FOK 89Festival Of Knowledge, Brussels Belgium, Morning Address, December 9th 1989

(clapping, cheering) Thank you. It's always a question when one is standing back there "What are you gonna say? What are you gonna talk about?" and to me there are some certain things that are always wonderful to express and they're wonderful to express regardless of how many times they have been expressed and these things are very simple and yet they effect the very core, the very existence of our lives. Not complicated, not things that come from peoples' concepts, that come from somebody sitting down and saying "I wonder what would be good to tell people of this world." Many people, Kabir, Kahlil Gibran, so many have written and expressed a feeling, a love, an understanding that comes from one's own experience and in our lives when we begin to accept, to accept, not just question everything because we get used to it, to question everything and to these questions there are no answers but these answers, these feelings can only be felt if you ask the questions "Why is the Creator so kind?" What answer possibly could there be but if you open your heart, if you open yourself and begin to see, begin to accept not the why, why is the Creator kind but if you begin to feel and take in that the Creator is kind and start to accept that kindness a whole another door opens up and in that we have to understand what it means to have a conviction.

What do you want out of your life? What do I want from my life? Life is ticking away really fast, no no question about it, in fact, tomorrow I'll be 32. (clapping) When I was 16 the idea of 32 was impossible to grasp, that's 16 more years of your life. Life and yet you begin to understand a simple rhythm, you begin to understand a simple feeling that here I am, maybe my Creator has slowed down the clock for me so I can be, I can exist and I'm capable of doing so many things, so many things.

All I have to do is look at things, redefine it and bingo, I can do it. I mean I really got into it. I got into painting. At first it was like am I capable of painting and then I remembered there was a time in the third and the fourth grade all the girls in the class used to bring me their artwork to do and as a favour I would do it. They, they I was much better than they were so they say "Would you, would you do this for me and would you draw something for me and leave the name out so I can write my name in?" "No problem." And when I started again it was like I don't know what I'm gonna paint but boomf there it was, no problem I can do that too. Cooking, I never took cooking lessons and I got into it and all of a sudden there it was I could create some wonderful dishes. So I'm capable of doing so many things but what do I really want in my life?

The one thing, not million things, one thing, that one pivot point upon which everything will pivot in my life. What do I want? What do you want? Not a question of how you play the game. Not a question of what's more important. It's, it's not a question of what does the philosophy say. It's not a question of what does the Good Book say because people in history have asked this question again and again and again. Before somebody sat down and wrote down their experience which then later becomes the Bible. Before somebody sits down and writes the book that later becomes the Gita. Before anyone of these people who even came about the question still existed, what is it? What is it all about? And yet the answer to this question, where is it? You know it's, it's so funny because wherever we start from, we start from books.

The first thing we do is "Okay I dub myself the seeker of the truth." They're a special breed of people who dub themselves the speakers, the seekers of truth and out they go and they read and they read everything. I mean it's like there's this book in America you can buy, there's all these household items, it shows you how to fix your plumbing. If you don't know how to fix your plumbing well you just open this books and, and it tells you. If you don't know how to fix your car, they have a book for that. If you, if you, if you don't know how to play tennis they have a book for that. If you don't know how to play golf they have a book for that. They have a book for everything and so people say "Naturally, if you want to know the answer to the question, hey, read a book." Now I'm not against books, I like books. Once in a while, when I have time, I'll pick a book, see what it is, what needs to be done but there are certain questions and certain answers that are so different, they're different in nature and they're feelings. The feelings are the answers and even though a recipe book may entice you, a smell from a, a boo, from in front of a restaurant may make your mouth water but the satisfaction of hunger will neither be accomplished by smelling the food nor by looking at it, it has to be eaten and isn't it amazing how much should you eat? Nobody can tell you that. How much water should you drink? You don't need to read a book on how much water you need to drink. It's a feeling and when you are full, you will know. You will know I am content. You will know that feeling of contentment.

