Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) South High School in Denver Colorado on May 4th, 1974

An edited version of this speech by Guru Maharaj Ji at titled "Automatic Pilot" was published in the Golden Age Magazine Number 22, July-August, 1975

In most of this speech the young Guru was shouting, ranting, volume changing, shouting, long pauses and non sequiturs than usual. He makes some delusional claims:

South High School Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) South High School in Denver Colorado on May 4th, 1974

This accurate, unedited transcript was made from a tape of Guru Maharaj Ji's (aka Prem Rawat) speech of May 4, 1974. It contains much repetition and poor English.

Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai

Well, (applause) there is not a lot to say. Because you see, this Knowledge is something which is a matter of practical realisation. And actually we cannot put it into words and try to describe it, because it'll be just kind of a very foolish thing because it's like taking elephant and trying to put her into your pocket. I mean a live one. And, I mean, you know, of course you can take a little toy elephant and put him in your pocket all the time you want, but so far as the live one is concerned, it's pretty impossible and that's like still an example which is still too finite, too finite because elephant itself has come and can be destroyed, and will be destroyed and so is the pocket. It was made, and one day it will be destroyed.

But so far as this Knowledge is concerned, and these words are concerned, it's more impossible because, these words are just completely finite and that Knowledge is infinite and so premies, it's like, there are a lot of scriptures, there have been a lot of saints, lot of prophets, lot of Messiahs, come into this world and really all their life long all they really tried is to get this message across, that there is existence of something which is most important. There is existence of something which is completely holy. There is existence of something which is the most powerful because all the time, when there is a new revolution, and man comes into this world and he is there, and his mind becomes so strong, his mind, his mind becomes so firm, his ego grows so much on him, that it virtually becomes impossible for him to think that there is anything greater than me into this world and that is why sometimes people say, "Oh well, so far God is concerned," it's to, it's to themselves they say sometimes, "Well, so far God is concerned, He lives in the upper heavens. He's got nothing to do with this world. And so we are the biggest power here." And like, sometimes they say, "Well Who has seen God? Talk to them, say atheists, "Who has seen God?" Nobody has seen God. And how does He look like? How many feet does He have? How many hands does He have? How many eyes does He have?" I mean all these silly questions. But they're not even understanding.

It's like uh somebody going to a car dealer and saying, "Do you have a nice car for me please?" And he says, "Yes, I have a new car, say a Maserati something, or a Mercedes something. I have a new car for you," and he says, "How does it look like? How many eyes does it have? How many legs does it have? Does it have a tail or not? How much does it eat?" I mean, he's talking, he's saying all these questions, but they're completely irrelative to what he is trying to purchase, to what he is trying to hook it up to and the same way, when people say, "How many eyes does God have? How many legs does God have?", is because we are trying to level Him - we are trying to put Him into the same level as we are. But the very first thing we have to understand; that He is not, not on that level. He is much higher. Higher in which sense? You see He is not nine feet nine - not that way. But high, in, higher in what that religion is, in what that energy is that makes, is making us survive. He is the source to that and this is what everybody has to understand and realise. And then once he has understood it and realised it, and has satisfied to himself with that great power, with that great energy, only then his ego is broken. Because he can see there is something before him which he cannot deny. There is a greater power which he cannot say does not exist, because it is right in front of him. And that is the only way because mind is the greatest thing which makes all these problems for a human being. And the only way to destroy it, and the only way to get rid of it, the only way to dissolve it, or to liquidate its powers, the only way, is by this Knowledge, is by this meditation.

Now here again we go. When I talk about Knowledge and I talk that this is the only method, some people say, "Hah, How does he know?" Well, tell you the truth, if there is any other way, and if you go to any other scripture, any other religion, and pointed to any other Messiah, maybe they do not know, some religions, that what they are talking about, but indirectly or directly, they are pointing towards this Knowledge. Everybody's, every religion, every scripture describes about something like Light, the Holy Word, the holy vibration, and it's like, that is pointing towards this Knowledge. And this is, is a proof.

