FOK 89Festival Of Knowledge, Brussels Belgium, Evening Address, December 9th 1989

(Applause) Tonight I'd like to talk about three very important things, the three elements that come together to make that triangle and of course the first thing, I suppose it's a triangle so it really doesn't matter which way you put it flip flop but there is you and then there is Knowledge and then there is the teacher and if we take a look at each one of these elements, Knowledge what does it mean? What does it mean to even entertain the possibility that something like Knowledge exists and to understand Knowledge and its possibility one as to begin from a very fresh place because Knowledge cannot be entertained nor the possibility of this Knowledge be entertained if we come already full of ideas because it doesn't cater to ideas. It's not an object like in a museum, a cube that is placed so people can come and look at it and give it to their own interpretation. That's not what Knowledge is all about. It is not open to interpretations.

Who is this Knowledge for? It's for us, living human beings and who is qualified to have this Knowledge? Who can have this Knowledge? If we take a look at a person who is suffering, who is in pain because maybe he lost his house, who is in pain because something dramatic happened in his life and because he feels this pain, because he feels that this emptiness he wants to fill himself but that, that emptiness will go away, time will heal it and perhaps he will find a better house and then his emptiness will be healed. Not that person who has been dragged in by time and circumstances can be a true receiver of this Knowledge but that other person who is willing to go beyond all the shortcomings, who is willing to go beyond all the circumstances and has identified beyond the circumstances of the ongoing thirst, the ongoing need and that's what Knowledge is all about. That experience that it brings is not there to patch up our problems, we use it that way, we want to use it that way, we look for solutions and we think perhaps finding peace and tranquillity inside of us will solve our problems.

As human beings we are very vulnerable and if one thing that we are really vulnerable to, susceptible to, it's pain. We don't like pain. We don't understand pain, we don't understand why it exists, we don't know where it comes from, we don't know how to take it away but we don't like pain, we don't like to suffer. Every fibre in our being is programmed to rebel against pain and suffering, it's programmed against this feeling and yet where does pain come from? What is that pain? Is it not that we create that pain ourselves? Is it not that when we look into the future and we see the loss of possibilities that we have enjoyed till yet the pain comes? Peering down we see somebody comes along and says "Okay your job is gone, you have been fired" and that feels very painful. It feels painful because we reflect upon it on a small sentence and a small statement we reflect on a situation and the situation that we would like to be in is one where we're growing and we're feeling good about ourselves and things are around us are good and we feel important and we work up the ladder in the job situation, we get promoted, we get more money and as we age we age well. You know, finally you get promoted from a Volkswagen to maybe a Mercedes, a nice house, a nice dog, a nice family and things are looking good this is our picture, a slideshow that we have put together for ourselves and we project this slideshow out into the future.

This is huh how I want my world to be and then something happens, somebody comes along and takes out the slides, out of the slideshow and puts different ones in. Are they good? Are they bad? No one necessarily you know no one can really say but they're different, really different and then as we begin to see the slideshow we see these possibilities emerging in the future that are so different than the ones we had imagined, bingo, pain, suffering. "Argh, this is terrible, this is horrible. I don't want it to be this way. I wanted to be the way I had designed it and when this ambiguity arises in our life you start to look, you start to search, search at first for a possible miracle that could bring the slideshow back, put all the slides the same way as we had it. If not, at least put a better slideshow together. I mean so many times have you not wanted to go back in time and change things, just one shot at it but this searching that happens because of the pain it will stop, it is destined to be terminated because of that search is only a symptom is cause and effect and when the cause changes when the, when maybe one day you realize "Hey the slideshow, the new slideshow is not really all that bad. You burnt, your house burnt down but the new one that you are erected is far better than the old one" or one little miracle happens in between and it's like "Hey, things are not really so bad, it's okay" and then the search is terminated but that's not the thirst.

