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In the year 2000 Prem Rawat assured his followers that his "Knowledge" cannot be presented as a course despite many of them. according to Rawat, requesting that this be done.

"I don't know if you can present Knowledge as a course. Here watch 15 videos, it'll take 5 months and then you will be ready. This is much more of a personal journey. We can not start abdicating that responsibility by making it a course."

Prem Rawat was absolutely correct. "Knowledge" cannot be presented as a course on 15 videos, it takes more than 15 DVDs and it is "the Keys". The Keys is a course on DVDs that is just a repackaging of parts of his old speeches with fancy logos in a discreet folder. Elan Vital communities throughout the developed world were charged amounts to be raised by donations based upon their numbers and their country's GNP for the production and distribution costs.

In 2005, Prem Rawat presented Knowledge as a course: "The Keys." Naturally it was given a title that said nothing.

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

"The whole idea was that there is an incredible possibility to prepare people for this gift of Knowledge by letting them recognize something very very simple and that their preparation needed to be in a way where it was the same for everyone. The way I have made them is that I'm taking one person, just one person and preparing them for Knowledge. There are some days it was 5 o'clock in the morning till 10 o'clock at night working there for hours, a lot of people, a lot of people putting an incredible amount of effort in getting this done. Working on the keys I can tell you one thing they have driven me towards so much clarity that I can't even begin to explain. It's like anything even the tiniest little dot that was black is showing up. No compromises, no compromises whatsoever."

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

"The keys do talk about participation. A lot of people haven't been told about participation lately, they've been just told "Here's knowledge, have it and go enjoy it." But they haven't been told that there is a natural thing that happens, when you love somebody, there needs to be a connection. The connection cannot be just an arbitrary connection. The connection needs to be real. Participation is a beautiful expression of that connection. To participate in a way that is going to help the propagation take place throughout the world."

The KeysTo learn the Techniques of "Knowledge" via Prem Rawat's Authorised Automated Process, which he calls "the Keys", initially took about 6 months of constant viewing of 80 hours of DVDs (a required minimum of 60 hours) of his speeches though in 2014 this was dropped down to only 7 hours presumably because so few people were prepared to watch the required minimum of 60 hours. Unfortunately he is neither a humorous raconteur à la Garrison Keillor, Billy Connolly or Robin Williamson or a polymath showing off his enormous erudition as is Stephen Fry. Look on his dvds ye searchers of spiritual truths and despair. So much boring banality for so little Knowledge.

Click Here to see the Keys documents. Once you've endured this process or are prepared to say you have you can fill in the Asking For Knowledge form and send it off to the appropriate address. Then after some meetings with authorised personnel for vetting purposes you can attend an initiation via a computer program in an auto Knowledge session. The computer system is, in his own words:

"incredibly secure, incredibly secure. It requires more passwords than you've ever imagined and you it only gives you three tries. If you don't make it within the three tries it just starts to wipe out the entire hard disk. I mean that's about it so hoo hoo hoo hoo ha hah."

You'll possibly have many meetings with devoted followers of his whose aim in life is to bow down and kiss his feet again and again and again … Just ask them how many times they've had darshan and how long they've been meditating and then contrast the joy with which they remember the foot-kissing and the embarrassment about how long they've been trying to meditate (it will be over 40 years for most of them).

If you find the Knowledge is a bore and waste of time then Rawat has an explanation for that. It's your fault:

Knowledge does have auto-protection, it does. If you're not ready and you get it, nothing happens.

The Keys on 2 Gig Memory Stick In 2014 the amount of brain-washing required by Prem Rawat before he would "reveal" the techniques of meditation has been dropped down to less than 7 hours presumably because so few people were prepared to watch the required minimum of 60 hours. Rawat is a technology freak ie he prefers machines to people. So the Keys was transferred from DVD to memory sticks once that was feasible.

Prem Needs Trump's HairdoBy 2020 with Prem losing his hair (literally) and eternal peace approaching the decision was made to cut "the Keys" back once again. It only required you to watch 5 one hour streaming videos which "provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there. These techniques are called Knowledge.

2020 Keys Intro Video

"Each Key video is a presentation on a particular topic that will help you prepare for Knowledge. Once you have watched the five Keys, you can attend a session where you will be taught the techniques of Knowledge." It's all downhill from here. In a few more years as Rawat approaches the End of the Breath, the Dance of Death, the Passage of Peace, the Expiration of Inspiration, etc they'll be letting walk-ins into a Knowledge session. After all the Knowedge Machine has no feelings.

Meanwhile Back in 2003: Someone Had to Pay For "the Keys"

Devoted followers of Rawat's around the world were called upon to donate money to pay for the creation and replication of the Keys DVDs and the Australian and New Zealand contribution for the KEYs Project - Initial Funding Drive was $20,000. It was explained that the KEYs would not be for sale, but could only be borrowed, so the costs could not be recouped through selling the materials. Click here to see a copy of the funding directives. However, ten years later when the KEYS had not proved to have made a major change in Rawat's fortunes they were made available for sale to his followers. Who else would even know they existed? Or care? Rawat recommended that each of his current followers should also go through the hour a day process of absorbing the KEYS as if their prior 40 years of meditation and in many cases watching him make those very speeches in person or on video or DVDs had been of no value. Of course they were of no value.

The most obvious proof of the bogus nature of Rawat's Keys is the fact that the whole process of "Knowledge" can be taught in 5 minutes. Rawat has so little confidence in this meditation that he believes a person must be "brainwashed" by 6 months of listening to his speeches before they should receive the "Gift of Knowledge" else they'll just take a walk. To learn the techniques in a few minutes just click on the toothbrush below. Take your pick:

The Key - Just watch the video below

The Key to Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Knowledge

The Keys - Prem Rawat's Six Month Indoctrination

The Keys to Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Indoctrination

The 4 Techniques of Maharaji's meditation

Divine Light
Music of the Spheres
Holy name
Nectar of the Gods

This "Knowledge Session" video teaches, demonstrates and explains the Techniques of Prem Rawat's "Knowledge" in 2¼ minutes:

This person was shown the techniques when a young man in 1972 and practised them for a while before becoming disillusioned and he can now teach them to you through the miracle of the internet. That's the same as Prem Rawat though this teacher won't dash off for a Marlborough between techniques. The techniques were altered slightly by Rawat in 1987 and for a full description click here.