Auckland, New Zealand, 14th March 1983

Prem Rawat made this speech in March, 1983 to a very small crowd in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland. His visit was reported by a local television station as The Second Coming. I presume they thought it was his second visit to New Zealand, but he had been there in October 1974 and October 1975. Rawat's voice is shrill and often rises to a shriek in incongruous parts of his speech. There is little, if any, continuity or logical progression in his ideas and his English expression is poor and often ungrammatical. He attempts to show depth and intensity of feeling by lowering his volume to an embarrassingly hammy whisper. The repetition is mind-numbingly boring as is his ongoing re-use of his old stories and stock phrases. It doesn't take much insight to realise why the young Godboy was taken to see the dying Indian gazillionaire who probably understood Rawat only too well. I cannot believe the boy Rawat spoke in that way to the billionaire, as he hadn't learnt that jargon in those days but it appears he was just as infatuated with wealth then as now. A bed of gold - what paltry dreams Rawat has. His knowledge of the lives of others, we with our "little things", our "little houses," our "little makeup," our "little bit of picnic," our "little diamonds," our "little school teachers," our "little plans," our "little clothes," my "little portrait of myself", my "little image of myself," our "little brains," our "little faces," our "little ideas," our "little thoughts" and our "little philosophies" has been gained from cartoons and sitcoms - that is where he got his education in life. Thank God I'd realised Knowledge was a crock of sh*t and stopped listening to Rawat before he decided he was a sophisticated man of the world and fascinating raconteur.

  • He never uses the words 'guru' or "Guru Maharaj Ji" but he uses 'Creator' 6 times of which he says "that Creator" 4 times.
  • He claims he is not selling anything or trying to start a new religion. On the surface he is correct however one of the main points of his teaching is that his Knowledge is the only way to bring peace to individuals and the world and that prachar or propagation ie convincing a growing number of people to accept and practise his teachings and that is why he is making this speech. No interested person will be asked for money until they are are committed followers but requesting donations is a major part of his organisations' activities.
  • Tigers are not native to Africa.
  • He says that Creator has made "us perfectly, the eyes, the nose, the ears so we can hear, so we can see, so we can feel, so we can touch." What about the reuse of the eliminatory organs for sex? What about dementia? What about the difficulties of childbirth, the huge rate of miscarriages, disease, parasites, blindness, deafness and birth defects?
  • He talks about one of the fundamentals of his teachings. The energy, that cannot be created and cannot be destroyed, that is keeping you alive, the essence of life, the Élan Vital. He asserts we cannot even imagine such an energy though we do quite easily.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Auckland, New Zealand, 14th March 1983

So (clears throat) we've all gathered here to really try to understand something. To some people, life is like a ladder and you start from the very bottom and way up on top there is this hypothetical step. Why is it hypothetical? Because nobody has reached it, supposedly. In this world, you look at it, the poor want to get richer and the rich want to get richer and even the richer who were only rich at one time and now are even richer want to get even more richer. And so it goes. Yet what is this life? We live it. Look at all the issues that come and go? The queen comes and goes and the governments come and go and the … everything comes and goes. I mean today I was looking at this newspaper and they had a picture of uh (sucks snot up his nose and swallows it) the uh son of uh Diana and and Prince Charles and you look at it and then they said "The next prince" and it's like "Wow man this thing is just really tiny and maybe someday it will become a king, someday that baby will become a king but that will be so far in time and here we are living our lives regardless of all these changes. Things happen good to us, makes us happy. Things happen bad to us off to us and we become sad.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Perhaps to put it in one way, are we not all looking for a better quality of life? Not so much as in that that we can be able to do everything, maybe that's not even a dream of so many people but just to have a good life, a satisfactory life in which we can say we have been happy, in which we can say we have been satisfied, in which we can say we are content and yet where does this quality of life come? For so many ages, virtually, it is ingrained in our genes by now probably the fact that there are certain things and if you can have those certain things everything will be alright, everything will be okay. Maybe it is all the materialistic things that are around us, maybe it is following of the religions, maybe it is to go in search of adventure, maybe I mean I mean some people did leave their nice, cosy, comfortable homes in England and and trotted on down to Africa in the middle of the wild lions and tigers and and all these animals and a sweltering heat and and possibly even cannibals at that time for what? People in the West so many times leave everything they have got and they split and they go to India, the East, looking for an answer. And in one sense you look at some of these people or even get to talk to some of these people and it's just like they are looking for an answer. So many Indians split and go to the West looking for an answer. We're all looking for an answer.

The problem is, what's the question? And we forget what the question really is? What are we after? What are we after? What do we want? What do we want out of this life? All our traditions, all our cultures, ??? exist and look at them how varied they are. From America, Canada, South America to the Caribbean, to England, to Italy, to Germany, to right around the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan and India and Colombo and every place you go people have different ways of doing the same thing. In fact, a basic ingredient that everybody is trying to put in this soup of life, the spice that everybody is trying to put in, is happiness, to be content, to be happy. And as in fact as many people as are sitting here each one of you, I'm sure, has a different definition of happiness. To some happiness is smiling silly all the time, if you can do that, that's fine. Some of you, it's, it's having a good nice cup of tea at four o'clock precisely with some cucumber sandwiches, it's really good and maybe even crumpet laden with butter and maybe other people it is to search and search and search in the vastness of the universe, starting from this earth, for a Creator. We're searching for something, wanting something, hoping that when we find this thing we'll be satisfied.

