PMT #006
PMT #006

PMT #006: On Service, Denver Colorado, 26th September 1973

This speech was given in Denver which had the headquarters and administrative staff of Divine Light Mission. It was speech specifically about the necessity of service ie doing voluntary labour or donating money to the guru or to Divine Light Mission. At this time most of the service was being done by the ashram residents of which there were hundreds in Denver so this speech is about the necessity of doing service to people who were already doing service. This is a confused speech in which he cannot just repeat his usual clichés and stories and in which he alludes to many of the problems in DLM while always repeating how incredible the Knowledge really is. This is part of his usual pattern where problems are mentioned but he always has solutions about to be implemented that will fix everything. The young guru was often criticised for his expensive tastes but here he explained that he uses his expensive shoes for a holy purpose like returning to his Divine Residence and not to go to prostitute houses as some other owners of expensive shoes do. He either didn't understand or ignored the point that cheaper shoes can also be used for holy purposes. He said he is going to be successful, he's going to make it but within 6 weeks his attempt to gain international fame and respect with his Millenium '73 festival which he said was going to be a big shot of TLC (tender loving care) turned into a humilating failure and fiasco which mired Divine Light Mission in a $600,000 debt, created a mountain of free but cruel and mocking publicity. This began a period when many people left the movement and brought the end to the growth of his following.

The growth of Divine Light Mission was predicated on the peace and bliss that was supposed to arise from practising the Knowledge but according to the guru himself in that year as Divine Light Mission got bigger so did the problems and typing and chatting and big talking had replaced real satsang and real love had disappeared from the ashrams. This is an astonishingly honest admission by the divine leader, Perfect Master and teacher of the real state of the hypocrisy and phoniness of DLM. He had big plans to fix the ashrams after Millenium which . These ideas included separating ashrams from DUO (which wasn't set up or glued up yet), premies not having a specific service, training Westerners for prachar and how to give the right kind of satsang and letting them gain experience until they can be given agya to reveal Knowledge and specific mahatmas for all ethnic groups. These Western mahatmas will dress normally but wear real good saffron clothes inside.

(Sound of two hands clapping) Well (Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai!!!) uh I've thought of doing this program actually in a bigger sense but we didn't have much time, we didn't have halls to rebook so we arranged it here. The main point of this program is that we all want to do service, see, why? Because it's a procedure, it's like, why do we want to breathe? If you stop breathing you will die and that's how really this service is. It's, it's a device which can synchronize with us, our bodies are reaching to the perfect point because we all want to reach to that perfect point and we are all so fast we are moving, you see, and it's like Knowledge is there and we are there and we are moving and it's such a risky thing because if one of the things goes back and forth that's going to be it for us so what service does, service is a little locker which locks us like this and so no matter what speed we go we are still locked and then there is no question of going back and forth and we will be always synchronized wherever we go and this has been told to you probably in other sense or in other language or other of meaning to it but the point is well of course you are, you peo-people are really doing service and I can see what's going on and everything but the big problem that comes up is that we are all trying to do service but first we have to understand the importance of service because I think there is no use of doing service if you do not understand the importance of doing service and it is like this that this little part of it can create so much objection in our mind can so much, create so much in our mind because we are trying to do a physical effort at kind of the same rate we were doing we were in the world and trying to handle many, many things and go back into the world and talk to these people who are, are completely freaked out and probably go and take dinner with them or lunch with them also and we are like you come here, you receive Knowledge and, you know, this is, it's what goes on, people have long hairs and, and they come up here and they want to live in ashram, they're nice and tidy and they're clean and everything and they come into the ashram and they are in the ashram and everything is okay and then that got peace within inside and they say "Okay, now that's it, that's it for me in the world, I'm safe from it" and then supposevly (sic) somebody comes and says "Okay Mr. let's do some service" and they take him to the office and office is made a PRO supposevly (sic) and the PRO service he is sent back to the world and say "Okay go to that shop, talk to that guy uh arranging a hall" and he says "What are you talkin' about? I just came outa that world, confused, miserable and this and that and you're sending me back into that world. I won't go." And this is, this is the part confusion not wholly but part confusion of premies that why, why service like that?

You know but service is service and why we are doing service, this is one of the main and important things that we have to understand, see, if you do not do the service even Lord Krishna who was the Lord of his time, he went to his guru and he did service to him means that we are not telling you to do that service and of course some people are doing it upstairs and that service also take axe, go into the wood, cut the wood, put it on his head or shoulders and bring it back to guru's ashram.

