Perfect Master Tape #001
Perfect Master Tape #001

PMT #001: Hans Jayanti, Ramlila Grounds, Delhi, India, 10th November 1972

This is a short 17 minute speech and the guru 1 month short of his 16th birthday starts on one of the major tenets of his teaching that there is a common energy underlying the universe and this energy is keeping each person alive and can be experienced by using the 4 meditation techniques he teaches and that this energy is both God and the human soul. If people use these common techniques (pressing index finger and thumb on eyeballs with eyes closed, blocking the ears with their thumbs, thinking about their breathing and curling their tongue backwards) they are likely to feel the same sort of effects but this will only be meaningful to them if they believe they are feeling is that soul. He repeats the frog from the well and the frog from the ocean story.

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And listen on radios we can understand that how, in each part of the world, each government of the world is trying to establish something. Some countries are trying to establish communism, some are interested in commonwealth and some are interested in some type of political government and some are interested in some type of political government. Firstly we have to understand that God is One regardless of 24 hours a day daytime or night time. God is One regardless from wherever we come, if we come from India or America, from Europe or Japan, God is still One. If you fly over North Pole, still one, if you fly over South Pole, still one. After all, though we believe in Mohammedism, or we believe in Hinduism or we believe in Christianity we still believe in one God so regardless of any matter that is very popular in the world today we understand God as One but why, why then if we are children of one God, why there should be Communism in one country and Commonwealth in other country and then some other government entrusted in some other type of politlcal dealings. Why?

Because we have not been able to understand what is actual rein of human beings to control them because we have not been able to understand the fundamental, fundamental humanity, the fundamental truth that exists amongst all human beings. All the symptoms in the world today from A to Z, pollution, one very common thing that is in Los Angeles, that is in New York, that is in almost every place, Delhi as you can see and every part of the world these symptoms traffic problems that is in Los Angeles of course, that is in New York of course and as you can see Delhi of course. Then people fightin', that is in Los Angeles of course, meantime just comparing it because Los Angeles lies at one part of the world then New York then India and then the same problem people fighting, it is in Los Angeles California, it is in New York, it is in, it is in Delhi too. Now why these symptoms are comin' up? Why are these symptoms are comin' up?

See, we can almost see something comin' up and one main thing we can see is how people, America is getting together army, why? Not to protect people, to kill them. India is get it, getting to court together an army, not to protect people, kill them. Because if one side will be protected, other side will be killed, it has to be day or night, if it is daytime in India, it has to be night time in America, if it is night time ha ha, if it is daytime in America, it has to be night time in India. So same thing but because we have been failing all the time to understand the actual communism, now I'm not speakin' in the term of a communist politlcal government but I'm speakin' as communism as whatever we have got common between ourselves as human beings.

I was talkin' to one Pandit Ji today who is an astrologer who is a very good learned man of all Sanskrit language and I was talkin' to him this morning and he said, he spoke a slogan which of course I cannot remember because it was in Sanskrit, spoke the slogan and he said that man is neither, see this body can either be regarded as a male or female but the soul is neither a male, neither a female, is it? You cannot say the soul is male and the soul is female. Soul is beyond that. We cannot say a soul is dark and the soul is colourless or coloured, it is beyond that. We cannot say the soul is educated, the soul is not educated, it is beyond that. One thing that is commonest in all of us because we are all human beings is that soul which of course see we can differ, we can put two, one type of actually human and two type of conditions. We can put it male or female, we can put it men on one side and women on one side but what about their souls? How can we differ from their souls? That is something that is common between all of us.

Now the soul is actually a energy, is actually a part of that energy that is vibrating within inside of us. See everything is a vibration, everything is a vibration. This is a vibration of something, this is a vibration of something, my hand is a vibration of something. Me, myself, I am a vibration of something. Everything is a vibration and then there is a primordial vibration which is of course the highest and most the beautifullest vibrations of all. One vibration is vibrating, that's why all the vibrations are vibrating. There is a organ inside me particularly functioning, if that organ stops, I'll stop. What is that organ? Let's say not, not put it as a argument, as as somethin'. There is something functioning in me, if that stops, I'll stop. A doctor would say, let's say your heart also your lungs, if your lungs stop breathin', you'll stop breathin'.

What is one organ, if that stops, everything stops. Now we do not understand that. Today we think we live, we survive because of our heart pumps, blood circulates, we breathe, oxygen goes in and so happens and so on happens and we we function. No!. If we take a dead body and dissect it, we'll find the heart is there, blood is there, lungs are there, everything is there, that's fine. What is missing? That's the clue. What is missing? This is it from man to understand this Knowledge, to understand this secrecy, what is it that is missing? That is your, that is your suspect and you want to go, chase it and find it. Now you want witnesses so you take evidence. What is evidence? Scriptures are the evidence to it, scriptures are the evidence, they say "Yes, this is it, that is the Knowledge, this is it and this is it." Then you search, you search for more witnesses, eye witnesses who have seen, who have seen that member, who have seen that that thing functioning inside, who has understood that primordial vibration and you look for it, you look different places, you try to search in different place, you go to different people, you do, you go to different saints, try to search for it, you don't get it.