A child, a child, a little baby does not know the concept of bugging the mother. It's too young for this, when the baby cries it's not deliberately "Okay, let's see about now, my mother should be in the kitchen and about now she's probably really busy, good time. What time is it? Ah ha, let's go at it. Whaa! It does not know the concept. So what happens? Mother definitely says "Boy" to the baby "Boy, you have bad timing, leave me alone. Can't you see I am busy?" And the baby is three rooms away lying in a crib. "Can't you see I am busy?" No, in fact, it's not that the baby wants to bug you, in fact, it's not that the baby knows your schedule. In fact a very simple thing has taken place. A very, very simple and a fundamental thing has taken place. The baby feels discontent and because of that baby feels that discontentment, not because it understands that people have ears and if I make a certain frequency sound that it'll go inside the ear canal and it'll vibrate against the drum which will, you know, cause the, the, the nerves to go at it and then the brain and then the sound will be registered and the sound that I can create is particularly annoying. This is not what's happening, it's very simple, there is a feeling, the diaper is wet, hunger, uncomfortableness and the baby responds. The baby responds to this feeling and when the baby responds to this feeling the mother in turn responds to the baby and it's such a simple thing, it's not complicated.

It's such a simple thing and in the same way within us there is also a cry. Within us there are these questions and these questions represent not the desire for the answer but these questions represent a need that is not being fulfilled but so far in my life I keep taking a look at it okay for every question I need an answer. I'll never get 'em cause the question is in itself a response, something inside that says "Feel that contentment." That's the most prevalent one. I cannot shake that, I can't shake a lot of concepts. God, people, you know, from the very young age our parents tell us and there is God, He is looking at you all the time. He is everywhere so don't do anything naughty. He's there and He's writing everything down in the book. Every time you do something naughty it's registered and then when you die you'll go up there and the book will be pulled out and your name and your action will be written on it and you'll be sent to hell and you'll burn, without burning, you'll burn. And this is like, what a, what a, you know, what a wonderful way of putting it. What is my option? Do what my daddy and mommy tell me to do otherwise it's owies for the rest of my life. If you can understand the concept of after death or what ever. Your soul will be dunked into this river of blood. Yuck! I don't want my soul to be dunked in the river of blood. I, I don't even want my finger in the river of the blood and you know fearful concept but sometimes we will forgo that and do something naughty anyways like well, well you know. I mean how convenient isn't it. We have the rules and we just try to bend them, change them to how we want and all the concepts that we create for ourselves that are supposed to create those walls around us that give us protection for quote unquote we're even willing to forgo those.

Something tragic happens in the family, we have heard all our lives "God you're so kind, God is so nice, God is so wonderful." Something really drastic, dramatic, terrible happens and the first thing we say is "God how could you? How could you do this to me? What did I ever do to you? I haven't done anything wrong to you. How could you be doing this to me? How can you be so reckless, careless?" Even the concept of the almighty being kind we are willing to even forgo or let go of that concept but one thing that we can not let go of no matter how hard we try is that thirst within because it with us wherever we go. It fonts, follows us, it haunts us and perfection, the desire for perfection is in each human being but I ask, I ask you why they did the Creator put that strength of perfection in each human being so we can become really good at golf? I mean is that it? So we can really become good at playing ball? Even seals can do that, really good, really good balancers, see them with this huge ball and they just ??? It's like they don't even try boomf they pick that ball right there that's it. So why have we been given this tool of perfection? So we can create these incredible monuments to our own selves? Why? I ask that question and sometimes perseverance, why do I have perseverance? And I have taken these wonderful tools that have been given to me by my Creator and I'm using it for something else.

You know I have a survival kit this. I always carry it where ever I go and the amazing thing is I haven't even opened it for a long, long time. The last time it was opened was about, I think, four years ago when the customs guy wanted to take a look at it, what, what it was and I just told him it's my survival kit and he zipped it back up, put it away. Uh there's many things in there, there's a compass, a lot of times I get to play where is East, where is West and I know where there is a compass but I don't open it, I don't open the survival kit. Sometimes I'm cold, there is a, a lec, uh a space blanket in there made out of thin film, I could use that, it's in there. There is a saw, there is a knife, there is band aids, there is matches, I've never opened this because I know if I start monkeying with that survival kit I'll take everything out of it and the day that I will really need it and that's what it's for there'll be nothing in there so I leave it alone. Rule number one, do not touch the survival kit and when the survival situation comes along there's all the matches, there is the cotton, there is the saw, there is the everything that you need. Sometimes I'd be looking for a 9 Volt battery, I know where there is one but I'll never take it out of there, never and so in me is this incredible kit as well of perfection, perseverance, joy and all these wonderful tools and you know we could be very much like that person who keep opening their tool, their, their, their kit and using up everything inside for their everything else and when the day comes there's nothing there, nothing there.