Just imagine if we tell, if we are telling minors things for people to do the service into this world because you see I give this example often, I have two shoes which I buy, okay, and I wear them and people say "Oh well, you've got two nice shoes" but the point is those shoes take me from ashram to ashram and those shoes take me from satsang halls to, to, back to the Divine Residence while other people can also have the same style of shoes, exactly the same, and go to prostitute houses. Now do you see the difference? See the difference? See the difference? One is just for the holy purpose of it and other is for just the scatter of no meaning of life in this world and exactly that situation is here that there are people who are like, who are like you trying to, trying to talk to world and getting into worldly things and all that but they do not know the meaning of their life and they are confused but you do know the meaning of the life but first thing I must recommend you service is important for you and you have to do it and you have to do it if you want to be synchronized, that's one part of it. If you don't want to be synchronized, if you want to be like that, okay then don't do it see because Knowledge is there and Knowledge will be there, you see but the part-the point is of more and more realizing it because there are three things that we are involved with and one is, see first is Guru Maharaj Ji, okay? I'm explaining you in a very normal, normal sense.

One is Guru Maharaj Ji, that's involved in this and as he is the fat-first and the very first actor of it where we take the very practical turn of our life he reveals that the Knowledge to us and second is the service to him and when we do service to him, see Knowledge he's already given to us but when you serve, when we do service to him that's where really we come and get synchronized, that's really where we come and get close and together so that we can all go in one path. The work has to be done in this world and you know that, it's we just, we just can't sit with this Knowledge and, and do meditation and realize it and just sit down, it's impossible. It's just completely impossible.

Once you have received this Knowledge it's so beautiful, it's so fantastic that we have to talk to people about this, we can't help it, you know, people say "Why do you have to propagate it?" We just can't help it, we have to, see because it's so beautiful and we have realized it and if we love other people then we have to make them realize.

Now to do one thing, to get the four wheels rolling in a car that's what the whole thing is about, isn't it? To get the four wheels rolling in the car what do you have to do? You know that. You have to do so many indirect things, you have to take a key, now a key is not hooked up to the tires, right? But you take a key, don't you, and you put it in the ignition and the ignition is not in the tires but you take it there, plunge it in and you start the car. The starter is of the engine, not with the tires again and when the engines get started then you put the gear and the gear it goes in the gearbox and differential, not in the tires and you press the accelerator, okay, which goes up to the carburetor but not to the tires but by doing all this you are getting one result and you know what it is? You get the four wheels rolling (laughter) and that's, that's what it is. You get the four wheels rolling and that's what we have to get in this our fours wheels rolling so that we can propagate to this world about the four fantastic things we have learned in our lifetime that are perfect. Of course, you know, it is so beautiful, it's so fantastic that it's hardly, it's hardly expressible to people and people think oh we are fools, you know, because of what they hear from us is oh Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace. What is, what are they talkin ' about?

It's like that example of the Superman comic that he goes there and the little kid comes to him and says "I have a Superman comic" and the man goes "What, you have a Superman comic?" Means the whole world has been searching for it and now is the time to hit it, see, there is a time, there is a time for the spark plug and there is a time for the pistons and there's a time for the carburettor and there's a certain time when the spark plug hits and the combustion is created and the piston is thrown down and if it is not in the proper timing you're gonna have a bit of problems starting that ??? car. Okay? So here we are, it's a big huge car we have to drive. Some premies are putting the key in, some people are turning it, some people are pressing the breaks, some people are changing the gears, some people are pushing the accelerator, some people are guiding the steering wheel. Now the car is going to roll and that's service. You might be given one service to take uh a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the rug and you say "Hey what kind of service is this connected to Knowledge, you know, well this is a vacuum cleaner and this is the rug and rug is not a Knowledge and vacuum cleaner is not a Knowledge. Now I'm doing this job, they say this is for Guru Maharaj Ji. How come this whole thing goes about it?" But just understand, when this is clean, nice and clean, house is nice and clean and then premies come in, premies stay in it and then those premies have a shelter and the premies go and do some service. See and I understand that many premies want to do direct service but service is service.