The thirst is somewhere else, it is in the deepest place inside a human being. The thirst evolves, the thirst is evoked, the thirst originates from that center, from that heart, from that soul that wants that fulfillment of a every different kind. Then there are people who search because they have been told to, a bit of the baa baa syndrome. The thing to do, it's in vogue, search. What are you searching for? You don't know. How will you find it? Dunno. So what are you searching? I'm searching. How are you searching? Oh, I read books and I do this and I do that. That search, that is also destined to be terminated and why is it destined to be terminated? Because one day your fantasy that you have created by absorbing all this information may be filled, may be filled and if it's not you can always create a pseudo-situation and fill it yourself. I see so many people, "Have you achieved?" "Yes." How can you argue with a person who says yes he has, how can you argue with him? "No you haven't." "Yes I have." "No you haven't." "Yes I have." It's not much of an argument. "Do you have peace?" "Yes I do." "No you don't." "Yes I do." "No you don't." "Yes I do". "Are you happy?" "Yeah." "No you're not." "Yes I am." And all of these people create, create their own fanciful situations and try to fill them. "Oh yeah. Okay. I've got. My kundalini, you know, lights up." I mean I could never understand this kundalini business. I'm almost 32 years old, I haven't got this one licked at all and you know I understand why because I fig uh I you know a moment flashes in my head, what is this thing? I know I have a spine at any time anything starts going up and down the spine I want a massage. If it really gets severe, go see a doctor because ideas, whole bunch of ideas.

I was talking to a guy once and he was really into yoga and he said "Yoga is the answer" and I said "How about a guy who has no arms and no legs what he gonna do? You mean he's had it. He can't enjoy life." Didn't think of it I guess all the people who came to him had arms and legs. I mean you know when somebody has his place call says yoga instrucsh instructions available why would a person without arm and legs wasting his time going there? He ain't going to be able to do any yoga. So what is it? Oh, eat right, eat healthy, exercise every day. That's good for your blood pressure but it doesn't touch the heart. "Oh you'll feel really good." If tomorrow all the articles started coming out saying running is really bad for you believe me all of a sudden you wouldn't feel so good. "Oh my God I've been running, does it mean I'm gonna die?" "Yeah." All of a sudden it'll be like because what there is a difference, there is a difference.

If a person goes to an auto show and he sees a beautiful car there, does it really make any difference if that car there has an engine in it or not? But if he is stuck in cold weather and he really needs a taxi because he has a long ways to go, does it make a difference if the taxi has an engine or not? Big diff see the sit you change the situation and all of a sudden it really does make a difference and a lot of the cars they put in the auto show especially the futuristic ones they don't have an engine. They're just finished on the outside so you can look at it and go "Wow!" Create your little slide show, materials for slideshow but when it comes down to it and you need a ride, you need, you need that engine.

Important and it better be functioning just right and to me it's the same way the secret has to be in the right place and Knowledge then makes sense when the thirst is understood and the right thirst is understood. When the person begins to understand that there is a part of me that I need to fill. When the person begins to admit to himself, herself included, it just doesn't flow when you talk, himself, herself, you know it's you gotta pick on one or the other, himherself. Now you certainly don't want to exclude ladies or don't wanna exclude men, God didn't, why should we but they haven't obviously created the perfect word that does include both of them, something like himherself or herhimself or something and when we start-actually it's better not to use 'him' at all then nobody gets upset. It's a good thing that dogs don't come and listen to these programs the cause then they'd want to be included too and I'm really glad that Knowledge is not for you know the dogs and cats and the alligators and the chimpanzees because my God that would be a lot of touring and everything you would have to say to a gorilla better be just right. I mean you, you'll have to be very humble and it doesn't matter you know if you build the stage for this high the guy can probably climb up. "Yo, I have a question for you." So you know there, there are advantages just to sticking to human beings but when we begin to admit.

