Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker, Miami, Christmas Day 1980 Christmas 1980 Satsang Transcript

On Christmas Day 1980 Prem Rawat, (then known as Guru Maharaj Ji) gave a spech (satsang) to his followers (premies) who were working and living in Miami at that time. Many followers were involved in the Deca project which involved a total refurbishment of a second-hand Boeing 707 in accordance with Prem Rawat's orders, including the installation of a gold plated toilet. In this talk Prem Rawat discusses the importance of the Perfect Master, the imperative need to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, the current Perfect Master (himself) and how Jesus Christ, the Perfect Master of his time, gave the same Knowedge and "experience" to his followers as Prem Rawat does today. Rawat's speeches can only be understood in their true awfulness by listening to them. You can listen to excerpts of that talk or you can download the whole Christmas Day, 1980 satsang: Christmas Satsang, December 25, 1980 (16 MB)

Maharaj Ki Jai! (end of the crowd chant)

So ah we're gonna a little bit of uh, you know I didn't know if I was gonna come or what. I better come (laughter) keep premies out of trouble. Of course, you know, everybody knows today is Christmas and what is the meaning of Christmas? What is the value of Christmas? And you see that there is a specific meaning but the meaning revolves around the Perfect Master Himself. The meaning ??? revolves around Jesus when He was the Saviour. The world needed to be saved and somebody came to save it. And the whole significance is given and yet today I was just thinking about the whole world you know celebrates Christmas and we have presents and you know of course last night we had a lotta of carols, singers out there almost had the whole thing memorised. One group came sang the same thing, the other group came sang the same thing, third group came sang same thing but I don't have such a good memory, so …

And this is the meaning, this is the evolved meaning, you know, Christ was born and the things that happened on Christmas Eve and of course a lotta industry's behind it, you know, Sachs, Fifth Avenue, Sears and Coleman, you know, celebrates the Christmas and do this and do that. But what was the meaning to like the devotees of that time of the Perfect Master, what were the meanings to them? And it was incredible because there was this point you know where Peter just got up and said to Jesus, he said "You are, you know, you are the Son of God, you are the Savior" and Jesus turned to Peter and said "You know, you're really lucky, you're really fortunate. And obviously no mortal man has told you this but this is very fortunate for you to understand that, it's very fortunate for you to realize that. And all of a sudden the, the importance shifts, the emphasis shifts from gifts and Christmas trees and Christmas lights and everything and for a devotee centers around being saved, it centers around to have that devotion, to have that love. All of a sudden it takes on a meaning that's real, that's substantial, that has truly a meaning because it is a meaning. It has a meant something, it has given that person, that devotee, a hope in life. It has given that devotee a chance just to exist because you look at it and life itself and, and that's the way I perceive it is that life itself is, it's like a flower. Is the flower beautiful? Well, maybe to some people it is, maybe to some people it isn't. That all depends how we look at it, how we understand it, how we grasp it , how we look at that flower and say "Yes, this flower is really beautiful." For us, obviously, as a spectator of that flower it's gonna have a slightly different meaning than the gardener who has put all the effort and seen the ups and downs of that flower that love and that tree and the care and you know all the way down to seeing that this seed has to be sown. And who, who can really take care of that flower, who can really appreciate that flower? It's not just the beholder, but in fact it's the gardener himself, who has that love and the preciousness that no beholder could ever have he has for the flower. That saviour, the saviour who witnesses us who sees us from the very beginning. Who sees us shaped and being formed and being deformed in this world of our concepts, of this maya, of our ego, of our, of our concepts. And yet he knows the care he has taken to create every human being. And he knows when he has to come to the rescue to save that flower. He knows when that flower is doing just fine and he is the only one who knows when that flower is not doing so good. He is the one who knows when the flower needs water, he is the one who also knows the entire thing about that flower itself. We, we are merely the beholders of the flower, we do not know what's gone into it. We do not know what is life, we try to perceive life as many a thing, we try to perceive life as a thing that we have to live. We try to perceive life as something we can mould, as something we can change, as something we can alter but it definitely is a flower. In fact, is there and lies in the hands of that gardener. He feels if that flower isn't doing okay he can just clip it and that's it. But if it becomes merely just looking at something and appreciating it for what we think it is. There is ??? a real beauty. A beauty that's really true from when we look at it from that particular perspective we will find it ourselves how beautiful that flower really is. And so to me life doesn't have really many meanings, it only has one meaning and that one meaning is only understood by that one, perhaps, who is the gardener. That one who really knows what this life is all about. He is the one who knows how to look at this life and how beautiful this life is because ??? living in a world of concepts, a world of dreams, ideas, doesn't work. It doesn't have to be proven now that it doesn't work, it's been proven many a time.