I do not feel, see this is the point, I want to explain you. There is the Bihari Singh and Bihari Singh does service to me and everybody knows how close he is to me and how close he does service to me that the point is I do not feel a difference between Bihari Singh's service and the service of that person who takes the vacuum cleaner and cleans the rug because it is service anyway and we are hooked up to service not to what we are doing because we, this, this human body, this mind is absolutely crazy and if we hook ourselves to this little computer which we want to all the time and that I'm, I'm sorry about that but (laughter) I wish it wasn't possible anymore and we, this, this little crazy computer and all the time we do is take this little cork and put it back again and this little computer is freaked out completely and it makes us little freaked out too and this is the way that-service is the only way, you realize it. I cannot tell you how, I cannot tell you how. I'm doing a service and I'm doing a service and this is a service that has been given to me by my Guru Maharaj Ji for me to complete in this world and I'm doing it and I tell you, I'm the happiest person in the world, (laughter) at least one of them and because in my life I have realized one thing and then have I realized the meaning to that thing and that's what I want you to realize. That thing and the meaning to that thing and then everything will be A-OK because if you do not realize Knowledge, then you'll be doing service but that service is not required here, you'll be confused.

We don't want you to be confused. This, this Mission, which is this Mission makes people confused, of course it makes fools confused because they do not understand the Mission but if any, by any chance this Mission was really making people confused and I was there and I was trying my best, the people who are not getting confused must ??? ??? I couldn't helped it and I know that the mission has been accomplished by Guru Maharaj Ji, by my Guru Maharaj Ji but I wouldn't have hesitated in stopping the mission, the whole mission and said "Okay fellows, there's no Mission. Just come on, let's get together in a hall. People have satsang and I'll give you the instructions and you do the prachar" and we tried it for some days that way too. It didn't work too well uh so that's why we are here and this is the first and the very first most example of us all gathering together like brothers and sisters and giving the whole world an example that who we are. I understand all premies need TLCs and that's what, that's what my part of the job is to give people TLC. I give you Knowledge and then my part is finished then I have parts for other people but then I have a part for you also, people who have received Knowledge and that's to give them TLC because they need it. In this world, man has never experienced what is the true love and a little glimpse of it, you know, throws him right out of the whole balance and he wants to get to it and he tries every method possible just to get one more glimpse of that true love and true perfection, if you are trying to gain a point, if you are trying to reach a point just like that which is a perfection, you won't be able to get it. Why? Because it's too steep and we will stall and I understand the exact problems with you and I am here to solve them and that's why like some people came to me today, I was talking to them about their problems and I believe that many people have confusion about service and well what we are doing we are taking those files and scrubbing them off and starting them from all over again and giving people their appropriate services and it, it won't be Divine Light Mission's executive department giving people agya to do it because it doesn't, it doesn't work that way but it'll be-I'll try to decide which person should plunge in where so that I can, I can understand your problem and you can understand the practical solution to it and if you like it, it'll work but everything we are trying to do in this world is to express the greatest love, to first of all accomplish that peace and then in the middle way is to, is to express that greatest love that we all have experienced and that perfection that we all have had of course it's impossible for it to tell this, to go and tell people "Okay, we have experienced that thing." They say "What have you experienced?" is that little example, that little story that "Oh wow, you know, what's that experience of pinch?" And many people like it, many people like it, definitely it is so practical and so the service is something that people will have to do to understand it.

Do it to realize it but let me tell you this I don't want you to do is service until you have realized Knowledge, realized Knowledge first because your engine is not started and you are sitting on the seat like a great big fool trying to punch in the accelerator, holding the steering wheel, trying to change the gears, pressing the brakes, trying to shut off the ignition and that's exactly how the position becomes. Those big, big fool sitting there at the steering wheels and trying to do some service and knock out the things out and you know planning something but not realizing Knowledge and that's your engine is not started, how can you drive the car? It means the point is of course the exception we think "Oh it-we will take it to a place where it will be steep and you just go down." But we are not standing at such a place, we are standing at a flat level. That's where we are flat, completely flat, right on our backs and that's what we are saying that we have to go from that point into that cruising level and that's what we always need is Grace. It's because, if we slip it's such a, such a big, big climb, it is, if you slip for one single second we will find ourself at the foot of the hill to go back again. It's so steep so that's why I'm telling you and if you want to have some succ-it's not difficult, see it's not difficult to, to drink water can be damn difficult and can be damn easy, both, both ways, minus and plus and how I've seen it is this is for human beings and you are human beings and then other little human beings have a little bit of problem with their minds but we have a solution to it.

