Prem Rawat's Niece, Shivani Rawat, Successful Hollywood Producer
Shivani is staying close to her "family business" roots, after all, the Godman shtick, it's all theatre

Prem Rawat's Niece Shivani Rawat Prem Rawat's Niece Shivani Rawat

ShivHans Pictures is a Manhattan-based film production company focusing on low to medium-range budget movies run by the 30ish Shivani Rawat. She is bankrolled by 5-Hour Energy Drink honcho Manoj Bhargava, sometimes described as her godfather and a close friend of her investor father, Mahipal Rawat aka Bhole Ji Maharah who is part of the (in)famous Rawat family made famous by her uncle descending on the Westin 1971 surrounded by a cloud of frenetix ex-hippies clamourously claiming he was the Lord of the Universe and that her father was the Divine Incarnation of Music. Her father is now a more sedate Indian Godman who has the distinction of having one of his former devotees/monks becoming a billionaire thanks to caffeine.

Shivani Rawat's Father in 1973

Shivani has inherited her paternal grandmother's genes as has her cousin, Dayalata Rawat. This is unfortunate as modern Western beauty standards, especially in Hollywood, stress being slim.

Shivani Rawat's Grandmother

ShivHans Pictures is bankrolled by Manoj Bhargava, formerly a monk of Hanslok Ashram and currently billionaire CEO of 5-hour Energy, the company which markets the "5-hour Energy Shot" and head of the Billions In Change organisation.

His family moved to the USA when he was a child but in 1974, he decided to move back to India to become a monk in a commune. For the next 12 years, Bhargava traveled between monasteries in the Indian mountains under his Master Bhole Ji Maharaja in an ashram called Hanslok. He spent those years supposedly mastering the stilling of the mind through meditation.

His guru, Shri Bhole Ji Maharaj, teaches that "The mind is the root of all evils" not money and Manov the ex-Monk has taken this teaching to heart and has obviously mastered the art of making money.