The religions existed at the time when Christ came but what was the meaning of those religions to those devotees? You know when every single Perfect Master has come in this world, and obviously every time he has come he has done this miraculous thing and we call him the Savior. He has saved us again and again and again because we need to be obviously saved. But he saves us. And he not only saves us but he saves us from what we need to be saved which we have no idea of what we really need to be saved from. The thing is that we acquire all this knowledge, we presume that this is what we really we need ???????to be saved from, this is what we need to be saved from. And all our concepts one day fail.

It's like we completely live in this speculation, I mean you know we live in this speculation of heaven and we live in this speculation of hell. We live in this speculation of good and bad and right and wrong but we don't know what this life is. How do we know what is right for this life? How do we know what's wrong for this life? How do we know what's good? How do we know what's bad? It's very, very hard, it's very, very difficult and there is a lot of geniuses who tried it and it doesn't work for them. They try to merely speculate what it's all about.

Yet what a Perfect Master brings is not speculation but to take away the speculation, to bring an experience, a simple experience, an experience not tied by words, an experience not tied by any kind of a secondary thing to it, an experience which, which in itself is real and complete. Now it's for us to take that experience, now it's for us to accept that experience and directly understand that to be the experience of life itself than merely a concept because this is the hard part for many of us. I know that even though we have the Knowledge, we have a beautiful practice of Knowledge, sometimes it's very difficult to take the Knowledge and say ??? (laughter) This is what it says here, look, confirm it will you? That's it

Pushing this concept of the grass is greener on the other side of the hill, other side of the hill, other side of the hill, other side of the hill, other side of the hill. There is only so many hills, you know, and there is gonna be a time when you're gonna come back to the same hill you started on and you're gonna find that no hill is any better, no hill is any worse but a spontaneous experience, a spontaneous grace, being given by Guru Maharaj Ji to all the premies, that's it. It is a, I don't have to live in my concepts to have an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. If I live in my concepts then I am having the experience of my concepts itself. I'm not having that experience, then all I'm doing basically is day-dreaming. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if this hall was ??? times bigger? Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was 2 million premies in ??? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world was full of premies and that's all that lived? I don't have to do that, I don't have to do that. To me that's a very nice idea, you know and so many premies dream of that. But to me, there is something different. To me, it isn't the world. There's nothing in the world. World is, world is completely different to what we perceive it to be.

Every human being is an individual and is not associated to this world by any means. He comes and he goes, the world keeps on going. What plugs him into this world? And what plugs him, what he thinks plugs him into this world? Is all fake anyway. He comes and he goes and the world just keeps on going around and around and around and nothing ever happens. Nothing changes, nothing is altered, nothing makes any difference. You know and thus an experience of a, of life is lost in this world again. But to just truly realise that and, and I I I do, you know, I do that okay, you know, there is, I don't know, 4, 500 premies here. This is fine. If we can have that experience this is fine and if there was 2 million in here well that's fine too. And if the whole world was here then that's fine too. I'm not changing the word 'fine' saying well that's great and that's even greater and that's the best but I'm keeping it to the level of fine. Because every one of us is an individual, every one of us has to have an experience. Every one of us has to understand that Grace, every one of us has to have that gratitude. Without that, we try to live in fantasies, without that, we try to live in a dream and maybe one day we'll wake up and find the whole thing has disappeared. But the experience being manifested is right now. I don't have to look for it anywhere. I don't have to go for it anywhere. Because what is the most important thing, do you think was, the difference, the basic, basic difference between Judas and the rest of them. You know people calling he betrayed Jesus or he did this or he did that or he was crazy or he was in his mind or he was into his concepts. Sure! Who wasn't? (laughter) What was the basic, basic difference? To me, that those devotees accepted Jesus as their Lord, and stayed with it. That's it, that was their experience, there was a gratitude, there was an experience, then there was an acceptance and that's why there was even an experience. But for Judas it wasn't Jesus, just Jesus and it wasn't Knowledge, just Knowledge, and him, just him but there was a whole lot of other things involved. What were they? His concepts, his dreams, his fantasies.

