PMT #002 PMT #002: Guru Maharaj Ji, Monterey California, 27th June 1972

Dear sisters and brothers, I am here, not to teach you or bring for you a new religion or a sect or something like that but I have brought you the message of Almighty God that already exists within you but which you unfortunately have forgotten. Let's say you are no more aware of that. There are so many religions in the world, all round the world today and each religion claims to do something and as a matter of fact they are doing something that these religions claim to even bring peace and they have been existing from thousands and thousands of years but still they have not been able to bring about the real tranquality (sic) of the mind or the real peace. Why not? What was the cause? Because we don't understand what is the real meaning of religion. Religion word has started from the word realisation and realization of God is the true religion through which we realize God. Let God which many people have got different conceptions of but though he will they believe at, at one power that is supremest of all. What is God? First of all we must understand that. Now G, O, D, these are alphabets that have been brought and they compose and make a word and the word is God, G, O, D, God and G stands for generator, O stands for operator and D stands for destroyer. One who is generating us, one who is operating us and one who will destroy us. Generator, operator and destroyer. These are three natures of God and this is God. But through which power is He operating us, that's the mystery and this mystery has to be brought about because this is the way and this is the only way through which we can really realize the real peace.

Because peace, word might seem to spell easy, to speak easy but really means something and for that peace everyone is lookin'. Maybe he's a young mister maybe he's an ???? male but every man is lookin' for peace. Looking for the tranquality (sic) of mind that we all lack. Many people think that by external atmosphere, by creating external atmosphere will we be able to get that peace but no, external atmospheres are limited to external things. The external agents we can get something externally when we want to get that internal Knowledge and experience that internal Knowledge we have to come create a complete peaceful atmosphere inside us. See there are many paths as today and we know that among all these paths there is one path that is true and we are searching for that path and we are trying to bang our heads in the four corners of the world that we don't get it and finally we have this belief that God doesn't exist because there is, there was one doctor and he was from ITI, Indian Medical Institute MI and he came to me and he said "I don't believe that God exists" and I said "Why not?" God exists, he must believe on it. "Now listen, I have been watching many x-rays and I see chest, I see brain, many accident x-rays come, I see the whole body but I don't see God anywhere. I see it air, I see bones but I don't see God anywhere and if God is within inside man he must show up in one of the x-rays if God is there and so I haven't got this belief that God exists because He, He doesn't show out in the x-rays. If He exists because x-ray is something you can't hide, if you have got a pill inside you, x-ray will show and God is energy, God is supposed to be light and when the x-rays, x-rays will pass through it, it must come. I said, "Sir if something like this floor hasn't got any water on top so you might believe that water doesn't exist because it is not on top of floor and you might go to all the schools and say don't read geography because, because they there is water under the earth. Don't say physics books they say there is water in that test tube, don't drink but it exists and through a particular method by drilling a hole you can bring water out, you can see water so if any of you apply appropriate method you will be able to see God and God is something that is not visible by these eyes.

I was in San Francisco giving my speeches and I told people why can't we look, why can't we see God through these eyes because these eyes are infinite. If some man can only look to 1 mile and object is standing at 2 miles, how can he see that object? Because he is only sighted, his only sight can go up to 1 mile and the object is standing at 2 miles. How can he look at that object? How can he see that object? The same way, these eyes are finite and God is infinite and so with these, this, with these finite eyes we cannot look the glory or we cannot look God who is infinite. Then we must, we must have something through which we can look, have something through which we can see. What is that thing that is called this Knowledge? We call it in terms of Knowledge because it is knowing of something and ask we call Knowledge. You might call it a media to attain peace, you might call it something else but we call it in terms of Knowledge, a media through which you can receive peace. You can receive tranquality (sic) of mind. See how fast the world is proceeding today, how fast the world is getting today. It is really amazing, really amazing. First, they built aeroplanes, I usually give this example, first they built aeroplanes. They used to fly like say 50 miles an hour and so on and they said "That's not enough" and they developed the speed. First they had those balloons and they didn't used to do so much. So they made aeroplanes with engine, they could drive approximately 50 miles an hour so they said "This is not enough, we must make more." Then they made it 200 miles an hour, they said "100 miles an hour is nothing. We must increase our speed, let's bring it to 200 then 300." And still that 300 speed was not satisfactory to them, then they brought about jets and they are today 500 miles an hour. Four wings, four engines jumbo jet runs 500, 580, 560 miles an hour but still they were not satisfied with it. They still, scientists were not satisfied and they are looking for SST which will only take four hours from New York to London. They are not satisfied and still there will be a time when scientists will not be satisfied with SST. They won't be satisfied even with SST, they'll say, "All right let's put a man into electronic race. All right, when he wants to go from here to England we have got a cable from here to England and we will miniaturize him and make him an electric frequency and then give them through this electric cable and he immediately reach England. That'll be in a blink of eye." They will go up to this much. Why? Because they don't know what is their ultimate aim and they are just wandering about because they have got their mind, their mind theory and they just work it, work it out, work it out. It was like an instrument I had in neon. You, you the in the in him being there arranged the pins, you arranged the occipital frequencies and everything and you can create infinite sounds because you just go on changing the pins and you just go on changing the notes and sounds will be created.

