Miami 31st July 1982 transcript

This speech by Prem Rawat is characterised by some extraordinary shouting and shrieking even by his standards of the time. There is some truly banal pseudo-philosophy and some very strong Indian inspired devotional repetition. Rawat was in the throes of changing the message from his 1970's strongly devotional ranting and shouting at his pathetic premies to his Lite message of breath and clarity and this speech contains the last record I currently have (December 2012) of him saying the words "Perfect Master" one after the other to describe himself.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) So (clears throat) here we are again and you know I come here because I have to say something, you come here because you wanna listen and to for some what ever I say isn't going to even make sense, just, isn't going to make sense. Why? Because what I am saying come from a place, it's like umm if you have an American hair dryer, works on 110 Volts and you go to Europe and plug it in, what's going to happen? First, you're going to hear this high-pitched sound and then smoke, poof, that's the end of the thing. One who can open up this heart and come from that place to listen, they'll be able to understand and enjoy what I have to say. And for those who are in a completely different voltage, in a completely different place, for them it's going to be very hard to even understand what I am saying.

Many a times I have this experience where I very strongly feel, it's almost like a devotee having his prayer, having his, having reached, first of all, his understanding says that, "Yes Lord to me the whole world seemed normal and you were the abnormal. To me, the whole world was constant and you were the unconstant. To me, the whole truth was in this world and you were the lie. But by your grace you have shown me, you have brought me in that, in that place where my perspective now is a real. I see not through concepts I am see I I I don't see it through my ideas but I see what I see. I perceive everything the way it is cause in this world, pretty much as soon as we're born where handed a pair of glasses. Here, look through these, this is the only way you should see the world."

I mean, I am not down on religions, I have no reasons to be down on religions. I'm not down on anybody, I have no reason to be down on anybody, really. But there is society, people who have come together and said now how are we going to live? How are we going to behave in this world? What are our priorities? What are the things thats are going to surround us? How are we going to react to these and maybe nobody ever came down and wrote the funda the book of fundamentals for her this this society. Maybe they just developed. Maybe they just became that somehow we find ourselves, that we are in the middle of this society. A society that doesn't really exist, we can't go and touch it, we can't go and point to it and say this is where it lives but it, it leads. Where? In peoples own hearts, in peoples own ideas, in peoples own thoughts. The people who trying to do a lot of good in this world and first of all you have to understand whether you're in the good group to even begin remotely to accomplish that, accomplish that even.

When everybody, be it, you know there are the Indians, the Italians, the Greeks, the Americans, the Canadians, and everybody, I mean it's incredible, basically in America people speak English but it's so far apart from the English in England. You know they have that little joke, we say potayto you say potarto, we say tomayto you say tomarto and you can tell a person is English by his accent, by the way he lived his, by the way he behaves, by the way everything happens. This is an American, this is an English, this is a German, this is an Indian, this is, and here we somehow in the midst of everything believing that killing is not right, believing that, that we have to have that faith, have to have that ultimate trust in that one Creator, even trying to accept the Creator, you realize how long people have basically agreed upon the idea that the Creator exists, centuries, centuries they have agreed upon a basic idea somewhere up there in the vastness beyond the universe exists this thing that created this world but this is where the similarity ends period. How He created it everybody has a different version, six days, seven days, eight days, one minute, two minutes, pow, it was there. Some people say no, it's all evolution, it all happened automatically, it was just a bad mistake and it happened. And here we are, just a big mistake ha ha trying to understand another big mistake that happened a long time ago. But I mean that one doesn't even jell for the people who think that it's a mistake because it seems like the biggest mistake is just gonna keep on making mistakes after mistakes after mistake and everything it's going to comprehend is probably going to be a mistake too.