Because I know, I know I have started to feel that this kit placed inside of me is that that day when it starts connecting inside my little head that there is perfection to be sought, that there is contentment to be sought than that day I will need that perseverance. I will need that perfection in me. I will need that devotion in me. I will need that love in me and I will ponder and I will think and I will accept and with all those tools I will open myself further and that day I will begin, I will begin to understand, begin to understand and that's the way it is that that that one thing I want to be committed to I don't want to conceptualize why I'm here. No, I want to know, I want to feel, I want to learn but I want to learn that that feels good because there is a very remarkable difference in other kind of learning and the inner learning, very big difference.

If you give somebody a tennis racquet and you say "Hit the ball" and they hit the ball and it goes right outside the tennis-I mean just one of those beautiful sailing ball just shoo and you see it go way up, right clear across into oblivion and the instructor turns to you and says "You've learnt something" and the students is gonna go "You're nuts, I haven't learnt anything. Teach me so that I can hit the ball like one of the tennis pros, just you know spinning at 2000 rpm and that the hairs of the ball just skim the tennis net and it goes sailing and then it just falls with this incredible force, hits the other side and takes off. Then I have learnt."

Give the guy a golf ball, he hits the ball and the ball doesn't go in the hole it goes everywhere else, ends up in the caddie's mouth and the instructor says "You have learnt something today." "No I haven't, you're nuts. You think that's the hole that I am supposed to shoot for, the caddie's mouth? No, it's somewhere out there. Show me, show me when I can hit the ball just once and it just goes sailing you know with a little curve on it and it just lands in that hole then you can tell me I have learnt something." What I am trying to say here is this that all learning that we try to do in this world is so related to an outcome and when there is an acceptable outcome than I can say "Yes I've learnt" but the inner learning, is very different, very different.

When I went through the Learjet school it was really quite a thing. I mean I had never flown Learjets, never, I'd heard a lotta bad things about them and then I said "Well what about all these problems?" They said "No, that was in the first airplanes, the first series airplanes. They were too overpowered, they were too over this, they were too over that. The new series is very safe." Okay, went in and it was in fact I had to go on a tour, I wanted to do a tour and uh the thing was "Well uh can we lease an airplane to do it?" And it was like "No" but then somebody came along and said "Yeah but there is one possibility we could lease a Learjet" I said "But I don't know how to fly one." Said "What we can arrange it for you, you can go to this you know flight safety and you can learn." Only had a week, the course is two weeks. I went in there, to my great surprise the guy walks out one day I, I had my license and everything and he says "You hold the record, you hold the record for getting type rated in a Learjet at here, around here." I said "What do you mean?" "You did it in a week, it takes two weeks to do it" and he got, he was so, he was so like so happy. He was wearing a pin and he took the pin out and he pinned it on my jacket and said "I'm very proud of you." (Clapping) Well, I was very proud of me too (laughter clapping) because there was this end result, end result, I still have the pin, actually I got two pins, I got one pin from him and then the instructor came and this was the boss man of that particular department and then the instructor came and he said "Welcome to the 51,000 club" and he pinned this pin on me. He says "Now you are the special legal pilots that can fly at 51,000 feet." He was very happy too.

So all these people happy and I'm happy "Wow I got my hours in one week and here we go" and it was really amazing and you know I got my license, took off in Wichita, landed in Miami, next thing you know I went right around the world and it was, it was a lotta fun. So far there is an end result in which hap, did I? I mean this is the question that I asked myself, if somebody would have sent me in a room and said "There are the pins and there is-there are certificates and here is a pen and there is blank certificates in there. If you feel you have learnt something you are welcome to write your name on one of the certificates and take one of the pins. If you feel you haven't learnt anything then you can come out empty." What would I, what would have I done at that point? Probably sat down and thought about it, well have I but it's so wonderful when you don't have to do that. Somebody just comes and says "This is it, you've learnt it." "Ha, I've learnt it." I mean you don't even know if you've learnt it. Have I learnt it? I mean these kids, these kids, they give their exams and they look at the newspaper in the college you know at the newspaper see if they passed or not. "Don't you know?" "No but somebody will tell me, you find it?" What kind of learning is that? That's not learning. (end side A)