Man thinks, man gets out something and nearly everyone is getting out something. Like they weren't able to satisfy themselves and the straightaway they bombed themselves to moon. Today man is in moon and they are not even satisfied just to go to moon, they want to accomplish a mission there, they want to just stay there and they are working on that and I don't know how much science will go ahead but listen we have gone too far. One leg, which is a materialistic leg of ours has gone too far, has gone too long and our spiritual foot is too short. Now whenever we try to walk we limp, we can't walk. That's why there is so much unhappiness, unsatisfactoriness, (sic) so much miseries going on in the world because everyone wants to walk but he can't walk because of his 1 foot, one leg is miles and miles and miles and miles long. His materialistic foot is so advanced but where is his spiritual side? That's why, it's so easy to understand. That's why all the religions they are there to bring peace and every war that starts, every war that starts takes the form of religion. Every war that starts ultimately gets itself a form of religious war. War that started in India, it took a religious form. People said, "Oh these, these Hindus are kafir, they must not exist, start killing them." And people started killing them. And every war that has taken, Hitler wanted to conquer the world and he came to them and said, "Kill people, they are Jewish, kill them." It took a religious form and everyone that has been started it took a religious form. Why? Because man has no aim that he could shoot to. That has no destination that he could reach to. He was just walking walking walking walking walking. He walks 10 steps, this is okay for him because he has no destination. He walks 100 steps, he is, this is okay for him because he has got no destination and if he doesn't walk even it's okay for him because he has, hasn't got a destination.

So man who doesn't know anything thinks he's okay and man who knows everything thinks, thinks he's, he's okay. Man who is rich, he thinks he's okay. Man who is poor, he thinks he's okay. They don't look for something beyond what they have. They don't look for something that they really need that is beyond even their intellect because intellect can't take us to that point where ever intelligence can reach but God is beyond that. No one can imagine what is God. That's why, you go into one country and you will find a different picture of God and then you go into other country and you will find a different picture of God then you go to a third country and you find different picture. I don't know how many gods there are. I think there is only one God but because people haven't realized Him, they make different, different concepts. Like before I came to Monterey, people were telling the Monterey is a very beautiful city and I thought it would be like Los like Los Angeles, very bright and all that thing. I couldn't think that Monterey would have natural beauty of its own, I thought it would be just like Los Angeles, lights lights lights. When I flew in today I was just terribly amused because it was so beautiful, naturally so beautiful, it was and we have, have been provided with nature and of course people who, who live in Monterey are very fortunate because they've got, they are living in such a beautiful city and so fortunate but still there is something we lack. Why God has created all this point? It's for you, not for Himself.

There is apple that comes out of a tree and if you take it okay and if you don't take it, it just falls down. God doesn't come and take it. River flows, river gives you really sweet water, you want it, okay you take, God doesn't come and drink that water, no, it's for you. But why is it for you? Everything you create must have a significance. You put a little meter into an aeroplane that shows temperature, it means something. You put a little light in a car that shows temperature, you mean something with it, that light has got some significance. You put a meter, a speedometer in a car, it has got some work, it has got some significance, it has got some purpose to do. You put it, that's why can anything in nature and anything in materialism has got some purpose and one purpose have we got? Because we also are in nature. What purpose have we got? Why are we here in the world? People think, eat, drink and be merry, that's the purpose, but no, okay if you want to, it's okay but there is something beyond this ??? And people might think that I am talking very spacey because (laughter) and so on. Really what it is, it is internal and people won't realize, people are not being able to realize because people have been always dealing in Scriptures and there is something beyond Scriptures to what even Scriptures indicate. People don't know that and once they will know that they will be fully able to realize who was Jesus. Today there is only one thing.

When I was in India, I was a simple boy and I used to study even before I had this power and I was a student and I had many friends, all sorts of friends I I I didn't really pay my much attention to what my father even said because I never thought that I would have to do this type of work in my life (laughter). I would just study and I had many, many beliefs I thought about much and I thought well because in our, in our school, Christian school, St. Joseph's Academy there is, we do prayers, our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name by Kingdom come you know and I used to think that I go to many temples and I don't see this, this idol of Christ, you know, and why, why doesn't everyone have it you know he is Lord and then this I used to see pictures that came from foreign and I used to see the temples and churches and I used to see there were churches but no pictures of Ram or Krishna and I was terribly amazed. Why not? When they are supposed to be Gods, why not? And then today I am travelling world around, worldwide and I understand why not. Because people have limited themselves, people have limited themselves. For once they will realize the true form of God they will open their hearts up. They will really open their hearts up.

