Hans Rawat's First Holy(?) Family – Patriarchy Power

Hans Rawat was born in Gadh-ki-Sedhia, north-east of Haridwar in present-day Uttarakhand and married Sinduri Devi from a neighbouring village in the district of Garwal, making him a "householder." This status meant he could not become the accepted Satguru on the death of his guru, Shri Swarupanand. The little information about Hans Rawat' life before the 1960s that was known in the West in the 1970s did not include any mention of his first wife and family.

Young Hans Rawat, Prem Rawat's Father

Hans had a daughter, Savrithri, with his first wife but they had no more children after that. This was not caused by any lack in Hans as he demonstrated when in 1946, in the time-honoured way of patriarchal societies, the old man took a much younger 19 year old second wife, Rajeshwari Devi, and they then had 4 sons in 10 years after which, presumably, a Satguru's natural interest in sex diminishes. Bigamy was not illegal for Hindus in India until 1955 and the elder wife was supported and part of the family.

Prem Rawat's Holy Family

Whether Savrithri was a full part of the Holy Family or some sort of semi-divine figure was never satisfactorily sorted out. There was certainly no informationm about the first marriage given out in the West by Divine Light Mission. This became moot when Rawat's mother disowned and deposed him and he went on to create a New Holy Family with his brother, their wives and children. When this family was split up by divorce and no longer fitted into the new, improved style of Rawat's teachings from the mid-1980's he let the concept lapse. After all, he had supposedly downgraded his divinity, so he couldn't have a divine family.

Sri Hans Ji and his first wife, Sinduri Devi, had a daughter, Savitri, but after that Sinduri Devi was unable to have more children. As a consequence of that, and based on an understanding that Swarupanand reportedly had told him that "one day he [Hans Ji] will have a son who would play an important role", he took a second wife in Rajeshwari Devi in 1946.[4] Unlike his first wife, Rajeshwari Devi would in time become known as Mata Ji and play a prominent role in her husband's work.[4]

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Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Himself, Sant Ji

The Young Rawats "This rare footage traces the development of a highly publicized and controversial career. Of all the well known gurus, the youngest, Guru Maharaj Ji is easily the hardest for the skeptical Westerner to believe in, particularly in the light of publicity concerning his family's struggles for control of the organisation which he nominally heads. What few people realize was that he was proclaimed Perfect Master and named head of the Divine Light Mission after his father's death. His father founded the worldwide organisation in 1961 and died five years later when the boy was just eight years old. He now claims millions of devotees around the world. Many of them, Rennie Davis, included, have braved the ridicule of family to follow this path to an experience of consciousness."

Holy Family