Prem Rawat's Wealth

It has been nearly 30 years since Prem Rawat realized that further attempts by himself and his current followers (most of whom had become his "premies" in the early 1970s) and were his sole source of income were not going to be able to attract a whole new generation of worshippers and not even a whole new generation of people prepared to fund him. He shifted his organisations' focus onto making him world respected.

Prem Rawat Has Had A long Term Tax Free Secret Income

There are many websites dedicating to informing you of other peoples' wealth and one of the main methods to discern a person's wealth is by knowing their employment, their career, their income, their assets. Prem Rawat's employment trajectory begins with his 1970s career as Guru Maharaj Ji, the lord of the Universe, which morphed into his 1980s career in which he was calling him Maharaji and still "spreading the Knowledge of God" but had explained he should no longer be worshipped as God in public and then evolved into a pretend career as an international Ambassador of Peace but he is still doing what he has always done, making speeches to the basically same group of people who have been listening to his speeches since 1970.

Younger Prem Rawat the lord of the Universe
Older Prem Rawat the Bore of the Universe

Prem Rawat has never had a job, he proudly claims he accepts no renumeration for flying around the world making those speeches (though all expenses are paid for his outrageously opulent lifestyle by the organisations TPRF and WOPG). He has no income but he has significant assets though most of these are apparently owned by front companies. He is obviously rich and lives in extreme luxury. How? Because there are enough thousands of people who make him secret gifts to maintain him in luxury. Once these gifts were placed before his feet during public worship rituals. Now they are probably mostly electronic transfers with the less frequent cash gifts. There is nothing illegal about this and only very large gifts draw the IRS attention. So Prem Rawat has a long term tax free income which is dependent on his being accepted as God in human form by a cohort of ex-hippies back in the 1970s. Enough of these have maintained the faith, kept up the worship, incognito so to speak, and have considered Rawat's upkeep, in well-deserved luxury to be their divinely assigned role.

The Major Donors Inner Circle

Prem Rawat has and has had some rich devotees. In fact his career in the West was based upon and funded by many young doped-up trust-fund babies who gave up their inheritances as they wouldn't need them in the Millenium of Peace that Prem Rawat was ushering in with love and peace. Among the wealthy Gift Givers Giving to the Giver of the Gifts have been:

Prem Rawat's Close Friend and Advisor Alvaro Pascotto with Harvey Weinstein

Alvarao Pascotto and Harvey Weinstein

People line Up To Secretly Give Prem Rawat Money & Kiss His Feet (They're Much Older Now)

People line Up To Secretly Give Prem Rawat Money
People line Up To Secretly Give Prem Rawat Money
People line Up To Secretly Give Prem Rawat Money
People line Up To Secretly Give Prem Rawat Money