Many people come to me and say, "You can be antichrist, how are we going to believe it?" And I say "Listen, antichrist is not going to have a stamp on his forehead, he's antichrist. If antichrist walks to you, how are you going to understand he is antichrist? Because in the Bible it discusses that there are going to be many false prophets coming and antichrist will come but antichrist won't have a stamp on his forehead saying he is antichrist signed by God, you know." (Laughter) antichrist you mustn't believe it and how I'm going to understand, how I'm going to realize it is antichrist and not believe it? How? What is the way? What is the method? What have we to prepare ourselves for? We read it daily, we know it, we understand it but what preparations have we made? When we know that after four hours of flood is going to come, what we do? If we know after four hours, jet-something, people are going to bomb us, what do we do? What do we do? Sit back in our homes, open our televisions, relax, get out and just dance because bombers are coming to bomb us? No. We make, we seek a protection for ourselves and hide there. When military people know all right bombers, bombers are coming to bomb us, what they do? Start dancing? You know start cheering themselves up? When Vietnam would have known all right many bombers are coming to bomb us up, what would they have done? They start dancing? No! They would have seeked their safety for thems-themselves and start read-become ready to fight those bombers. The same way when we no antichrist is going to come and this is the age it's going to come then how we have prepared ourselves? We take it very easy but we don't take-and antichrist can be a destruction to our lives as can be a bomb if not externally then of course internally and a bomb not internally then of course externally.

It's just equal, now how we have prepared ourselves, how are we going to see who is the real Lord? How? It's that simple, first of all you're going to receive His Knowledge what He gives you and then you are going to see if it is true! You are going to bow down to him and say "Right. You are my Lord." And if it is false, what are you going to throw? Throw it away and leave and know and understand that this guy is a antichrist, this fellow is antichrist and maybe you start publicizing even about it that he is antichrist and there is no other way. Doctors are not going to create any ??? And put right over the earth, you know, and then go around, they are going around and whenever the antichrist comes in the point show where is antichrist and people reach and say "You are antichrist and kill him." No. How? That's the only method. When I first went to Mme. Tussaud I saw it in England, in England, the wax, very famous wax museum and there was this man standing in the whole, you know whole stage and it is so real, it looks everyone is alive it looks and this man was phoning and maybe his call was getting through and he was just still, he wasn't speaking and I thought he is also artificial and I almost got and touch him how artificial he is you know because he just looked like a real because he was real (laughter - drowns speech) see how it is and he just started talking. When I realized it, no, so how how how how could I realize? I should have let me touch it. If it was artificial I'd know.

When a man is dead how do you see, how do you go, how do you go about seeing if he is dead or alive? You see his heart, lungs don't read, that means he's dead. How doesn't bomb, that's the method and you have got a method for everything and what I have come here for, I don't claim myself to be God, I don't claim myself to be any prophet, any Messiah, anything. I just claim myself to be humble servant of God and I have brought this message for you, I have brought this Knowledge for you, that's for you, not for me, I have realized it, it's okay with me now, (laughter) it's for you and you have, you have two go about searching for it and instead of you going searching, you know, you'll go sometimes there, sometimes there, sometimes there, sometimes there, I say I bring it to you. See thousands and thousands, about 15,000 more than that, here it Americans have been benefited when I have come here to America, when my whole family has come to America. Because many Americans and ??? have facing towards India to look towards this knowledge and when I came here they realized this Knowledge, they have realized this Knowledge and I have brought this Knowledge to you and if you don't believe me okay many people won't believe me, maybe they think he's a child, he's kidding but it is before you and you can taste it you can see and I'm even kidding it is before you and 5 million people have received it all around the world and you can also receive it. It's for you and how to receive it? You go to a source and before you can look to any source I say "I have got it, you want it, by all means you can take it."