For others have your job, have your children, have your family, a nice green garden in the back and umm everything will be okay, everything will be fine. I know, I was talking to my wife this afternoon and umm her grandfather just died, just a couple of days ago or so and then I had seen him on many occasions. He was 90 years old so, I mean that's having lived in this world for quite a while and I remember seeing him go to his house in San Diego, a charming couple I mean just very beautiful people and he really had a green thumb I mean you went in his backyard and these huge squashes, and huge things and everything was definitely very green and, it was fine, everything was okay, they had a cute little house, uh it had everything, they were not millionaires uh they had their bread every day, everything was okay. And then, and then his health started to deteriorate and deteriorate and deteriorate and in fact he had a, he had a heart stroke and he had even a pacemaker and you look at this whole picture, it can happen to anyone of us, he's not the only exception, it can happen to you, it can happen to me, that we live in this world wanting to live, wanting quantity of life. We take our vitamins, we go jogging, we do our yoga exercises, we play tennis, umm we do all the little things that we do maybe for the quantity of life and yet what is the reason for quantity if we can't have quality? And what is that ultimate quality of this life?

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingPeople who were at that time present when Jesus came in this world, yesterday in Sydney I got, I asked, somebody asked me this question and this it can you prove Jesus came? So I said well I can't disprove that he didn't come, or I can't put it either way so the point is we read we feel that somebody came in this world at a time when perhaps people wouldn't know even to begin looking for happiness. Maybe it was in the time when you could just go out wandering in the search of peace, truth and happiness. Maybe it was a time when you had to figure out how your bread was gonna get there on your table. Maybe it was a time that the Roman soldier may not kill you. Maybe it was a time when all these things existed and the problems were perhaps even unsurmountable and he came and some people saw something. He said something which lit the match, they felt and then he showed them something and it changed them that now in the midst of everything else that existed, that didn't change. The Roman soldiers were still there pestering them, they still didn't know where the bread was gonna come from, all the problems stayed exactly the same except miraculously they were given a shield against those problems. Look at us now. We see we have our cars, we have our automobiles that is a incredible, incredible leap in having those chariots where there's a horse in front of you and he's blowing dust and you don't have a windshield and when it starts raining you've got to pull over, you can't really sit down and here goes this horse, a two wheeled cart and now we got our Caprices, our Toyotas and they've got everything don't they?

We can just sit there in the comfort of our car with our air conditioning on, or our heater on, push a button and the window goes up, push a button and the window goes down, push a button and rain repellent system comes on, push a button and the radio goes on, push a button and the horn goes on, push a button and the trunk pops open, and push a button and the hood pops open, push a button everything happens. Can any human being on the face of this earth tell me that their problems have disappeared because there's a car now. Maybe more have come. Now you've got your brakes to worry about, now you've got your tires to worry about, now you've got all all these things to worry about, the service, the warranty, the mortgage payments, everything. Of all the advances that we have made in this world to be happy, to be a little bit better off, so that it will be a little bit easier on us to live do you think the ulcer rate has gone down in this world? Of course not.

So what am I doing? I'm not selling Toyotas, I'm not selling chariots, in fact I'm not selling anything. What am I saying? I'm not trying to pass on a religion to you. I'm not saying you have to be Christian, I'm not saying you have to be Hindu, I'm not saying you have to leave your homes and and come along with me and let's go to the top of the Himalaya, somewhere, freezing cold. I'm not saying that. What am I saying? What is there that I have to offer you? What is the essence of what I'm trying to say? That yes, there is a way to have that quality of life in this world.

We depend on all our circumstances, an example I was giving yesterday, a boy reaches a good age now he's got his eyes on the girls and the girl's obviously is a good age too and she's got her eyes on the boys and trot trot trot buy happens to see the girl, girl happens to see the boy and bingo so the boy approaches the girl and says "Would you like an ice cream?" or "Would you, would you, how's weather today or something something gets I mean you have to start the conversation, don't you and then somehow you get her to come and have dinner with you at a restaurant or some neutral place, it's too much to, right off the bat invite her to your apartment. So here she is and she dresses up and puts on some perfume and her little makeup and nicely dressed, very presentable and the boy has got his best on and his nice rings and his watch and his cufflinks and nicely there both show up at the restaurant, the boy's probably already waiting there for her to show up and he's told the waiter, "Look, this is my first date, you know, everything has got to be right and here's two dollars to make it right." (Laughter) And here she comes and the boy just looking in's incredible admiration, wow, wow there she is, pulls the chair out, she sits down, scoots the chair back and then sits down himself, the waiter brings the menu and say "No, let the lady order first." I mean all the etiquette and the courtship has begun, turn number one, it all starts happening and then maybe it involves a few more restaurants, a few more caf├ęs, a few more park outings, a little bit of picnic, then the boy's convinced this is what he wants for a wife. So he goes out and he buys a ring with a little diamond on it and um pops the question. It would be incredible to put an EKG machine on that boy when he pops the question. He probably sees his heart rate to pop right off the graph. "Will you marry me?" And it's it's the most incredible moment isn't it? And sure enough she replies yes. Deal is settled.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingNow the next phase of it begins, they get to meet the family and everything is fine and then the big engagement party happens and then the wedding date is set, the invitation cards are printed and so and so and you know like to invite or have the honor of inviting such and such to wedding of such and such and sure big big big birthday cake 3 tiers even maybe, a little little bride and a little little groom on top of the cake and little hearts. Everything is fine and the father walks down the aisle. "Who gives a bride away?" "I do." The priest is there, "Dearly beloved we are gathered here to bind Mr. so-and-so and Miss so-and-so and the holy bond of matrimony" and then it all goes on and you may kiss the bride. They go home, they go on honeymoon, little cans rattling from their cars, and then so on and so forth and then that's it.