You know, it's like, if your mother comes in front of you and serves you bread, say, "Hah! How do you say this is bread? I don't think this is bread." Mother'll say, "Don't get smart. Eat it, then you know." Because you see it, and even to get more proof out of it, you eat it. And you don't have to get that smart. Really, you don't. Eat it, and you'll be able to see that, yes, it is the bread. And the same thing is with Knowledge. Some people just try to act too smart. They think, that everything in the means, the concepts sometimes that people have is so super fantastically crazy, that it's very, very hard sometimes to convince them that there is something like this Knowledge. Plus, the greater problem comes to the point; because it is so great, because it is so infinite, you cannot put it into a finite words and try to explain somebody most perfectly, most, the best way. You just cannot do it. Because you can be sitting with him all day long, all night long, all your, all your lifelong as a matter of fact, and never will be able to finish that explanation.

So premies, that Knowledge that we all have received by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace I received it by my Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. That Knowledge, if you really meditate on it, only then it can show it, what it is. I mean, I'll tell you something; you can have an aeroplane which goes by the speed of Mach 12, I mean Mach 12 means one hour, I mean half an hour, from Los Angeles to uh New York, and another half hour from New York to London. And you can have that heck of a jet standing in an hangar, and it won't take you anywhere. But you have to take it out anywhere. But you have to take it out. I mean,you can sit in a jet, just sit in it. It's in the hangar, just sit in it, and say, "Man. This jet cost me a fortune - a really, really good fortune. And here is all this brochure saying it'll go Mach 12. I am sittin' in it. Why isn't it going Mach 12?" And it's like, all you can do at that person is look him say, "Wow. He is biggest fool I ever saw." Why? Because the most important part of it taking out of the hangar and putting it on the runway, and the whole procedure, until that is, until that is not done, you cannot take off, you cannot go Mach 12 and plus, if you keep flying that aeroplane at reduced throttle it's not gonna go at Mach 12. Whatever it says to go Mach 12, if you do all that it says to go Mach 12, it'll definitely, definitely go Mach 12! Because that's the way it's built to be, that's the way it's meant to be and it's like, if I put somebody there on the drums, and I tell the premies who play the drums to give him some instructions how to play it, probably the first thing he'll say is, "This pedal, press that pedal. And there is the stick, beat it on that thing, and you'll play it." And he goes with the stick and he goes like this, he doesn't even hit it, and he goes with the pedal very slowly so that thing doesn't even hit the drum. He says "I am pressin' it, trying to hit it, and it doesn't play." Well, how is it gonna play? You have to hit it, make sure it hits it and you have to press that pedal till you make sure it makes a sound and then you can play it and it's like, same thing is with this Knowledge. Really there is, there is nothing about it, because this Knowledge was with you before you even received it, before it was revealed to you. You weren't getting all these fantastic realisations out of it. What was the difference? What was the big, big deal in it? But once it was revealed to you, and after you were ready to do meditation only then, believe it or not, only then you are gonna realise something out of it. Otherwise, no no good. There is nothing in there. But once you meditate, once you realise, once you open up yourself because you know, there is a very common word, and everybody likes this word, and it's so-called "love". It's a pretty common word, and everybody wants that. But really, who knows what is real love?

