Fund Raising by Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Rawat's financial returns in the 1970's were considerable but in the 1980's after the collapse of support following the closing of the ashrams in 1982/83 there was a need to obtain a regular cash flow to support Rawat's personal jets and lavish lifestyle, let alone his more than 50 cars, helicopters, $7 million yacht, etc. After a shaky start professional fund-raising techniques became an integral part of Élan Vital operations. A continual stream of reqests went out to those premies who were donating regularly.

Élan Vital, Inc. was founded in Colorado in 1971 to promote Maharaji's message in the United States and worldwide. Since its inception as a U.S. non-profit corporation, Élan Vital, Inc. has organized and sponsored thousands of events to which Maharaji has been invited to present his message. In addition, Élan Vital, Inc. provides support to international tours and events held in more than 50 countries by organizations that share its purposes.

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Since 1988 over 89,000 people from over 70 countries have received Knowledge from Maharaji himself. Growth is sustained with the help of thousands of individuals who choose to be a part of it. Consistent, steadily increasing support of Élan Vital, Inc. facilitates Maharaji's efforts to communicate his message, in person, around the world.

Photos of Rawat, often posed as if he were a male model or Hollywood star, have been regularly given as Thank You gifts to people donating to his causes.

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While Rawat no longer dresses up semi-naked in public, he continues in the great tradition of pinup calendars that hang on garage walls and mens' rooms all over the world. Despite his appearance ageing beyond his years with obesity, second and third chins and jowls and puffed up eyelids, receding hair and liver spots on his face his pinup calendars grace the walls of his devotees' homes.

From around the year 2000 people who donated above a certain annual amount received CDs of Rawat speaking or his followers singing as Thank You presents.

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The next question is, what do you practice? Cause unvariably whatever you practice you're gonna get good at it and this isn't a question of good or bad. If you practice cheat and deceit, you're gonna get good at cheat and deceit. If you practice complaining, you're gonna get very good at complaining. I mean you'll be ablt to complain about everything.

Prem Rawat has also inspired Aspirare, direct sales of a uniqely selected range of articles of a certain style and taste that says "Maharaji!"

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Visions International is a non-profit organization dealing with the production of materials that promote Rawat ( Maharaji). It has a symbiotic relationship with Dunrite Productions of Thousand Oaks, California ( a for profit company that does the actual production work. Visions International Introductory Catalogue A major source of income has been the sale of audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs of Rawat's speeches which are the source of Rawat's "teachings." Local communities of Rawat's followers also had to pay to screen these videos/DVDs publicly though the audiences were mainly committed followers with a few peoplw who were interested in "learning more."

By 2010 Rawat's fund-raising methods were working so well that he can continue to fly his leased personal jet around the world giving talks to the people who donate money so that he can then continue to fly his leased personal jet around the world giving talks to the people who donate money so that he can then continue to fly his leased personal jet around the world giving talks to the people who then donate money so that he can …