Now, let's move from that scene which is so beautiful to four years later, they've decided to go to the same restaurant, the boy is walking in the front the girl is trailing behind. She's not a girl anymore, she' a missus and umm the boy pulls his seat out, sits on it, scoots it's ??? ??? Looks at her, "Sit down, sit down." Now there's a, there's an exception to every rule mind you but I've seen it happen. The waiter brings the menu, he grabs the menu, "She's having this, period." What is man looking for? He takes a look at it and look at it you know it doesn't matter what I'm saying here, the fact is that the divorce rate, the divorce rate in this world is going sky high everywhere, India, they didn't even know what this animal divorce was till somebody introduced it, "So wow, divorce, incredible, wheesht, everybody's getting one." America, I mean India you may be able to understand the wife rebelling against the husband, look I don't have any dishwashers, I don't have any cook tops, I don't have a refrigerator, I don't have a car to go shopping with and look at these shops I mean they're not much worth you know. What about the woman in America? She's got her dishwasher, she's got her cooktop, she's got her oven, she's got everything, even a car to go shopping with and her husband, what about him.

Here we take a look at a very basic thing, we start to examine a very fundamental thing, people are starting to examine a very fundamental thing. I got married to be happy. Here, three years later I don't find myself to be happy, deal's off. It's no different that somebody goes out and buys a new automobile, I mean as this world progresses, the way it's going marriages are becoming like automobiles instead of the holy bond that beautiful bond that's supposed to be between two people. This year I'm going to be married for 10 years and it's been a wonderful, wonderful marriage and I'm not here to be a marriage counsellor either nor have I gone to a marriage counsellor to try to keep my marriage for 10 years.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingBut look at it, look at this world. Happiness, you get fed up with your old car so you go to the dealer and saidy "Would you please take in this car and give me another one?" And you look at this beauty in the window, all shiny and waxed to attract your eye and you fall in love with that car. It's got the right color, the right shape and even looks at you and says "Buy me." (laughter) And your sold, your sold on it now. You take your old clunker, as you would have it and trade it in, a few years later that beauty becomes a beast and you take it in again. This is a clunker, give me another. We try to be satisfied, we try to bring a quality in this life and any time we fail to succeed in either maintaining or achieving that quality of life we become very unsatisfied, we become very unhappy. If everything is okay, if everything goes a certain way, fine.

You look at parents, look at parents for a minute. I mean two people have gotten married and now they have two children or three children or four children, everything is going just fine and then the child is growing up and now it's getting bigger and the Ma and Pa are talking, look at it our child is growing up so nicely. Little Johnny, you know, is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and little Alfred is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until one day he doesn't come home and you wait and wait. Where is he? Why isn't he home? Little Alfred, where are you? You call his little, you call his little school teacher, "He left 20 years ago in my class." You call his friends over, he hasn't shown up, worried sick. At one o'clock somebody knocks at the door, you open the door and there is this giant Alfred looking down at you, "Hello Ma, hello Pa," you look up at him and it's just like he is in some other world, his eyes are bloodshot and there about that red, "Alfie what have you been doing?" And all of a sudden there's a shock, what have we done wrong? What have we done wrong? What happened to Alfred? Why?

Because, we have our little plan and if everything goes according to that plan fine but if one single factor is changed we find ourselves in a lotta trouble and I'm trying to say that yes that's all going to keep changing, you think it's not going to change, it's going to change whether you like it or not. It's gonna keep changing. That's just the way it is. You don't even have a control over things that you would like it to be a certain way.

You're here sitting in New Zealand, the very far quiet removed corner from that crazy world that seems from here with the big missile issues. It's like, wow, here I am, I have done nothing, contributed nothing to make or have these nuclear arms, I have done nothing to cause a war or distrust between Russia and America and yet those two countries may decide that they really don't like each other and start to blow each other up and here we are in this remote corner suffering, why? The reason, call it defence, call it anything you like but the potential exists and yet when you look at it, this potential has existed since the World War I, the utter devastation which you or I can't even control and yet we live in this world now. We read scriptures, try to understand what that God is. God. Some people have the definition of generator, operator, destroyer. He generates us, he operates us, he destroys us. Some people have the image of this long bearded man sitting on a very beautiful white cloud. Some people have the image that God is just super powerful.

I mean the Muslims have their image, the Hindus have their image, the Christians have their image, everybody has an image of what that God is and yet God is one. What was the name of God before we named him God? Because he, before we even gave him a gender for that matter, because he,she, what, existed before you and me. That energy, even Einstein points to it and says look there is an energy that cannot be created, cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. Something far beyond even our mental grasp to go out and even try to imagine an energy that cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. That. Maybe it's peace, peace to some people is the absence of war and is it, is it merely that? Because the wars are going on somewhere all the time and even when there is no war going on between two nations the war is going on in people's own minds. So then what is that true peace? A symbol? To just flash your two fingers and peace comes? That the world leaders keep saying peace peace peace and the peace will come?

Or the peace even manifests? Or it doesn't even show its face? Of course not. Then what is peace? What is that life that we want to live? What is that experience of that life that we can have in this lifetime? What is that truth? The truth which is not the just an opposite of a lie. I can say this microphone is black. I can say (sucks snot up his nose and swallows) I am wearing a blue suit. I can go change, I can take off this jacket, and it's not a suit I'm wearing anymore just pants and a shirt and a tie. It becomes relative. And yet the truth that, I mean from my experience that if I want to experience the truth then I want to experience the truth and this is exactly when I was very young, going to school, this is exactly what used to rub in me, like wait a minute, people tell me tell the apple is an Apple and that is the truth, fine, I agree but if I eat the apple the apple disappears, now what happens to my truth.

I wanted truth that is unchangeable, that doesn't change by the circumstances, that isn't put there by circumstances, the ultimate truth. Reality, what kind of reality? Something that is real, well this microphone is real, this chair is real, I hope it's real, I'm sitting on it. But what about the reality before this chair? Before the creation of this world, before the creation of this universe, before the creation of you and me, in which form did that reality be? What could be? The same energy that could not be created and could not be destroyed is still running around the same exact way nobody's managed to change it.