He stayed with his fantasies, he stayed with his dreams, he stayed with his ideas, he didn't away clutch from them and say "Wait a minute, here I am." That's it. Here I am and here is that Saviour who has come to save me. Let me be saved by him. I don't need anything else and I don't want anything else. And look my, my dreams and my fantasies just fade away. Let them. Let them just dissolve, let them just go away for a minute because the experience of even that, isolated completely on this marvellous island, you and Guru Maharaj Ji, you and that experience is utterly incredible where there is no ideas and concepts and dreams and fantasies and this and that. So what I, in one sense, what I am trying to say is that Jesus came as a Saviour and that was really incredible and that was really beautiful and we all agree and we all admit to that and this is why we celebrate him, all the incredible things that happened and yet for whom was it really a true experience. When Krishna came, when Mohammed came, when Ram came, any of those Masters that came for whom did that experience, who really, really did the job. Didn't need the carols to be sung and didn't need things to happen and yet merely just that, just that example of ??? that you know there was that, there was that sister just taking the oil and rubbing it on on Jesus's feet and then wiping them with with her hair. Did she need to rejoice without anything. She was in the middle of it. You know, she was right in the middle, smack dab, right in the middle (laughter) the experience itself. No wows and fantastics and this is completely mind mind-blowing had to be said. We can look at it, we can look at it and say "My God, that must have been mind-blowing but to her, her mind was so far away (laughter) and she did not care for it to be blown or touched or recall it for any matter. Wherever it was, it was fine because the experience was manifesting and it was spontaneous. That's it. That's it. Let my experience be fine, my experience be real, my experience be alive, my my experience should not be generated by my concepts, but my experience is to be generated by a simple fact that Guru Maharaj Ji is giving me that experience and I am receiving that experience because there is that experience and no matter what we get invovled in and no matter what we get, what we get hooked on, there is nothing there. There simply isn't anything there and I just see we look for miracles and yet I see every single minute of our life a miracle is happening. It puts the difference. What's the difference? The difference is for us to accept that miracle and then to understand that miracle. For us to say "Yeh, yes." We don't have to say, "Oh look, initiators are having a wonderful experience." We don't have to turn and say that. That's unnecessary and to a certain extent, wrong. Well let's stick to unnecessary for the moment (laughter). What we have to say is that "Yes, yes, I am having a wonderful experience. Yes, I am experiencing that." Because you konw the incredible thing is, the ironic thing is this that maybe we will have 2 minutes of beautiful experience and 2 minutes of bad experience so to put it in our own words, bad experience so you can take 24 hours and subtract 4 minutes from it. Two for the good, right? And 2 for the bad, that brings you 23 hours and 56 minutes but believe me, we're not going to stay with that 2 minutes of experience that was beautiful for the rest of 23 hours and 56 minutes but we're going to ponder and the exp that experience that we had for the other 2 minutes for the rest of that 23 hours and 36, and 56 minutes. To me, that's not where it's has to be at. To me it's a much, much, much more interesting place. It is a much simpler place. It is on that individual basis always on the individual basis, it'll always stay on that individual basis, never change, it never has, never can. And I have to perceive that experience also on that individual basis. And I have to accepte that experience also on the individual basis.

Because what does my Guru Maharaj Ji bring? What does my Guru Maharaj Ji bring? Guru Maharaj Ji, you know, takes me to this wonderful, wonderful garden. And in this garden it's full of the most beautiful, beautiful flowers I've ever seen. And the most incredible, incredible sight that I can even imagine, ever, ever imagine and Guru Maharaj Ji takes me to this garden and says "Now open your eyes of faith and look at it. That's all you need is faith in me." Because when you see that garden, you will have faith in yourself automatically. But open your eyes, the only thing stopping you from this most miraculous, incredible experience is just that simple vision and you have the vision within you. Open those eyes, open those eyes of faith and look at me and I'll show you that garden that you can never, never imagine. That's the sight I want to see. That's the sight every devotee want to see. And yet my faith. Where to see it? Where does it sit at? Where is it at? I have faith in me and I wanna have faith in me, fine. But if there is a chance in my life just open my eyes and see that garden. All Guru Maharaj Ji says is just behold. Just look at it, it's the most incredible garden.