We begin to see that yes there is that thirst and yes that thirst needs to be quenched, separated from all concepts, separated from all ideas, pure. When the, when the quest becomes 100%, when the quest is pure then the world of Knowledge, then the possibility of Knowledge also starts to become 100% and when we can look into that, accept, uh you know what kind of a person should a person be who is on his way to, to feel this feeling that Knowledge brings. Interesting. Humble. Important that this person be humble, why? Because you'll be confronted a lot of times and who will confront you? You. A lot of times you will be confronted and if you are not humble you're lib, you're likely or you're liable to hit your own self. Confusion. Two gears grinding against each other, "I thought" "Yeah you did" you know the great statement "But I thought" "Yes you did" and you were wrong. Have to be humble otherwise it's like "Me wrong?"

I mean we do everything all our lives not to be wrong. "I don't wanna be wrong. I wanna be right even when I'm wrong I wanna be right and I never wanna be wrong. I never wanna be embarrassed in front of other people. I don't wanna look like an idiot so I'm always right even if I'm wrong. The other guy is crazy guy, the other guy is the idiot but that's not the way it is.

Humility comes and goes a long ways and a person who is sincere and let me talk a few minutes about sincerity. It's a word that we use often especially in regards to other people "You know you have to be sincere." We don't ever look at sincerity from our own perspective because we're always sincere. About what? About being insincere, that's the only sincerity sometimes we end up with. I mean we try to get away with it but it's possible. All day long, all day long we try to get away with it, get away with it, get away with it, get away with it. I mean incidents happen, a few days ago, actually it was before I came over and there was something that needed to be returned or at least it would have been appropriate if it was ret returned and it was a, it was a brochure and I said to somebody, I said "Can you please take this brochure and return it" and the guy said "No no no, just keep it, to keep it, you don't have to return it." I said "No, if I was going to buy something then I would keep it but I'm notta buy anything so return it because maybe the shopkeeper would like to give this brochure to somebody who then will buy something" and the guy said "That's not necessary." I said "Well if I was running the shop and I had a brochure I would like it to be that way. For people who are not gonna buy anything please return the brochure so I can give it to somebody who'll buy because if you are running a shop you are in the business of selling things" and the person just kinda looked at me like, you know, feeling was kinda strange aren't you.

"No I'm not strange" but in my life, the steps that I take I wanna be conscious, I wanna understand, I don't wanna do things that I don't even understand and to me, to be sincere, to really need that which we really need, to listen to this cry from the heart and say and acknowledge that it's there, lotta people don't, lotta people who call themselves sincere skip it. "Is everything okay?" "Yes." No, it may be a tiny voice, it may be insignificant to you because you don't understand what the voice is trying to tell you but be sincere and no matter how small that voice or faint that voice may be, acknowledge it. Acknowledge that little emptiness, acknowledge that little thirst in your life and you're going to need a lotta hope because there'll be dark days. There'll be days when you will have a compass, there was a when I came back stage there was a compass there somebody was kind enough to guess they heard the story this morning about the compass and they put a compass, it's a really neat compass, it's a very unique, whichever way you turn it the needle follows. There'll be days like that, North will shift and the and and the compass is really neat too, you know it's got a needle and it has no instructions, it has a needle and one side is dark and one side is light and it doesn't tell you which one points to north, you could be going backwards, south while you're trying to hunt North and you know it would be really unique to travel for a very long distance and then you would get to South Pole and it would all look the same, snow, ice and you'd be elated but you're in the wrong place and there'll be days, there'll be days when what the Master is trying to tell you will not make sense, there'll be days and you'll say "Gees, I wonder what he means." And you will need hope and you will need trust.

These are the qualifications of an aspirant. Who is an aspirant? A person who wants that experience in his or her life period. Man I have been going around in circles with this definition of an aspirant. Finally I smartened up, I said everybody is an aspirant because what does aspirant mean? One, one who aspires. Hey I aspire too, I'm an aspirant. This, this thing of now I have the medal I said it is terrible, it's the downfall of a person. No, you never have enough, you know if you walk into a desert and you keep walking and you keep walking and you keep walking and you keep walking and you get thirstier and thirstier and thirstier and thirstier right to the point where you are going to be almost dead and somebody comes along or you come a long and you see a little well and is plenty of water in the well and we put it back down and you drink and drink and you drink and you drink and you drink don't you think it would be a tiny bit suicidal if you turned around and walked back to where you came from without any water. I think so, it would be very suicidal. You've got, once you find the water you have to carry that water with you. Just having it drunk in one point in time is not sufficient because even though in this moment the thought of another glass of water may be revolting to you that there will be a time when you will yearn for nothing else in the world but a glass of water. It'll be a life-saving thing you want and to me that is the way it is.

