure has been prepared and is now available at the information table and for circulation to people who attend local events. It aptly explains the range of expenses faced each month by an area that schedules video events. A final decision will be made at the next meeting regarding the reduction in the number of video events when that month's finances are reviewed. B. has offered to speak to people about committing themselves to a regular contribution through completing the brochure and returning it to him.
A fun/funddraising dinner is being planned for Saturday, 21st August. Full details will be coming soon.

Minutes for Meeting 2nd July 1999
Financial report: B. gave a detailed summary of the current financial position. Income continues to be much lower than the amount required each month to cover basic running costs. During the last month B. spoke to many people about contributing to the support of local programs through use of the local contributions brochure that has been printed. Some people have committed themselves to this form of contribution. However that total in sponsorship is less than 50% of the required monthly amount. Following the previous meeting, feedback was sent to EV informing of the local financial situation and the request to negotiate the GC monthly screening fee. As yet there has been no response so this letter will be resubmitted.

Feedback Report - 11th July 1999
We have had a "quieter" time lately i.e. numbers of attendees at events have been lower during the past few months. However maintaining this approach (1a) has kept a strong core existing and maintenance of all "operations". The monthly meetings have produced ideas aimed at encouraging people to attend events - e.g. special video afternoons featuring gorgeous videos etc. This has had a good effect; have used mail-out to promote further.

Minutes for Meetings - 4th August 1999
The financial situation remains an extreme struggle. However it was agreed that we should plan for the same number of programs into the next month. It was decided following Pow Ming's input, to make a concerted effort to contact "old" PWK's in this area and offer them the opportunity to view videos, in the light of the possibility of an event in September. Several positions are available on theGold Coast to assist in: event management, ushering, sales, catering, instructor visits, information, as part of the introductory/learning more/propagation team and in the aspirant team.

Flyers: Urgent Meeting - 15th August 1999
We need to meet on Sunday evening (15th August) following the video event to make decisions regarding our community's financial situation. I hope you can attend - it should not be a long meeting but it is vital that we have input from people who are involved in local events. If you are able to attend, I will let you know the venue on Sunday evening (it will be either at the Life Ed. Centre or in a nearby "coffee shop".)

Minutes for Emergency Meeting 15th August 1999
Financial situation has become critical with a severe and plummeting shortfall.
Many sincere and heartfelt thanks to several people who have donated generously to enable the GC to overcome the financial shortfall and work towards stabilising an improved financial situation.

Guest Services Care - 31st August 1999
I am not sure this is my place to express this, but now more than ever we need to pull together as a team and work in providing a beautiful platform for our M to come to Amaroo. If and when he decides to visit.

Statistics Report - 12th September 1999
A quick report on PWK involvment going up the ladder

Minutes for Meeting - 15th September 1999
Finances: Due to the generosity of several people who responded in the emergency situation recently, we were able to cover the costs for the month although the next screening fee has not been paid. Prospects for the future do not look good. If funds cannot cover costs, reassessment of the venues for video events will have to be made. Low-key advertising: We have been invited to promote an introductory event through use of advertisements in local community newspapers/displaying flyers in libraries, etc. Reports and updates: The screening fees are being reviewed for all centres as many communities are struggling to meet this expense. A special event - "Amaroo 2000 in Focus" will be held at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre on Sunday, 17th October.

First Class - 20th September 1999
In Australia First Class was being generally distributed amongst the servants of the Lord

Excessive Broadcast Costs - 29th September 1999

Minutes for Meeting - 13th October 1999
Finances: Contributions at the table at video events have improved. The approach currently being used will therefore be continued and will again be evaluated at the next meeting. Low key advertising for event: J. has carried out extensive research into suitable locations for displaying a flyer. To date, eighteen locations meet the criteria. John also researched use of the 'community announcements' page in local newspapers. It was decided not to use the newspapers this time. The majority of the meeting voted to display the flyer entitled "The Gift of Knowledge". The flyers will go on display ten to fourteen days prior to the event.

Low-Key Advertising - 17th October 1999
Just some feedback on the timeline that we are following with regards to preparing for an intro event with some low key advertising. Everyone is excited about doing this with the very best quality and care that can be summoned. We are glad to be taking time with the project so that our preparations are thorough. It will be very interesting to see the outcome.

Message re Low-Key Advertising - 9th November 1999
We are having a planning and update meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday). People will be asking for clarification regarding the advertising that we had hoped to put in place for the introductory event on Sunday, 21st November. Are we permitted to go ahead and display the flyer that has been designed by Julianne L. according to the guidelines, and in the appropriate venues that were researched?

Minutes for Meeting - 10th November 1999
Finances: The situation is still very precarious. However the monthly screening fee has been reviewed and will adjust in November. The contributions at the door have improved during the past month. The fundraising dinner planned soon promises to help alleviate the strain. The meeting voted unanimously to use all monies raised at the planned fundraising event to correct the outstanding debts i.e. screening fees. Whatever funds are available prior to the dinner will be forwarded as soon as possible. 'Low Key Advertising' of an introductory event. We were asked to pause with these plans. However further feedback has since been received, and it is possible to display the flyers as had been planned some weeks ago. The venues selected are libraries that have well maintained display boards. John is taking care of this. Mt Tamborine: It has been proposed to begin an event once per week at Mt Tamborine, beginning in a few weeks time. Ron and Annie will contact other people on the mountain regarding these plans. The venue is to be renovated before the events are scheduled. They will be advertised in the weekly schedule of events for the Gold Coast area.

Minutes for Meeting - 15th December 1999
Financial report: A comprehensive financial report was presented including a table of bar graphs depicting local incomes and expenditures during the past twelve months. Due to the great success of the recent dinner dance and ongoing sponsorship and contributions, we have been able to gather adequate funds to clear the outstanding debts. Aspirant video library: A special library of eleven videos exists which have been selected as recommended viewing for which people who are preparing to receive Knowledge. Three of these had gone missing and have now been replaced with the community covering this expense. Instructor Needs Analysis Sheet: As international planning is underway for 2000, each region has been asked to submit the ways in which they think their local area can utilise instructor visits. Due to a deadline, feedback had to be submitted prior to this meeting. The feedback which had been sent was therefore presented for review, but no details were identified to be amended or further included. Donation: Thank you to D. and C. for their generous donation to local funds following the sale of a computer.
Low key advertising: feedback/new template: Flyers have been displayed at several locations "advertising" two introductory events. So far the venues selected have been public libraries. This will continue and be expanded. A third style of template has been created for use.

