Life Force Prem Rawat's Knowledge Session
The Initiation of Prem Rawat Into Knowledge By His Father

When the first Divine Light Mission Mahatmas were sent to the West to try to recruit new members by revealing them the "special, secret meditation techniques" and giving them a short course in Rawatism (a simpified version of the Perennial Philosophy as taught in the Sant Mat tradition) they were prepared to initiate pretty well anyone, even if you'd walked into the room by accident.

The drop-out rate from this haphazard method in the West was very high and Prem Rawat and his devoted followers/minions have tried lengthening and intensifying the lead up process and the initiation ceremony to lessen this but a satisfactory peocess has not been found, at least by 2020.

If Prem Rawat's Knowledge actually is what he claims then a short and simple introduction and a quick and straightforward teaching of the techniques is all that should be required.

After All, That's What Happened To Prem Himself

"My Master has revealed this Knowledge to me. Such beautiful Knowledge. And how did he give it? We were playing outside. These days lots of aspirants are waiting there. But there was no question of aspiration. We were busy playing outside. Somebody came and said, "He (Shri Maharaji) is calling you." In my family there was a sort of a regulation that when he called, it means something serious. In those days, during the time of Shri Maharaji, there was a pet dog named Tommy. We were very young. And that dog used to bite everybody. He was always chained. He used to run after every one to bite them. But when Shri Maharaji came back from tours and was sitting in a chair, that dog used to sit there quietly. He (the dog) knew quite well that if he would be nasty, he would be punished. Anyway, the message came, "He is calling. He is calling in the parlour." Now, 'calling in the parlour' indicated something else. If he called us into the dining room, that had other significance. If he called us to the verandah, that had different implications. If he called us into the bedroom, it meant something else. But 'calling in the parlour' was a signal of very serious significance. His different calls differed in degrees in terms of the purpose and seriousness of the situation. So he called us, "Sit down. Do you want Knowledge?" He asked. "Yes sir," was the answer. "Take it. This is technique one, this is the next technique and this is another one…" He gave the techniques and then said, "Now go away. That is all. Did you understand?" That's all. But somewhere we needed to be empty. Had there been no emptiness inside, it would have been almost impossible to understand anything. "Go and do practice." No tall talks. Within minutes he explained everything and then said, "Well, go and play."

Prem Rawat recalled his initiation by his father on the 13th April 1991 at the Shri Sant Yogashram in New Delhi in his evening speech during the Vaishakhi Celebrations. It was published in Life Force Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 4, October-December, 1991 by the Divine United Organisation.

Life Force Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 4, October-December, 1991