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It's shocking to think of Rawat's decision to create a phony respectabilty and legitimacy as a World leader in Promoting Peace through cheat and deceit. It seems there's no end to the depths of shamelessness he will plumb. It would heve been simpler and easier to actually do something to promote peace. He could hardly do worse than all the other peace activists.


2001: Prem Rawat - TPRF

2001: The creation of the Prem Rawat Foundation was something new in Rawat's career. Formerly he had decried the idea of charity and stated that only the change of heart brought about by the practice of his Knowledge could and would do any good in the world. For outsiders it was impossible to know if this was an ephemeral enterprise to be tried and forgotten or if it could continue. One thing was obvious: Prem Rawat's followers did not have the finances to make any significant charitable contribution. It became obvious within a few years that TPRF was a vehicle for the creation of Public Relations press releases promoting Rawat as a respected philanthropist with maximum impact for minimum cost. It was also a scam.