Divine Light
Music of the Spheres
Holy name
Nectar of the Gods

And that, the experience of that energy, of that reality, of that truth, that is inside of you, that's what keeps you alive. Ask any doctor, what is it that keeps you alive? Is it merely getting your lungs to expand and contract? You can get an iron lung machine, stick a guy in there puff puff puff it'll do its job. Getting the heart to pump, well, Barney Clark had a mechanical heart, you stick one of those in, it'll pump forever till it needs the next 12,000 beat overhaul. Which one? Where do I point to in this body and say life is right here. Here, here, here. Where do I point? And say this is life in me and yet there's something there, undoubtedly. Here comes that child and the doctor picks up that child upside down and gives that child a nice warm welcome. Pow. One on the back and the child goes "Whaa!" Which part of it was life? Did he go Whaa that's life. He was alive. Ticking, and there was, looking at this documentary once and they were even saying that they have reasons to believe that children, babies in the mother's womb, can think because they say in their, in the heart graph that they do that they actually see changes in volts and that is supposed to tell them yes they think. Wow. Incredible but where is what is that life, what is the essence of the life and can I experience it or do I just go on in this world like a, like a machine or a bit of a robot just doing my actions that everybody has told me to do and so far, I do it the right way, everybody is happy. But what's me, what's me, really me, the real me, beyond my face?

Look at it, I mean, we we wake up in the morning and "God!" walk up to that mirror and there's like a disaster. The hairs are all over the place and the beards come out and horrible smells in the mouth and "UGH". Nobody likes that so we grab our little toothbrush, we grab our little toothpaste, and brush brush brush. Now, we look again, shave, take a shower, comb our hairs, go in our closet, put our little clothes on. Me, that's me, man that's me that I'm looking in the mirror. Which part of me, which one of me? Me me that was before I woke up or after I woke up or after I took a shower or the one that constantly keeps changing. When I was born I looked completely different and now that I'm 25 years old I look completely different and when I'm going to be 36 I'm going to look different and if I make 90 I'll look really different. It is always changing so then what is me? My little portrait of myself, my little image of myself, me as Mr. so-and-so, that's it?

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingI am the executive the vice-president of a corporation, then I get fired one day. No more Mr. President. Do you realise there was a little article about when Mr. I mean President Carter and umm Mrs. Carter were flying in their airplane when finally the news broke out to them that they had definitely lost the election and they both started crying. That is incredible. A very basic emotional gesture, automatic sometimes, but is that it? Now what, the life goes on and yet simply I am trying to offer to you a very basic and a simple experience of this life itself. I am not offering you a scripture to read, I am not offering you a theory, I am offering you an experience of life for a lifetime, now. Not to wait. Not to have in my head.

Look really if somebody came to me and said, "Give me $1000 now and you can calculate the interest at 6, 6% per year, I'll give you interest on it and say you live 75 years that's gonna be quite a bit of interest I will accumulate and I'll give that to you when you get to heaven." How many of us would go, "It's a deal." That's bad business, period. IBM will tell you that. Go to any accountant they'll tell you that. That's bad business. You just blew your thousand away. Why? Do we doubt there is a heaven up there? I don't know, I really don't know. People ask me, is there a heaven up there? And I say when I go there, if I die, when I go there, I'll let you know but I'm not dead yet, I'm still alive. But if somebody wants to ask me is there a heaven I can get to that I'm still alive I can say yes, yes, of course. And where is that heaven, not in our imaginations but right here, right here on the face of this earth. Who made it? That Creator took so much pain, so much time, so much care to make this world. For who? For us.

Made us perfectly, the eyes, the nose, the ears so we can hear, so we can see, so we can feel, so we can touch. God, can you imagine if we couldn't do any of those things? Can you imagine if we were some animal like a duck or a platypus? But we weren't, were we? We were given everything to experience, to experience joy, to experience happiness, and put on the face of this earth amidst every beautiful thing that there can be. Go ahead now, experience, love it, that true love not the love because of something but the true love and that is incredible. People say God is so cruel because look how many people are suffering in this world.

I have an example, in fact this really happened, it was in Bombay and a very long time ago. There was this a very, very rich gentleman in fact he was a very, very, very rich. He had umm about a five or six-storey house right on the beach, an elevator is in it of course and a two or three level parking lot underneath it. I mean incredibly rich guy and some people came to me and they knew him and they said "Well he's dying, he's very, very sick and umm could I go see him." I said okay. So he even sent his Mercedes and at that time there were no Mercedes, hardly any Mercedes in India, at he sends this Mercedes over and it was like wow. You go over to his apartment and theyu pull up in the garage and the elevator is there and you get to the one floor and it's just incredible and you get to the second floor and it's outrageous. One floor is kitchen, one floor is dining room, one floor is living room, one and it just went on and on and on and then we finally get to the very top floor and you would think, I mean, you would think that somebody that rich would probably have a bed made out of gold. Why not? So walk in to his room, he wasn't in the master suite he was in this tiny little room lying on a hospital bed with the bed pan next to it, two people on each side to move him so he could see what was going on, utterly miserable and he looked at me and I looked at him and he said, "Tell me how I can get to that heaven?" I said, "You are in that heaven, where do you want to go? You're missing it right here," and anyway the guy didn't understand that and there was this pundit standing next to him and he really blew the top, cause he really didn't understand what I was talkin' about, very apprehensive as well me coming through, oogh. It was the wrong thing for him so finally I had that little meeting and umm I said you know I told him, "Look you know, whatever there is in this life we go through it and yet there is a very beautiful experience, there is that love that we can experience now" and I mean he understood half of it and he didn't understand the other half of it and anyway I left and I came back and I was just thinking "It's like, my God you know this guy is so rich and yet he is in utter pain, utter pain, he is miserable and he is miserable on this earth and they've got him under morphine and they've got him under all these drugs so he can't feel nothing but he's still miserable because he doesn't know if he is inbound to hell or heaven and that is making him more miserable than ever" and then I came back to where I was staying and there were all these people him who had been waiting to see me who had had this experience of this Knowledge, of this life. Poor, very poor but very, very happy, just smiling, just enjoying this life whatever it was and that is the joy, that was the joy for me to see.