And to me somehow it's no more sophisticated than that because I, if I have that faith in my Guru Maharaj Ji which I know every minute of the life I live, I need to have that faith. Here, it's not a matter of a self made man, it's not a matter of self-reliance, it's not a matter of having faith in myself because what will faith in myself bring? What good is it for me? Will I be able to go to a cliff and say, "I have faith in me that I am not going to get hurt if I jump off." And jump off and get hurt and say "My faith's all wrong." What good is that? But the faith in Guru Maharaj Ji somehow I know, brings that faith in me to be just that devotee because that experience is flowing. That experience is coming from him. I don't have to fumble with my intellect and I don't have fumble with my books and I don't have to fumble with anything. Just have that solid faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. And why? For my own good. Because that is my vision, through that I can see Guru Maharaj Ji. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world. I mean we think, you know, and it's kinda easy to believe when we over accentuate all these things that "oh yeah, Jesus came in this world and he performed all these incredible miracles and so that's why we should believe in Jesus. Didn't Judas see all the miracles? And then why did he ask? Why did he ask ?? when Jesus walked through that temple and he walked through the shopping street, you know, when he messed up everything, because he just turned everything upside down. Why did Judas come to him and say "What did you do that for? If we think that by doing all these things, you know, our faith is going to grow, that's all wrong. That isn't going to bring any more faith like it didn't in Judas. It can't bring it in us either. So far I'm concerned there is both of us in us, both of them. There is that Judas in us still, somehow we gotta watch for it. Somehow we gotta push that aside and accept just that Perfect Master that comes in this world to protect us, to save us, to give us an experience. To give us that love and most importantly to give us the meaning of this life. Because life itself can be looked in a million ways. For some it's destiny, for some it's a mystery, for some it's too much, for some it's joy, for some it's bliss and yet what kind of bliss, what kind of ???. I am no more and I wish to be no more than that seed that finds the way to the gardener so the gardener may plant the seed and watch me grow and know how to take care of me. If I think "I take care of myself" ??? all the things that I feel, you know, it's very much like Pinnochio that here I am, somebody is making me dance and yet I think I'm the one who is doing the dancing. A wish, a desire and maybe no more than just a cartoon, maybe no more than just a fairy tale and Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't bring me a fairy tale I know. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't bring me a cartoon.

Guru Maharaj Ji brings me something I can experience, something I can relate to. I have to unplug my relations to so many things that I relate to now and plug into that one thing that I can really, really relate to that's gonna bring me something, that's gonna bring me a nice experience, that's gonna bring me Guru Maharaj Ji. Cause if I try to handle this life myself, what can I do with it? What has this whole mankind done with it? It's so incredible that it should inspire me to do, to follow the footstep of this, of this human race. Not one single thing. Not one single thing.

On the news you know they have this person who is Santa Claus and he, he really considered himself Santa Claus and uh he was just telling all these experiences he had and he came to this one experience he had of being a Santa Claus. I mean you go out and do all these things with little kids and it was really incredible, it was really deep in it's own way, for him it was very deep and I know that if there are some, some jerk-off tears real easy they'd be sitting there, you know, blowing their nose in the tissues but what you would visit the hospitals in his, in his community, in his town there was one child who was terminally ill and he was gonna obviously die. Everybody knew that and the doctors had prohibited him to have any sugar whatsoever and there was the Christmas time was coming and he came to him and said "What do you want?" He said "I'd like to have, you know, sugar, some chocolate or whatever." And it was such a thing for this, for this human being and just for everybody that it really got 'im, it really got 'im right here. And that's even this guy was saying he just started to crack-up, he just started crying and he said, "I gave it to him." And it was just so incredible for him, so incredible that he gave him this piece of candy to a terminally ill child. To me, we're all terminally ill. (some titters) What does terminally ill mean? (some laughter) We're gonna die (laughter) sooner or later, we're gonna die. Well tell me, who intends to live on forever? Who knows that they're gonna live on forever? Everybody knows that sooner or later the bucket's gonna drop from heaven (laughter) and this time instead of putting a dime in it, we're gonna kick it and that's it. That's it, we're all terminally ill and you know just just even this whole concept of Santa Claus coming and giving gifts and climbing through chimneys and everything that comes with it but giving gifts. Somehow I know that, that's not all faith cause Santa Claus does come and he brings us the most precious gif tof all and this Santa Claus comes in every which way and he doesn't have to, he doesn't have to come in a red costume. He doesn't have to come, you know, in in a beard, he is whoever he is and he brings us these gifts. These gifts that can really give us that joy, that can really give us that happiness. To me that Santa Clause is really Guru Maharaj Ji. He brings us these gifts, you have to accept. He rides that, he rides that sledge of his grace. He comes, he uses that Grace to come because why does, why does Guru Maharaj Ji ever need to come in this world?