Mapping the Future - 29th December 1999

Gold Coast Draft Action Plan 2000 - 1st January 2000

Gold Coast Draft Action Plan Focal Points - 1st January 2000
Regarding costs involved in PM (Propagation Material?)and the circulation of it: We have not specified these expenses in our ongoing financial reports as all of it is currently donated. However an estimate of costs involved in stationery, stamps, copying, etc. would be minimally $350 for the Gold Coast area.

Delayed Broadcast Videos response - 8th January 2000
We are not yet able to access a satellite dish on the Gold Coast, though the research has been thorough.

National Propagation Meeting - 8th January 2000
I am very interested to hear input from yourself and Derek, who may have things to tell us about what is in the pipeline in the future (e.g. changes in vocabulary and the prospect of one door policies etc. and how this will impinge on printed materials/information etc.)

Satellite Broadcasts 2000 Budget Proposal - 9th January 2000
If the broadcasts occur as approx. 1 per month and then later, maybe 1 per week: It was guesstimated that a maximum of 10 people would be able to fully support each proposed contribution over twelve months. Approximately another15 to 20 people would be able to contribute a smaller amount.

Satellite Broadcasts 2000 Update - 10th January 2000
I have a copy of "Visions Rescreening Policy" that is dated November 30th (1999) and which came through FC. I sincerely state that the video will not be rescreened following the initial screening.

Minutes of Meeting - 14th January 2000
Updates: Several aspects are in change: for example, use of certain terms such as "propagation"; possible changes to events such as having a "one door" policy. Further information and clarification will be forthcoming.

Satellite Broadcast Report - 16th January 2000
Aspirants: 6
**As we had more people attend than estimated and consequently a higher income, we will send $330 to Visions.

Aus Cleanup: Gold Coast Clean-up Report - 20th January 2000
Team members have expressed that they are clear in what they are doing. These people fit comfortably into their current roles and carry out the associated responsibilities to the best of their ability. As structured planning meetings are held regularly, all concerns are dealt with when they occur through this vehicle. Therefore ongoing and effective evaluation is maintained regarding all aspects of service.

Melbourne National Meeting Registration Form - 21st January 2000
"Supporting the Vision" - Friday, Saturday and Sunday 21, 22 & 23 January 2000
The registration fee includes single room B & B accommodation on Friday and Saturday nights at Queens College, University of Melbourne. Two nights is the minimum stay, and extra nights are available at $45 per night. The registration fees have been set by location, so people with lower travel costs, pay more towards covering the cost of the National Meeting. Please see the covering letter for other accommodation and payment options. Deduct $90 if you do not require accommodation. 4 people from the Gold Coast attended

Minutes for Meeting of Key Service Personnel - 25th January 2000
National Planning Meeting - Melbourne 21/22/23 January. A new structure has been proposed and accepted and will be trialled in the immediate future. The model comprises three components: Propagation team, Events team and Logistics team. The three teams are linked through "synchronisation" which has membership from each of the teams. The structure is further supported by three agreements: to include flexibility within each team, to review the model after a tour (if it occurs) or at 30 June 2000 and to commit to clear communication up and down the model. D. gave feedback from the events team meeting in which he participated: events with the speaker, satellite broadcast events and local events: all seek the highest standards of quality. The participants in the propagation team brainstormed ideas for actions to take before and following a tour if such is proposed and occurs in Australia and NZ this year. The logistics team looked at human resources, budgetting, setting up effective systems of communication, equitable sharing of costs, sponsorship. Several proposals were forthcoming from the logistics team and will be acted upon. Each team was asked to consider proposals realistically and forward these to the appropriate First Class conference boxes within the next ten days. Each team considered two lines of action - for an event(s) with the speaker and ongoing. A strong aspect of the new model is that proposals formulate at the "grassroots" level and are communicated up and down and throughout the model.

Local Contact Role Brief - 27th January 2000
Ensures that the greatest integrity is maintained regarding anything to do with M; Is diligent to attain impeccable standards in all levels of communication and activity Enjoys Knowledge personally … Ensures that propagation and inspiration are the guiding purpose underlying all the responsibilities, functions and activities that occur in that locality. Synchronises with M's vision. Is active in ensuring that events are of the highest quality

Low-Key Advertising Report - 30th January 2000
In September 1999 a propagation initiative was presented to centres in Australia to trial "low-key advertising". The Australian LKA Project Team provided guidelines. The Gold Coast team saw that we were eligible to take part in the trial. The idea was embraced with enthusiasm!

Gold Coast Premie Address Book - 31st January 2000
There were 105 bona fide premies living in the Elan Vital Gold Coast Local Community area. There were 16 people interested. There were 2 premies famous in EV and another couple who had helped start DLM back in 1972.

Minutes for Meeting - 1st February 2000
C. and B. have offered to visit and conduct an "Amaroo Information Update" event. The meeting fully supported the idea. (Outcome: B. and C. will attend a special event for people with Knowledge and people preparing to receive Knowledge on Sunday, 12th March at 3.30 to 4.30 pm. The scheduled event at 5.30pm will also be held.) Instructors are available to visit. It was agreed to invite Derek (Harper)or Chris (Power) during March. (Outcome: the travel plans have since changed for both Derek and Chris, however Chris will probably be available during late March. Further arrangements will be made as soon as possible.) PR Briefing: B. and K. are available to visit the Gold Coast to conduct a session on PR. Public Relations awareness is a focal point in the 2000 action plan especially as through low key advertising, people are attending events other than coming through personal invitation. A presentation has been arranged for Wednesday, 9th February at 6.30 pm at the Community Room, Bourbon Street, Pacific Fair (above Rockmans). People who are involved in video events and others interested in PR are encouraged to attend.
(Outcome: Eighteen people attended this first PR training session that B. conducted.)
Video circuit in northern NSW: The Gold Coast has looked after a circuit covering four locations for several years. It is proposed that a change be made to this arrangement as we (i) need to focus as much energy as possible into local activity (ii) videos are unavailable to the GC for approximately three months and (iii) the number of new videos being received is now half of what was received prior to 2000. Suggestions included that Byron Bay take on looking after this circuit as the locations are Lismore, Barkers Vale, Kyogle and Stanthorpe; changing the circuit into two circuits and having Byron oversee one and Brisbane or the Gold Coast oversee the other. This item was not finalised and will be discussed further. R. who administers the circuits will be kept informed of developments.

