Rawatism: A Glossary of Terms

Official Divine Light Mission Glossary

An order or command given by Maharaji to one or more of his devotees.
Maharaji's youngest child - a son. Born in 1981.
Land owned by Elan Vital near Brisbane, Australia, where Maharaji has progams.
A devotional song sung to Maharaji (or more often, his picture on an altar); usually after meditation in the morning and before meditation in the evening. The english lyrics to the verses, as well as a description of the ritual involved in the singing, are online here.
A communal house populated by a group of Maharaji's followers who had taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Similar to a co-ed monastery or convent. There used to be one or more ashrams in various major cities in the US, the UK, and worldwide. Maharaji dissolved the ashrams circa 1983, except in India where they still exist.
Someone who wants to receive Knowledge. Currently, the "aspirant process" requires them to attend programs and watch videos for a minimum of six months before receiving Knoweldge.
Bal Baghwan Ji
Maharaji's oldest brother, born in 1951. He broke with Maharaji in 1974, along with Mata Ji (mother) and Bhole Ji (brother). Served as a Minister in the Indian government for a while. He calls himself " Satpal Maharaj", and also claims to be the Satguru and he has control of the organisation his father set up and is an influential Congress Party politician in Uttarakhand and in 2009 was re-elected to the Indian National Parliament.
A T-shaped wooden meditation aid previously used in the Music technique. No longer used as part of Maharaji's meditation program.
Bhole Ji
Maharaji's second-oldest brother, born circa 1953. He was formerly the leader of a band called "Blue Aquarius" in the early 1970's. He broke with Maharaji in 1974, along with mother Mata Ji, and brother Bal Baghwan Ji in the breakup of the "Holy Family" due to Prem Rawat's drunkeness, drug-taking and meat-eating. He is a member of the Indian Parliament and the leader of Manav Dharam
Bhole Ji and his family have a website and his spiritual center is the Hans Lok Ashram and they have a significant role in The Hans Foundation which they have bank-rolled through his energy drink fortune.
Water in which Maharaji has bathed his feet, or other parts of his body. Given to ashram devotees for drinking or self-annointing.
Literally, being in the presence of Maharaji. It generally means a formal and ritualized ceremony known as a darshan line, in which premies file past Maharaji at festivals and bow down to him - often kissing his feet and giving him gifts, usually cash.
Maharaji's younger daughter. Since the mid 1990's she has been the main singer at his major meetings and festivals although her talent wouldn't get her onto American Idol.
Divine Light Mission (DLM)
Maharaji's original organization, founded in 1970 or 1971. Renamed Elan Vital in the USA in 1983. In 2009 it seems it is being superseded by Words Of Peace Global
Divine United Organization (DUO)
An organization founded by Maharaji in the mid-1970's which was supposed to help bring peace to the World by practical means. Plans for this organization were never fully implemented and it was defunct by the late 1970's though he used it as his organisation (Raj Vidya Kender) in India after his mother disinherited and deposed him and installed his eldest brother as head/Satguru of Divine Light Mission in India.
Durga Ji
Former title given to Maharaji's wife, Marolyn, at Maharaji's request. Marolyn has since dropped the title. Durga is the name of a Hindu goddess.
Élan Vital (EV)
Maharaji's current organization, or more legally, a name for the many non-profit organizations that his devotees have founded to help him spread his 'message' to the world. (Elan Vital Australia, Elan Vital UK, Elan Vital International, etc). The organization(s) which actually own his plane, and which pays him for speaking to his devotees at programs. They have discovered how to use the internet to funnel more money to Maharaji via their own website, www.elanvital.org..
A gathering of premies at which Maharaji speaks, or at which a video of him speaking is shown. (Formerly known as a program and before that as a festival.)
Former premie, or follower of Maharaji. Meaning more than 'a non-practitioner', ex-premie is used to describe someone who has consciously rejected Maharaji as their 'Master'.
A convention of premies at which Maharaji and others in his retinue speak. 'Festival' was replaced by 'program' and then by 'event'.
First Technique
see Light
Fourth Technique
see Nectar
An abbreviation for Guru Maharaj Ji.
Hindi word meaning teacher.
Guru Maharaj Ji
The title that Maharaji was known by until the eighties.
Guru Puja
A traditional Indian festival that takes place in early July.
Hans Jayanti
Festival held in early November in honor of the birthday of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Maharaji's father.
Hans Ji Maharaj
Maharaji's father, and founder of Divine Light Mission. Param sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj was viewed by his followers to be the Satguru, He died when Maharaji was 8, and Maharaji became the Satguru.
Maharaji's oldest son. Named after Maharaji's father, Hans Ji Maharaj.
A traditional Indian festival in which Maharaji sprays colored water onto his devotees. Held in March.
Holy Breath
During formal darshan, Maharaji occasionally used to blow his breath toward a devotee's ear. To receive 'Holy Breath', as you approached his throne during the darshan ceremony, you had to cup your right hand to your ear, and Mr Rawat would make this symbolic megaphone-move with his hand, blowing through it into your ear… This was an 'important' step - a necessary step - in becoming a premie: M's recognising and accepting you as one of his chosen. This was considered to be a sign of his favor.