You know this is what I was talking a little bit in the, in the last, uh, candidate program. It's just like we all say "Oh yeah, Guru Maharaj Ji has come to save me, Guru Maharaj Ji has come to save me, Guru Maharaj Ji has come to save me,." Why does, why does Guru Maharaj Ji ever come to save us? What is the necessity? What's the feeling? What's the, what's, what's, the whole trip? I look and I look and I look and it's just, what, you know, the question to me is, even to that, why did my Guru Maharaj Ji ever come to save me? That's then again an individual experience. What was the purpose, what was the necessity that Guru Maharaj Ji had to come in this world to save me? In that particular human form I can relate to, I can accept, I can understand. Why? Why did it have to be that way? And I find that I answer again and again and again because of his Grave and because of his mercy that he comes because I've done something, that I deserve something. The fact that I don't even know that I need to be saved, much less that he even has to come in this world and tell me I need to be saved and then I say "Oh yeah, maybe I'm fine, maybe I don't need to be saved." And then if I can, can just understand that there is that gap, there is that hope, there is that, there is that value between me and, you know, where I have to be, where I have to go. Then he does comes and he does save me and it's by his, by his grace that all that manifests. Let me be a part of that grace. Let me, let me have that faith so what he takes me to that garden I may be able to open my eyes oi faith and see what he has to show me. Something beyond my, my wildest dream is what it's gonna be. And it's such a garden you know, it's such a garden. When we look at it from the eyes of our concepts it's terrible, it's ugly, it's really ugly and yet that same garden, it's a magical, magical garden when looked through the eyes of that faith it turns into the most illustrious garden ever could exist. Maybe, maybe just somehow, that little effort that has to be, maybe somehow my surrender is no more than just accepting "Yes Guru Maharaj Ji, I accept the grace that you are giving me." Maybe my surrender isn't to climb to Mt Everest, maybe my surrender isn't to do all the things, the absurd things that I have to do to surrender. Maybe surrender, all surrender is, maybe this is all it is is to just say yes to Guru Maharaj Ji, 39:02

To let me to just to say to Guru Maharaj Ji, "Yes I do want your grace." When the grace comes to say "Yes, you can come in." And when that experience come say "Yes, come into me." And maybe that's how my surrender has to be. And in that surrender there is that sweet joy of accepting. There is the sweet joy of the experience itself. And there is the sweet harmony of being with Guru Maharaj Ji, of being in that place. Instead of being with me, I can be now with Guru Maharaj Ji, I can be with somebody else. Somebody who can take care of me, somebody who can love me, somebody who can lent?? me. It is so hard, somebody who can show me the way, who can take me where I need to be, where I have to be. Somebody who can wake me, waken me up and just show me where it is at. Somebody who can give me the experience of life instead of me trying to create my experience of life. Somebody who can give me a purpose for this life instead of me trying to create my purpose of life. Somebody who can give me that joy instead of the sorrow I live with every day. And, it's so simple, because every Perfect Master does come in this world because of his grace and because of his mercy. And if all we want to saved we've just gotta tag along and when it is done the process is completed because if we think this is a myth, this is a mystical thing, ther eis on mystery, there is no mystery, it's very simple. There never was a mystery, there never can ever be a mystery. It has to be on the simplest ever level ever ???. I can't say to myself I can't understand this Knowledge, I can't understand this experience, that'swrong. If I can't, who can? What difference does it make if somebody else says it and I don't. This Knowledge is made for me because this is my life, this has been my soul. Let me experience a me that is completely uncontaminated, a me that is not by followed by millions and millions of miles of little things that happened to it and then that prayer becomes real and that gratitude becomes real and the base becomes simpler and simpler and simpler and this is surrender, that sweet surrender comes. Because it's just accepting it, it's just saying "Yes" within heart, not verbally but in that heart saying "Yes." And opening up to Guru Maharaj Ji and there's that abundance of joy and joy and joy and joy, endless pleasure.

