A New Dictionary of Religions
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150 Elamites

Élan Vital [xxviii] The Divine Light Mission (DLM) was founded in India in the 1930s by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj (1957 - ), then achieved rapid growth in the West after his 13-year-old son, Guru Mahara (sic) Ji, visited London. Thousands of 'premies' pursued self-realization by practising the 'Knowledge', four simple meditation techniques for experiencing Divine Light, Divine Nectar, Divine Harmony and the 'primordial vibration' which is the Holy Name or Word. Following Mahara (sic) Ji's marriage and his wresting control in the West from his mother, the DLM was disbanded and the more low-profile Élan Vital created. Members still meet together and travel to frequent festivals attended by Maharaj (sic) (as he is now called). [5: 176-8; 20; 22: vii; 25: 65-70; 26: m5- 41: rv/E; 42: 956-7]

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[XXVIII] New Religious Movements in the West
Compiled by Eileen Barker

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