But the inner learning, very different, backwards. First you don't know anything about it, then you start to understand, not that you know, you just start to understand and the first thing that you understand is how little you know. No pins and the teacher no certificates. "You're right" the teacher says, "it's a lo-o-ong ways." No graduation ceremony, it'll take a whole lifetime." "Drag. (laughter) Give it to me now. I want it now. Please, you know. Hey, I put in my 20 days, you know. You don't think I'll pass?" "Pass? You will pass away. (laughter) But you still won't get a certificate. You still won't get a pat on your back, you've done good, no." And every day and here's the fearful thing, every day you learn just a little bit more you realise how little you know and every time you learn a little bit more how you realise how little you know and that's it, it's like backwards process. And when do you begin to feel good? I mean after a little while you get addicted to this not knowing stuff and then you really start to get happy when you realise you really don't know anything. I mean, it's like completely backwards. (scattered applause)

I don't know if you know that your Creator has given you this tool called trust. I know you use it for waiting for buses (laughter) I know you use it for you know the other day I was watching this comedy, Alitalia plane pulls up and uh the Pope comes out and he kisses the ground and all I could say was "Boy, he really must not like those pilots (laughter) when everywhere he goes the first thing he has to do is kiss the ground. Bad flying. I mean I really love the earth you know, I do, but I fly my own aeroplanes so I guess you're a little bit more confident, you don't have to come down and kiss the ground every time (clapping) but we use it for all these other things you know, sitting in the back of the airplane you hit the first bump and the first thing that goes through your head "Why did I get on this airplane? I could have waited." You hit the second bump, "I hope those pilots know what they're doing." Chances are they probably don't but they're not going to tell you that. "Hello folks, I don't know what's going on. This is your captain speaking." It's true, I mean it's like when I, when I came across the Atlantic we hit an area of turbulence. It was clear air turbulence and it was really funny because we had two weather charts and one weather chart said it was going to be north of a certain space and the other one said it was going to be south of a certain space. I said "Well, it's probably right in the middle" and sure enough we hit it, pretty good turbulence, only lasted about 15 minutes. I asked the control "We want to go higher" "You can't, there's another airplane up there." Lower, I didn't want to go so I got on the radio, there is one frequency where you can talk to rest of the airplanes and boy I started letting everybody know there is an area of turbulence around certain certain play. There was like 5, 6 different pilots "Where is it? Where is it?" I was thinking "Do they have the same charts as I do?" I mean "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this flight, we're all new around here (laughter) but trust us."

When the process of inner learning is such, when the process of inner learning is such that it is surrounded by uncertainty and when the process is such that in the uncertainty there is pleasure and joy and in the outs uncertainty there is hope, then the kind of tool you need to survive through that, to come out on the other side, is trust and that's why that Creator in this incredible beautiful loving wissdom (sic) gave you the tool called trust. When everything gets dark, trust is that little light that comes on and illuminates that path for those people who have very little to go on and you realise that there is very little to go on. They the

Hope. What do we use hope for? We use hope that our Christmas gift will arrive before Christmas. That our ordered gift from the catalogue will actually make it. What do we use hope for? That the present or the gift we bought, you know, the person whoever we bought it for will like it I hope. But hope and it takes time in life to start understanding this is for those people who have to go out in an uncharted sea, an uncharted ocean and no past wisdom may be brought. No charts, just feel and a hope that that living teacher, living Master brings. A soothing feeling, it's okay, it's okay. Many have sailed and many have made it. Remember trust, be aware, and although this is a complicated path, although it's a very uncertain path you'll make it and that's hope, that somebody brings into your life that fills it, that illuminates it and you begin to love even that feeling. You begin to sit down, you begin to relax in a very different place.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring. The question I need to ask myself "What do I have for tomorrow, not what tomorrow has for me." What have I saved up from today. What have I? New Year's gonna come, people are gonna make all kinds of New Year's resolutions which of course they're gonna break. That's why they're making them, if you really want to resolve something why wait all the way till December? Do it when you thought of it but "No no, I'll save it till the end of the year." "You're not very resolved about it are you? Not much of a resolution is it?" And yet you begin to accept, you begin to relax and you begin to trust. Yes tomorrow will come and the wisdom is so different, wissdom is not fulfillment of a wish, wissdom is to be able to see something the way it is, unpolluted, uncontaminated, that's wissdom and everything else we twist it for our reasons. Tomorrow will be wonderful. Why will it be wonderful? Oh well tomorrow, something special or tomorrow will be miserable, tomorrow will be terrible because something terrible is gonna happen.