We live in this world, people ask me these questions, "What about world hunger? What about this poverty in this world?" There is hunger, sure there is hunger, there are very, very poor people in this world of course there are. You think God made them that way, tagged, this one is bound to be poor, poor-rich poor-rich, do you think we have little ICs, programmable ICs in our back that go poor-rich poor-rich poor-rich? If people are poor in this world is due to political reasons. If people go hungry in this world it's because of political reasons not because God made them that way. I'm not saying here I'm going to give you this number here that you just memorize and you chant all your life long and then when you go die you may get to heaven. It's no different than me saying give me $1000 now, I'll give you 6% interest and when you I see you in heaven I'll give it to you back. No, I'm talking about now in this life.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingI'm not here to contradict any religion, I don't follow any religion, I follow my Creator, his love is life that he is given me this experience that he has given me. You, if you are a Christian go right ahead be a Christian there is nothing wrong with being a Christian, it's wonderful. If you are a Muslim go ahead be a Muslim, there's nothing wrong with being a Muslim. I'm not here to change religions, that's not my point, you are what you are, be what you want to be. What I have been trying to say here that that essence that little line that little string of life that continues on gets so far removed from us from everything that we do in this world, in this life. Let's get back to that life, let's get back to that experience, let's get into that experience which is wonderful, which is beautiful, which is experience of us, me, you, not somebody telling me who I am, "You are Mr. so and so."

It's like arriving at immigration. If you just walk up to the immigration officer, try it some day, and say "Hello my name is John S. Cook, I would like to enter New Zealand." You can even say this, "My name is John S. Cook, I live in New Zealand and I have just been to Australia for 10 days and I'd like to come back." You're going to get some awfully funny smiles. "Sure, where's your passport?" "Why I don't have a passport." "Have you got a piece of paper saying you are John S. Cook?" Then argue with him, say "Why do I need a piece of paper? I am John S. Cook. I know I am John S. Cook, my picture is right here and what do you want me to do, sign my face across John S. Cook? I am John S. Cook." "No you're not John S. Cook, of course you're not John S. Cook unless a piece of paper says you are John S. Cook. Then you are John S. Cook." And if you've got the wrong passport you'd be in a lot of trouble.

So, that is all I am offering a very simple thing, a very incredible thing and I have had this experience and I pass on this experience to thousands and thousands and thousands of people in this world. What's my reward? To just watch them be happy. That is the most incredible reward. I'm not in here for money. People say you must be doing it for money, this is all you want, money, isn't it? I don't want your money, you can have it keep it, do whatever you do with it. Make it, eat it, keep it, do what ever you do with it. I go on saying, you know, if your money can't make you happy it's not going to make me happy. You can keep it, really. This is not just one of those lines I'm trying to pull out of a hat and slide it under, no, I really don't care. To see you smile, to see somebody smile. You know when people come to me and say "Thank you, you made me very happy, that is one incredible feeling, really, really is and you see in their eyes and that is the greatest reward you can have, doing it right around the world. I've done it in New Zealand, I've done it in Australia, I've done it in next thing is Tasmania of course, I followed the little Tasmanian devils, but is umm Japan and Taiwan and India and everywhere right around the world.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingAmerica, Canada, South America, South Africa, North Africa, everywhere, everywhere, and so this is a chance for us, all of us to really have that experience. It doesn't hurt anything, it is nothing coming out of my pocket that's already inside of you, life is already inside of you isn't it? That's why you're alive, that's why you're sitting there. If you like the experience, fine, if you don't like the experience I'm afraid you're stuck with it anyway, you have it, not a big mystery and whatever you say don't ask me to reveal the Knowledge here, somebody asked me that yesterday. "So why don't you reveal the Knowledge right here?" I say I'd love to, that shocked him for a second, andl I said "Well there's only one problem, you see I do this because I want to do this, I don't do this because some angel came and knocked me on the head and said this is what you're going to do for the next 10 years. No angel came in my dreams. I do this because I want to do this, if I don't want to do this I won't do this, it's as simple as that. I'm not obliged, you're not obliged, nobody is obliged. So, in my sweet time I'll do it. When I feel that yes you want it, you understand what it is, this is what you want, if you come here saying, give me Knowledge so my orange tree will grow better, a better harvest of lamb or something like that I'm afraid I can't help you. Can I give this Knowledge to all my lambs? Maybe they'll grow bigger and fatter? It doesn't work like that. All the questions have been clarified, you're clear, you want it, I'm ready to give it, fine but uh don't come to me and say, "Give it to me right now!" Cause I'm not obliged, really I'm not, it's very simple for me, like I said "I like to make people happy" that makes me very happy and so I do it and I hope and I pray that that Creator keeps giving me Grace to go on doing it because it's a very, very beautiful thing to do.