Because look, in the time of my Guru Maharaj Ji I don't have to go to scriptures and say "Hey, what's my karma going to do to me?" You know why? Because I'm standing in front of somebody who can change all that for me. What do I have to bother about that? I mean, you drive to a gas station. Can you ever become concerned your car is gonna run out of gas? Yes, a mile away from it. Then you gotta bother about walking a mile and bringing a tank of gas and putting in your gas tank and then driving it. Here you are, the source of that gas itself. If the car runs ot of gas, fine. Just open the lid and fill it up and get going.When I was a friend you know, the closer I get to me destination maybe all these things start coming to me, maybe all these concepts, well what about this, what about that? What do I have to bother about? My destiny, we can change it because yes it's true, even the feeling of that becoming immortal, being cured, not being terminally ill anymore but being cured for once and for all. I'm not saying that you know that the karmas have no effect, sure they effect. It's a very simple theory, every action has an opposite equal reaction. You slap yourself, it's gonna hurt you. You know. You put your uh, put your finger in the door jamb and slam it shut, it's gonna hurt you, sure. And maybe those actions wll happen anyway. And yet what about the main karma? The real stuff. I don't have to bother about that. That real destiny. The real destination. For Hanuman, what was it? Was it anymore than, this is it? Did he say anymore then did he say "Yes, I want this and I want that, I want this and I want that, you know. Throw in a couple of years of in heaven and throw in a couple of years with you and throw in a couple of years of salvation. Throw in a couple of years of liberation and make that once around again and again and again. This is what I want." ??? I want devotion. I just want to be a devotee. I want to have that faith, I want to have that surrender. I want to accept. I want to understand and I want to have that experience. Experience of life, experience of completely spontaneous. When Guru Maharaj ji and a devotee come together, does there have to be any thing, does there have to be a, a whole ceremony? No, it's completely spontaneous. If the experience is there, that's it! If the devotee is open to that experience, that's it! There's not more, no less, nothing, it's real!

And in so many ways, Guru Maharaj Ji has been described. Guru Maharaj Ji has been described like a mirror. If we are beautiful, we are gonna see that beauty. And if we are ugly, we're gonna see that ugliness. And yet, Guru Maharaj Ji is like a mirror that can take us beyond just that facial expression, take us beyond just that every ugliness we have and see the real, beautful life. You know and then Guru Maharaj Ji has been compared as you know, just somebody who is gonna wash those dirty clothes. That here I am, in my life and this is my life is my robe, this cloth that I have and I stain it and I stain it and I stain it and I stain it and yet when I take it to Guru Maharaj Ji, he will wash all those stains away. He will take those stains away and he will make that life clean. He will make that life simple as life is. Not you and me and my and yours and my attachments and your attachments and your trip and my trip. And this for a devotee it isn't, it has to be simply understood, it can't be my trip and your trip, it's gotta be Guru Maharaj Ji's trip and that's what I will, I've come here to join. Whatever that wants to do in that world let me make my experience manifest. A cry comes from a devotee, "Help me!" Who responds? Guru Maharaj Ji responds. But you know that's where that faith has to be that he will respond. When Draupadi was standing in the court you know and there was a , they were going to pull her sari off. I mean it's a story, I don't know about it. Maybe it happened and maybe it didn't happen and yet to me there is a simle moral behind it. That here was Draupadi and she was very proud of her husband and she was very proud of the king and the court and the system. When this stupid thing started happening to her, you know, she looked at the king and said, "Hey, how can you allow this to happen, you know, go, go ??? and order them to stop." The king just looked down. He couldn't do anything about it. Looked at her, her husband, "What about you? How can you let this happen to your wife? Stop, tell them to stop. Do something! Protect my honour." And they couldn't do anything. She looked at the courtiers and everybody there "Help me, help me, help me, help me!" And nobody could respond because everybody was tied??? because of a reason. There was a because and there was a reason behind everything. There wasn't just any mercy and there wasn't just any compassion but everything had to be, had to be a certain way. Why do we all have to be Santa Claus to help each other out? There has to be a main reason, you know, there has to be a lttle thing this little thing involved in it and that little thing involved in it. And then she turned to Krishna and said "Help me" and he came and he helped. And after the whole ordeal was over she turned around to him and she said, "Why, why didn't you come? What took you so long?"