Today people think a heart, an arrow through it, is a love. No it's not. It's not, that's not love. Love is something, again it's like a name of a power - just like "God". But I guess somehow it got too common. And it ended up being very, very common. Otherwise "love", "peace", truth" is part of that God. And as a matter of fact, them them that that is love, truth, peace, all that we shout and cry about. But really we do not know. But when we go to somebody, to Guru Maharaj Ji, and ask him for this Knowledge, when he reveals us this Knowledge, and we realise this Knowledge, then we can understand what love is, then we can understand what truth is, then we can understand what peace is. Otherwise, I'll tell you, every political leader in India, at least the ones I have heard of, you know, and heard giving them speak, those people after they finish their lecture, they say, "Peace, peace, peace," or "Peace be on this earth." I'll tell you, that's no way to bring peace on this earth. Because it hasn't come yet. They have been shouting it for - so I don't know till so since when, I wasn't even born. I was just born 16 years ago. But they have been shouting it before that. It didn't seem to come around and I'll tell you, those political leaders used to go and turn back and start fighting again. That's not the way to bring peace into this earth. The way to bring peace into this earth, it's a little different than we think it is. It's by this Knowledge. Well, there can be a lot of questions, how come, why, but that's the way it works. You want to try it, go ahead, you can try it. And really, to all the premies, until you meditate, until you realise this Knowledge, you are really nowhere - you are completely, completely lost. So premies, meditate on this Knowledge. Because it's so fantastic, it's so beautiful. And that love that we all talk about, that we all are looking for, can really, really come. That peace, our dream, can come true. And the truth, all these things that we have been dreaming of, ever since this human race came, we can all get it. Our dreams can really be true. And it's very very possible.

So premies. I have nothing more to say. Really I don't because, if I start talking about love, I'll end up to the same point: do meditation. And, if I start talking about truth, I'll go like this, like this, like this, like this, and come back to the same point: do meditation. Because that's the way. And I have, I might just add this, I have a little secret and due to the circumstances that are prevailing right now I can't tell you but under the circumstances it'll be OK sure you'll be able to know and it's pretty blissful too. So premies (crowd noise) I told you I was going to add a bit, so premies, if you want to realise anything in your life, if you want to realise anything in your life, tell you what. Come to me, I have realised something, and follow the same way and you can realise something. You definitely, definitely, definitely can. There is no sweat. You definitely can and I also want all the premies - you know, this is like, I have told you already - but all the premies who have confusion, who have doubts in their mind, should do more meditation. Because it's like, it's that delicate point you are in. As I explained to some of the premies the other day at the satsang program, you're at the delicate point where that mind is completely coming over you, and you gotta fight it and like, this Knowledge can really really fight it. And all you just do is meditation, you sweep right through it. And it's just really beautiful. Because you can look back, and you can see this crazy mind there, but you know that you are quite safe from it.

It's like sitting in a armoured car: you can see all these bullets coming to you - you know, you know that they're, that they're not gonna hurt you. Or it's like sitting in a car which has a glass top: you can see all these drops of rain falling on top of you, but you are pretty secure. Because, you know they are not gonna hit you, you know they're not gonna make you wet. So it's like, same way, this Knowledge puts you into the same situation; this crazy mind is left behind. And really then, then it is really, really that love that we all want to experience but I'll tell you, man it's really beautiful once you can experience it, and start experiencing it. Because, that's everything, that's everything man can think of, it's right there in love. Everything. I mean, A to Z. Maybe a little bit more. But anything, there it is, in love. It's all there. You just gotta go and hit the jackpot. And it's like, you come to a professional gambler, and he tells you how to hit the jackpot, and then you go, you hit the jackpot, and it sounds like you are gambling and actually this whole world is a gambling place. Every man in the whole world is gambling every moment. Some are gambling money in Las Vegas and others are not, but they are gambling with their life. And people who aree not received this Knowledge, they're gambling 24 hours. You come to a professional gambler, he tells you, you go in there, and everybody thinks you are gonna go gamble - you don't have to. There it comes. You hit the jackpot, it's all yours. But I'll tell you, if you miss one single instruction, you are gonna lose it. And once you lose it, you are gonna keep trying and trying and trying and you might just end up as a real gambler. Gambling just every moment of your life, just every, every moment. And this Knowledge is, we go and hit the jackpot, and the first thing, it's beautiful. Because you hit jackpot of love. And it's just so beautiful - it's just so fantastic.