You know really I was thinking, I I I was in France before the whole anniversaries there of the Revolution were taking place. I was looking at it and I was thinking about it, can you imagine these people walking up to have their head chopped off. You've gotta walk up this thing, those must be the longest steps whether they're 5 or 6 whatever, longest steps. Then on top of this you pay the guy, think of it, you pay the guy to make it quick, to make sure that he does it properly. I mean that's one chopping spree they never thought they would ever have to go on. Please make it and then to put your head down and wait. I mean bizarre this I mean incredible human torment and yet maybe you could even turn around and numb yourselves even out of that moment maybe you could numb yourself and the fear and the agony, the torture, the contemplation yeah but that's, that's enough to to to to to ruin your day (not much laughter) and if somebody asked that person "Are you looking forward to tomorrow?" How can you?

But wissdom is even beyond that to say that tomorrow will come, I may or may not be there but tomorrow will come and that's the truth. Tomorrow will come, I may or may not be there. Wissdom is not in saying how busy I am but wisdom is to see that one day I'll not be very busy, that's the wisdom. That's the wisdom because that's ultimately what's going to happen. You don't need a fortuneteller, you don't need a pundit, look inside it you and there are more answers inside of you than you have questions and if you can see, if you can feel, if you can open up, if you can realize then that joy that you have wanted is within you. There is a greater joy than you could ever think of. I mean your imagination is very limited, so is mine. When it really comes to these things it's very limited. You gotta trust, you gotta trust and how wonderful that there can be someone who can allow this process to unfold within us. Day by day, where ever you go, I mean you know you guys most of you will be gone, you're gonna go back home, back to your problems, back to your worries, everything you've got at home.

I'm gonna go as well. Relax for a couple of days at least, take it easy, think about it, think about the next step. I don't know what the next step is. If I look I know I'll find it and I need to look because it's all there. Yes it's easy to get caught up in our, in all our ideas and, and troubles and everything else but look, look for that perfection and not far from you but within you. Begin to understand, start to take it one step at a time in this journey and don't pretend. If you need to be honest, I don't know if you need to be honest with the whole world, diplomacy is honesty finessed, the ability to be dishonest with license. You know like the core diplomats they all, they have their cars and they can park anywhere they want, they can you know just about do anything they want when the cars has a CD license plate so it's like you can have illegal parking with a license to illegally park, the car is still illegally parked but don't try to be diplomatic with yourself, it doesn't work.

If you need to be honest with somebody you need to be honest with you and don't buy it and don't buy all reasons and the rationales but be wise and see, see through it and know and one step at a time grow and grow in that learning. Feel that love, feel that preciousness, feel that glory and sing within, sing, sing within yourself, you don't have to sing out there but sing within yourself and ss hear the song and yes, there is a rhythm inside each one of us. Don't change the rhythm, sing with it, be it with it, flow with it and learn to admire you don't know how to admire. We know how to judge, we don't know how to admire and we look at something we say "Oh a strange color, strangely shaped, dirty, too clean." Don't judge, learn to admire, to see and, and receive all of so many gifts that are being given to you as they are and yes you will begin to feel that happiness.

It was very interesting what Padarthanand was saying. This woman said "I don't want to be too happy. I don't want to be too happy because that upsets my husband." When it comes to happiness folks, if it, if it upsets somebody, it's their problem (clapping) not your problem. Don't you realize what that statement is saying? God gave you the life and you're living it for somebody else. Your Creator gave you, you, and nobody else, you this life, yours and you just gave it away to somebody else. Good deed doer this is terrible, you missed it, you missed the boat. One boat, it's all you get. One chance is all you get. Which one will you save for yourself? Your life, your life, how can you be thankful for that which you just gave away. How can you, how can you dig, how can you take back and dig in it and find the treasures in that thing that you just gave away to somebody else? Oh yes, you know ah we're so concerned, people, you know, please don't take me wrong that I say what I have to say. I'm not here to preach to you but I know that people live for society, this animal called society. What are they gonna think? Who is they? They don't even care. You could be rotting in your apartment, they won't even come but what are they gonna think? They don't even know you exist till it comes time for you to pay your tax, then there. You blow the game then they know, the rest of the time, who cares? Except you, what are they gonna think? Who are they? Do you know them? No. What have they done for you? Nothing.