We do not want to create anything in this world but we want to create one thing, you know, that is love, that is a peace we have to accomplish in this earth and I think that it's my mission to do it but whoever joins Divine Light Mission it becomes his also sole purpose to accomplish peace in this earth because if he had understood Knowledge then he has exactly understood what I want into this world and really this is the whole setup for your benefit, for you, and if you roll on it a little, beautiful pattern is there, if you roll on it, it's going to be really, really beautiful but understand I do not,

I do not want you to do service until you have understood Knowledge perfectly but again if you stop all services there are some services which are intense, which are like, which are like really some services where man can completely freak out in two and a half seconds and that's where man has to really know Knowledge and what he, what he is doing, what he's up to but if you stop service then I'll tell you something you'll get unbalanced, you'll get thrown off. Do little service whatever you can do and if you have any of what so ever questions about that service, about what you should do write me a letter, okay give me a phone call or make an appointment and come to me and talk to me okay? But if everybody will be coming that'll be a bit of a problem so make an appointment, come and if you have any questions about service I'll be most pleased to answer it should because that's for you that's my part of job also, that's what is left and now we all here, you know, and trying to understand that secrecy and we all proceed one lane.

It's like a whole big march we have to march, you know and then there are little leaders marching right beside us left right left right marketing and just commanding us, see, and we should all follow because that's the neat way of doing it. It looks really neat and they march and they march to destination and there to their destination and then dismissed and then, you see, it gets intense if you, if you get once rolling into the real part of satsang, service, and meditation I tell you it gets so beautiful each second and gets so beautiful each minute and gets so beautiful each hour, more beautiful, more beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful because, because you are reaching near your perfection point. Each second you are travelling near to your perfection point it gets more beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and it's, it's really, it's really like, it's trying to describe Knowledge it's like the experience of trying to describe how beautiful really it gets when really try to do satsang, service and meditation because really then when we are doing ser-satsang if people who have given satsang they know it just, they just are like amplifiers and they can see this big huge energy banging on their back. It's making them speak and they understand they're not capable of doing it, they're not capable of giving satsang but when this energy just flows through them and they just tell the experience of it, it gets more blissful each time, it gets beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and when there is service to do to Guru Maharaj Ji see because first of all we have to understand the point we are proceeding on towards is perfection or not. If it's not perfection why should we, why should we approach to it, why should we do service to him and that's why we have to understand whether this Knowledge is perfect or not and once everything is hooked up I tell you it's beautiful, it's a really, really beautiful and that's where I want to take you, it's, it's, that's where I want to take you to the most beautiful part of the whole universe, you know, of whole, whole life in this, in this whole Earth and if you want to come you are most welcome cause you are premies you see and I can do this favour and this is I think, I can, I can really do it for you if you want to do it.

At the Feet of the Master written and sung by Geoff Bridgford with Blue Aquarius

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Waiting the word of the Master
Watching the Hidden Light
Listening to catch His Orders
In the very midst of the fight
I'm listening to catch His Orders
In the very midst of the fight

Seeing His slightest signal
Across the head of the throng
Hearing His faintest whisper
Above earth's loudest song.
I'm hearing His faintest whisper
Above earth's loudest song.

At the Feet of the master
Well you can really let it go
Let it flow
Cause we're all love
We're all love
We're all love, love, love
By His grace

((End Side A)

(Uptempo instrumental version of Arti performed by Blue Aquarius)

but then if you'll be walking your own steps there's gonna be a bit of problem you know so if you just because I know, I know exactly the problem with you. There's no problem, there's no problem with your body so okay and if you have it just go to John Horton, go to a hospital or something like that and get it done but the biggest problem is that little computer, it's got a little hair's trigger to it and that the part of the job is to take that stigger (sic) and pull it right out of the whole bomb, pull it right out of the whole computer so that even if somebody tries to engage it, it will not be able to engage it because it's a serious problem, a serious, serious problem and premies got confused at the time they do meditation and they are so blissful and everything is going A-OK and then suddenly says "Wow, we are getting confused, we are getting confused, we are getting more and more confused and they are writing me a letter now. You know what the problem is? A supersonic jet is going, going at one speed, it's making a nominal sound but it when it comes to that point where's it's, it's gonna have no more sound, it makes the greatest sound then it hits to the greatest sound, it's called a sonic boom and after that, after that biggest sound there is no sound left and that's what this mind does. It lifts up and up because it's being shuffled you see, it's being, it's being shuffled from inside and you're up and up and up and it seems like oh wow, it's going to destroy me, comes up and up and up and just knocks up and then there is nothing except what we always expected and that's always what we want and I have the, the solution for you.