Holy Family
A term used prior to 1974 to collectively describe Maharaji, his mother Mata Ji, and his three older brothers, Bal Bhagwan Ji, Bhole Ji, and Raja Ji. The "Holy Family" had a falling-out after Maharaji's marriage in 1974, and some of the members returned to India.
Holy Name
One of the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also known as the Word or the Third Technique. Can be briefly described as meditating on one's breath.
A person empowered by Maharaji to reveal the Knowledge techniques to aspirants in a Knowledge Session.. Formerly known as a mahatma. Maharaji now reveals the Knowledge techniques personally, or via video, so initiators are not necessary.
A person who helps prepare asprirants to learn the Knowledge techniques.
Ivorys Rock Conference Center
Amaroo's official name.
Jai Satchitanand
A formerly common premie greeting. Can be loosely translated as truth is the conciousness of bliss.
Abbreviation for Knowledge.
Refers collectively to the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also refers to the inner experience had by practitioners of the techniques.
Knowledge Session
A gathering of aspirants for the purpose of teaching them the meditation techniques. Sessions are presided over by Maharaji or an instructor. Participants refer to the event as receiving Knowledge.
One of the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also known as Divine Light or as the First Technique. Also refers to an inner experience had by those practicing this technique.
Hindi word which can be roughly translated as the play of the gods. Often used by premies to describe some of Maharaji's more bizarre actions or statements.
Lord of the Universe
One of Maharaji's former titles. Still used today in devotional music, and - less publicly - by premies.
Abbreviation for Maharaji used by both premies and ex-premies.
Prem Pal Singh Rawat, born Dec. 10, 1959. Self-professed Satguru, and former Lord of the Universe.
Former name for initiators who are empowered by Maharaji to reveal the Knowledge techniques to aspirants. Most of the mahatmas were from India. Literally, great soul.
Marolyn Johnson
Maharaji's wife (born circa 1951). She was in her twenties in 1974 when she married 16 year-old Maharaji without the consent of his mother, Mata Ji - resulting in the break-up of the Holy Family.
Mata Ji
Maharaji's now-deceased mother, and the second wife of his father, Shri Hans.
An abbreviation for Maharaji (formerly, Maharaj Ji)..
One of the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also known as the Second Technique. Also refers subjectively to the inner experience of those practicing this technique.
One of the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also known as the Fourth Technique. Also refers subjectively to the experience had by those practicing this technique.
Perfect Master
One of Maharaji's former titles, now shortened to The Master.
'Propagation' or recruitment is one of Rawat's most important commandments. Ideally, his followers should always be attempting to attract newcomers to hear Rawat's message.
A deep bow or prostration in front of Maharaji.
Prasad (Prashad)
Left-overs from food eaten or blessed by Maharaji. Highly prized by his followers. Food "offered" to Maharaji and then distribute to premies.
Prem Pal Singh Rawat
Maharaji's current legal name.
A follower of Maharaji. From hindi word meaning love, can be loosely translated as lover.
Maharaji's oldest child - a daughter. Born in 1975, she's also called Wadi Sue.
A gathering of premies at which Maharaji speaks, or at which a video of him speaking is shown. (Formerly known as a festival.)
Telling non-premies about Maharaji and Knowledge. Generally limited these days to invitations to a video program.
Raja Ji
One of Maharaji's brothers. Third son born to parents Mata Ji and Hans Ji Maharaj circa 1955. He has remained faithful to Maharaji, and is known in some circles as "Maharaji's ambassador". Formerly married to Claudia Littman, with whom he had two children.
Land owned by Elan Vital in Mehrauli - near Delhi, India - where Maharaji has progams.
The current incarnation of god in a human body on planet earth. Maharaji is believed by his followers to be a satguru. Literally, teacher of truth.
Hindi word that can be loosely translated as being in the company of the truth. Premies used to gather every night and give satsang to each other by talking about their experiences of Maharaji and meditation. This practice was discontinued by Maharaji in the early 80's. Premies now gather to watch Maharaji on video, where their participation is purely passive.
Name of Maharaji's present yacht.
Technically, service is any action done to further the spread of Knowledge by Maharaji. In practice - although service often involves setting up for programs and video events, ushering, security, and the like - it can also entail working for one of several companies owned by Elan Vital, or donating money towards Maharaji's personal expenses. Supposedly, the full experience of Knowledge is not possible unless one performs service to him.
Shri Hans
Abbreviation of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Maharaji's father. Also, a shortended name for the former Shri Hans Productions, now known as Visions International.
Visions International
Affiliated with Élan Vital, produced and distributed literature and all videos of Maharaji's speaking engagements at programs. Operators of a large marketing effort through the operation of Maharaji pictures, trinkets, and keepsakes at every public program, through community pressure on premies to buy and share videos with friends, and via the internet Visions.ElanVital.Org). Now defunct.
Wadi Sue
Nickname for Premlata, Maharaji's oldest daughter (born 1975). Also the name of Maharaji's previous yacht.
One of the four meditation techniques taught by Maharaji. Also known as Holy Word, Holy Name, or the Third Technique. Can be briefly described as meditating on one's breath.
World Peace Corps (WPC)
Maharaji's former security organization. Headed by Maharaji's brother, Raja Ji.