Call re National Planning Meeting - 4th February 2000
I listened into the Resource team conference call on Thursday evening and as I think I was the only person who had sat in on the "Equity Sharing" group at the NPM, wanted to let you know what transpired. … Those attending the call accepted the following proposal: That the logistics/resource team accept the same model that was adopted by the attendees at the NPM for the national focus - including the same time frame until its review and a commitment to clear and satisfactory communication in all directions on the model. It was agreed that each of the four sub-groups which had evolved during the NPM logistics team meeting (fundraising, budgets, equity issues/cost sharing and systems) take steps to widen each of these teams; and that each team implement steps to work on the issues which had been identified. Each group also needs to nominate/identify a person who will communicate to the members within the equity issues/cost sharing group, and communicate to the broader group. A representative is needed to participate in the synchronisation group - possibly the same communication person. M. reminded everyone to use the resource box when it is relevant to everyone, but to use a person's mailbox when it is not. It was also asked that when reporting electronically, to do so in point form whenever possible. Try to show in the subject, the aspect of logistics that your writing focuses on. Could people also keep their resumés up to date. The FC resource box will be "cleaned up" and old items will be allocated to relevant folders. (e.g Fundraising, budgets etc. and also one called "agreed proposals").

1st Class New PWKS report - 4th February 2000
Responding to the request re 1997 and 1998 new PWK. 1997 - 2 were active, 2 not, 1998 - 2 active, 2 uncertain, 2 never seen again

1st Class Readiness Message - 10th February 2000
Together we can be a dynamic international team for a modern day miracle. He is giving us that opportunity to be synchronised with Him. To take the hardest possible task and make it achievable and not only achievable, enjoyable. And not only enjoyable, but the most enjoyable thing there is.

Action Plan 2000 - 17th February 2000
Finalised with plans to get ex-PWKs back with gifts and keenly observe Aspirants and keep them busy doing service

To Aus Cleanup - 18th February 2000
I have a passionate commitment to move forward and to embrace the direction Maharaji has given us. I believe I handle the role of local contact in a capable manner. Recent feedback from and through the national contact has indicated that this would be an accurate evaluation on my part. A.

To Aus Cleanup Gold Coast Clean-up Report - 20th February 2000
Team members have expressed that they are clear in what they are doing. These people fit comfortably into their current roles and carry out the associated responsibilities to the best of their ability. As structured planning meetings are held regularly, all concerns are dealt with when they occur through this vehicle. Therefore ongoing and effective evaluation is maintained regarding all aspects of service

Stage #3 - 21st February 2000

Aspirant Report - 21st February 2000
There were 5 aspirants

Northern NSW Video Circuit - 26th February 2000
I am quite concerned about the way the circuit is going at the moment. As you know, the videos need to move along at a regular pace - maximum of two weeks per location. That means they should move through the circuit within two months, as according to the records, there are four locations participating in this circuit.

Aspirant Update - 1st March 2000
One the 7 who have been attending over 5 months is Y. who is still underage. Two of our regular aspirants are an elderly couple, the husband E. has just had a stroke. Not too bad but he can't drive anymore, and M. now is unable to come to video events after almost two years of regular attendance.

Minutes from Meeting - Key Service Personnel - 1st March 2000
Re-focus and self assessment: A world wide adjustment has been occurring during the last few weeks. People involved in helping have been asked to give deep consideration to their personal level of commitment and desire to do their best. Firstly, reflection was encouraged. This was followed by a period of regrouping in areas where people had stepped aside from roles they had been responsible for. A third stage has occurred. This has been the committed effort to produce steps and guidelines upon which to build strong unified teams that practise ethical and solid commitment and which are pro-active to what is being asked. People in service roles on the Gold Coast have taken part in this process. No major changes have occurred. We have committed to proceed using protocols, the meetings structure, guidelines and action plan that have been devised and in place for some time. Their continual review and the evaluation of all aspects of participation on the Gold Coast will continue on an honest and regularly ongoing basis.
Aus Cleanup: A. presented the background to this. Everyone is comfortable operating in the various key roles and with the personal assessment processes that have been taking place. As part of the group of people working with specific support structures that have been in place for some time (see guidelines, protocols, action plan) and that have proven to be very effective, we agreed to proceed as we had planned. There has not been the need for major change, regrouping or stepping back.
Conference calls: Several conference calls have occurred during the last two weeks as part of the "Aus clean-up". These calls have focussed on teams becoming cohesive, working with a code of conduct; defining roles and establishing the next steps to take. A conference call relating to propagation and the feedback from the "pre and post" strategies which have been collected and summarised, occurred. All centres' plans have been summarised and will be briefly viewed at the next meeting, 8th March.

LIC 'Clean-up' Process - 10th March 2000
(Local Information Contact) It is very important to take this 'clean-up' seriously. This is happening internationally, and it is going to effect the way M is able to move forward. We must remember he has expressed disappointment at being held back. Can we make a difference? Yes, and the above process is part of us learning to work as a team, and developing the trust that is needed to do so. A very functional, clear and committed team, skilled and able to respond within our area of "Information", is needed.

Instructor Chris Walker on the Gold Coast - 15th March 2000
Chris and Lee's excellent adventure

Service Description Event Manager - 21st March 2000
Event Manager: Coordinates with the Local Contact Person, arrangements for guest speakers or special formats for the event
Manages Key Service Personnel needed for the event.

Stage #3 reached - 21st March 2000
I value: the efficient and accurate dissemination of information that occurs due to the electronic component; provision of materials that are of a high standard; having ongoing, good support, input and feedback regarding all aspects of this service.

Aspirant Report - 23rd March 2000
Currently there are 22 people interested in receiving Knowledge who have submitted their details for the aspirant mailing list. Plus a handful more who have not yet done that. There is a core group of six who have been regularly attending for between one and two years and it has been incredible to watch their progress. The rest are a mostly young in age, energetic influx around the time that we started low key advertising (Dec)

Agreement with Instructor Chris Walker - 27th March 2000
The following agreement has been revised. I have included a lot of extra information regarding the event formats which is not specifically part of the agreement. However I saw it as an opportunity to confirm these details with you for your return visit. Would you be comfortable in accepting this agreement with the GC team? If so, I will complete it and forward it to you in its final state for that confirmation. Thursday 23rd March: 51 people attended. Seventeen of those people are aspiring to receive Knowledge

Minutes from Key Service Personnel Meeting - 5th April 2000
3. A. informed everyone that she needs to step aside as the local contact. The meeting agreed that many of the tasks need to be shared more widely than has been the case. As a community, we are in need of more people with computers and access to electronic communication to make this as simple a transition as possible and to simplify caring for many of the tasks in the future.
5. A. has been caretaker for the area of information for many months while the invitation has been made widely known of the need for someone to step forward to take on care of this key service area. C. has offered to participate in this area. When the majority of the aspects are in place, she will become the information contact and A. will step aside.