Well one of the solution was Knowledge which has been given to you, now the best part of it if you want to come ahead, do it because you will be helping the whole world to get peace what I think we should do and it's the most practical method of doing it because if we try to do it by ourselves we were so crazy we couldn't find God that's why we have go to somebody who can show us God and then again with the same freaky mind we try to accomplish things in this world tell me how will you able to do it? You know, it's like, it's like you have got broken headlights in the daytime and you're trying to use it at night time. How will you use them? It's all broken, they don't work so that's why the condition is. We've got this old freaky mind and this was all freaky, we couldn't decide, we couldn't find God so we go to a Perfect Master and he shows us God and he shows us the Knowledge, he shows us, he reveals us the secret and then we turn back again and start using the same mind for other reasons. The same old freaky mind is gonna guide us hanky-panky take us I don't know where but if you realize that perfection, if you realize the depth of and then follow it to that man who can see it more clearly, our destination that's much more better because he can see more clearly our destination we have to reach than we ourselves can ??? understand

It's like when we get it-us stuck in a highway traffic we do not know what's going on "Hey, what happened?" But the guy in the helicopter knows what he's seeing it. He is seeing us stuck and he's seeing the little bit of problem there and he's got the solution to it. Ramples (sic) it up and you've got a clear way. That's about it you know, that's about the whole thing and if you are confused come to me and I'll solve your confusion because you should not be confused. It's like Mercedes is a very good car, Mercedes does not have a problem with it but it's like if sometimes it has you just take it to the motors and they fix it for you. The Knowledge is there and the mind is there and we are there and we shouldn't have any problems but if you get a little bit of problem just go and get them mended and that's, that's how really it works so if you have a little bit of confusion, come to me because I don't want to see you unhappy, there is no point of it. If I wanted to see you unhappy I could have just stood in one corner of the street and seen miserable people of the world, you know, passing. Means of course they, they might be beautiful but still there is no love to it, there is no, there is no movement of a single love, you know, like the meters of love are dead, zero, all the way through and there, the act-the whole thing is just full, full, full except the love that has to be there is nil and man it makes a thing, he does not know what to do with it and what comes out with it is a big, huge problem. They make aeroplanes for some reason, they make it, they don't know why they are making it but they make it and when they're finished with it the people take it and use it in such a wrong manner and if we do understand our life, the purpose of this life and the life itself then everything can be so beautiful and can be so A-OK.

Remember all the tributary come out of a river but they also make a river sometimes and that's, that's how it is. There's a big huge river flowing, there's small, small cuttings on it okay which, which you don't even care about. You say "Oh that's, that's too small, what can it do?" And then they all go to one point and become a big huge river and they are actually cheating all that water from that good river and putting it into the dirty old lousy river and that's what mind is. Little, little, little tributaries are coming out of it and we are this river flowing and it takes-sucks us right out and we don't even care about it. It sucks us right out and it puts us into such a miserable place that we are this dirty old lousy river again. Mean there is, I'm talkin' about this world is not crazy, this world is beautiful. This universe is not crazy, this universe is beautiful and you are not crazy, you are beautiful too but there is something in you that's crazy, and that, that's just it's like one dirty fish small spoils the whole, whole, whole thing and that little, little crazy computer does it in the distributor, in the distributor is, there is a little washer which, which costs one paisan, one Indian paisan, see it's a very very small, little washer that goes under that um electric condenser so that current doesn't leak, current doesn't go to the body. Costs one paisan, you probably might get it free anywhere, they might give you a bottle of it free, doesn't even cost anything probably. So small it is if it just leak a b-just breaks slightly and leaks the current to the whole body that's gonna be it for your car. It's not gonna handle properly and that's what the exact condition is. That little cute mind of yours has got a little leak in it (laughter) and that does it for you, you know. It's like everything might seem A-OK but it's actually splitting open and that's the condition with the whole world.

