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More Money: That's What Maharaji Wants

Any reasonable person who sat through many of Prem Rawat's satsangs (speeches) could easily ascertain where his major interest lay. From his earliest childhood he was obsessed with technology, especially aeroplanes, and flight is his great passion. This shone through whenever he spoke about flying and he did far too many times for a person who was supposedly devoted to bringing peace to the world through "the Knowledge." Even after 50 years of making public speeches Prem Rawat's voice is still not enjoyable to listen to but it is a great improvement from the screeching of the 70s. His speech then veered between boredom and mania but when he gave his flying stories he spoke with real enjoyment which even a casual listener could recognise.

Prem Rawat's Puerile But Pretentious Poetry Prem Rawat's Puerile But Pretentious Poetry Prem Rawat's Puerile But Pretentious Poetry

Prem Rawat's followers claim that owning or leasing expensive executive jets for his exclusive personal use is appropriate:

He has a pilot's licence and flies a leased plane himself, thus reducing expenses while making it possible to travel quickly and safely to venues around the world. His schedule would not be possible if he had to resort to commercial flights. -

Prem Rawat Top Gun
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

The devotion to flying is a constant throughout his life and he has sqandered millions of dollars of his devotees' money to enjoy it. Rawat's brain trust pretend that having a personal executive jet is somehow sensible and effective. Pretending that it is somehow cost efficient is a bridge too far even for them. The writers of One Reality Net did make the absurd claim but it costs about $130,000 to fly a G650 from LA to Australia and back. In 2018 a commercial ticket costs less thn $1,000. Do the math. Think about it.

In these days of luxury classes in commercial flights Rawat could sleep rather than stay awake flying his baby and arrive rested rather than requring rest in luxury hotels or mansions kept for his use. He'd be seen by the general public and his striking appearance, imposing demeanour and inspiring radiace would surely attract thousands of people to practice peace.

In fact examination of his "heavy" schedule reveals that it is by any ordinary standards a very light workload during which he lives in luxury. In 2003 flying a Gulfstream Aerospace G-V purchased 2000, cost about $45 million, he flew from Los Angeles->India->USA->Europe->Ghana->Malaysia->India. As best we can ascertain in 2013 he flew from USA->South America->USA->Europe. Despite Rawat's followers' propaganda and the unwarranted assertions of his devotees Prem Rawat is supremely lazy. This is why there are no official lists of Rawat's attendance at "events" published by his organisations. Fortunately a group of his devotes who are supposedly young, have collected and published a list of "events" at which he speaks for an hour or so a time. He may also "reveal Knowledge" by use of a recorded video. So you may see for yourself how hard-working Mr Rawat is!

This website has the text or part thereof of 725 of Prem Rawat's speeches. He mentions planes 1325 times in 360 speeches, flying 850 times in 300 speeches, flight 185 times in 105 speeches.