What you need, is just, is just love and not that love that you externally give but a part of that love I see that you give to God, that is pure, that's all I see. To understand me what I want to tell you because, because I am here for tomorrow only and then I'll be leaving and this is a very short time indeed. Of course I intend to come to Monterey once again but I don't know when so it might be a long time before I come to Monterey because I am going to Japan and now this is a world tour that I am going to start, that is going to be fabulous and I'm going to go from North Pole to South Pole, all around the world like this and all around the world like this. Everywhere around the world I'm going to go, every country, every city and teach about this Knowledge because this knowledge is true and I am the person to show. This Knowledge is the truth, that's why, that's why I want to tell you about it, that's why I think it's my pleasure to tell you. This Knowledge is so easy to meditate upon, you can sit, eat, walk, talk, still meditate upon the Knowledge. So easy to meditate because man is getting so upset that he thinks "No, no, nothing is going to change my mind" but this Knowledge, something so easy, man, man forgets his lunch, man forgets his lunch to eat, what I want anything else even forget his meditation to do. Man, man just, if you start watching movies just what the movies from day to night, don't eat their food but this Knowledge like, people like me like when we have jumbo festivals and lakhs and lakhs of people come you know, thousands and thousands and thousands of people come and one's personal you have to talk with every man because everyone is a devotee. You have to tell them, you have to, so many things, you have to organize officers and so many, so many things and I start the day from four in the morning, work work work, don't sleep all night, don't sleep all day, don't sleep all night, don't sleep all day, three days and three nights all of. Even I don't get properly food served so man like me, if I have to sit five hours for meditation, I won't be able to make it up at all, you know, but this Knowledge something I can just meditate upon. Doing anything I'm doing still I can meditate so that's why it's very practical for you and absolutely free of charge. We don't need any money, we don't need any money to give for this Knowledge, no, this Knowledge is absolutely free.

So now understand and search, it is with you. You see one day, one traveller was going and there was one thief and he really saw him, you know, with his imagination, with his power he knew that this, this traveller had $500 and so he tried to accompany him and he said, "Sir, may I accompany you?" And he said "Well, of course why not?" He said "Two are better than one and just accompany me" and the traveller and the thief started walking. The traveller never knew he was a thief but the thief knew he was a traveller and he has got 500 bucks with him. They were both walking and this, this thief started talking with him "So where were you and what did you do and how much you have got and what property you have, what family?" and everything you know and he just asked and this traveller said "Well, I went out foreign country then I have earned $500 and I'm here, that's it." The traveller-this thief knew my imagination was accurate, he has got $500. They both walked to a inn they stayed there and this man went into his room, they both were staying in a room, they were sharing one room and he went into his room, the traveller, he got dressed up all right but really everything he had had no pockets, neither his trousers, neither his shirt, no pockets at all. He just went down, take his lunch and everything. So this man, who was a thief, went into his room that he was also sharing, he searched for $500 under his pillow, all around his bed, all around his luggage, bags, everywhere, under his pillow, everywhere. He couldn't find a single dollar and he said this man is kidding because the dress he is just wearing, he has gone down, hasn't got any pockets and $500 is not a small sum of money that he can just hide out and this man is just kidding, he hasn't got anything. The thief said let's try once again.

Again they both were talking and they just started for their, for their journey, for their destination and again they started talking and he said "Well, again I have $500, I told you yesterday I've got $500" and again they walked into an inn. They stayed there and again the same thing happened. The thief couldn't find a single buck. He searched under his pillow, on his bed, all his luggage, everything. The thief was really upset and again he tried, he tried the third time. The traveller reached his destination, he reached his home and when he reached he took out $500, the traveller from his pocket and gave five, five dollars to this thief and said "This is a present to my side to you" and he said he was really amazed because he saw this $500 and he had been searching for two days everywhere, every, on his all property he had, he couldn't find a single thing there and he had $500, he knew, he was terribly amazed. So he said "Sir now you are securely at your home the request, I want to ask you a question." He said "Go ahead." He said "Listen sir, I don't want your money, okay, you keep your money with you. Now listen, I am a thief and since you were starting from that point where I met you, I was after your $500, okay? When ever you stopped at the both inns I searched everywhere under your pillow, everywhere, okay and I couldn't find these dollars, no. Simply I want to know this, I am an expert to stealing money but I don't know where you used to keep this money. I just want to know this when you used to go to take your dinner, take your lunch, where you used to take your money and where you used to hide them?" He said "That's very simple, before I used to go to take my lunch, my dinner, you were waiting outside my room, okay, and that was the same room we both were sharing so I used to take my dollars and put it under your pillow and go out and take the lunch and you used to come into my room and search under my pillow and the money was under your pillow and if one day even you would have searched and your pillow you would have got $500."

So sir it is so simple, at hand, what we want is at hand and it's really very good because it does not interfere with your religion that's why I say have got nothing to do with whatever belief or whatever religion you have got. If you are Christians, you can stay Christian and still meditate upon the Knowledge. If you are Hindus you can still be Hindus and still meditate upon the Knowledge. Doesn't matter which religion you belong. You can stay there and still meditate upon the Knowledge because it is like water. Water, nonvegetarian also drinks water and vegetarian also drinks water. Water is common to both so vegetarian thanks to kill animals is not right, they have got both separate beliefs but still they both drink water. They both drink water, they have got different (somebody coughs into the microphone) conception about eating, they still drink water. Water is common to both, the same of whatever religion we may have much like water is common to all because it is within inside us that that that Knowledge is within inside us so it is just okay, everyone can share it if you are human beings it is just perfectly okay. It is just okay to address you. (end of tape)