We are saying "Oh we are getting civilized. Definitely." You know and what they come up to hanky-panky round the same, same old opening, you know "Wow, what's going on?" We watch a movie, we say "Oh that's, that's those Western people and they were crazy and they were shooting each other and there was going to be houses." What's different today? They are doing it the same thing see there's no different today and we are really making fools out of ourselves because we are thinking "Oh wow, we go into this harbor and take this little boat and start rowing it. We close, dive and row it, row it, row it (incomprehensible laughter and clapping) and do it all night long and then all of the daytime comes on and we go "Wow, what a relief, I got out of that place" then we turn back and we see that we didn't take the rope off. That's the exact condition of the world, who are putting the same amount of effort as there should be and everything is A-OK and seems to be A-OK too but the rope is there, you are stuck and that's the little bit of problem that we cannot see but that little man there can see it. Oh the little man we'll call him the big man because he are supreme energy which is, which is controlling the whole world. In this, in this, in this world that supreme energy which is within inside of us well he is seeing it, he knows our problems and we do not know and we so, so, so blind, you know, and he just laughs at us. That's what Grod (sic) is probably doing right now laughing at us "They're making these bombs and making this, this and making that and creating this and destroying him and are doing it and getting to no point." He's putting all these efforts, all of these efforts and he's getting to no point, you know it's like and that's exactly the position with us.

Well a little bit of different probably because we have received Knowledge. We got all of our ropes released and we are growing and we are going towards the destination now what I want to do is I want to put a little motor in your boat so you can go a bit faster, you don't have to row all the way like that because that's going to be a bit of a problem for you again so that's what SSM is, it's just the trademark of the motor. You put it in, start it and let it roll. Go super super super fast and then you're at your destination within no time and if you want to do that we can do it for you. If you don't want to do that okay it's that we know the problem and we have told you the problem and we have told you the solution to the problem even if you want those problems solved then there you are, we can do it for you and that's voluntary but there is some, there is some conditions. If a premie really gets crazy than I, then I can't leave anything to their choice I just tell them "No don't do it. Bring your boat here." And if they don't I just go there, fetch his boat and put the motor in and say "Go." (laughter) Sometimes that also happens we also do that you know say "He doesn't want to have the motor in but we put it anyway."

So premies this is just one of the satsangs about service which I thought is necessary for you and it has helped you in any way, well and good. If not, it's, it's not, it's not, it's not, not and not and not (laughter) and then you find yourselves tied in a knot (laughter) and solution is there if you want it and if you have any problems with your service come here and talk to me about it you know I can, I can give you the answer, I can give you the solution to it and so we want, see we want everything to be A-OK.

I, I saw the ashram position, I was there, you know I used to live in an ashram and I used to really so beautiful in an ashram, everything was A-OK and then it just got, Divine Light Mission got bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger and then just the whole problem got bigger and bigger and then instead of actually satsang going on there was typing going on in the ashram, instead of actually real love there was all that was left was big chats and big talks you know and no satsang anymore. I realized that point, as soon as I did we opened the door and it's still I have not set up the DUO and the DUO is not uh properly, is not glued up properly as it should be and it's a little bit parts and pieces more to be glued up, We are going to do that for Millennium.

After Millennium a really beautiful setting is going to be there because ashrams are going to be there as ashrams and premies are not going to be stuck into one service but they, they'll be given different service in different places and also whenever they want to go to the ashram, go to the ashram and do some meditation and do some service in the ashram and when you think it's okay just come back and again you work in DUO and really then everything will be so perfect and so peaceful and and then and and splendid manner and it can be, it can be the way we want it, you know and that's the problem and there'll be no more typewriters in ashrams but there'll be satsang going on and I'm uh trying to make this plan which uh which will be finalizing it maybe in Millennium in that, in that festival and that plan is we'll take Western people who want, who want to do prachar, okay, and we'll put them with the Mahatma and let them go and they will learn and they will like understand how to do prachar, what kind of satsang they should give, understand the problems of this world which probably they have and then slowly and slowly they are going to like do prachar by themselves and the Mahatma is going to come and give people Knowledge and slowly and slowly when time goes by then they understand more and more and more we will give them the agya to uh give Knowledge and then they'll be no problem because we understand in West how much this Knowledge is required, the whole world how much this Knowledge is required and we do not have sufficient English speaking Mahatma's to fulfil the whole, the whole place, you know, and then I think it's better for people in this country to do prachar than the Mahatmas coming from India and doing prachar because they've got to do prachar in their, their own places you know and then there'll be Mahatmas, Japanese Mahatmas will be in Japan, American Mahatmas will be in America and English Mahatmas will be in England, German Mahatmas will be in Germany.

