Prem Rawat's Family
In 2024 Rawat's Eldest Son Accused Him of Child Sexual Abuse

Prem Rawat was introduced to the West as the Lord of the Universe and head of the Holy Family which included his mother and brothers. His father had been head of the Holy Family before him. They were dowdy and seriously uncool but somehow enough brains affected by LSD and ganja were around to overlook their obvious personal and doctrinal flaws.

Holy Family? Perfect Master? Lord of the Universe? Really?

The Holy Family

All For One and One For All

The Holy Family
The lived together, travelled together, meditated together(??) and preached on stage together

9th May 1974 Family Demotion: Holy Family "Agya" Requires Prem's Okay

Maharaji wrote us a letter (to the tune of "The Letter")

After That Prem Rawat Was On Stage Alone

Prem Rawat: No More Holy Family

After That Prem Rawat Was On Stage With His New Wife Marolyn Johnson Whom He dubbed "Durga Ji"

Prem Rawat With His Wife Marolyn Johnson

After That Prem Rawat Was On Stage With His Wife And Baby, Premlata

Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Miami, 1979
Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Miami, 1979
Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Miami, 1979

After That Prem Rawat Was On Stage With His Wife And Toddler, Premlata

Prem Rawat expects both his wife and children to kiss his feet in public so his ideas about family are very strange if not downright illegal.
Rawat Family Values
Rawat Family Values

Rawat Family Values

After That Prem Rawat Was On Stage Alone Again … Naturally

Prem Rawat Alone Again … Naturally

Prem's Children Had Priviledged Upbringing but it Was Malibu So Only the Family Business was Unusual

Rawat Family Values
The New Improved Rawat Family, Early 1980s

World TourWorld Tour

Sure There's Only One Perfect Master but There are Places in the Family Business

Prem's Kids Join the Family Business with Sinecures in TPRF

Premlata Rawat

Premlata Rawat Hudson , former vice-President and President

Born March 9th 1975 she is Prem Rawat's first child. She wowed the crowd of devotees as a toddler when sh went on stage to kiss her father's feet. From 2009 to she was the Vice-President or President of TPRF. It was when she was President of TPRF that the percentage of takings spent on charitable work dropped significantly

Hans Pal Rawat Singh

Date of birth: 17th September 1976 - The oldest son who seems to have the least sibling involvement in his father's organisations

Daya Rawat

Dayalata Rawat, President

Born on 26th June 1978 she is Prem Rawat's third child. She has spent most of her time as a support singer for her father's speeches singing sentimental love songs of adoration and getting the ageing crowd's emotions flowing. She has also joined the family business in a more formal way with this appointment.

Amar Rawat

Amar Rawat, Vice President

Born December 25, 1982 he is Prem Rawat's fourth child. He has no qualifications to be an administrator of a pseudo-Charitable organisation except nepotism. He has been Vice President of TPRF since 2013.