So whatever I'm, I'm trying to tell you, premies, it's something that I have experienced. You know, you can call Guru Maharaj Ji in any way you like. He is your chauffeur, I mean, you can call him, he's your pilot, he's your master, he's your doctor, he's your professional gambler, he's your cop, - anything. Because, it's like, the work he does can be connected in so many ways and I want all the premies to co-operate and it's like instructions, you know, on everything, a letter, will be coming to all the premies so they know clearly what to do about Guru Puja. Because I know one thing, it's gonna be a fantastic, fantastic program. It's just gonna be such a beautiful program that it's gonna be completely unbelieveable because it's like Guru Puja is a point where I want all the premies to come, you know, and bring their friends who want to receive Knowledge and worship Guru Maharaj Ji, worship and meditate and realise more of it. And I also intend to start one more function that should be like everybody doesn't have to come but like even if you decide that there should be a place where everybody should come and do this maybe we can hold 2 days or 3 days or 4 days' program. In a vacation time and we want to call this Shri Hans memorial date so all the premies from everywhere can come and there'll be just like meditation, meditation, everybody can have Knowledge Reviews, it'll be like right in the middle of the year. This would be different to Hans Jayanti but where everybody can receive Holy Breath, can receive Darshan, can receive Knowledge Review, can get rid of the doubts, do a lot of meditation and I mean just a very cool, beautiful, lovely - as they say in English - program. Just a beautiful, just like a premie program and of course Guru Puja is a function where, you know, it's like a really premie's function it's like really a devotee's function so that they can go and worship Guru Maharaj Ji and really I also want to clear you on this point, that's about time, now all the premies start following agya. Because it's really important. And I have really good example to give you cause there can be a plane, and it's caught in the clouds, and it's flying, say probably towards Los Angeles and it's completely IFR (Instrument flight rules). At that time the most advisable thing, the most best thing that pilot can do, is to have the radar contact. As a matter of fact if you are IFR you better have it and why? Because he is watching you right in this radar scope - he is watching you. A little thing passing by, and he can caution you all the time. If there is any thunder, any lightning, any activities around, or is there any mountains around, he can clear you up to the best altitude possible, you just, you just stay with him and he just leads you through all these clouds, and once you're up, you're on your own. And that's, that's just the way this works.

It's like, when we are premies, we receive Knowledge, we are stuck in the clouds of mind, of illusion. At that time, it's very very necessary for us to follow agya. Because that agya is, it's just beautiful, you know, just, like I've, I've been flying a lot with Bill and just so beautiful, I mean, he just tells you go on this vector, just take your heading bug, put it right there just punch the button just call, takes you right out of there and it's like, you are going, and you're coming for a landing. And you can't see anything - I mean nothing. You don't even have, sometimes you are flying with your hand, and you don't even have this perception that if you are turning or not. You have to see the meter, and then you find you are turning and make correction. At that situation, at that point, it's just so beautiful. You are just flying, and you are ready, just all the time ready. With your one hand on the heading bug, all the time ready and he gives you a vector, you turn on it, and you know what's so beautiful? You are coming really, really low, and the heart kind of starts pounding, what's gonna happen, maybe you are gonna crash, maybe you are gonna crash, and you're coming down low, and you break up, and right in front of you is the airport. I mean, all that you do, break off your radar contact, and he puts you right to the tower, go right in or, if you want it even more so, even more specific, you can still keep that touch, and he will take you and make sure you land perfectly right on the front ??? He'll make every correction for you ??? right on the runway and this is what agya is, following the vectors. In this time, in that time when there's all this confusion, all this illusion you just follows, just follow agyas. Beautiful, it's graceful, takes you out all of the situations and puts you into most, most secured and most beautiful spot because there's just, you know, He's watching you all the times and that's, that's like agya and it's really important for a devotee to follow.

So premies, do meditation realise what I'm trying to say because it's really important, maybe I'm saying the same old things I said at long time ago but again I'll remind you again and again so that you can realise and understand. Thank you very much. Blessing to all the premies.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)