Aspirant Report - 13th April 2000
From the Gold Coast 9 aspirants attended the most recent satellite at Amaroo. In January at the first satellite, our aspirant numbers were 7. We had 51 people attend that program, 17 of which were people preparing to receive Knowledge.

Gold Coast Address List - 15th April 2000
There were 128 people in the Address list

Minutes for Meeting - 19th April 2000
Instructor visit debrief: Chris and Lee outlined the various aspects of their roles as instructors. These include: consulting and meeting with teams at the local level such as planning teams, as well as at other levels; assisting and developing teamwork; providing support for the aspirants; providing post Knowledge follow up: i.e. conducting practice sessions for the people who have recently received Knowledge, and being part of special events that include videos for their special interest; being involved in participation meetings and interlinking centres within a region. They also assist at Knowledge sessions. They encourage positive interactions among team members. In all, it is a role that supports the whole Knowledge process. The instructors also work as a team with a unified voice and approach.

Introducing the Possibility of Inviting Maharaji to the Gold Coast - 27th April 2000

Aspirant Report - 1st May 2000
What a wonderful satellite event! We are so very lucky. He sets the pace and we just have to keep up. Our stats for this month are 23 interested, 17 regulars, and 9 over five months.

Satellite Broadcast - 1st May 2000
What a wonderful satellite event! We are so very lucky. He sets the pace and we just have to keep up. Our stats for this month are 23 interested, 17 regulars, and 9 over five months.

New Releases - 4th May 2000
Maharaji speaking to people who have received Knowledge and to people who are preparing for Knowledge … Intended for people who are interested in learning more about Knowledge … Intended for people preparing to receive Knowledge

Aspirant Report - 6th May 2000
One thing we have noticed is that this band of aspirants has a genuine love of the Master. They want to write to express their love and gratitude, and to send presents. I haven't seen this before. One aspirant rang me back late Saturday night to let me know that he had organised a lift for himself. He was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing M "for real", and said he feels like he is a child again and tomorrow is Christmas. My heart at that point goes into overflow and comes out my eyes … How very real that childlike feeling is in the presence of Love.

Gold Coast Address List - 7th May 2000
There were 132 people in the Address list

Satellite Broadcast Committment - 8th May 2000
Would it be acceptable for us to commit firmly to $260 for 14th May, and as stated above, to forward any excess after the local costs have been deducted?

Minutes for Meeting - 17th May 2000
All-day events with low key advertising: J. circulated a proposal to conduct a day's scheduling of introductory videos. This follows comprehensive research and discussion with others (C., G.) who have also been considering the potential of this idea. This proposal will be discussed at the next meeting.
Updates: The local contacts from Toowoomba, Ipswich, Amaroo, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Byron Bay and Lee M. have formed a conference group - i.e. "South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales ("SEQANN"). The aim is to improve synchronisation through communication, planning etc. So far meetings and conference calls have been conducted which have already created a sound platform for the development of teamwork. A regional recorded information line is being discussed that could be used for listing information regarding events such as satellite broadcasts.

Locla Contact Resigns - 22nd May 2000
The Local Contact resigns due to ill-health caused by the stress of doing too much service

First Class Message, 29th May 2000
Dear Ju., We again would like to run a low key advertisement. J., who does the leg work with actually visiting the venues to display the flyers, gives us a fair bit of input into which ads we might go with each time. Again this time, he has suggested we use the one about Knowledge.

Aus Positions Vacant - 4th June 2000
From: M. B. - Aus Subject: LOCAL CONTACT - SYDNEY

Minutes for Meeting - 7th June 2000
Satellite broadcasts: A new approach is being trialled. An arrangement has been made with a Sydney company to downlink and copy tapes which will then be couriered to the various centres on the same day. This will occur for the next three broadcasts. It has been arranged that we will now screen the satellite broadcast on two occasions and at two venues. The satellite broadcast on July 19th (and 20th) will be suitable for guests. The satellite broadcast on July 23rd (and 24th ) will be suitable for guests who would like to follow up.
Smart Card: When should this be introduced to everyone? It was decided to include it on the evening when B. and C. hold an Amaroo Update, 27th June.

Change of Brochures Format - 15th June 2000
Also, for some time now we have felt that these brochures are partially wasted, in that the first event (the intro event) that is advertised in the first panel, is the event at which the brochure is introduced and becomes available on the information table. Therefore this panel does not serve a real purpose

Minutes for Meeting - 26th July 2000
Finances: J. provided a very comprehensive report for June. Expenses have been higher than total income. However costs will be covered as there are adequate funds in the account due to previous contributions. Local contact role: P. has very effectively looked after this role for the past three months. As he is now extremely busy with travel arrangements, a change has to be made to this arrangement. Events: Due to various reasons including low attendances, it was decided to discontinue the events currently being conducted on Tuesday evenings.

Smart Card Declaration and Acknowledgement - Australia - 2nd August 2000

Gold Coast local team report to Aus Synch team - 17th August 2000

Minutes for Meeting - 30th August 2000
Donations at the door have been much lower recently at the satellite broadcast events. Is it again time to consider the possibility of renting our own venue in the light of how much is paid out in room hire each week? This and several other positions are vacant. For example, program managers, assistance at events, contact for low key advertising, contact for propagation, contact for the phone tree, fundraising contact are all roles seeking expressions of interest.

Minutes for Meeting - 20th September 2000
Finances: Again this month, there has been a severe shortfall. Costs are higher due to GST, the commitment to the propagation fund, downlinking costs and courier costs for the satellite broadcast tapes to be sent from Sydney. As the bank balance will soon be depleted if this situation continues, the following actions were proposed and passed: (1) J. to contact A. McD. and renegotiate the propagation fund. When we committed to the amount in June/July, it was on the proviso that it would be reviewed in September if necessary. Data pertaining to the current number of viewers and the average contribution per person will be discussed; (2) G. will investigate the availability and cost of office space, in consideration of what is currently being paid out in room hire per week; (3) The MC at some of the satellite broadcasts will remind the audience of the need for ongoing financial support.
Low Key Advertising: This has not been conducted during the past two months. G. presented a new style of flyer which has been seen by S. D.. He spoke of further changes that could be made to the flyers to attract more attention at the locations where they are regularly displayed. The meeting supported G.'s initiative. G. and G. (M.) have volunteered to work together in looking after the area of LKA and to trial the new flyer. They will plan to put the 'advertising' into place to support the satellite broadcast event on 29 October to which guests may be invited.