Knowledge is an unfolding process, it never ceases to amaze me when I wake up in the morning and I look out the window and I know that down there everything is the same, same traffic jams, same clocks, same shops, same people doing the same thing, everything is different and that day goes on I'm in never ceases to amaze me all the things I end up doing in a day that I couldn't have even thought of I mean it's, it's, it's so amazing if somebody ever told me one day you will write poetry, actually let's, let's scratch that one I just remembered when I was young I used to write a lot of poetry little worses but I used to write a lot but if somebody told me that you're gonna fly an airplane I would have said "Forget it."

If somebody would have told Gurucharanand "One day you're gonna be playing golf" that's before he left for India he would have said "What's that?" "Mahatma Ji it's a game, take a little ball and ha ha I can see this, I can see this one. You take a little ball and to put it on a wooden peg and you put it on the floor, on the ground and you have this metal rod you know this iron, it's called a club, and you stand there and you wiggle a little bit and you waggle a little bit and you hit this ball and it goes flying and you're supposed to put it in a hole way on the other side." If somebody would have said that to him then in India I know what he would've said. "My dear friend, I have something better happening inside of me. You have something better happening inside of you." "No no Mahatma Ji you're going to play this game." "I am already playing it." Okay you know in those days, in those days philosophy was really cheap, all you had to make was a little comment and you got a year full of it. These days it's a little harder to come by but it's there. "Mahatma Ji, when you go to the West one day you will be playing tennis." "What is that?" " Mahatma Ji you take a ball." The question would be, "Do all Westerners play with balls? Big balls, little balls." "Mahatma Ji you would take this ball and you would hit it and the idea is to keep making the balls go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth." "Oh, that's what I do with this Name." So already there is a tennis inside of me but someday you know somebody says that's what you're gonna do sure it's I I can almost guarantee you that's what the answer would have been to yeah one day that's what's going to happen. No no yes yes. Now from what I understand he's a very avid player of golf, tennis. What's next? I don't know, well at that point you start inventing games you know and to me it's no different you know one time I couldn't understand, I couldn't grasp the concept of two adults may trying to make a ball going between them, it just, it was like, just is ludicrous but then I bought a house and it had a tennis court and it was like well I paid for it so I may as well try learning it and yes

I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow and I don't know what's gonna happen day after tomorrow but things happen, things revolve around me and I need a lotta trust and I need a lotta hope and I need a lot of openness to accept these things and I need to be aware of what my role in these things is and when a person can become a true seeker and a true necessity within that person has been identified then and only then Knowledge starts to make sense. Only then will a person start accepting what Knowledge is so, we are all aspirants, all of us aspiring to go deeper and deeper and deeper, fill ourselves more and more and more as much can be. And that's Knowledge. A gift, a gift given to those who come, who ask with their sincerity, with love, with reverence, with affection, with commitment, with gratitude, who ask "Give me, show me, reveal to me the way to fill my thirst. I am ready. Who are willing, not to, to wonder "Why is it? What kind of?"

You know because to people it's like they take a look at a well and they come up with 100 explanations, 100 thoughts, 100 ideas because you there's the well and you have to have a rope and you have to have a bucket and some say "Why is the water so far down?" some say "I don't know if I can do this" some say "I I don't know, I mean why can't they put a pump? I think I'll just wait until they put a pump. Should I go down the, down the well? Get it myself?" No, somebody has provided you with a way, take the bucket, take the rope, put it over the top bar and lower down. Fill and be concerned with that water that bucket will bring up that you will be able to savour. What do people say? "Well that'll take too much time. I don't have time." "Please you know you should sit down, you should practice." "I don't have time." "What do you have time for?" "We-e-e-ll" "What you got the time for?" Things that you don't really even want to do. You have time for those.

