Mahatma Psychobabble Ji

Prem Rawat started his career as a pre-kindergarten on-stage mascot and shill which apparently worked pretty well as he charmed and inspired his father's devotees and attracted the curiosity of passers-by. At 10 years old he was proclaimed the inheritor of his father's role as Satguru, Perfect Master and God Incarnate. At 13 years old he travelled to England accompanied only by a bodyguard who was believed to have formerly been a bandit. The young Guru Maharaj Ji travelled around the world spreading the Word of His secret meditation techniques that would bring liberation and enlightenment to anyone and instantly reveal God to them. He openly spoke of His divinity, His power to create a Millenium of Peace on Earth and various less incredible claims while also maintain he was simple, humble servant of God and all men and women depending upon to whom he was talking. He was so humble that he even lived like a Maharaja because those who believed his claims had independently decided he should .

I have no idea if Prem Rawat was a conscious fraudster and charlatan from the beginning or whether he believed Himself to be everything his followers said he had to have been certifiable.

Does Perfect Master have to become pure, realize his soul before he becomes Perfect Master?

Not only realize his soul, he has to be perfectly realized, he has to be without sin, then he becomes Perfect Master. - Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, Prem Nagar Ashram, November 1971, aided by blackboard diagram

I only saw Rawat up close on half a dozen occasions and he always appeared tense and ill at ease. His lifestyle was the opposite of what I assume a simple and humble sevant of God and man would be. I believe Ockham's Razor explains his actions are motivated by greed, selfishness and mean-spiritedness though I sometimes veer towards Hanlon's Razor depending upon my mood. There are thousands of other cult leaders who have come and gone and Rawat's case is not unique in essence though it is certainly more colourful than most.