September 2000 Statistics - 3rd October 2000

Minutes for Meeting - 25th & 27th October 2000
Satellite broadcast update: The next stage is being established with some people becoming "early adopters" as the first direct viewing is trialled. At this stage there are several options becoming available - e.g. the private purchase of a dish for home viewing and the possibility of a communal purchase of a dish: fixed or mobile. This is a stage of transition and further answers will be provided regarding the queries that are emerging. Feedback from all centres in Australia: Mark W. recently surveyed all local contacts regarding the primary focus points in each centre. Included in the summary: concern regarding the amount of time spent on electronic mail and administration e.g. many reports are requested; is there always an actual need for these; too many examples of inefficiency and poor etiquette in the use of electronic mail; propagation is currently at a standstill. The full survey results are available if requested. Pertinent point made in this meeting: if the only communication that occurs is as support to propagation, then it can be clearly identified if a particular item needs to be communicated or not. Proposed for next meeting: a short workshop to improve efficiency and ensure correct etiquette is observed in electronic communication.

Minutes for Meeting - 5th November 2000
Indian meal on Sunday 12th November: To be served in the break between the two satellite broadcast tapes from Hans Jayanti. People have been informed of Sunday's special event via electronic mail and phone calls. A. has checked PR and all protocols are in place regarding having another activity combined with video events. Video events: All staff need to arrive at the venue half an hour prior to the starting time for an event. Debriefs can be held as necessary. The planning meetings provide the appropriate platform for debriefing and the ongoing evaluation of the events. Therefore it is encouraged that as many people involved in the events as possible attend the update meetings. A few more helpers are needed at the events, so that there is always at least one further person trained in a specific task (e.g. the video library; material resources).

Birthday Greetings for Maharaji - 10th December 2000

Consider Holy Name - Maharaji - 21st December 2000

2000s Data

Outcomes from Planning Day - 29th December 2000
Updates: Several aspects are in change: for example, use of certain terms such as "propagation"; possible changes to events such as having a "one door" policy. Further information and clarification will be forthcoming.

Information Report - 1st January 2001
Goal: To continue to develop and work as a team that provides and delivers all materials and information as professionally as possible; to continue to work with commitment and enthusiasm and to strive to do my/our best; to continue to accept the code of conduct

2001 January Statistics

KIT Information - 6th February 2001
"Knowledge Introduction training Throughout the world, Knowledge Introduction Training (KIT) has emerged as a major priority for 2001. In August 2000 in Atlanta, Maharaji held a training of how to present Knowledge. A DVD based Knowledge Introduction Training has now been synthesised from the training that Maharaji conducted in Atlanta and Amaroo in 2000.

KIT Conference Call Information - 10th February 2001

Propagation Plan 2001 - 1st Januuary 2001

Minutes for Meeting - 28th March 2001
Instructor visit: Padathanand is visiting centres prior to the Amaroo 2001 event. P. will contact H. re inviting Padathanand to the Gold Coast on 5th April. Finances: As many people are currently involved in preparations at Amaroo, the attendances and contributions have been lower than usual. Direct Access: Brochures have been mailed out to everyone in Australia. A powerpoint presentation is available. We will schedule a special event to promote DA through this powerpoint presentation in May. (Footnote: this has not been scheduled in May as intended. It will be scheduled as early as possible in June) Aspirants: Ten people will attend a special event soon at Amaroo with Charananand to ask for Knowledge. A Knowledge session is proposed for the following day.

Local Information Contact Report - 1st April 2001

Report for Maharaji - 18th April 2001

16th May 2001
KIT (Knowledge Introduction Training) is planned for the region on the weekend of 30th June and 1st July, and will probably be held at the conference hall at Amaroo. More information will become available on this. People who have already attended one of these trainings highly recommend them and encourage everyone to participate in one if possible. Paul F. will research the possibility of having a KIT on the Gold Coast - possibly in August.
Aspirants: A Knowledge session was held on the Easter weekend at Amaroo. The people who received Knowledge have the opportunity to attend some follow up events with an instructor. Several newer people have indicated they would like to prepare to receive the gift of Knowledge and are now attending events or using the Mail Order Library.

A regional Knowledge Introduction Training is planned for the weekend of 21st and 22nd July at the Conference Hall at Amaroo. The anticipated cost for the two days is $135 per attendee. If you would like to express your interest in attending this training, please let me know as soon as possible so that the numbers can be forwarded to the planning team in Brisbane.

Minutes for Meeting - 20th June 2001
Material Resources: Many items in stock are to be sold off at reduced prices - for example 1999 and earlier videos will sell at $10 and audios at $5; January 2000 to September 2000 videos are reduced to $20 and audios $10. Material Resources currently carry audio CD's ($16) and many new photos. Sales are generally lower when compared with this time last year. This seems to be a national trend since the introduction of the satellite broadcasts. However interest in the printed materials appears to have increased.
Finances: Expenses were covered for the month by the contributions received. B. provided the following update: On the national level, the resources which support the production of videos etc. are currently not meeting that need. This appears to be an outcome of the change to home viewing. A request has been made of the various centres to communicate with the national team regarding this situation and look at ways to recover it.

Minutes for Meeting: 10th July 2001
Resource team communication: B. and J. wish to respond to the wider resource team regarding any proposals shaped locally, of actions that this centre can take as response to supporting a national effort. The aim of this local action is to assist the recovery of support that has diminished as a spin off from the introduction of direct access (home viewing). The meeting agreed that it would be appropriate for B. and J. to resign from communications in this conference box. A person to fill the role as the contact regarding resources is still sought.
It was proposed and agreed to that people with key roles in the local team be asked to review their commitment to that role, and as a requirement of that role, attend the local planning meetings and provide feedback and updates on that role's current position.
Knowledge Introduction Training: This will be held soon at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre and another will be held at Byron Bay in late August. Smaller centres are also invited to conduct these. It is therefore proposed as an agenda item for the next meeting, the that Gold Coast look into the possibility of conducting one of these trainings later in the year.
Elan Vital Australia: An independent review of all positions in the Australian synchronisation team is now underway. All positions are being vacated and anyone who would like to apply for one or part of any of these positions is invited to do so.