And so I'm sure you have questions, perhaps even written down or in your head or that you would like to ask. Let me make a couple of things very quickly clear uh don't ask me about scriptures, I haven't written them nor have I read them. This may shock you. Why not? I'm in the field,I should really memorise the scriptures by now. Never got a time to do it, really. I was very little, I was going to school when I got this experience and it made me very happy when I got the experience and uh never had the need to, you know but I would like to read them someday, I've got, like I said yesterday, I've got the Koran and I've got the Bible and I've got the Gita right next to my bed. Just read 'em obviously someday. Uh they're in Miami of course, I didn't bring them with me but uh it'd be nice to read 'em. Don't ask me about religions, I don't know much about religions. I've been to temples and I've been to churches and I've been to everything, I've seen everything and it's fine with me hahaha go right ahead and follow your religion and good luck to you. Am I God people ask? No, of course I'm not God. Am I the devil then? (laughter) No I'm not the devil either. Who am I? Well, that's a very involved question. No, that's a very simple question. I'm a human being just like you, really, I'm a boy and that's it so only some of you and that's about it uh simple. So, um, I love God, I've experienced that Creator, that energy in me and I experience that Grace and everything is fine. And so if you have any questions feel free to ask within the guidelines because I can't, I'm not a genius, I'm really not, I'm not genius Wile Coyote, I'm just, I haven't even finished school yet, I only went to 9th grade. I finished up my aviation business though, completely, um done all my ratings, all finished with that but I'm not here to give you a lecture on aviation either, just a flight insight, that's all so umm feel free to ask any questions (applause) Yes?

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingVoice of older New Zealand male with working class accent: How do we get inside?

How do we get inside? Well, first of all we gotta find out, the gentleman asked the question "How do we get inside?" There is a bridge, the bridge is what I called Knowledge that allows you to link up with what is inside, that experience that is inside. It's very simple, it's very, very simple. (garble) Pardon me? (garble) Uh the gentleman said that uh in our part of the world Knowledge is, in his part of the world Knowledge is not a big thing, (garble) pardon me? (garble) the Knowledge that you see? the world that you see, Knowledge is not a big thing. Well I'm trying to make it a big thing, that's what I'm trying to do. Go to places and try to

So how do you receive this Knowledge then, if it's what you need?

Ah so we come back to our good old question, how do we receive the Knowledge then. Um, it's quite simple, I have it, you want it fine, like I said, let me make sure, look, it's, it's very simple, if I take a bucket and I give you a bucket, that's already filled with water and I say "Fill it with water." What are you gonna do? You're gonna look at me and say "What's the matter with you, this is already full of water, I can't put any more water in it." So if I do want any water in that bucket I have to empty that bucket out and maybe put fresh water in. Many a times this is so new to people in this world even though this is not new but it is so new to the people in this world that people have questions. I feel and this is the way I've done it many thousands and thousands of times and the procedure is good and it works that if we can get rid of the questions first there is a much, much better experience of that and acceptance and understanding simply. If somebody is already filled with questions it's like if somebody wants to fly so they find out how do you fly well you fly in an aeroplane so they go and buy themselves and aeroplane. Fine they've bought themselves an aeroplane now they don't know how to fly it and what are they gonna do? They're probably gonna wreck the machine, they're gonna get in there and tinker with it and figure out how you start it and how you do this and how you do that. It is a recommended procedure, go learn how to fly first and then once you've learned how to fly go buy yourself an aeroplane if you need one. It's the same way, let us, I mean I don't expect to get rid of the questions what I say, you digest, you think about it, you have any questions come back, let's talk about it, let's talk a little bit further about it, digest that, you have any more questions come back, let's, let's make sure that you really want this and that is utterly important, utterly, utterly important that you want this. Want this beyond your little doubts and and and your little things and of course if you don't like it you can split, you can leave it, that's fine but to get completely clear on what this is and if you really want it. This is the only sort of um prerequisite there is to receiving this Knowledge. Does that answer your question maybe?

I'm still in the same place though

Yes I'm sure you are and you will until we start stepping towards it a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more

And yet there's not much in this part of the world, really


There's not much in this part of the world, it's like talking about something new but it's not here

The Knowledge is here, I have it.

Hmm, then how do we receive it then?

Well then we're back to space number one. If you want it, do you want it?

That's why I'm here, I think

Boy that's good, well we've first taken the first step, haven't we? Ah you just found, ah you want the Knowledge and you found somebody who's willing to give it. So, we're on the right track, right? Do you have I'm sure. Is it the first time you've heard me here?

Yes the first time I've seen you

I'm sure you have questions about what I have said today, don't you?

I know many things that we are and and a lot of things aren't clear) Okay (and then a lot of the people that I see, sometimes I get lonely cause I feel pretty lonely

Well the things that are not clear to you we have to try to make clear (Yeah) cause like I said you don't buy the airplane before you learn how to fly. You know what I mean. I mean it's like you don't I suppose you don't buy a dog before you buy a house I mean that would be ridiculous cause you don't have a house but you've got a dog. What are you gonna do with your little dog? Get a house, it's like having a swimming pool without a house or having gall the water for the swimming pool but no swimming pool to put it in. Ah which can be very strange. So just, there's no problem and uh we just gotta get all the questions out of the way because I'm sure we can. When the questions out of the way and you are convinced that this is what you want, fine we'll proceed. Umm, if you don't like something about it, you may not want it so no problem then

I think that's what you come from a blindness and where do you go after that

Well you come from the blindness and the first thing you ask the blind is "Do you want to see?" You don't just slap two eyes in and the guy says "I don't wanna see!" Some people very much still think that um in the process that they don't need the Knowledge. Well fine, no big deal if you don't need the Knowledge. Some people say "No I do need the Knowledge. This is what I have been looking for." Well, let's just get to that point. And umm we have started and it's just a matter of having a little patience and and and beginning with the, with the little fun process which it really is just to come and talk and and to be able to ask questions. I mean certainly the last time I came here umm we weren't having questions like this and I certainly found that uh if people were allowed to ask the questions maybe they would, they would get more off their chests and me just sit there and talk one way so at least it's not a one way street umm and people do have questions.

