SLT 020 Paradise Cassette Tape - One Foundation

1983(?) SLT 020 paradise - One Foundation

Nothing To Hide (G. Bridgford)
Only You (J. Creighton)
Never Apart (K. Field aka Kim O'Leary)
Holding On (K. Field aka Kim O'Leary/L. Field)
Afterglow (F. Morse)

Can't Go On (K. Field aka Kim O'Leary/L. Field)
Within Your Love (G. Bridgford)
Keep On Dancing (K. Field aka Kim O'Leary)
Paradise (J. Creighton)

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Geoff Bridgford - Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Joe Creighton - Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Kim Field aka Kim O'Leary - Vocals
Lindsay Field - Guitar, Vocals
Fuzzbee Morse - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Winds

Lyrics: Paradise Cassette Tape

Nothing To Hide

Ooh what a feeling
Something I can't hide
It's so simple
It's so true
There's no time to hold back
We've got to let that feeling through

There is nothing to hide
Love is on your side
Can't you feel that devotion
Set our hearts in motion
There is nothing to hide
Oh no
Through the days, through the nights
Let the light of love burn bright
Nothing to hide, nothing to hide
There is nothing to hide

You can't fight lightning when it strikes
Ooh I can't hide it what it is I feel inside

In a moment it's crystal clear
The pure affection, all the love that's true

v You could be standing out in the cold
Feeling sad and lonely more than you've ever felt before
You ???? troubles now is the time
You got to leave them, yeah you can leave them all behind
It's right, yeah it's right
He's on your side

Only You

When I was just a boy
I wanted to enjoy
I only had my toys
It was a simple thing to do

But as the years w
ent by
to die to cry expected things to do

my heart
and from the very start
I never knew why it was so

Never Apart

If wishes come true
I'd make one for you
That you never feel afraid
If we could unlock
All the love in our hearts
We'd drown all the fear away

It's easy to feel alone sometimes
We try and fit in each other's dreams
But somehow I know
There's a real connection
Stirring so deep inside you and me

It's a real love that keeps us together
A sweet understanding
Binding our hearts
And though there's an ocean
Of difference between us
Somehow I know we're never apart

Sometimes I look into your eyes
And see a part of myself there
Somewhere so deep
Beyond the disguise
A love that we will always share

It's easy to feel alone sometimes
We try and fit in each other's dreams
But somehow I know
There's a real connection
Stirring so deep inside you and me

Holding On

Dreams that come before me
Fade as fast as they are made
And you have stayed beside me
Always there through all of my changes you still remain
That's why I'm holding on to your love
Holding on to your love

Whenever I turn around to find a warm heart to shield me
You were always waiting with your kindness
Whenever I get lost in my fantasy
Your love is the only anchor
That's holding me
That's why I'm holding on to your love
Holding on to your love

Can't Go On

Was never really hard to find
The changes turn our hearts around
And I have seen some dreams I've built come falling down

Can't go on just holding on to what's slipping through my fingers
All the love I need is here
I know just what my heart's been searching for
I turned my back on love I knew everything

Now I'm gonna hold my ground
Cause falling deep in love is where I wanna be found
Even though it feels like time is running behind me
Maybe this could last forever

repeat chorus

Within Your Love

You have unlocked every door
And filled my empty rooms with more
That I have ever hoped for
The gifts of love they fill my soul
An empty heart is now made whole
Where there was darkness there is light
And even if I try I could not describe
The love you have brought inside my life
A mirror and a friend
In your love I can't pretend
I'm a witness to the life that you bring

In my heart there's a celebration of all the love that I feel inside, inside
And in your love I feel inspiration to be with you always inside, inside
It's all is well within

All is well within, in your love
repeat and big finish

Keep On Dancing

I knew ir was a start
find it
it's burning up my heart

I don't know how you move me the way that you do
I just can't seem to get enough of dancing with you
I just want to keep on dancing with you
Nothing else that I would like to you

getting loose from my head down to my feet

closer to my heart
this feeling driving me insane