I mean just think of it. Most of us work to make somebody else rich. Not even ourselves. Somebody else. Loyalty. Imagine God standing up in heavens above just imagine this and there you are sitting down on a cushy, soft cloud, kneeling probably, unless they're sitting down. Slight arrogance sitting down. Here comes God, you look up "Hello, how are you?" "Have, fine thank you." If you're slightly philosophical, "You already know." "How would you like to go and spend some time on planet Earth?" "I would like that thank you." "What will you do down there?" "If I sent you to my beautiful creation, Earth, what will you do?" "Type." (shrieks of laughter) Get stuck in traffic jams, work for somebody else, do things I don't want to do. Is that what your answer would be to God? And to me it's just like it can't be and nothing has changed, here you are and every day you are being asked, you know, haha it's really amazing, nobody even even has to ask you this question, you know the little voice inside it does the job just fine the little voice comes up "What are you doing?"

It's so cute I mean it's just like it's such a nice system the way it works "What are you doing? Is that what you wanna do for the rest of your life?" "Uh huh. Hey man, it took me a long time to learn how to type and now that I can type that's what I wanna do." And can't you just see your statue in the city centre, there you are, this magnificent dress blowing in the wind, carved out of beautiful marble with a typewriter in front, all made out of marble and you proudly sitting there, the human being and so it's all there, it's all there. A teacher does not create Knowledge, a teacher does not create the necessity, a teacher simply uncovers the stuff that's already in there. A teacher doesn't has to ask you a question, the question is already there, all the teacher does is just brushes it, says "Here, here's a question you forgot to read. You didn't find this one, did you and it's the one that says, what are you up to? For some people it's convenient, they lift the dust, they take a brush to lift the dust. What am I up to? Take the dust stick it back on it, he "Let's not, let's not fiddle with this question let's go to the next one. Next!" And so it goes and all has to it's so simple because start listening to what's going on and it's really wonderful stuff, it's really really wonder I mean you may not have answers to all the questions, that's all right, there's no test, there's no exam, there's no papers to circle, little things to fill in but start listening to the question. See what the question is trying to say to you. What are you up to? I'm up to nothing, I'm down to everything. It helps when even the answer can be as simple as that. It even helps when the answer can be "I don't know." The start "I don't know." Even when it can be "Help me. Help me I need help!" It's a start and I guess that takes us right into the transition of the teacher.

There's Knowledge, there's the teacher and there's the student. Without the student there is no teacher and without the teacher there is no student. Both are so similar, their existence so separate yet inseparable. Their roles entirely different yet both of those come together to make one thing happen and how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is that there is a teacher. You know this is where we need humbleness because people with their arrogance say "I don't, I don't want a teacher, I want to do it myself." Is that what you wanted to do when you wanted to be born? You wanted to be conceived and be born all by yourselfs. Well only snails can do that I mean there's some few creatures that have both. I wanna, I wanna be a self made man. Well that's one way of doing it how you gonna do it. Don't you realize that even the mightiest of the rivers start by drop at a time. There's no mightiness in a drop is there or is there? Is a drop mighty? Small drop, unsignificant (sic) little drop. Is there any significance to a drop or is there because every river, how might he need be, drip, drip, drip, drip and there's that water. Rain all that wa-I just think of it what I don't know you know rain it's raining outside but do you realize that every single river that runs that water has been transported, transported to the source by the insignificant little poofy, poofy things called clouds. You can't even put your hand in it.

I I one I took a course on radar and this guy threw out some statistic that really stunned me, he said a good intensity 3 tunderstorm (sic) can carry a few million gallons of water. I looked at him like "You're kidding." No, it can carry, it can it has enough electricity in it to power a decent sized town for a week or so all by itself, this insignificant little thing. Well what I guess what he's trying to prove is that insignificant little thing isn't so insignificant after all. So stay away from those things. That was the whole course.