Different places, different Mahatmas and they'll be Western ??? and they won't even, won't even have separate clothes but that they'll have these saffron clothes inside, real good ones you know, make sure that it's A-OK and then give them agya to go ahead and do prachar listen and act like these plants are coming up but see it takes a bit of time to bring these things up.

Right now we are all proceeding towards Millennium, rushing, rushing, Millennium, Millennium, Millennium, Millennium so because it's important Millennium is important. Millennium is a festival that's um festival of all hearts, you know, like it's that ultimate festival of our year when we all can assemble and understand and really it's, it's um TLC injection, a big shot of it right given and works for a year-long and expires November again and given one more TLC in November and one more TLC in No and one more TLC and then little TLC capsules all the way round the year and months and weeks that that'll look fine then and everything is going to be-see like right this time till this time probably we were, we had to rush because Divine Light Mission was growing like, like this and we wanted to get it organized, you see, because that was much better, we didn't want the picture to hang out of the frame. We wanted to the frame to be as big as the picture all probably bigger and as the picture grew we wanted the frame to be bigger. Well the picture grew faster and the frame took a little bit of time. Well the picture was like self, self generated, you know, and the frame had to be made, the frame had to be done there, the frame had to be put there and really it's, it's so beautiful and you premies are so fortunate because you have a chance of service.

Means one the second of your service counts to this world peace, it counts to it. It counts like, like $1 million to it, you know, every, every, every second of your service and, and really that's when we realize, that's when we understand of it how service is important when we are in the process of doing service. We probably don't even understand what we are doing but once we are over with it and we stand back then the job seems beautiful cause when we are doing the job all that paint is coming over us and getting all our hands and you know just getting all dirty and mixed up and all things. Just go on the sixth floor and see it, it's dirty and messed up you know but when the whole job is completed and carpets are laid down and desks are there, beautiful pictures are there and everything is A-OK and the vibes start coming out of it, spiritual vibes and people who are manufacturing it who have been working on it they'll go and see say "Wow, that's it, it's really ni-it looks nice" and that's it, that's how it is. When we are in the process of doing service we do not understand but when we have done it, we stand back and look at our job then we see really how much job we have done and well it's like um the next satsang coming in Denver too and we'll do that and it's really as strong we will get we'll uh we'll have to be self lubricated cause is very hard to lubricate such a big mission, such big four tires so bigger we get we will become more self lubricant and then um.

Well this, this um last year was kind of a mixed up year because nothing happened, the whole thing just got mixed up but this year it seems to be A-OK and uh we are take, going to take care of it right from because right now it's like a little born baby, just born baby and its, it's born, born for sure you know and it's taking a little care of it and we call it TLC for you people and take a little care and it'll grow and once it's grown, it'll grow too tall, it's really grow tall and it'll be all over the world and that's, that's how it is.

You know, that's how I see it at least and I'm going to do my job because I think I'm going to be successful, I'm going to make it. If anybody wants to make it with me that have to come along with me and if they don't want to make it with me now just hang on see what goes on (laughter) but it's not that interesting job because it's kind of boring to just see and watch.

So much activity going on, the point is till now there is so much activity which has got so much confusion in it see because we have to rub two hands, at that time we don't have to rub two hands, two hands just follow each other, there is no friction, just get's more and more beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and more and more beautiful and that's how I see it and if you want to also experience it practically why don't I give it a try and see it'll work.

Blessings to all the premies. Thank you very much.

Song: God is Love written and sung by Geoff Bridgford with Blue Aquarius
God is love and love is God
God is truth and truth is peace
And we can do with some today
Love is Godand God is love
Love is truth truth is peace
And our Lord can show us the way (Sing the Lord's name)
Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai
He's the Living Lord today
Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai
Hethe Living Lord today

We keep falling into the Maya
But the real you and I
We are a spark of Gods own fire
God who is the light is in me and you
And because of that there is nothing that we cannot do
Can you say that you've really been trying
To bring that peace and truth into your life
Shri Maharaj Ji is revealing the Knowledge
To lead us from the darkness to the light
He can lead us from the darkness to the light

And He's come down to show us all the way