Minutes for Meeting - 7th August 2001
Knowledge Introduction Training: Several people attended the recent "KIT" held at Amaroo. A further K.I.T. will be held at Byron Bay soon. The Gold Coast will look into conducting a K.I.T. on the Gold Coast later in the year or early 2002. The scheduling of this has to work in with the facilitators.
Positions: New Pacific Propagation contacts have now been appointed. Catherine G. is the contact for the South Pacific region. Also all positions in the national synchronisation team have been declared vacant and applications are called for from anyone who would like to apply for one of these positions.
Finances: The local funds have now diminished and we are in debt.
The downlinking of the satellite broadcast tapes is running smoothly
Aspirants: Several people have expressed an interest in preparing to receive the gift of Knowledge. Lee will meet with these people soon so they are aware of the whole process and aspects such as the videos that are recommended viewing.

Minutes of Meeting - 11th September 2001
Propagation Fund: The national fund is in severe deficit. All centres are asked to submit their financial plans before the end of September. The meeting specified the points to be submitted and these will be finalised and forwarded by A. Please see appendix attached to the minutes for this plan. Global Satellite Day: A global special event is planned for Sunday 21st October that will focus attention on direct access and further promote this initiative.
Regional Initiatives for Public Broadcasting: The Pacific Broadcast team wants to encourage any viable initiatives which will increase exposure and increase propagation in the region, whether they be by satellite, cable or public broadcasting. Direct Access: This has been effectively promoted through M.'s efforts with ongoing information displays and personal communication. Knowledge Introduction Training: The people who attended these trainings recently (Amaroo and Byron Bay) will meet to initiate steps that will support propagation at the local level. Footnote: A K.I.T. is planned for 17th and 18th November on the Gold Coast. Full details will be forthcoming.

Current Financial Planning - 20th September 2001
… in August we found the donations and contributions sorely below the level of expenses to be met.
We plan to continue in this manner until changes to the structuring of the propagation fund occur and at such time will immediately review our approach and take necessary steps to remain in a viable and expanding financial position.

Minutes of Meeting - 10th October 2001
Finances: The local finances are in an extremely bad state with contributions far below the amount needed to meet the ongoing monthly costs. The Gold Coast has been unable to meet its commitment to the Propagation Fund for two months. Action: Paul F. and B. will draw up a message to be circulated on email and by phone, informing people of the current situation and inviting their support. It is imperative that a basic amount is contributed each month for video events to continue on the Gold Coast.
The Elan Vital Recorded Information Line is listed in the current White Pages. Revised general recorded information line cards (credit card size) for Australia are being reprinted. As recorded information lines and web addresses are now established worldwide their current and accurate information is a must.

Global MC - Sunday, 21st October 2001
Good afternoon and welcome to this special Satellite Broadcast to celebrate the growth of Maharaji's message around the world.
It seems incredible that approximately two years ago many of us gathered to witness the first live broadcast of Maharaji speaking simultaneously to countries across the globe. Today, 45,000 people see weekly broadcasts globally. Cable access is beginning to happen in many places also. In Australia, broadcasting by Community Television is being extensively researched.

Begging Letter - Tuesday, 23rd October 2001
Just updating you on the current financial situation on the Gold Coast, relating to the local video events. For the last ten months we have been experiencing difficulty in meeting the basic costs of having video events on the Gold Coast; e.g. venue hire costs, Propagation Fund. This has been due to the low contributions at the door. Up until July we were scraping by with the occasional fundraising activity. However, we are now in a difficult situation financially, where we cannot cover even our basic costs, if we want to continue with the quality and quantity of the video events as they are at present.

Minutes of Meeting - 14th November 2001
Finances: Many thanks again to J. for a comprehensive report on the current financial situation. The finances continue to be in a bad state with monthly costs exceeding the contributions. After much discussion it was decided to make changes to the screening schedule. Therefore from the beginning of December the event on Thursday evenings will be cancelled. This arrangement will be reviewed in late January 2002. Events will continue on Sundays at 5.30 pm at the Life Education Centre and Mondays at 7 pm at the John Flynn Hospital. Conference call: It had been planned that Greg N. would travel to centres during November and present the "Times of Change". However this is now on hold. In lieu of this, Greg has offered to have a conference call regarding recent developments and related news. Paul S. will contact him regarding a conference call to this area - possibly for Wednesday 21st November.

Gold Coast region - 20th January 2002
Since the beginning of December the number of events per week had to be rationalised and reduced from three to two. This was due to our ongoing difficulty with covering the monthly costs, even though every effort has been made to streamline expenses without sacrificing quality.

Minutes of the Meeting - 2nd February 2002
Due to the ongoing inability to cover costs, it was unanimously decided at the meeting on Tuesday 12th February, to stop scheduling the weekly event on Sundays at the Life Education Centre. The final event will be on Sunday 3rd March at 5.30 pm. The screening of the broadcasts (that are received via satellite on Sunday mornings) will continue to be held on Monday evenings at 7 pm in the Auditorium, first floor, at the John Flynn Hospital, Inland Drive (via Boyd Street) Tugun. Maharaji has accepted an invitation to attend a three-day event at Amaroo from Friday 19th April to Sunday 21st April 2002. This event is for people who have received the techniques of Self-Knowledge. The Registration fee for the three-day event is $US156 (approx $AUS300)

Gold Coast Snapshot - 5th February 2002 -
Finance: Ongoing shortfalls mean cancellation of events. DA - Seven homes in this region now have dishes for home viewing. Several of these residents keep an open invitation to any others who might like to attend the broadcasts.
Planning - A core of approx. 10 committed people meet regularly to work as the team behind the local scene. The planning meetings are "advertised" so that they remain open to all people who might like to attend/contribute/observe/participate.

Maharaji to Amaroo - 21st February 2002

Change of Venue - 23rd February 2002

Final Event at Life Education Centre - 23rd February 2002
Closing this venue is the result of the ongoing inability to cover costs

The Amaroo Information Package - 24th February 2002
for the April Event with Maharaji

Monthly Contributions Letter - 26th March 2002:
From the March Financial Statement I have given you, you will see our current financial situation.
Recently however a large increase in our venue costs occurred and the planning meeting decided that with all the changes, such as Direct Access, now affecting the contributions we receive, we could not continue to meet our costs and also contribute, as we have done, toward the propagation fund.

