Prem Rawat, The Divine Pinup - Photos For Sale 2001

Though the competition was very fierce, there is little doubt that Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji) is and was one of the ugliest, of the ugly, infamous gurus of the 1970's and beyond. Pinup photos of him, carefully lit and heavily retouched, continue to be major fund raisers to the present day on calendars and similar publications despite his appearance ageing beyond his years with obesity, second and third chins and jowls and puffed up eyelids, receding hair and liver spots on his face. His photos are also used as Thank You gifts to his followers whose annual donations exceed a minimum standard. Prem Rawat claims he is no longer the one and only Perfect Master or Incarnation of God but merely an Inspirational Speaker and internationally renowned advocate for Inner Peace. But people do not purchase photos of Tony Robbins to put on altars or Nobel Peace Prize winners or accept them as thank you gifts to frame and place in their homes.

Photos of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) cost $6 for 5" x 7" or $3 for wallet size.