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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


The real Name of God is ever-existent and self-sufficient in all beings. It is the sole generator of life. The difference between a living body and a dead body is the presence or absence of the Holy Name. This Name cannot be written in any alphabet nor can it be uttered.

Photo: Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

It is the eternal and secret sound of a vibration which has to be known, and just as fire has the inherent capacity to burn, the Holy Name has the inherent capacity to purify the mind. Hence it changes a man's nature, making him pure and shining with bliss. Only meditation on this real Name of God can give a man this inner quality of Knowledge. All the scriptures of the world refer to this Holy Name, the secret vibration of life within. In the Upanishads it is called 'Nam', in the Ramayana it is called 'Ram Nam' and 'Mahamantra' ('The great Mantra'). In the Koran it is called 'Pak Nam' ('True Name'), in the Guru Granth Sahab it is called 'Sat Nam' and in the Bible it is called 'Word'. It is this Name which can be meditated upon constantly, without interruption, while we are asleep and while we are awake, while we are conscious and while we are unconscious. No other action can be done at all times and under all circumstances. But meditation on this Holy Name is possible at all times and under all circumstances, if one has been shown the sacred technique.

The next question is how the Divine Light can be seen and the Holy Name known. The answer is, that just as a candle can be lit only by the touch of a burning flame, so the instantaneous seeing of the Light is possible only by the touch of an enlightened soul and invariably so. The same applies to the experience of Holy Name, the Primordial Vibration, for being unwritable, it cannot be found in books and, being absolutely unspeakable, it cannot be heard from anyone's lips. It is wrong to think that actual utterance or mental repetition of any of the descriptive names of God can purify the heart and bring about the seeing of the Divine Light. If this were so, then the majority of people would be enlightened and peace, brotherhood and understanding would prevail, for most of the world pays homage to one or another of the many names for God. The Name is God Himself within man and not just a verbal representation of Him.

Another commonly-held but equally mistaken belief is that Divine Light can be seen by the grace of Masters no longer in a physical body. No matter how great a surgeon's reputation may be, if he is dead he cannot perform even the simplest operation. A living patient must have a living doctor. Likewise only the living Master can reveal the living Light and living Word. "As long as I am in the world I am the Light of the world", said Lord Jesus, and all great Masters who revealed that Light to their disciples have said the same thing. If it is true that enlightenment can be had from a Master who no longer lives a physical form, then all those who today follow and worship Lord Krishna and Lord Jesus would have this Knowledge of Holy Word and Divine Light. But this is not the case. Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna both embodied the Light and revealed the Light, but only to those devotees who were alive at the same time as they were. For us today it is necessary to find the living Master. If the touch of an enlightened soul is absolutely necessary to get this Knowledge, how can it be possible to get it from a Guru who has left his mortal body?

Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad would not have called upon the people of their times to come into their shelter and consecrate mind, body and actions to them. Lord Rama could have said, "Seek the shelter of Narayana." Lord Krishna could have told Arjuna, "Seek the shelter of Lord Rama." Jesus Christ could have told people to seek the shelter of some previous Master. But they did not say so simply because they were enlightened and they knew perfectly well that past enlightened souls cannot help the average aspirant to attain enlightenment.

The last question is, how to get the Knowledge from the enlightened soul? Lord Krishna said," Attain this Knowledge by all means. If you prostrate yourself at the feet of the tatwadarshi (seer or enlightened soul), serve him in every way and ask him sincerely for this Knowledge, when he is pleased he will impart it to you." This is the only way of getting that knowledge. There is absolutely no other way. But the problem is how to recognize the enlightened Guru? The word 'Guru' means 'the person who can show the Light within'. The term 'gu' stands for darkness and 'ru' means light. Hence, one who can show self-effulgent Light within you, and thereby instantaneously remove the darkness, should be taken as the real tatwadarshi guru.

Thus we see that the only way of bringing about an improvement in human behaviour is the acquisition of this true Knowledge with the help of a living realized soul. The aims of human life - unalloyed happiness, deliverance from all suffering and salvation from the bondage of death and rebirth - can be attained by immersing the mind in the Divine Light and constantly meditating on the Real Name.

Non-stop meditation on the Name gives mental equanimity, stability, tranquillity and complete concentration which in turn brings true peace. Hence peace in the world can be achieved by helping each individual to achieve control over the mind. No other methods - disarmament, ban on nuclear tests, negotiation, world government or the like - can bring true peace. Unless the very instinct of doing harm to others is transformed into the instinct of love for all, true peace is never possible. Control over each individual mind is absolutely necessary for peace.

Since the individual is the primary unit of a nation and ultimately the world, the peace of individuals alone can bring peace at large. In no way peace is possible with an agitated and unsteady mind. The question may arise as to whether an individual can attain perfect stillness of mind, whether every single individual can be given this Knowledge. Most people in this world have some kind of academic education which usually takes many years to acquire, whereas this Knowledge can be acquired in the blink of an eye. And, as such, it will not take much time to disseminate this Knowledge to everyone, provided adequate facilities for reaching the masses are made available.

Since Divine Light is seen within and the Holy Name is known within, their realization gives a person complete understanding, of the source of life itself. The entire universe emanates from this source and so by knowing that all is known. The result is constant and unchanging peace and happiness and the deathless state of self-realization achieved. It is the time that world leaders try to spread this Knowledge if they really wish for peace. The individual should concentrate his mind if he wants to achieve the highest aim in life. This is the only way to integral peace and happiness.

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