Denver Colorado, April 29th 1974 Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) in Denver Colorado on April 29th 1974

In most of this speech the young Guru was shouting, ranting, volume changing, shouting, long pauses and non sequiturs than usual. He makes some delusional claims:

This accurate, unedited transcript was made from a tape of Rawat's speech of April 29th, 1974. It contains much repetition and poor English. The acclamation for Rawat's mother, Mata Ji, by the young lady at the microphone was cut off part way through. Presumably the person taping the evening was aware that the young Rawat had fallen out with his mother but the young lady at the microphone wasn't. Rawat had married his older mistress with whom he had been carrying on a secret affair 4 days before in Denver.


(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Jagat)

Dear premies, well uh I guess there is nothing much more to say (laughter) I don't think it's so funny but as Mahatma Ji was just telling you that we should leave, lead a life of purity and like this is not a new story, everybody in this world wants to take a microphone, will take a chance to take a microphone and speak to people what you want to tell them "You should lead an independent life you should leave a life of impurity" but really, if you really ask them "Can you tell us how to lead one?" Because in this world we have become so involved in materialism that it is almost become very, very hard for us to get out of that and to really come on the path that we are supposed to be on because this spider builds a web and it builds a web so that all these other flies that are coming will come and get stuck in it but you know how a spider dies sometimes? It gets stuck in its own web and can't do anything, he's just sitting there, he can't move because he's stuck and that becomes that very reason that he built that web to live a life, to stay alive, so that he could eat the flies and insects the same very reason becomes a death for him and that's how maya is, how this illusion is because we built this so that we could survive so that we could survive in this world, so that we could exist in this world and then we completely plunge into it and there is nothing left and really my duty to this world.

I mean it's so strange there might be non-premies sitting here saying "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji is wearing a pretty good suit (laughter) and maybe sometimes they happen to my watch sparkling "Hey he wears a pretty good watch, huh? Well how does he talk about materialism?" But look, the thing is that two people and they're probably brothers and they completely look alike but one knows how to drive the car and one does, one does not so this guy who doesn't know how to drive the car he can sit on the steering wheel and say "What's this, what's that? Or is this a big lever here for? What is this round, round thing here?" And the other guy sits in the car, probably buckles up his seat, puts the key on (claps hand) there he goes. What's the difference? They're probably both brothers, look-alike, what's the difference? Because one brother has realized something and other hasn't and that whole thing is of realization, really in this whole world, the whole matter is of realization.

That's why you people aren't Einstein because he realized something, he got into it and so he's famous. There was, there was Newton, all these scientists then how did they discover this? I mean isn't that strange that I could take a apple and knock it on your head you probably wouldn't realize anything (laughter) but this guy was sitting down under this tree nobody threw that apple, apple fell on his head and there he goes (laughter) and from that time he's into it and he has realized it and this is what Mahatma Ji was trying to say that really this Knowledge is something that we must be thirsty about.

I'll tell you right now maybe in India there is somebody dying of water and here we are sitting in this auditorium, we don't even need it. There could be a guy "Do you need water?" ?? said "No, I'm not thirsty" and then there is the same guy who's going to die because of this there is this whole thing that some people have become so involved in this materialism that for su, for them something so truthful, something so blissful doesn't even exist and so that same materialism, that same thing that he was using it wrong or he could use it in right purpose, he's using it in completely wrong way, in completely wrong manner file that other guy who realized this Knowledge, who's understood the secrecy, same materialism he's using to spread this Knowledge because you know you might be surprised that we have computers in our offices. I mean computers are used in so many different fields, they are one of the modern things and many people hate 'em, they say "Oh this is this is becoming a computer world" but that same computer is helping us spreading Knowledge while those other computers are helping those people kill people, destroy the world.