We were having a conversation of what I've been thinking about is like somebody said but you know they gave us a watch. Yeah but they created the need for the watch too, they created the need for the watch and then gave us the watch. Here, you need this. Has human being not being living on this planet, Earth, for a long, long time? Of course he is. So when do we become us? When do, when do I become me? Has to start somewhere. That doesn't mean you know you go paint graffiti on everybody's house. People say why are there so many problems in this world. Look at this happening, look at that happening, look at what's it doing to the animals, look at what they're doing to the forest, (ranting) look what they're doing to the forest, look what they're doing to themselves.

If they don't even know ha you know it was it was a gee (giggles) there was a card I saw once, it was a really interesting funny humorous card, it was a card like a birthday card and a blind man accidentally walks and he's looking for the bathroom and he accidentally walks in the room where the power transformer is and the card was of of of this man coming out of the door and his hairs are standing up and he's got this weird smile on his face I mean I guess he must have thought that was the bathroom you know.

To us it's like we are, we are the, we are the inventors, aren't we? Can you imagine this one guy who invented this gadget, a deaf person couldn't hear the phone ringing so this guy created a gadget it's like a little hat, it fit's on your head and then there is a little light that comes out in front of you and every time the phone rings there is a little transmitter in the phone, it transmits, the receiver picks it up and the light goes off. You know you can see the light flashing and so the guy, the deaf person now knows that the phone is ringing. What kind of invention is that? Because after he finds out that his phone is ringing what's he gonna do, answer it? "Hello, hello, hello, nobody there." Of course there's not eh ah there's never anybody there.

Oh we have no idea what we're doing to ourselves, if we have no idea what we're doing to ourselves, we have the remotest ideas what we're doing to the trees on what we're doing to the whales or what we're doing to anything. I mean they're they say we are punching holes in the atmosphere, punching hole in the atmosphere? We're punching holes in each other. Heavens can wait, who cares? Hole in the air, ha, ha. I mean really when people are not they don't care ba about putting a hole in the other person they're really, gonna think about putting a hole in the air? I mean that even sounds strange, a hole in the air. How can you put a hole in the air? Well supposevly (sic) that's what we're doing and of course we're gonna do it. When we, when we are completely committed to destroying our own selves, what's the ozone layer? What's the fish? What's a mammal? What's a tree? Nothing, unconvenient (sic), knock it off. When we don't even see there is a life here, a human being, unconvenient (sic) move him and until that changes, where every individual starts and begins to understand for themselves not the leaders -leaders may know what they know, that doesn't do anybody any good. It's the individual.

Well the leader feeds himself, that means everybody's full? The leader says "Okay folks I'll eat, you don't have to. For you I had a plate of pasta. Our you happy? No. Every individual has to eat, every individual has to breathe, every individual has to sleep and every individual has to waken and then and only then. Leaders are not the solution, individuals are the solution, they always have been and they always will be. When that individual, each individual starts to recognize him how beautiful and important this life is only then will he have the eyes and the time of day to look up and say "My God, that Sun is beautiful" and only then will he have the humility to look down and say this earth is precious to me and only then will he have the courage to look at a tree and say this should not be wasted and only when he can admire life within himself will he look at a whale and say this shouldn't be wasted either. Before that anybody's guess what's gonna happen and to me these are the premises, it's the individuals who built the wall, is the individuals who break the wall and nobody has gotten rid of the bricks. You see even if you pull one wall down, what's the problem? The bricks are still there, somebody can build an other one and that's to me it is the core.

Some man did made a spear, the first missile, a spear was the first missile. You could stand in one place, you could throw this projectile, it could travel in the direction that you had commanded it, it could hit something and remotely kill it. What's a missile? The same thing, it does exactly the same thing, it just takes off in the election commanded and you don't have to be there you can throw it from here and it will do the same thing over there. High-tech spear. Human beings are so innovative.

One invention, the wheel, a million variations of the wheel but life, one life, no variations. Every human being striving, wanting, desiring the answer which lies within each human being. Find it, look, search, seek, trust, have that hope and there's Knowledge, the key, the mirror, the necessity that allows that process to unfold. So that's how simple it is or that's how complicated it is. You know the difference between an optimist and pessimist, a glass of water half filled, well either it's half empty or it's half full. So to the optimist it's half full, to the pessimist it's half empty, well what is the difference between a pessimist and an optimist? Not much they both die at the end of their lives so you know nobody, the, the life doesn't say well if you were an optimist I give you an extra year. Nope, so which one is life? A pessimist or an optimist? Pretty realistic I guess and that's all there is to it. Feel, adore, admire and grow so thank you very much and I'll see you this evening. Thank you. (Applause)