Anybody from this side? Balcony? Yes.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingVoice of young hippieish man: Hello. I received Knowledge two years ago but it was through a premie and not an initiator. Umm is that against your direction? And uh I've been experiencing the energy inside me for 10 years and I haven't felt a strong need to come to an initiator at this point umm to receive your Grace. I've been feeling, experiencing your energy for years now umm and you but you also you prefer to follow the direction through your initiators is that right?

Well, well it's one of those things umm you're having an experience, that's wonderful, that's beautiful, that's great. Umm, do you know what you're missing?

Hehehe (General laughter)

You don't know that, do you?

Hehehe It's happening anyway, it's happening

Well you don't know what you missed, I mean

Well I know there's a great potential inside myself and I've experienced so much

That's fine, that's fine, that's fine but do you know if you missed anything or not?

Oh I do yes I am missing a little, a flutter? So umm I've seen you, I've been through the darshan line


and um but

No besides I'm talking about your reluctance to go through an initiator for somebodies here who doesn't know what an initiator is, neither do I. the point I'm trying to make is this. You don't know if you've missed anything cause you haven't had an initiator to show you. Right? Why don't you go through the formality anyway, it's not going to hurt you. It's not a formality anyway in one sense. Is it going to hurt anything? You know what the experience is, are you happy with the experience. Big deal.

I'll keep coming, that's all, I'll do whatever's meant to, you know, make me feel better

Well so far you feel better, we're on the right way, right? Yes.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingVoice of young educated man, very correct English: I actually went to school about 20 miles from where you had your first ashram. I've thought a lot about you. I have two questions which still remain. The first is "Do you believe that you have an exclusive umm source of Knowledge? Do you think that what you have is any better what than what other religions offer?" That the first question. If your answer is yes, why? If your answer is no, why not? Why do so many of your premies say that's true? That's important to me because I've come from a background of very conservative Christianity and I've had to listen to that for a long time so that's why I want that first question answered. Can you answer it?

Sure. Let's back up a little bit. Umm, you say that (Rawat garbles speech) this is the exclusive if you can get it through religion, right?

What I'm asking is whether you say that your Knowledge, that you have a Knowledge that people can't get through other religions.

Okay. We're talking about an issue of religions here. You know that I've already said this just a little while ago that whoever follows whatever religion they want go right ahead. Don't compare the Knowledge to a religion. That is a mistake, flat out. Are Catholics, Protestants uh Methodists prohibited from drinking Coca Cola?


Why not?

Because it's not important.

Can Moslems drink the Coke?

I think so.

Yeah, well they can and they really like it too. (Rawat sucks snot up nose and swallows) They can't drink alcohol. They do like Coke. Can Hindus drink Coke?


Yes that's true. Ha they really, they really love Coca Cola in India except they can't have it they they the government shut the factory down so they have to get go to Colombo or somewhere else to go there to get their Coke. Okay. Hindus can drink Coke. Moslems can drink Coke. Christians can drink Coke. It shows one simple thing. Coke has nothing to do with religion. Right?


Knowledge has nothing to do with religion (Okay) because because because people who have had this Knowledge are Christian, Moslems have it, Hindus have it, Buddhists have it, atheists have it.

Okay, I'll say it differently can you get, can I get Knowledge through anyone else but you? That's it, I really, man, forget about religion.

That is a good question, let's put it that way and it makes much more sense. I could say yes or no

Yeah, good answer.

It's a free country. I won't say just a yes or no. What I wanna say to you, try it, try getting it through any other way that you want. If you get it, good. If you don't get it, I hope I'm still around. (laughter, applause) See this is the thing, I mean this is the thing. I am not saying I mean this this happened to me this this this question was asked to me by a press reporter and first thing I thought "My God this guy's pushing me" and it was really beautiful because I am not coming here and waving a flag saying "I am the exclusive dealer!" That is for people to find out, not for me to say. If you can get the same experience, first of all you don't know what the experience is, so how you gonna even go and say "Well it's the same thing" but go try it, go try it anyway you want. You're free. This is I mean people have to have the tendency of saying brainwashing you must brainwash our people. Now how do you brainwash people that's that's that's I mean not even a nice thing to say to anybody, "You know you're brainwashed." Aah it's like a carwash and you just slide somebody through this little machine and zzzzt little things come out and wash your little brain out. (laughter) Look at Coca Cola, Coke is it, have you heard that one? Coke is it. What is it? I hate Coke. I never drink Coke. Somebody once told me, and I don't know if it's even true or not, that if you put a chicken bone in a Coca Cola it'll dissolve. I say my God if it'll dissolve a chicken bone, it'll dissolve me. I haven't had a coke, I don't like don't like Coke and that isn't it either. I mean there's gotta be more than Coke in this world. I'm not, I'm saying that yes the experience of that life is it but I am saying try it try it any way you want and if you're still not happy, you're still not content, try to find me umm and hopefully I'll be around and hopefully I'll be able to help you but I'm not I'm not I'm not going to sit here and wave a flag "Sole distributor of uh you know, I'm no

Can I just ask you one more question?


I've flatted with um premies before and the impression I got from them is that you ask disciples and others to accept the world as it is to uh to some extent to ignore the physical world around us because it's to a large extent an illusion but I can't accept that.

Neither can I.

Okay if you don't agree with that then I

I agree with you, it's not an illusion like I just said if this chair is an illusion I'm in a lot of trouble.

Okay, leave it. Thank you.

