Anniversary Event Videos, Songs and Performers


A feature video with quotes and footage selected from large events (1974-1987). Includes songs from One Foundation and the Holy Jester Band. I I: 15 minutes.

I have this Knowledge
Documents Maharaji's arrival in the West. Includes: excerpts of Maharaji's first talk at Conway Hall in London; reflections by Maharaji and other people about that time; songs from the Anand Band. 12:45 minutes.

In the Company of the Master
Features quotes about Maharaji's timeless message, with contemporary footage set against the instrumental track, Essence of my Soul. 7:16 minutes

Living Moments
Beautiful sunset shots of Maharaji walking along a California beach. Soundtrack of Maharaji reading his poetry. 12:23 minutes

Love and Blessings
Focuses on the interchange between Maharaji and his students. Directed by Maharaji, featuring music he composed and performed. 20:15 minutes

Now and Forever
An evocative video enhanced by artistic, slow-motion sequences. Directed by Maharaji, featuring music he composed and performed. 20:59 minutes

A look back in time to the early years of Maharaji's arrival in the West (1971-1974) with original music by Maharaji. 17:57 minutes

Giver and the Gift
A video about service. 9:45 minutes

Live this Moment
A canoe glides gently across sunset-lit waters, as Maharaji talks about the beauty of living consciously in each moment. 7:05 minutes

When you turn Within
Excerpts from Maharaji's talks preceding practice sessions. 11:31 minutes

Maharaji - 25 Years
A soundtrack of carefully selected recordings of Maharaji's talks from 1971 through 1996 is accompanied by original music and slides of Maharaji, many of which have never been seen before.
Part 1 19:30 minutes
Part 2 13:07 minutes
Part 3 28:52 minutes

A new instrumental version of Twameva from the traditional Indian devotional song Arti set to a selection of slides of Maharaji. 2:52 minutes


This music video features Dayalata singing her own composition. 3:52 minutes

Songs and Performers

Dayalata Rawat. A natural talent, Dayalata has been singing since she was very young. She has written and composed a number of the songs she will perform. Dayalata has a wonderfully rich and strong voice, combined with a unique style and presence.
Written and composed by Dayalata Rawat. 5:05 minutes
Focus on the Form
Originally a Bhajan, the instrumental version was recorded on the Heartfelt CD. First recorded by One Foundation in 1979. 8:40 minutes
This song was first written and recorded by the Anand Band in England in the early 1970's. Recently released in Downpour album. 7:51 minutes
Written by Dayalata Rawat, composed by Dayalata and Fuzzbee Morse in 1995. 4:00 minutes
Spread this Knowledge
Originally recorded by Julia Howe in 1972 in England. Recently recorded by la Chanteuse Inconnue on the Downpour album. 5:40 minutes
Teach me Devotion
Sung and recorded by the groups One Foundation and Holi, the song has been a longtime favorite since the mid 1970's. 4:26 minutes

la Chanteuse Inconnue, from Melbourne, Australia, was a founding member of One Foundation. She has recorded an album with Motown Records. A gifted singer and songwriter, she has performed at many of Maharaji's events.
Written by la Chanteuse Inconnue for the You are my Inspiration album. 4:30 minutes
I just want to Dance with You
Written by la Chanteuse Inconnue. Frequently played at events in the late 1970's. 4:30 minutes
Maharaji, I am Bound to You
Written by la Chanteuse Inconnue. Newly recorded version of a song first released in 1977 by One Foundation. 4:00 minutes
New arrangement of the song first released by One Foundation in the early 1980's. Included in the Downpour album. 3:55 minutes
This is My Paradise
From the You are my Inspiration album released by One Foundation in 1992. 4:20 minutes
You are my Inspiration
Title song of the album by One Foundation, 1992. 4:09 minutes

Geoff Bridgeford has a history as a professional musician starting as a drummer in Australia in the mid 1960's and continuing on to the international scene as a member of the Bee Gees. He has performed at many of Maharaji's events since 1972 as part of the Anand Band, then Blue Aquarius, and now One Foundation.
At the Feet of the Master
Written by Geoff Bridgeford in 1972 and recorded by Blue Aquarius. 4:23 minutes
Power of Love
Written by Geoff Bridgeford in 1974 for the short feature movie, Power of Love, produced in Australia in 1974. 5:03 minutes
Without Your Love
Released on the first One Foundation Album in 1977, Only One Love and re-recorded for the Downpour CD. 3:17 minutes

Richie Ingui. A soul singer from Philadelphia, Richie's song, Expressway to My Heart, performed with his band, Soul Survivors, was a major hit on the US charts in the late 1960's. He has performed over the years at many of Maharaji's events with Blue Aquarius and the Holi Band. More recently he sang live at the Long Beach event in 1995.
A Bhajan by Kabir translated by Charnanand in the 1970's. Recorded on the Downpour album by Richie Ingui. 5:57 minutes
Like You always Do
Lyrics by Maharaji. Reggae music by Geoff Bridgeford who first performed the song in Rome in 1992. 5:10 minutes
Oh Maharaji
Originally recorded by Blue Aquarius in 1973. Included on the Downpour CD. 3:57 minutes

Tim Hain. An original member of the Anand Band and Blue Aquarius, Tim also played with One Foundation for a short time. He wrote the popular song, Meditating on Your Love, which he recently performed in Rome. Tim has just released his own solo album.
Meditating on Your Love
Written by Tim Hain in the early 1980's when he was a member of One Foundation. Also sung by Richie Ingui at the 1995 Long Beach event. 4:30 minutes
You are my Savior
Written by Tim Hain in the late 1970's and sung by Richie Ingui at the Long Beach event in 1995. 4:08 minutes

David Anderson. A member of both Blue Aquarius and the Holi Band, David has performed at many of Maharaji's events. Has recorded two solo albums and is currently working with his band which has just released their first CD in the US.
Let me give Myself
Written by David Anderson and released on the Holi album, Everybody needs You in the early 1980's. 6:15 minutes
Rock me Maharaji
Written by Sandy Lowenthal. Originally recorded by Blue Aquarius in 1973. Re-recorded for the Downpour CD. 4:35 minutes

Danny Ellis. Originally a trombone player for Blue Aquarius (1972-1973), Danny is currently working and recording as a professional musician.
Oh my Lord
Written by Danny Ellis and recorded by the Holi Band in 1979. 3:30 minutes
You are my only Light
Written by John Pring and recorded by the Anand Band for the Lord of the Universe album in 1972. 3:10 minutes

Sonya Ball. Sonya is a professional singer from Montreal, Canada with recording successes in Europe and the US. She appeared as a backing singer on the You are my Inspiration CD and performed with the live band that played at Long Beach in 1994. A powerful voice.
Carry me Away
Lyrics by Maharaji and music by Geoff Bridgeford. 5:21 minutes

Rich Neel is a talented songwriter and has had two of his songs recorded on the One Foundation album, I Love You, in 1979. He wrote the favorites Dance, Dance, Dance and I Love You
Dance, Dance, Dance
Written and performed by Rich Neel. 6:35 minutes
I Love You
Written and performed by Rich Neel. 8:10 minutes

Cesar Ychi Kawa is a Peruvian of Japanese descent who wrote the words to Senor de la Clara Luz, a song which evokes fond memories for people from Latin America.
Senor de la Clara Luz
Popular up-tempo Spanish song, sung at many events in the 1970's and 1980's. 3:40 minutes