What's the big difference in it? Because it's of understanding, because of this Knowledge and if you want to realize this Knowledge really you have to be thirsty for it, you have to be eager for it, you cannot, tell you what you might as well forget it because you'll gain nothing out of it, nothing whatsoever but if you are really, really thirsty deep within your heart you want it, you need it, it's gonna be the most beautiful thing, the most fantastic thing that you ever realized. It's like I do so many press conferences and may be there are 15 press reporters there and maybe one of them turns out good. I was the same person they were interviewing, they're asking all these questions, everybody is hearing all these questions and everybody is writing down the answer but how come out of those 15 only one turns out good because what he's looking for, the answer it's there. He can see it, he can feel it but those other 14 it's a big mess because really it is.

I can see how people can come to this mission, see what's going on, say "It's the biggest mess we ever saw." (laughter) I can really see that, you know, because they cannot understand what's going on. I can, I can't really see if I was a press reporter standing back on the corner listening to all this satsang and premies laugh which wasn't even funny, (laughter) probably I smile and premies smile, I laugh and premies laugh, say "Man they gotta be out of their heads. (Laughter) what are they laughing about? What are they smiling about? Nothing is so funny" but if he has really come with a sincere heart to realize something, to get something, to gain something, to understand what we are doing he's certainly gonna understand what does the bliss out mean because once people receive this Knowledge they know the real answer to this life because people today think maybe going to a pub, get drunk, that's getting blissed out or do this or sit in a sunset, a beautiful sunrise getting blissed out.

That's none of them blissed out, nothing of it but realizing this Knowledge because it is bliss that's why we say "Jai Sat Chit Anand" truth, consciousness and bliss and that Knowledge which is bliss when we realize it then and then only can we get blissed out otherwise there is just no way and so premies like I was telling you yesterday it's completely, completely up to you how much of you want to realize it and how much you want to enjoy it but I'll tell you one thing I have got two eyes and you have got two eyes, you got a nose, I got a nose and I'm pretty blissed out with this Knowledge. I mean I really feel it 24 hours and I can really feel it working on me and making me alive and I can really, really feel the Grace. Like one day I was talking to this premie in Los Angeles and I was telling him that I do not know that how many premies really feel that it is the Grace of Knowledge that is make, making them alive right at this moment. How many premies there are, I do not know. I think very, very few because really it's the Knowledge that is making us survive right now, that is making us alive right now and premies who have really realized it, understood it and understood the Grace of it they can really see without Knowledge we are down, down, down. There is nothing there because it's a completely different thing how beautiful it can be, how blissful it can be and really all I want to tell you, that's how I start all the time in satsang, that's the first thing I want to tell you, I got nothing more to say but I guess I just ended up giving satsang maybe 15 or 20 minutes because I see premies they like to listen some satsang, I give 'em some satsang but again get to the same point you want to realize something, you want to listen satsang 24 hours a day which you do, do meditation, realize this Knowledge and there's gonna be satsang and bliss and you name it, it's gonna be all there. Really premies what we have come for in this world the aim, the purpose of this life has to be completed otherwise we have come and gone.

It's like watching the Mission Impossible episode and they say Mission Impossible they're supposed to get all their work done but if they don't they're, they're not pretty good guys but when you see them working all this, this ??? system they're getting to the point, getting the work done to say "Wow, they are fantastic" and this is Mission Impossible and we better get our work done and the right time, the right moment and accept the leadership of the right man because if we are little boys we don't know what we are doing. We need someone who can see us and guide us every moment so we can get to the point of truth, of realization and really I have nothing more to say. I really don't because to tell you about Knowledge it's kinda stupid because you already have received Knowledge. All I can say is meditate, meditate, meditate. You will realize something, something that I've realized and you will see it and you'll feel it and you will realize it. It's like, if you really want to, I see no way that you can miss out but if you're getting stuck I bet you anything you don't want to because, because where there is a will, there is a way. If you really want to, you can.

So premies there's not gonna be, there's not gonna be satsang tomorrow night but day after tomorrow there's again gonna be a satsang program and uh somebody will probably give you an address if they're kind enough and come again and really I want to talk to you about Guru Puja. We should, we should really get together about that because I want it to be really a fantastic, fantastic program so I was talking to Bob and Lou Schwartz about it, trying to get the whole possibility together and, and the way I've designed it to be one of the best programs so far we have had in America or in India. So premies we should all get together and do it and accomplish peace in this earth and thank you very much and God bless you.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)