Voice of young New Zealand female: Yes (scattered laughter) Um, I, I agree with a lot of things that you're saying but you're talking about this Knowledge but you're not giving any clue as how to get it! Like, there was a guy over that was asking that question before and I find that you're sort of talking, not in riddles, but giving clues, but not, not saying and how can somebody receive something when they've got no way of understanding on how to get it. Like I agree

That's a good question, isn't it? How do you do it? My goodness, I'm sorry, let me see. (laughter) Umm, Hello, I've got my handkerchief. I forgot the, I forgot the thing (laughter) hmm, umm, as you go out, as you go out, see, we thought of everything, definitely, not everything but almost everything and we knew that you were going to ask that question, we entered it in the computer and then then ah the computer said "Yes, some body's bound to ask that question." No, we didn't, either but we did think of it. It's not like we're trying to make idiots out of you or give you these riddles which you're supposed to solve in your head. As you go out there is a little card and it says the very thing, if you are interested and you would like to know further about it, where to come and where to call, okay?

Yep, thank you very much.

You're most welcome. (applause)

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji SpeechifyingAre the people from Tahiti gonna ask any questions, French, in French, in French? Yes, go ahead.

No, no, no, no.

Wow, I don't know the answer to that one.

Woman asks in French

We thought of this one too. (laughter) Keep listening, keep listening. Okay.

Does does a human being have that energy when he's conceived or when he's born?

Well, he has it when he has it. What difference does it make? Yeah, go ahead. I know what you're driving at urgh

It's important for me because I can see many abortions

See, I knew you were driving at that, (laughter) I wasn't going to prematurely say it. Question of abortion and the question would be of course if that baby is alive while it's in the mother's womb, from what point is it alive to when or does he is only alive when he's alive when he's not from this world. Luckily, I don't deal in abortions. Peoples' own choice. This is perhaps an issue that many religious leaders are going to argue upon and they already do. I'm not a religious leader so it's out of my ball court, nevertheless, why do we even get to a situation where that is needed. Here is the issue. What we can manipulate because what we can manipulate is endless. Why do we even get to an issue? Umm, the answers to both sides are probably very good, some people think or have a way of proving or whatever it is that is in fact that that baby is fine and alive, the definition of alive, when it's certain a few weeks or whatever to that point it is. To certain people that's not true the baby is alive when it's out on this world so any time before that you can go ahead and and do it. I'm just hoping that if that baby does not get aborted for some reason and umm comes out in this world and wants to know what life is and wants an experience that I'll be able to help him. That's the only thing that I am concerned about. Whatever other things are, are legal, political, cultural, social and religious issues. I can, I have my own feelings about this issue, very much so but I am definitely not in a place to express my own feelings, they're just my own feelings and I'm not here to push my feelings on people. Whatever people feel, they will do, right and wrong will be apparent. Umm if women feel that they want an abortion, technical reasons, medical reasons, it's up to them, dictated, like I said, by social, moral, religious and various factors. This is only one issue, abortion is only one issue.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 707 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 707 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji 707

There will be many, many more issues like that as the technology goes on and on and on and on and on. Somebody even once told me that they were thinking about making from genetic engineering, make people from test tubes in genetic engineering that don't ever see a mother and father and then they would be harvested for spare parts. Far reaching any abortion issue. This is the world, in which more than ever before, we know we need to know how we are, who we are, us not the cocoons that we constantly have been living in. We cannot pretend anymore. The man has a potential of making the most fatal decisions, the most wrong decisions. He must not make wrong decisions, he has to make right decisions. He has to make right decisions that are morally correct for him in his conscious, in his own belief in his heart. What certain things may be to a Muslim may be not to be a Christian or not to a Hindu. We cannot, we somehow have to go beyond those barriers and examine our ourselves as a human race because that's what we are, we're a human race. (crazed) My God www our God made us, we're not some little idols or little puppets running around. God made us for a specific purpose. Let's find out what that is. What is this life, the basic fundamental thing that we live in, here we are, maybe we are born, 1941 and maybe all we see of our lives is a little slash on a headstone goes 1941 - 1985. Is that is that all we have done in this life, a little slash. Is that us? It's ridiculous. Man has to elevate. Look at it his fingertips exist ultimate destruction. Is he really in a position to make the decision? Is he clear enough to make the decision? Is he responsible enough to make the decision? Does he understand the basic life itself to be inputting values on it? Here are some of the questions that are going to be and are going to be forced to be answered by people in the next centuries to come. What am I doing? People change, peoples' attitudes change, people change, lifestyles change. There was a time if we had haircuts my length, it was a rebellion, right now, I have shorter hairs that some of people who are even older than me. It all changes, it becomes acceptable, it becomes okay. What is the wrong and the right? All becomes up in the air and all starts to become questionable because of one very basic reason, not knowing who we really are. If we can know what this life is for, what we really are I think a lot more would get solved properly. I am trying to if you would give people an experience of themselves that they would have never had before. We can stand in front of a sunset and be amazingly heptonised by its beauty, "Look at it, wow." The incredible colours it goes though, the incredible reflections that are happening and in inside of us exists a far deeper and a far more beautiful beauty than any sunset could ever be. Yet, we don't know. That gentleman over there said, "Is this world an illusion?" How can I call a world that that Creator made an illusion? This world isn't isn't an illusion. My ignorance, my ignorance is the greatest illusion there is. When I am ignorant then everything can elude me or I can elude everything or vice versa and so on and so on and so on. Yet when I know me, myself beyond my little faces and beyond my little ideas and beyond my little thoughts and beyond my little philosophies, me, the pure me, the pure me, I have absolutely no doubt that most of these questions to come would automatically be resolved. It is the lack of the quality of life that people have even stopped seeking that a destruction of another human being becomes an acceptable method of survival.