What do I call insignificant? I like to say well I don't want to be dependent. Oh my God, don't lie to yourself, be sincere, you're dependent on everything. A little organ inside of your body freaks out and you'll hit the ceiling. You are dependent on things you've never even seen and these little little little little things in your blood called cells you're dependent on them. They better do their job right. If they go on strike, you've had it. You're finished. "I don't want to be dependent on anything." That's stupid I mean that is absolutely sheer class A stupidity. You are dependent. I feel like going to them and saying "My child you are dependent whether you like it or not and in your case you obviously don't, so fry but you are very dependent." You're dependent on a faucet to bring you water. I mean you are so dependent on it, you turn it and it better bring some water and if it doesn't you'll turn it some more and you'll turn it some more and you'll turn it some more and you'll turn it some more.

There's a door that comes into our house. It has a big glass uh actually it's like glass shutters on it and what I do is I can see if somebody's coming up the steps through another window at what I'll do is I'll lock the door and hide. I tell you it's, it's hilarious to watch people's reactions. They'll come and they'll turn the knob and it won't open because it's locked up you know what they'll do, you think they'll stop at that "Okay it's locked." No urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh they'll do everything. They'll shove, they'll push, pull, turn, squeeze and I'm sitting there oh standing there laughing.

You are even dependent on your silly ideas, you can't even do without them. Have you ever seen somebody walk into a room, flip a switch, it doesn't go on. (Presumably makes motions of flipping the switch on and off repeatedly) What are you trying to do? Generate electricity? That bulb is burnt, finished, kaput. The wires may be done up, fuse may be blown, this action is not going to help you but they'll sit there till the switch comes out in their hand then try to ex then-listen to their explanation "It's broken." You oxymoron, you broke it. You know you element of two things strange, you broke it, it wasn't broken before. Actually it was not even the switch's fault, it was just the bulb was burnt out and you can do and play with the switch it won't light up, it's burnt. The filament has shaken loose from the two wires that bring it connection, electricity. Change the bulb, it's not the, it's not the switch but yous "I don't want to be dependent on anybody, I don't want to be dependent on anything." You are you are dependent on that switch because all your life you've turned it on and it's turned the bulb on and today it doesn't so you eegh eegh eegh eegh here you go, you're dependent on it. You're dependent on your dog to wag its tail every time he sees you. If he looks at you and starts growling God knows what your reaction would be. "No, no, gees that's my dog growling at me" and he loyally wags his tail at you everything is fine and finessed.

You are dependent and how wonderful that you can depend, depend on someone. I mean yes we don't want to be because perhaps so far arrogance but how wonderful it is that that person, that that teacher is allowing, allowing you to depend upon so that you can have that hope so that you can have that trust so that you can have that gratitude. Why do you need gratitude? You don't need gratitude you know this is something I'm starting to learn. When I say thank you to people I don't you know I'm it takes time eh eh it takes time but I'm starting to understand who I'm really saying thank you for.

I mean I have always been told when to say thank you and who to say thank you to. Say thank you to somebody who does something nice to you. You know you're growing up and "Say thank you dear, say thank you for the nice man, say thank you." "Why don't you say thank you." "Say thank you, say please." "But you already said it." "No no you say, you say please." So we always get taught who to say thank you to but we never told who should yous who are you really saying thank you for and the gratitude when it comes through me I don't know if it reaches the other person or not but it certainly has a profound effect on me because I feel good. I don't know if the other guy does or not. Maybe the guy is so upset he says "Thank you yourself" I don't know. "Thank you for what?"

