Festival Of Knowledge, Brussels Belgium, Opening Address, December 8th 1989

I have to admit that it was a little difficult to determine how well Prem Rawat performed back in the 1970's and early 1980s because there weren't too many other dwarfish lumps of lard around ranting, raving, screaming, frothing at the mouth that everyone should surrender to him, worship him, pray to him, obey him, donate to him and kiss his feet because he was the Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, the Lord of the Universe, the Living Master, the Creator Incarnated in human form, God Incarnated in human form, the Satguru, the Manifestation of the Energy that is Keeping You Alive come into this earth and probably some more I've forgotten. He was pretty well unique and though he appeared to be an incompetent laughable nasty greedy stooge it might have just been because it is so hard to fill those divine shoes. I mean maybe Jesus had a lisp and farted in public, who knows?

But yesterday I heard his opening address at the Festival Of Knowledge in Brussels in 1989 and I knew that I could get a better perspective on his talents because he had metamorphosed into a comedic and inspirational raconteur a la Garrison Keillor, Billy Connolly or Robin Williamson and a polymath showing off his enormous and erudite vocabulary as does Stephen Fry and this had all happened during the 1980's while I had my back turned thinking he had disappeared from the stage forever.

He tells 2 jokes one about a monk stranded in a crashing plane that is miraculously saved by calling on Buddha and murdered when he thanks God. There's no charm in the retelling, the monk is repellantly obsequious and the phrase "my Buddha" jars and he sucks snot out of his nose and swallows it three times during the telling - very offputting. Does he always have a cold?. Without sympathy for the monk there is no ???? when he is killed and really in this syncretistic New Age who still thinks of a jealous and vengeful God? Finally, he commits the cardinal sin, he explains the punch line when the joke is over. He is so stupid that he thinks the joke is difficult to understand and that his audience needs an explanation. He steals a concept from Scientology and berates the plethora of psychologists. He really shouldn't tell a joke in which he makes spitting noises and then sucks the snot out of his nose and swallows it audibly. Even Billy Connolly wouldn't be able to make this joke charming or funny.

Every story he tells is a nasty putdown.

FOK 89Festival Of Knowledge, Brussels Belgium, Opening Address, December 8th 1989

Thank You. Please. Thank You. Please. Thank You. So welcome everyone to this Festival of Knowledge and most importantly we have come here to learn, we have come here to grow, to feel, to understand and it's not easy, it's not easy, even you know you can say, all you have to do is just sit there, relax, listening is one of those things that really doesn't take any, you know, painful effort, you just do the job and all you have to do is just kick back but even that's not easy. It's not easy because has to get processed, something has to make sense and then comes the time well is it easy to live this life, I mean what is easy? Is it easy to hear? No. Is it easy to live? No. Is it easy to be happy? No. Is it easy to be sad? No. Is it easy to be in pain? No. Well what's easy then? What's left? Everything seems painful at times but there is an easiness, easiness in life that has to be explored, that has to be understood and when we can begin the process of that discovery, when we can allow ourselves so that the process can unfold within us then something starts to make sense, then something starts to take place in our lives.

The way I see it there's a game and there's a lotta people in this world and they're playing a game and the innocent child arrives in this world and that child, he or she, is plugged into the game. Does the child, that the baby, there's the person wanna play the game? There is no option, everybody's playing the game and you have to play the game too. What is the game? It's a very different kind of game, in fact, last night we were talking about this game a little bit, a different perspective of it and there are people and they look at the magazines and they wanna look like the people in the magazines. You know, the magazines go out, they hire these models, it's like if you have ever taken a look at some of these beautiful pictures that they have of food and it looks really incredible I mean just the golden colours and it, it just looks so edible and that's the whole idea that the picture looks so edible that you feel like just jumping out and grabbing something and eating it but in real life all of that food is totally inedible. Why? Because they use brown shoe polish to bring the golden hue about. They use tons of lights and filters and in the most cases the food isn't even cooked because the idea is to present the picture to you that you will like. Aah.