And his answer was very simple, very, it's almost like you can hit your head like this and say "Why didn't I think of that before." Very, very simple because it is simple and the asnwer was, "Well, you never called me all that time, you never called me and when you did I came. What did you expect me to do?" When that faith of hers shifted from all her concepts that she had and her joy just that one perfect harmony "Help me." Then he came and he helped. He was the only one that could help. He knew that. He knew that he was the only one could help. And he knew that if she didn't call him, she would be in a lot of trouble. But it isn't the matter of trouble and it isn't the matter of, I mean how could he go somewhere where there was no road for him to go? How could he go somewhere and help when there was no communication, where there was no cord there was no, there was nothing and as soon as Draupadi turned and established it, that one second, that one moment, that one micro-second, that was it, the help was here and what was there? What was it that she turned to Krishna and said? "Help me." What was the basis of that? What was the drive in it? Her faith, simply her faith. First she had faith that the king would protect her. Confidence in the king. He didn't. This that, this that, this guy will, this guy will, maybe this guy will, maybe this, at random, but faith, just that faith. Because ??? didn't have that faith, she couldn't call and as soon as that faith was established, she called, he got the message and he came. One who's already watching all this happen and you can't do anything right. Isn't that the situation with us, too? Here we go to the garden, we keep our eyes closed of that faith and and we start pummelling "Let me just feel this garden" and Guru Maharaj Ji just says you know you can feel for the rest of your life, you won't find anything with feeling. This is vision, this is that fight. Open your eyes of faith and you will see and it will become a reality for you. That's the threshold cause if I have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, it's so much, so much more easier for me to surrender. It's so much more easier for me to surrender because believe me, you know, after that whole incidents with Draupadi the next time she got in trouble it wasn't "Hey, wait a minute, maybe this guy can help me, that guy can." It was direct. This is what Guru Maharaj Ji comes to warn us of. Don't do it, don't jump off the cliff. Have that fiath now. Establish that contact now and I'll help you. First of all we don't even see where we need the help, you know, and that's ironic enough, you know, "Hey, do I really need help? Maybe I don't need help? Maybe I'm fine. What's wrong with me? There's nothing wrong with me." Maybe there's absolutely nothing wrong with you but then maybe, there is everything wrong with you. And maybe there's nothing wrong with you but you need a lot of help. And maybe there's everything wrong with you and you still need a lot of help. Maybe there's 50% wrong wrong with you and 50% right with you but you still need a lot of help.

Because you know, you can say "Oh yeah, I'm willing to make a really fast boat, it'll go 200 miles an hour on water, 300, 400, 500, 600 mileson water. Incredible, I'm going to make a boat that's gonna be so fast, you won't believe it. Yet the key factor isn't how fast the boat goes but whether it floats or not. (laughter) If you don't make a boat that floats it's not a boat anymore, it's an anchor, a barge, (louder laughter) you know, it's anything, anything but a boat. A devotee, devotion, primary thing. There is no such thing as a good devotee and a bad devotee. Devotion, devotion makes a devotee. Faith, faith makes a devotee. And I just see that here is an opportunity for us you know because here we are just ??? in an atmosphere thinking about Christmas and thinking about Jesus and yet Perfect Master comes every time to help us and to save us. It's incredible. We don't have to read Peter's or John's or Paul's experience second hand we can get it the first hand ourselves. The same show he watched, we can watch it too. (laughter) No, but that's the way it is. The same show he watched, we can watch it too. We can also make it happen, a beautiful, beautiful experience. It's very possible, it's happened a lot of times. You know, perhaps we get ourselves together and say "Yes!" and let it happen to us, too. So, just um, it's really nice to be able to come, share some satsang. I believe that all this is hooked up through phone feed ??? (maybe Spanish, general hilarity) I didn't know there were so many South American premies here. (more laughter) They really do get around, don't they? So like I had mentioned as my uh birthday, here are the new dates. Uh, Caracas, February 3rd and 4th, Lima, February 7th and 8th, Sao Paulo, February 14th and 15th exclusive of any typing errors. (laughter) So, uh, it was really nice to come here. Blessings to all the premies. Thank you very much. Good night. Happy new year, so on and so forth.

I got a note in my pocket. It says um South American program, Caracas, 3rd and the 4th, Lima, 7th and 8th, Sao Paulo, February 14th and 15th exclusive of any typographical errors. North America? What's North America?

The tape continues with banter and hliarity. The level of hilarity would be puzzling to people who have no experience of Rawat's Divine Light Mission or Elan Vital or other similar cult groups led by a "Divine Master." Rawat's comments are inane and his attempts to be funny lame and uninspired but his "premies" laugh as if they are listening to the Lord of Laughter and not just The Lord Of The Universe.

You can listen to this whole Christmas Day, 1980 satsang: Christmas Satsang, December 25, 1980 (16 MB)