21st February 2002 - Amaroo 19 - 21 April 2002
Maharaji has accepted an invitation to attend a three-day event at Amaroo from Friday 19th April to Sunday 21st April 2002. This event is for people who have received the techniques of Self-Knowledge.

Broadcast Materials Fund - 16th May 2002
'The Gold Coast community will effective from April 2002 make a minimum contribution of $200.00 each month towards the Broadcasts and Materials Fund with the aim of directing higher amounts to the fund when we can, based on our ability to pay.

Announcement re Finances - 4th June 2002
You will have noted from the monthly accounts that the Gold Coast is presently free of debt and now financially able to support both our local events and to meet our commitment of a minimum contribution of $200.00 per month to the Broadcasts and Materials fund. Beyond this good news however, it is my responsibility make people aware we are not presently receiving the financial income we would need if we wished to make a more appropriate contribution to the fund.in the future. We also do not have in hand currently the financial reserves necessary to meet those extraordinary expenses such as repairs, telephone costs etc that do and will occur in the future in our community.

September 2002 - Elan Vital cancels public liability insurance and tax accountability for local communities

December Newsletter - 17th November 2002

2002 Event Statistics - 9th January 2003
Without knowing the number of events the Gold Coast local community of PWKs was having in these months these numbers tell us very little

Fund Raising Initiative - 2nd May 2003
The Fort Lauderdale event was so electrifying I could not stop realizing how really lucky I was to be able to attend. He was truly magnificent and throughout the program I kept thinking I wish so and so was here and could listen to him like this, and oh how great it would be if so and so heard him live

Financial Year Stats 2002-03

Self-Knowledge Flyer - 23rd March 2003
Regular Video Presentations about Self-Knowledge are held on the Gold Coast. For more information about the teaching of Prem Rawat visit the web-site www.tprf.org

Incorporation Information Request - 16th April 2003
I'm interested in how the above communities, in 'incorporating', have approached this problem and would appreciate your feedback

Fundraising Initiative - 2nd May 2003
Since attending the events in the US I have returned even more inspired about propagation and the potential we as a local community have to really do something to help Maharaji spread his message out.

Financial Subscribers - 19th June 2003
A list of 28 names of the usual suspects
P.S. There are the usual people of course who attend the events in a burst of enthusiasm for a few weeks, then drop off, to return again a few weeks later. I have not included the names of these attendees in the list although they pay or will be expected to pay the same admittance fee whenever they choose to attend Gold Coast events.

Gold Coast Video Event Statistics 2002-2003 - 1st July 2003

Aus Cities June Report - 1st July 2003
Limited response for any vacant roles in Syd Team to to take on any regular local commitment. A small trickle of new guests from the Intro events at new venues. A booth is being planned at Sydney Body, Mind, Spirit Exhibition at Darling Harbour in November.

Ivory's Rock Board Minutes - 3rd July 2003
Money tight. Monitoring over next few months where more funds are needed and how projects can be helped. INSTRUCTORS: Achieved better clarification to ensure we get an increase of people practising K after receiving techniques

Financial Statement - 9th July 2003
Simultaneously with the escalating venue costs, a marked decline in the attendance of the events occurred around this time. This was probably due, in part at least, to a combination of the competition of the satellite broadcasts, subscriber home delivery of these videos and an increasing knowledge of and access to, (by some people), the adverse publicity available on the internet. We were close to discontinuing the events because of this crisis and were extremely fortunate in finding our current venue where the rental was and is only $50.00 per event and so encouraged us to continue.
During this period we have also provided public liability cover of $142.89 per month for the events and posted to Elan Vital $700.00 towards the 'Broadcasts and Materials Fund'. (The financial contributions made by the communities to Elan Vital have now been discontinued and will no longer be an impost upon us.)

Letter re Incorporation - 16th August 2003
Elan Vital Inc; the organization previously responsible for the public liability insurance and tax accountability of communities throughout Australia, stepped back from these responsibilities in September 2002, it became necessary to create; with respect to and without compromising these legal requirements; a local entity able to continue to support and promote the work of Prem Rawat on the Gold Coast.

Dinner Dance Profit: $266.38 - 8th November 2003

Letter to the Editor - Courier Mail - 3rd April 2004

I.C.P. Membership - 17th March 2004
There were 30 members of the unincorporated association

Entelechy Membership - 1st July 2004
Entelechy was the non-profit incorporated organisation of PWKs on the Gold Coast - this was the initial membership shortly after being set-up

September Public Program Fradgley Hall Request - 2nd August 2004
With your permission we would like at the conclusion of the event to include a free glass of wine in the choice of beverages we will make available with snacks for the guests.

September Public Program Invitation - 3rd August 2004
You are invited to an introductory event of fun and inspiration.

September Public Program with Banner - 3rd August 2004
An introductory event will be held at Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads Library, on Saturday, the 4th September for PWK, aspirants; and their guests. The event will be publicly advertised and it is hoped new people will respond and come as well. The event will start at 5.30pm and an exciting new format is planned, including live music, a beautiful new video; and food and wine, after the video, for those who want a bit of a night out as well. There will be a big banner up in the park at Justins Park, Burleigh Heads for two weeks, promoting the event. Let the world know!

Banner - 3rd August 2004

Query re Hiring Convention Centre - 5th August 2004

September Public Program Invitation - 7th August 2004

Video Events Guide - 13th August 2004
Over the years, many venues have been used, many hours have been spent looking for venues and many valuable lessons have been learned.

Gold Coast Brochure Outlets Guide - 22nd August 2004

Please Use Front Entrance Sign - 24th August 2004
Video Presentation of International Speaker, Maharaji

September Event PWK Excitement - 26th August 2004
Considerable excitement in community, re Burleigh event. Responding to this the propagation team plans to further the advertising of the event to the public. This will happen on the morning of the event with a distribution of flyers through out the immediate Burleigh area.

September Public Program Flyer - 31st August 2004

Follow Up Flyer - 1st September 2004

New Lapel Labels - 2nd September 2004

Public Program Event Debrief - 10th September 2004
Total Cost: $1192.35, Takings: $201.00, Loss: $991.35 mostly covered by Donations by 10 pwks: $872.00

September Public Program Piss Weak Wimp Report - 11th September 2004

October Public Program Card - 11th September 2004

Planning for October Public Program - 12th September 2004
If you were one of the lucky people enjoying the Introductory event held at Fradgley Hall on September 4th, you will already know how exciting and inspiring the event was to attend, and a fresh new format for introducing Maharaji to your friends and guests.