Another way to explain this would be the man who had to go on a long journey at night so before he left home (sniff) he took a picture of a candle burning and stuffed it in his pocket and left thinking that when he needs the light it would be such a simple process, he doesn't need lighters and he doesn't need matches and he doesn't need any of that, that all he would have to do is just pull out the picture and there's a picture of the candle burning and of course if there's a picture of the candle burning that means there should be light. But that's not true and in this game everyone is supposed to be a certain way and in this game everybody means something and in this game you are not just an individual, you have a riddle role to play. You are going to do something in this game, you are a pawn and the, the idea is that the better you play your part as the game dictates that you should, why the better off you are. And it sounds so absurd, it sounds completely strange but that's the way it is and only if you can stop for a minute in your routine, in your life, in your ongoings and take not one but about 15 steps back cause it's like we're really into the heart of it and take those 15 steps back and start looking at it and saying "What's going on? What is going on? Who am I? What am I? This world did not create me yet somehow the world wants to put a little sign on my back saying, "Made in this World." "Made by this World." And I have to constantly convince this world, day and night, that I am playing their game, that I am doing my job, that I am participating in the game that they have given me to play. That yes I do wear clothes, that yes I do wear a shirt, that yes I do wear a tie, yes I wear shoes and the better I can do that the more I can convince this world that "Hey, I'm cool. I'm with you man, I'm with you. I'm here."

And then once you get caught in the game you try really hard to play the game cause now the objective is to become really good but the push to become good doesn't come from the world, the push to become really good comes from somewhere else, in fact, inherently placed inside each being and on the other hand I'm using everything I've got, everything I've saved up and I'm trying to play a game but I don't even know it's a game. Nobody even gave me a one day break from this game, even on Sundays I play the game, Mondays I play the game, Saturdays I play the game. I mean even not to work on Sundays is part of the game. Sometimes, I mean for me, personally, I don't take Sundays off, I take that day off that I feel like taking off, you know, it's not a question of "Well God rested today, if God's resting, let's all rest." If God really took a rest we'd it'd be finished. (laughter) It'd be all over but in our concept that sounds really good. A good excuse as though our productivity level, our effort is the same as God's. God's working, we'll work. Who are we competing with? (laughter) I mean it's very hopeless to try to compete with God, you know, that's, that's one person you don't want to even remotely come close to saying "Hello, I'm next to you" (laughter) cause God has very different ways and and I mean it's so much concept, it's so much rules cause that's what concepts are, in one sense, rules and you have many, many rules. You have five variations of the same game and you can have one concept here, you can have another concept there. You can have one idea here, you can have another idea there and so far you're playing the rule you're satisfying not yourself but somebody else then everything is okay.

A, a joke that Daya told me, my daughter, my second daughter told me, really cute and actually I'd heard many versions of this joke so she was sitting on the sofa, I had just walked out of my office and she said, "Daddy, you wanna hear a joke?" I said "Sure" and then she started telling me this joke and I was like going like "Oh Daya, hurry up, I've heard this joke. (laughter) I've heard this joke" and so she kept telling the joke anyways thanks to her endurance and she said "Once there was a, a priest, actually it was a monk, believed in Buddha and uh he and a taxi-driver, a doctor, a lawyer were flying in an airplane." I know you think you've heard this joke too (laughter, sucks snot, clears throat) and something happened drastically, something went wrong and the captain picked up his parachute and jumped out. Well the copilot is supposed to follow the captain so he did the same thing. He, he saw the captain split, he picked up the parachute and he jumped out. The lawyer said "Look folks, I've got clients who are relying on me to save them so I have to go." So he picked up the parachute and he jumped out. The doctor said "I've got patients that definitely need me." He took the parachute and he jumped out. The taxidriver and the Buddhist monk were left in the airplane and the taxidriver says to the monk, says "Go ahead, you take it. I'm a taxidriver, what's ever gonna come of my life? But you, maybe you can help people" and the monk says "No, no, no, you see all my life" and see this is where the joke changes. (Slight laughter) all my life I have been praying to Buddha, wanting Buddha, wanting to be with Buddha, praying to Buddha and this is my opportunity to be finally close to my Buddha." The taxidriver said "Okay." (Sucks snot) and so he grabbed the parachute and he jumped out and immediately, as soon as the taxidriver jumped out, the airplane's coming downs to 10,000 feet. The monk got on his knees and started praying and said "Buddha, you know, this is, this is something that I have chosen. I wanna be close to you and this is finally my opportunity to be close to you and I'm so privileged, I am so honored that I have just one request, down there at the bottom, make it quick so that it's painless. Coming through the 5000 feet he gets on his hands and knees again "Buddha (sucks snot) I thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to finally to be with you, to see you, to, to, to, to pray with you, to, to just adore you please just remember, make it quick." (Laughter) Coming through 500 feet "Oh Buddha, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much but please last final call make it quick, make it painless" and the plane is coming through 50 feet and boom a big hand comes out of the sky, picks up the aeroplane and sets the aeroplane on the ground. (Scattered laughter) The monk walks out completely amazed, looks up, says "Thank you God" and the big hand comes and (punches hand) hits him flat. (laughter, clears throat) So, I guess so far he was pointed towards Buddha everything was going just fine and then he went into the general concept and everything fell apart for him and the way it's just games.