Then there is one man, someone tells you because, of course, so many people have come here they might have seen, you know, I'm talkin' from wherever you originate, you know, you might not have seen me, you might have received Knowledge from Mahatma or there are so many premies who received Knowledge when I went to their city. They saw my poster, they came to me, they received the Knowledge, same way, someone tells you that when the evidence was taking place there was a man with a camera filming it and he say "Wow, that's it, you know" because that's what you want, that that is your witness and you go to him and you ask him for the witness and he tells you, he tells you about it and you don't get satisfied. He gives you satsang, you don't get satisfied then you ask for more and revealed to you this Knowledge. He reveals you the film, he reveals you the movie that he has shot and when he reveals you this, you understand it. You understand it when you go and tell people that you have understood the secrecy of your life, you have understood your suspect that is right within you which is one day going to go out. You have snapped the photograph of it. You have you got it, you know, you got it.

Today there are so many scientists trying to locate one main thing and supposedly you all have gone through the experience of cars and when a battery runs downs, what happens? The starter doesn't work, horn works very low, lights work very low and you got to push it in case you want it to start. Now what you do because your starter is not working you think, "There is something wrong with my starter." So you go under the car, you open the starter up and you start lookin' in it and you don't find anything. So "Wow my lights have gone out." You start opening your bulbs, you start opening your electric system. You find there's nothing so "Why my horns have gone out, you know, my boards have gone out" you start opening your horns and your boards, you'll find nothing there. What has gone wrong? You have not approached that thing. It's your battery has run down, not your starter, not your lights, not your boot, it's the battery that has run down. If you change your battery, instantaneously starter will work, lights will work, your hoot will work, everything will work.

So this is, this is the main point that I want to elaborate today that how actually are we looking for the ultimate, ultimate being but we cannot find it.

There are so many scriptures and you know actually what scriptures are doing, they are like that frog and you might have heard that story of course.

There were two frogs and one frog was from ocean and one frog was from the the small well and they just both and this this ocean frog was the guest for one night at this at this well frog's house and they both jumped into that well, started talkin', many, many things and this frog from the well said "How big is the ocean?" and he said "Very big." So this this frog from the well took a small circles and said "Is it this big?" "No, very big." He took a big more circle and said "This big?" "Very big" So he took a more diameter circle and said "This big?" He said "Very, very big!" He took a big more circle and he said "This big?" "Very big" So he went finally at the edge of the well and "This big?" "Still bigger than that!" He said "Come on, that's not bigger than that, my well is the biggest think, this is it. This is the ultimate." That's what scriptures are, you know they just say word, "In the beginning was the word." 'W' 'O' 'R' 'D' was not in the beginning. "In the beginning was the word." 'W' 'O' 'R' 'D' was not in the beginning, it is a pronoun used instead of the actual thing which was not analysed ever since so they cannot pronounce it or cannot say noun which was never analysed. So no this is the main thing that 'word,' 'word' is that that word that we now have to understand, it's like, we are telling you that is your is your well this big, this big, this big oh it's much bigger than that, it's much bigger than that.

So now, how to receive this ultimate, how to achieve this ultimate? See, it's a very, very common thing of course that, well it it it might as well be practical I said this way, my eyes see a vision, my eyes cover a certain area, my vision covers that certain area must be that big. Suppose I wanted to see from Bihari Singh to that photographer covering all that area, seeing that butcher sign, seeing that stage plus that smoke comin' out of there plus those people sitting on that round thing plus that board plus that plus that man sitting on the corner plus this photographer, can I do that? No. I don't want to move my head like that, I just wanna make it still and still see these both people plus that corner cover the whole vision. The only vision I'm able to see right now is the stage, the hotel sign and this big part, I won't move my head of course and this big part. That's what I'm able to see. To cover that area my vision has to span, has to be Cinemascope ??? to expand from here to here, right? And that is, of course, understood you can experiment there right now with yourself wherever you are sitting.

So now premies, you have to see one thing that God is infinite, right? God is energy and God is infinite, now to cover the area of infinity you have to be infinite then only you can see Him, then only you can realise Him, what it is. So how to be infinite, what is that thing that is same or parallel to infinity, as big as infinity which is a thing, perfectness, it is a perfectness that is that big or runs parallel to that thing. If you can get all that infinity, you can see God, in fact, you can realise God but how to get hold of it, what is, what is that thing that is as well connected to what is God. For you to become and see. The only thing there is is perfectness. If your vision can become perfect so will your area of the coverage become infinite and if that covered area becomes infinite, naturally God, that is infinite, will be able, you will be able to see.

Song: Female Folkie, with 12 string guitar
Always and forever we're one and the same
So how can we remember that Holy Name
That gives us each breath and each step where we may be
This we can see is for us to share
The song in all that subtle prayer
That ties us together and makes us aware
Maharaji you're the very one who gives the secret of the source
A brilliant force, it's a brilliant force
We're never apart when we start
To remember the Name, remember the Name
We're never alone cause that Name has never gone

And the sun in all keeps shining on
And the sun in all keeps shining on
Above all that's small
This love is all

Rest of the side contains questions and answers from Guru Maharaj Ji. Sound quality is too poor for accurate transcription