No but I know and I allow that thankfulness to come through me it has a beautiful effect on me and to me that is the same way for that person. Gratitude, when it comes for the teacher is very gratifying for the student whether or not it does anything, even reach the teacher or not but gratitude for Knowledge is very gratifying for the seeker. Gratitude for that teacher is gratifying for the student and to me let it be. These are the beautiful processes so there is that you and there is that teacher and the relationship always advancing, advancing, advancing, advancing, advancing. The thing is that teacher doesn't want to stay in the same place, a teacher always wants to move and that's the beauty of the process. The teacher takes the student with him when he moves (applause) to that higher and higher and higher and higher level because the law dictates without the teacher there is no student and without the student there is no teacher so that teacher has to stay a teacher, student wants to stay a student then of course there has to be a teacher and there has to be a student, there has to be a student, there has to be a teacher and so that they can be that learning, that there can be that unfolding, that there can be that tapping into that source deep within us there is that Knowledge. That in that art, in that charisma of Knowledge, both prosper and teach and show and shine each other. The teacher shines the student and undoubtedly, undoubtedly the student shines the teacher and what a wonderful way to do it, what a wonderful way to do it.

Magic, every single time magic that teacher creates the thirst for the student and the student creates the thirst in the teacher to teach (applause) and that in my book, that is real magic, real magic, true magic and so it is. So it is in the last year of the 80s as it was, as it was when the two people on this planet earth one heart opened and said "Show me" and the other heart responded "I will" when that was I don't know that it must have been a long, long, long time ago and so it has been, so it is and so it shall be. That they would be that triangle, that there will be that adoration, that there will be that love, that there will be that gratitude, that there will be that magic and for those of us who are willing to take that step and be a part of that will have something wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to enjoy for the rest of our life.

No guarantees, no guarantees, absolutely not eh uh and that works really well too because if there was a guarantee it would stop working, a student would be s would stop being a student, it's guaranteed at a teacher would stop being a teacher because it's guaranteed and Knowledge, who knows what would happen to that. No guarantees. Don't ever say "This will keep happening for me for the rest of my life." Please, don't say that because I've heard too many people say it and then ssshhht right out the window, it's like the magic word ssshhht. If you want it to be that way you can have it that way, no question about it, you can have it that way, you can.

There was an instructor and I remember him so how shall I say so clearly. When I was a very young, he used to tell me stories and I was always so happy to see him. He was a real character, I mean he was a real character and I mean everyone, if you were depressed don't worry just go find him you know and and he'll tell you something that'll make your day. Simple things I mean he had a real laugh too, when he'd laugh he'd really get into it. He had a real personality is a you know an instructor going giving Knowledge whatever really just really even the word charming is not suitable, more than that and then he fell ill, he fell ill, really ill and so I went to see him and he got up, he was lying on his bed and he was, he had changed, believe me. I was so shocked to actually see him because he was quite very healthy looking and he was just really weak and I was shocked and then all of a sudden he opened his eyes and he saw me and he sat up with reverence, he didn't want to be lying down so he sat up and he smiled, he smiled I mean there was some this magic that was happening inside of him had not been affected just because he had lost pounds or he was feeling not so good or whatever. I I it was like different body, same person, same sparkle in the eye, same, same thing and we talked and then a few weeks later I went to see him again and this time boy had he deteriorated. So when I walked into the hospital, into the room he tried to get up again but he couldn't, he tried, he was really weak, he tried but he couldn't get up and he smiled and he whispered that this connection, this love should always be there that that's what he was asking for and then the next day four o'clock he passed away. So can it happen, can it be till the very end day? Yes it can. I've seen that. I've seen it with my own eyes till the last moment this person still had that smile but his body had failed him, the magic hadn't and for you and me if we keep our eyes open, keep our hearts open, many things they come, that he thinks may go, who knows?

A sailor who does not contemplate storms in the ocean is a fool. It is the nature of the sea to have a big waves, it is the nature of the ocean, it is not that the ocean is trying to take a revenge against you, time has no revenge to take upon anybody. To time you are an other little molecule passing by but whatever may come, whatever may go, what ever unfolds, whatever trauma and drama we go through if the desire is there, if the heart is there, if the willingness is there then all else may fail but the magic will always be with you and that is the way it has been, that is the way it is and that's the way it'll always be so thank you very much and I'll see you tomorrow morning. Goodnight. (applause)