This is a game here, that's a game here, this is happening, that's happening and then one day, one day the game is finished not because somebody said, "Okay, you won." You see in this game all the rules sound like, sound like that you get to win but nowhere expressedlys is it written that you will win. In fact there is not even any point in which you could say "I have won." You just keep playing the game and one day the game comes to a halt not because you wanted it, not because the world dictated to you "Okay, okay you were good. Now you won." No but this amazing thing happens, amazing thing and this life comes to a grinding halt. The great dilemma, "I wonder why God took him away. I wonder why God did that" and yet there's something else going on too that has nothing to do with this game that we're playing. The little cars, the little models, the little house, can't you just see it? The little mansions, the ca palaces, the castles, the governments.

I listened to Padarthanand talk about how wonderful, how elated he was when he heard that the Berlin Wall was coming down but who put up the Berlin Wall? Human beings did, human beings pitup put up the wall and human beings are taking it down. Is it a game? Of course it's a game. Tomorrow somebody heads turns around, somebody doesn't like the idea, guess what? They'll put up another wall. 30 years later they will say "No no no this was not good. Take down the wall." Those bricks will be somewhere, probably in museums across the world, the Berlin wall bricks so they will be readily accessible (laughter). They will be there. Nothing changes in this game, the rules have been set, you merely are allowed to just keep playing the game again and again and again and again and again but there is something else going on.

There's something else going on that's so different and maybe I have a slightly different perspective the way I see it because I feel so honoured and so privileged to be able to go and talk to these people, look at them in the face when you are talking to them, not just a video or an electronic media, you cannot talk to a lens but these people and you look at them and you say "Here is a human being, a human being who has taken 2½ steps back of the 15, just 2½ and this human being has said to himself I feel a thirst, I feel a thirst in my life and I want to be fulfilled." It's simple, it's not complicated, its such a simple statement. Life is so simple. Knowledge is so simple, the magic that Knowledge holds is so simple. Joy is so simple. Happiness is so simple. That feeling of being fulfilled is so simple. It's not complicated, it's not riddled with riddles. No big dilemmas. The thirst makes itself apparent. The problem? We don't even know what we are looking for.

One time, I was relating this example a couple of days ago. I lost a watch, I lost it, looked for it, didn't find it, so completely erased it from my head. I was sitting in the bedroom in Denver, a pencil fell behind the credenza, I reached out to get the pencil, pulled it out, out comes the watch. "Hey, I've found my watch. I wasn't even looking!" The problem sometimes is we don't even know what we have lost. How do you look for it? Only when somebody reminds you, only when you feel what all the other feelings for a moment are subdued and that thirst is allowed. Feel the thirst. Feel it. I know everybody wants to quench it but feel it, feel that thirst. Do you realise what a magic it is, what a magic it is that you do feel the thirst? Don't you realise what a magic it is that the heart pounds and cries out that I want to be fulfilled. What a magic it is that from a deep place within each human being is that one space from which finally the sound starts to come which says very simply "I need, I want to be fulfilled." Let it be prevalent in your life. Understand that there is a thirst and then the process of quenching it-every process, slow it down, wait a minute, who you, what are you, what are you, what are you waiting for?

What is the game? You know a lot of people don't like it when I say this is a game, they get really cross. "Game? What do you mean a game? It's not a game. Don't I have to have a house and don't I have to have a job to have a house and don't I have to have a job so that I can keep my house, so that I can live in my house and don't I have to have a job so that I can bring back meals two times a day that I need to feed everybody and don't I have to have a job?" Who's saying any of that is wrong that how caught up are you.

