PMT #023: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Guru Puja Festival, Amherst Massachusets, 7th July 1974

This audio tape, one of a group of three, contains three excerpts of Maharaji's speech starting at this point in the printed copy and contains a version of his "Stone that Turns Iron Into Gold" parable that does not feature in the printed magazine version and the final few sentences. The 23 year old guru and Lord of the Universe gets wound up and starts shouting at different points within the speech. A fuller though edited copy of the speech is available as printed in the "And It Is Divine" magazine. It includes some large scans of the guru dressed in a colourful and remarkably flamboyant fashion as Krishna being worshipped by his wife. If those jewels are real he is balancing the wealth of mighty empires on his head.


PMT #023: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Guru Puja Festival, Amherst Massachusets, 7th July 1974

So premies now, you know, you want to go away and there are communities, and we have other plans. And it's like there has been so much confusion lately and especially in like uh Canada and I guess some parts of America. I was in Europe, and now in Europe everything is so beautiful. It's, it's really beautiful. People have just understood so much, so much that they have understood that we let the confusion in ourselves. Confusion knocks, and uh we say, "Who is it?" and it says, "Confusion," and we open the door up and I mean it's like, we hear a knock on the door and we open the door and, "Who is it?" "It's the robber," and you open the door. You know then we even try to close the door and we say, "Okay, listen. Wait a minute. Do it again, will you? (laughter) I didn't hear what you said, who you were." And he says, "Forget it. I mean here I am now." I mean we let the confusion ins, in by ourself. And to us if there is a confusion within inside of us which is like sometimes premies really get confused. Don't bother. Really take it easy. Because, you know, Knowledge is working. Because it's just throwing all of that crap out of you - completely. It's throwing the complete mind out of you. And it's gonna be beautiful; it's gonna be clear.

I mean, if it rains, that means it's gonna be clear. Because all the rain rains, the clouds, there is nothing more, just sweep away and it's everything is beautiful. So it's like all the confusion, you know, and there are many people which all I have to say to them is mind your own business and meditate. (shouting) Will you? (Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) This Knowledge has been given to you, there is this-you have been told to do meditation. And will you meditate, for heaven's sake? For your sake at least? I mean if you don't care about heaven or anybody else, at least you care about yourself and will you do meditation for yourself? And forget about all these rest of things that make you confused and all these things. I mean there is no point in that. If you get confused, I tell you, you get confused, you get confused and you destroy yourself. You know, its like, for other people who are going to meditate, they'll just go completely across the ocean, they'll go completely across that big flood that has come. But those people who don't will stay on only one shore. And they'll say, "What happened? What happened?"

You were given a boat, and you were given everything right, and there was right wind. And in that right wind, everybody went up except you. Because you just didn't take one step and meditate and try to understand because this Knowledge is so beautiful, so beautiful. I can't, I can't say how beautiful it is. And so understand, try to realize and really, you know, we might have to make up a language to make us, to make people understand this Knowledge because really there is no language right now which exists which can make understand how beautiful this Knowledge is.

And so premies, its like we are together and we have to understand there is that Grace and we have to let the doors open for the Grace and then everything will be so beautiful, so fantastic and this is what an Indian saint gives an example see there is a stone and if you take this stone and touch it to iron it turns the iron into gold but the saint says a Perfect Master is a lot more than that because of this stone can only change iron into gold but a Perfect Master when he touches something he turns that thing exactly like him and so premies it's like this is what that Knowledge is and when we receive this Knowledge, when we understand this Knowledge, you know, it's so beautiful, it's so perfect and people are like thinking about this Knowledge, hesitating about this Knowledge it's so it's like I'll give you another story.

Once there was this saint what the saint did was that he, he took, this beaut-this stone that I was just talking to you about and he gave it to a businessman and he says listen this stone is so beautiful that if you touch it with iron you turn, turn the iron into gold. So businessman thought "Oh wow, that's it this is just what I needed. I got it now because uh I'll just buy as much gold as much as much iron I like and turn it into gold and I'll be a billionaire." So he you know he really said "Oh Mahatma Ji very thank you very much" and all that. So after some time he phoned the iron place and said "What's the, what's the percent on the iron, what's the expensive is it?" And it was a little expensive that day so he said "Well, what's the big deal. I got this stone" and the Mahatma Ji, the saint had told him that "Listen, I'm going to come back at a certain date, a certain time, a certain second and I'm gonna take this stone away and I mean I will take it away for sure. I'm not going to leave it here." And so the guy said "Oh yeah that's okay you can come back and take it, it's all right." So the next day again he phoned and it goes a little more expensive, it was goin' up but he thought "Maybe what's the big deal I've got it for that much amount of time and uh well some days iron has to go low in the price." So again he tried and it was a little more expensive.

He kept on trying and it, it went on expensive, more expensive, more expensive and then finally the day came and then finally that hour came, that minute came, that second came and then the saint came and he said "Give it to me now" and the guy said just one more second, just one, I mean let me see if I have anything of iron and he went and he saw his balance way way you know the weight thing, weight balance and it was made out of leather because he was so mean so there was no-I mean he searched all through the house and he couldn't find any iron and the saint says "No more seconds Mister. Give me that piece of stone and I'm getting' out of here" and this body is that stone which has been given to us which is most precious and God has given this and like we say "Oh tell me what's the big deal about turning this into gold, we'll just wait when everything will go cheap."

We keep waiting, waiting until the moment, the so-called moment of death arrives and then we say "Just one more minute, just one more minute" and no more minutes then, then you are gone and so premies we have been given this body, we have been given this life and we know, we know as good as possible there is a certain purpose behind it and like it's such a beautiful body that has been given to us, such a beautiful world, such as beautiful gift has been given to us and have we ever sat and imagined how beautiful this world is and I mean naturally. So many beautiful mountains, so many beautiful waterfalls, so many beautiful rivers, so beautiful ocean, I mean so beautiful that's beautiful sunsets, beautiful sunrise, beautiful nature and beautiful life all around it, just what we wanted, just what we needed. We have been given that but are we taking the full use of it? We have been given this big beautiful gift, we have been given this gift, what is the purpose of it? Just to, just to let it rust? No, but now we have to understand, it's like it's gettin' late, late, late, late, late each second and really we do not know that when we are going to leave this body and it's, it's so strange. People go for fun rides in an aeroplane, not, flying and suddenly boom and down they come. I mean they don't know, it's like here we are, here's this beautiful gift and here is this Knowledge, here is our aim, we know it, we understand it, this is what we should do. Try to realize this Knowledge.

… and we have to understand that we are all a big family now. And you know like, if somebody asks question, "Well, why are you doing that? Why are you doing that?" All you can say to them is, "Listen. You mind, this is a big family. (laughter) And we are doin' it. If a family does something, you mind?" We are a big family.

And it's like, we are a big garland. And we have been sewn together by this thread of love which everybody dreams of but we don't because we already have been, we are a big, beautiful family and it's, it's just gonna be all beautiful because if it is night now, it's gonna be day tomorrow and so just don't bother, just let it flow. It'll be there.

And blessings to all the premies, and try to do as much prachar as much-because it's so beautiful. And this is what we want to tell to the other people. Thank you very much. (We love you Maharaji.) Love you too.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai)