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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


Our saints said, "Ram bhakti mani ur bas jake. Dukh lavlesh na sapnehu take." "Devotion to God is a jewel and those who have devotion in their heart, do not suffer any kind of sorrow even in a dream". But unless one acquires Knowledge, he cannot have devotion. If devotion is in everyone's heart, then the Lord must also be within everyone's heart. When Rama is in every heart, then his Name should also be in everyone's heart. Yet why does a person not know this? Why is the spiritual mantra needed? So if a person does not have the Knowledge of devotion, then it is all simply a waste. Unless one acquires the Knowledge, he cannot be free from sorrow at all and happiness cannot be had even in dreams. But once one gets Knowledge, then sorrow cannot come even in dreams. So, each and everyone should know the Knowledge which is the treasure of all happiness.

Photo: Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Mohammed would have been asked what was his religion by the people of his time. Do you think that he would have replied that his religion was Islam? Likewise, people would have asked Jesus Christ about his religion and do you think that he would have named Christianity as his religion? Would Lord Buddha have said that his religion was Buddhism? What is that religion which they all followed themselves and which they spread for the sake of all mankind? Having forgotten that, Muslims nowadays consider shaving their moustache into two parts as their religion and Hindus consider wearing a sacred thread as their religion. In fact, we all are sons and daughters of one and the same Almighty Father. We should love, respect and serve each other.

You know that Jesus Christ imparted the knowledge of Divine Light and Holy Name. He also healed sick people, gave bread to hungry people and money to poor people. Today people believe in Jesus Christ, they spread Christianity but they do not know the Knowledge which he imparted to his disciples. They content themselves with growing a beard and wearing a cross around their neck, taking these to be the symbols of Christianity

Arya Samaji people say that they are inhabitants of Aryavart , they are sons of Arya. ( India ). They follow Maharshi Swami Dayanand but they do not think about how he gained such name and fame. Swami Ji took shelter in the Spiritual Master. He got Spiritual Knowledge and then spread it, but those who believe in him are simply satisfied with burning material things in fire instead of taking shelter in the Spiritual Master. Think about it a little: what act of courage do they perform when fire and ingredients are both earthly elements? Is it Knowledge to throw one element into the other, is this the purpose of human life? They say they are showing that God is formless, but, friends, how do they know that God is formless? Some people say that God permeates everything like the sky, but how do they know that He is omnipresent? He is beyond mind and reason. They say that the rishis, the sages, knew it but the question arises as to how did those sages know?

It is said that the Rig Veda is very ancient but I challenge anyone to explain the text of the Rigveda. God is one and English people, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and everyone else all remember His Holy Name when in their mother's womb and after they are born they begin to speak according to their conditioning. English people say 'God,' Muslims say 'Khuda', Hindus say 'Ishwar' or 'Parmatma', whereas there is only one Great Power. Muslims go to mosques and Hindus to temples, so what is the difference? In mosques God is worshipped and in temples also God is worshipped. The only difference is in the words used.

It is a shame that, having got human birth which is rare even for deities, people are engrossed in seeing only differences such as caste and creed and high and low. If you do not search for God now, while you are human beings, when will you do it? So, let go of all feelings of ego such as I am an emperor or a powerful businessman or an M.P. or a great leader. Know the Truth. Know the Divine Light with which, it is said, even thousands of suns cannot compare and which was shown to Arjuna within by Lord Shri Krishna. Only because Arjuna was in human form could he get the Knowledge. Today you are also in human form, so know the Spiritual Knowledge from the present Spiritual Master.

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