You know there was a movie once I saw of this pilot. He flew from Florida, he took off from Florida, Homestead Air Force Base and flew all the way out to Wake Island in this jet. This was quite a feat in those days because jets weren't that fast. You know what his problem was? He couldn't land it. You know why he couldn't land it? Because his legs and his hand had gotten swollen stiff from sitting there for something like 17 hours in that little cockpit. When it came time to just even move the stick a little bit he couldn't move it. Play the game? How much?

There has to be a time to sleep and there has to be a time to be awake and in that time you are awake there has to be a time for that fulfillment. For that fulfillment, for that thirst to be quenched and that's where its real, no pictures of the sun, no pictures of the sun will ever light anything. No pictures of a candle will ever light anything nor a picture of the sun will light the picture of the candle. You need light, that real light, that spontaneous light that is, that shines and when that light shines it's such a beautiful process because light does not create, it merely shines. Light does not create the object, the object is already there. The light allows for that object to be illuminated as does our heart, as does that space from which that thirst and cry comes from and what is in it for us? A joy. You know joy, the word 'joy' doesn't mean too much to people anymore. You know when you say that to a woman 'joy' they think of perfume (muted laughter). Talk about happiness, people think of Coca-Cola. Talk about love and they think about their girlfriends. Too much game, too much and who are those people whose statues we erect? Good question, those who defied the game. Those who said "Mmm, I'm gonna play it my way." We say "What a great man he was." We idolize him but for us "Hey, I'm here, what can I do? This is my destiny, this is my destiny."

We laugh, don't we, at that donkey who goes around the well all day long, all day long he travels and he travels and we travels and poor little donkey, he's blindfolded and he must be thinking "My God, I'm so far away. I have gone so long, I've been walking and I've been walking and I have been walking and what does this donkey imagine? What donkey's would. Well let's not, let's not have this donkey imagine like a human being. Let's, let's, let's go and imagine what a donkey would imagine. Green grass everywhere. Pretty little donkeys (laughter) e-e-everywhere and that the next day, if donkeys understand the principle of the next day, next day and no work. Just to lie in the lush green grass and to kick the feet up and wiggle and woggle and do all the things that donkeys like to do most and then with delight scream "Hee Haw, Hee Haw" (laughter) all day long. That's a vacation for a donkey. Donkeys are cute, they're not considered the most intelligent even though donkey probably thinks the same way about us but we think at least about the donkey not so intelligent, not so smart, stubborn, strange, very one willed and yet we also blindfold ourselves and yet somehow in this game we have taken a whole painting and painted it inside the blindfold and we look at it and as that donkey walks and walks and walks and walk and what a surprise it must be to have your blindfold removed and you're exactly in the same place where you started from. Nothing has changed. What a surprise. "You mean I haven't been anywhere? What happened?" I wonder if donkey thinks like that or it's just like "Aah shucks, no green grass, no pretty donkeys, the same idiot who's been beating me all day long. Now I get to look at him. All this time I didn't have to look at him, now I've gotta look at him.

Okay here we go, let's go home" but there is a home inside of us and that's what Knowledge is all about. Knowledge, to recognise the possibilities that exist, to begin to unfold, to begin to accept that there is more, that's the first step. A lot of us cannot accept that there is more. This is it, (surreptitiously sucks snot) have a good job, you know, go through the promotions, get a good, hefty bank account and then you can retire. People wanna retire, that's the, you know, that's in vogue now. Retire early so you can do what you have always wanted to do. What's that? That you should have done what the game told you that you should have done a long time ago but you didn't do it then. Now you can become a little bit better game player, little more advanced and it's none of that. (End Side A)

When do I begin to be thankful? Thankful to start opening my eyes and see all around me, that all around me is that beauty, that all around me is that essence, that all around me and more importantly inside of me, within me is the very joy that I have been looking for. When do I s begin to realise is that it's not the perfume but it's the feeling when I smell something good that I also feel good that I want. It is not the ga-a-ame. Who cares? (There was considerable laughter during this golf story) People go out there and they want to hit a ball, a tennis ball, a golf ball and they, they buy themselves total outfits, trousers that I mean that there must be some point to it but I don't understand what it is. I mean if the point is that other people can see you from a mile away they should be you know bright luminous orange or something but they buy themselves a whole outfit and they go out there in this big open space and they take a little ball and they put it on a little nail made out of wood and they put it there and then they take a huge club and they wiggle and they waggle and they wiggle and they waggle and they pretend and they aim and they wiggle some more and they look and I'm, I'm sure that if you put some peacock feathers back there it'd make a real nice dance and they wiggle and they waggle some more and they wiggle and they waggle and they wiggle and they waggle and then finally after a long time of getting everything just right I don't know what's just right that the ball is still there they hit and this little white ball takes off and hits a tree and falls down and they get over to the tree and if nobody's looking they take the ball and they chuck it.

If somebody's looking they make all these expressions like "Oh, you know, I can get this, no problem, you know just bad luck" and then they take that ball and they put it down again and they wiggle and they waggle some more and they hit it and this time it just goes straight across right into the sand boom and they look around "Did you see where it went?" Hard time, hard you know because they wanted to send the ball over to where the hole was so that's the first place they kinda look "Did it go there?" "You're a mile off son, it went over that way." A little ball. The dilemma. To win but win what? Points. It would be easier to just have a club or just pretend to have a club at least the caddies would like that because then there's no clubs they just carry the empty bag or they can just pretend they carry the empty bag and they you get out there and you pretend you have the ball and you put the ball down and the you pretend you have the club and it's the perfect club and then you still wiggle and waggle if you still wish and you can pretend that you hit the ball and you can pretend it went into the hole and you can make up your own points. I won. Why not? Why not? Because even if you won in that golf game you haven't won in the tennis one and if you win in the tennis one you haven't yet licked badminton and if you've done it in badminton you have yet to go on cricket and just one game won is enough?

No, there will be another one and another one and another one and another one but one game, one game that we can play is to start to understand the joy, the beauty, the setup that that Creator, because of love it's very different, very, very different when something is done because of love. You know there is many books and a lotta books say well God wants you to do this and God wants you to do that and a lotta people you know God wants you to do this and God wants you to do that and I had a you know God came in my dreams and he told me he did to do this and do that. You know the problem with dreams is you have to be asleep, that's the only time you get 'em but to be awake there's no dreams anymore and yet that Creator, God, Creator, whatever you want to call that power that definitely exists. No instruction books tied to little toes as the babies are born but just to come and be here. Be here to open our eyes, to look around, to feel, to know and some very basic needs, very, very basic needs to be fulfilled, to feel good, to feel content, to have that joy and in turn be thankful.

Even a dog, you know a dog, dog wags his tail for the one who feeds him. The elephant will gladly turn his trunk and salute and play tricks to the one who feeds him and joy, yes. Even the dog gets happy when that person I mean we have a dog like a reincarnated dog cause the first one died, we got another one exactly the same and named the second dog exactly the same as the first dog only to learn that the characteristics of both are very similar and uh this dog I mean I paid for this dog, I paid for this dog but you know sometimes this this this dog, Nellie, she's happy to see me but most of the time other people and especially the people who feed her, very, very happy, she really gets going at it and her whole body starts shaking, she gets so happy and I can never tell her but, but I bought you. It's to me that you owe eternal loyalty because I am the one who bought you and I am the one who really pays for your food as well. I don't think Nellie would ever understand this concept but should we be able to understand this concept? I think so.

We owe so many of our loyalties to so many people because they have done this for us and they have done this for us and this for us but there is one that we really ought to owe our loyalty to, to be loyal, to be loyal and what does it mean to be loyal? It means to accept not to betray, not to betray, to do that which is in the favour, that is in the consideration and the benefit, benefit of the person, thing that we owe our loyalty to. To be loyal, never to betray and if one power that we ever can be loyal to or should be loyal to is our Maker because yes, there is something inside of us that wants to wag our little tails, that wants to jump up and down and sing that glory. Some of the most magnificent pieces of music have been written for that glory and inside of all of us and yet have we been loyal? Hardly. Hardly, gone completely the other way and yet do we continue to go our own ways? Yes.

Do we ever stop and say "Wait a minute, my Creator made me. I mean I am who I am but I am only because I was created through whatever system I don't care, whether it was how Darwin says it or whether it is how somebody else says, I, that's really quite irrelevant. That's really, really quite irrelevant but my loyalty to be to give to that who has given you everything and to that power to give everything that you have as it gave you everything that it had, everything. The love the grace, the protection, the joy and a miracle for each step that you walk. To step back and start to look at life not as a thing but as a gift. Not to wake up so recklessly every morning and say another day. "Have a nice day" people say. "My friend, you're not going to make it nice." There's somebody up there that even made the day and isn't it wonderful, isn't it beautiful that that same person who made the day said "You have my permission to enjoy it if you want to." If you want to, I mean that, that is politeness, if you want to, if you don't, fine, be miserable, if you want to.

I mean it could have been "Just forget it you're all gonna enjoy yourselves whether you like it or not" and everybody with a silly smile constantly even though your cheeks are hurting but you can't do anything about it, that's it. I don't know how many of you saw the Batman movie but the Joker like in a constant smile and even if you don't wanna smile, you're smiling. You laugh at everything, you are enjoying, you catch yourself with a knife a little bit ha ha ha isn't that wonderful?

No but everything so precisely and delicately placed so that the choice is never abated, so the choice is never taken away, so the choice is constantly there in every manoeuver that we take and that's a lot of consideration, that's a lot of consideration and that's a lot of charisma and that's the real magic. There cannot be a greater magic than that and that's the real love, that's the real love because they cannot be a greater love than that but when, when do we begin, when do I, do you begin to take a step back and say okay, ??? me. This is important, my life is important, it is important because it, it cannot be duplicated.

Oh peoples, people say "You know of course you'll come back again." Pharaohs didn't, either they were nuts, idiots or understood that they could have so much tax to pay that they just never came back and claimed any of that wealth, never, never took 'em anywhere. It's all in the museums now, robbers came, robbed 'em first, whatever was left ended up in the museums and now can they even lay claim to it? No.

Don't you realize what that means? Don't you realize that one day as sad as it may sound and as pathetic as it may sound and as cruel as it may sound you will not more be and you will not be able to go back in a single moment of your life and alter anything. It is the way it is, has been and some people, few, few, very few have dared to take a challenge. Looked up and looked within and looked all around and acknowledged and smiled and laughed and praised. Yes, be filled, to be fulfilled, it is a reality not a dream, that would be too cruel if that was the only thing that was never to be a reality and yet the thirst given to every single person. People made thirsty but no water, all the fish created but no water to swim in, all the birds created to fly and yet no skies to fly in, all the people with feet but yet no place to stand. That would have been cruel but that is not the way it is and acknowledge and thirst for that thirst in your life, accept that thirst in your life because once you do you can be fulfilled and awakening must happen, growing must happen in your life. Life is not a pain, look around you, feel, feel that consciousness inside of you awaken. What is the real thing? Your life is the real thing, your life is the real thing.

Listen to yourself for once. Yourself. Yes yourself. You have a lot to tell your own self. Your own self. There has been somebody within you crying out for a very long time. Saying things to you that you prob probably thought somebody was saying in another language and therefore it's not for you but it has been for you, it was meant for you so start to listen to it, start to accept, start to learn that language. And there will be a difference, that's what Knowledge is all about. Knowledge makes a difference. Everything else can be hypothetical, people play with peoples' brains. I mean this all this you know it's really funny I mean there's so many psychologists now, it's like you can't like make a turn without running into a psychologist and how is it go?

There were two psychologists, they used to ride in this elevator every day and there was this girl, she used to operate the elevator and one worked on one floor above the other one so they would both get on the elevator at the same time and the girl would stop the elevator, say at the third floor and the guy coming getting off at the third-floor would look at that guy from the fourth floor and spit at him and then he would get out and the girl would take the guy the other guy, the fourth guy to go go for the floor guy up to the fourth street. This went on for months, every day the third-floor (spitting noise) and he'd get out (sucks snot). So one day the girl got really curious and she said to this third floor guy she ss when he got out she, she looked at this other guy from the fourth floor and said "Tell me something, why does this guy spit at you every single day? Doesn't it bother you?" And the psychiatrist says "Well that's his problem, not my problem, it's his problem." "Yeah, but you're being spat at!" "That's his problem." And to me it's like wait a minute, the human brain is a very sensitive thing to go screwing around with.