Important Query on First Class - 17th September 2004
In your role as 'Materials' person in Brisbane can you confirm for me that the use of the terms 'Knowledge' and 'Self Knowledge' are no longer appropriate in the advertising and presentation of Maharaji and his message; and that you understand this to be at Maharaji's request.

Response to Important Query on First Class - 17th September 2004
You ask me a question that Lee Marges is a lot better qualified to answer. Since you ask me I will try to answer but invite Lee and everyone else to collaborate.

November Public Program Sponsorship Request - 19th October 2004
The above event is one of a continuing series of 'new format' introductory events being planned for the Gold Coast. Sponsorship will be vital to their success. Whatever amount anyone can contribute towards the events as they unfold will help make a significant difference.

November Program Service Timeline - 23rd October 2004

November Public Program Agenda - 12th November 2004

7 Aspirants Registered for the keys - 18th December 2004

Propagation Fund - 15th January 2005

Videos For Sale - 25th January 2005
36 outdated videos of Maharaji were advertised for sale

Introductory Public Programs Finance Request - 25th January 2005
As you know in September, October, and November of last year the Gold Coast community held a series of three special introductory events at Fradgley Hall, Burleigh Heads library, Burleigh Heads. Although the events were designed to include an informal content as well, it should be noted for those concerned, that the team's focus on an appropriate presentation of the video remained as always the central purpose of the events, and as an indication of this focus, of the fifty one new people who attended, several are following up or have expressed interest in the 'Keys' process.

Entelechy Members - 6th February 2005

Entelechy Public Liability Insurance, $149 per month - 6th February 2005

Keys Update - 7th February 2005
"I'm really excited about The Keys. I think some of you have watched them. I don't know if anybody has watched the whole set, but The Keys are here, a wonderful, wonderful tool that can really help people prepare for Knowledge." Maharaji

Entelechy Public Program Poster - 15th February 2005

Gold Coast KS contribution - 17th February 2005
Please find enclosed cheque for $150.00 for KS contribution /Gold Coast. Receipt should be written out to 'Entelechy- Gold Coast Inc' and posted back to me a.s.a.p

Linkup 1 - 20th February 2005
Conversations with Maharaji, Broadbeach

Gold Coast Admission Charges Discussion - 14th March 2005
Special Event 20 March - International Intro event: At this stage admission to the event will be $10.00 for all attendees other than guests, who are invited to attend at no cost

HOME TECH Home Satellite Receivers Installation Coast - 29th March 2005

Gold Coast Raja Ji Event Finances - 15th April 2005
After discounting the musicians at this event, who we traditionally do not ask to pay, and the guest speakers themselves, reconciling the numbers of PWK attending this event who payed (74) against the income received, $1270.00, shows a remarkable high strike rate of 90%+.

Gold Coast Raja Ji Event Receipt - 19th April 2005

Event Statistics - April 2005
They were down to 8 video events per month averaging 14 pwks and 1 aspirant
77 PWKs attended a one-off PWKs only night and raised $1270 - $275 costs = $995

The Keys Project: Initial Funding Drive - 17th June 2005
To support the new 'Keys' project communities throughout Australia and New Zealand have each been allocated a targeted financial spilt to try and meet by June 30th. The amount set for the Gold Coast is $1,254.00.

Gold Coast Admission Charges 'Special Events' - 11th July 2005
So that people are informed as to the admission cost of $10.00 when they attend; the GC, besides meeting its normal costs, is requested to pay an individual levy per PWK, (based on the total throughout the South Pacific), attending these special 'global screening events'. This levy is asked of all the communities screening these events to help support the costs of production.

Event Statistics - August 2005
Entelechy was the name of the Gold Coast PWK community unincorporated organisation
They were down to 6 video events per month averaging 10 pwks and less than 2 aspirants

Linkup Event Application Form - 18th September 2005
Pay to watch a Satellite Broadcast of Phony UN Premie Event

Large Words of Peace Banner was a Bummer - 20th September 2005
From all of the advertising of the event, including the banner, only eight new people responded and attended the event. It would be great if we can respond to Maharaji's coming visit with a new series of follow up events and propagation on the GC. Advertising campaign with large, verbose, floppy banner fails to promote much interest for large, verbose, floppy guru

Entelechy Members List - 29th September 2005
The were 54 members of Entelechy

Amaroo 4 Day Event - 27th September 2005
The registration fee for the four day event is AU$500 including GST. *** You need your Smart Card number to register for the event. ***

September 2005 Event Statistics
They were down to 5 video events per month averaging 19 pwks and almost 1 aspirant

Financial Report - Annual General Meeting - 24th October 2005
Dear everyone as you can see the accounts are in debit.

Community TV channel 'Briz 31' increased its transmission signal enabling it to reach the northern areas of the Gold Coast - October 2005
The signal reception although reasonable here in Southport is still nowhere near its broadcast quality in Brisbane

Global Event Levy - 1st November 2005
Global Event Levy $150 per month (30 PWKs x $5)

Income and Outlay Chart - 1st November 2005

Entelechy AGM Report - 1st November 2005
Without donations from a handful of members of over $5,000 in 2005 the video events would have had to be discontinued as door receipts weren't sufficient. The meeting asked me if I was able to break this shortfall down into a monthly estimate for them. Individual members expressed doing so would allow them to assess what amount they could offer on a regular monthly basis (rather than making large irregular donations), to help meet this shortfall.

Gold Coast event admission cost rises to $10 - 1st November 2005

January 2006 - Event Statistics
There were 9 video events per month averaging 13 pwks and slightly more 1 aspirant

Entelechy Planning Meeting - 1st April 2006

Event Statistics - March 2006
There were 8 video events per month averaging 15 pwks and about ½ an aspirant and almost 2 guests

Ivory's Rock Conference Centre Confidentiality Agreement - 12th June 2006

Major changes to Gold Coast weekly Events - 12th June 2006
…it is now possible to get DVDs delivered to one's home, the Keys can be watched by individuals in their own home and one can now easily download Maharaji's most recent addresses For some time there has not been a lot of guests attending the weekly hall Events and the number of attendees with Knowledge (and those involved in the Keys process), has also been in decline.

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Income and Outlay Chart - 1st November 2005

Combination of Event Statistics 1998-2006 - 12th June 2006