You know all of a sudden it reminds me of that story where there were people, this one apprentice specially and he was working with the doctor. He wanted to become a doctor, he was just an apprentice and one day, a, a guy came running out and said uh "My camel is dying, can you help?" And the doctor grabbed his bag and ran off. Sure enough there was a camel lying there and he was dying and the doctor said "Well, bring two stones and the doctor placed one stone underneath and one stone on top and (slaps hand) hit it real hard. The camel got up, the apprentice looked at it and said "I now know the secret to life. I'm a doctor now." And the doctor said, "Come on, what you saw was not what it's all about, you see the camel swallowed this big fruit, got stuck in the throat so I just squashed the throat er fruit and uh the camel was able to swallow and get up." The guy said "No no no you can't talk me out of it, now I know the secret to life." So he got himself a doctor's bag, the apprentice did and walked off, went into a town, there was these four brothers, they were walking along, they saw a doctor, they said "Could you please come to our house? Our mother is really sick, she has been sick for months." "No problem." Went to their house and there was this old lady, this old womans lying there with all you know lost tons of weight with her Adam's apple sticking out. "No problems, bring me two stones" and then you can imagine what happened after that but it's not in the psychology, it's not in different ideas, it's not in the books.

Would you really pack a book that says water water water water and take a trip in a desert without any water except the book and every time you feel thirsty just rip a little piece of that says 'water' and swallow it? Then why are we so caught up in this other game? Why don't we awaken and take control of our senses because we are quite capable of doing that and realize that it is not a question of destiny, that it's a question of choice and to choose, choose enjoy from the choices that the Creator has given you and to be, to exist, to thrive. Let's get out of this survival situation and thri-i-ive and grow and enjoy this life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

So we have a couple more days ahead of us and what are we gonna do? We're gonna come together and we're gonna talk about Knowledge, we're gonna talk about this life and we're gonna talk hopefully about how thankful we all are. Why? Because that feels so good, that's why. (clapping) You know I suppose that dead people could try to talk about life but they would have a really hard time. Living people, don't you realise what the most important thing. Life! (frenzied) So what makes more sense than the living people coming together and talking about a living experience brought to them by a living teacher through the living Knowledge (cheering and clapping) and in that there is elation. There is joy and there is magic, real magic (clapping). So thank you very much, good night, think about what's been said tonight.

You know you never know when the light bulb may go on. My experience, I have said things to people hundreds of times and it took the hundred and first time, then it's like "Wow, that makes sense." (Laughter) "Yeah, that's why I said it the last hundred times and I'm saying it again and so far my Creator keeps pumping this breath into this body and has the gives me the ability to be able to talk I hope this is what I'll be talking about for all this life because it is the only subject.

I mean not because, not because some Gabriel came into my bedroom and said "You, you know, this is what you gotta do now." No, it's ergh can you imagine a a Gabriel or somebody walked into your locked room, you'd hit the ceiling and like "Whoa, go away, who are you, get outta here." No, no. For me no Gabriel's please. Gabriel please stay where you are, enjoy yourself and the rest of you angels you know do your jobs, just do your thing.

Me I'm very happy to be alive, I'm very happy that because I am alive I am able to have this experience you know it takes time, it takes time for all of this stuff to start clicking in, it doesn't click in one day by no means. It takes time and and at first you know you're playing the game and you have Knowledge and it's like game-Knowledge, game-Knowledge, game-Knowledge, game-Knowledge and pretty soon the first thing that happens you really start to play a second game, it's called game-Knowledge, game-Knowledge, game-Knowledge, you haven't ah nothing has changed, you just got this second ball, it's like juggling act you know and it's 1, 2, 3 and then somebody hands you a fourth one and it's like "Okay I'm juggling four balls." It takes so long sometimes but that's why life is not just one second long. It takes, sometimes it takes so long to realize you don't have to juggle.

You don't and it takes a long time to say "Oh, really, you mean I don't have to juggle." "No, you don't have to juggle." "But what about my audience." "There is no audience." "Aren't, am I not on a stage?" "No, you're in your back yard. You're lying to me." "No." "You mean I've been doing this for no reason at all?" "Yeah" and that's so hard to swallow. Then, then there's when people say "Well can you verify bring can you get somebody else in here because their attention there looking up there you know throwing the balls they don't even know somebody said "Well have you heard anybody applaud?" "No." "Have you ever, ever, ever, ever I mean just the tiniest little question that you may be in your bathroom doing this thinking you are in a big theatre with thousands of people dressed up like penguins looking at you?" "No." "Well relax, you don't have to play this game and you can take your priorities, you can pick your priorities, chose them, enjoy them, you can actually enjoy this life and that takes a long time, it's not, it doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't but thank God that it happens. So thank you very much and I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you. (clapping)