But everybody agrees that there is that one Creator, the one power, the one Being that is ultimate. Beyond him exists nothing but how he does everything else and the way to get to him there are so many different ways. Everybody's got their own idea how you get there, everybody has got their own thoughts, own connections, own cord to that Creator and many, many logics are placed in between us and the Creator. There are people who claim to be the Creator's agents. I wonder if they report that in their income tax return because if you are a foreign agent you are supposed to report this to the United States government. But I don't think so, they can get away with that one. And they claim, I mean, you know, it's really incredible because they say that yeah they are, they are agents of that Creator and they're here, they'll, they can heal you, they can, you know, fix you all up or God makes a mistake, go patch it up him. I mean, so it seems.

And here we are living in a society which is not in grips with itself. You look at crime, what makes a man drive towards a crime. Why? What is a man go out and steal? Because he is happy, because he is content and does the stealing happen on the petty level of somebody burglarsises your house or if it just breaks the window and goes in, no. It happens from a to Z. It happens on the very top level all the way down down down down down down down down where the guy to get something has to break somebody's house. We live in a society doesn't matter what we think of ourselves, it doesn't matter how much technology we think we have available to us. I mean look at the microcomputers, look at the personal computers, look at the computers, look at what is happening to them, they're going berserk and every kind of computer that you can possibly imagine is out on the market and look at these. Have they solved the problem? No, because people is people that are gonna solve the problem, not computers.

Computers are dumb, they're basically very stupid. Do you realize how many times if you sit down to program a computer how many times it's going to say error error error error error error error. There's a big list of error. Undefined statement. Syntax error. I/O error. Every kind of error it'll really because it's really stupid you and it's only as smart as the programmer, if the programmer is intelligent and he can do the job then okay. Otherwise it's basically a dumb machine, people, people think computers are just you know these things that can do anything they want. They're not.

So living in this world in which everything is just the way it is and one can comprehend to try to change it and how do you go about even doing that. How do you even go about doing that? Because every individual, here is a problem, not the society, because society doesn't exist, the government doesn't exist, to point out the government and see here, here is the problem, it's people, that's what the government is made up, people. Government isn't uh a rare species of bird that just flies in once in a while and does things, it's people, everything is based upon people and the group of people we give different names to, maybe we call them government, maybe we call them society, we call them anything. It's really quite irrelevant but for this world to be in harmony everybody has to understand the basic, a certain perspective, a certain reality.

People who believe in religion, who believe in God, believing that there is only one God, they fight. My God is better than yours, my God is better than yours even though unanimously they all claim that there is only one God but where it really boils down to it my God is better than your God. And the thing is none of them have ever seen God, they don't even know what he or she looks like, they don't even know where it lives, what it eats, what it does, what cl, what color clothes it wears, what does it look like. As a matter of fact if God appeared to human beings, just boom one day there he was, the first thing they're gonna do is call the police and call the fire department because they will not be able to comprehend what's going on, what's this and if God's, I mean here they are, their hearts probably going to be beating really fast, their bloods gonna be really gushing out, they're gonna be terribly excited and in this anxiety, fear, you can imagine their situation there's this incredibly bright light, formless, and they look, they open their window shades and there it is. No more neighbors house, no more cars, no more street, no more tree, no more yard, no more driveway just this incredible light surrounding everywhere and they go pick up the phone, "I'd like to report this incredibly bright light that has surrounded at my house. Could you please come and check this out?"

And then imagine it, I mean imagine this, imagine this and then all of a sudden the light says "I am God." Chances are, you'd pass out, that it. I mean they're hearing about it is like one thing, it's like the ghosts right. People sometimes sit down in their living room or den or dining room, wherever and they talk about ghosts. It's like whooo you know isn't that weird and isn't that weird and they're all telling ghost stories. What if that moment, point blank you see this figure ??? right across the wall and said "Boo." What do you suppose would happen? I can't imagine, it'd be too much. So here comes this incredible thing and says "I am it. I am what you're looking for." And people are going to say, "How do I know?"And the things says "Haven't you heard that I am light, I am light, I am formless, I am eternity and thus you can't see my end. I am light, believe, now you see me believe" and they're gonna say "Oh come on, you know. Cut the trick, who is doing this?" And of course the police came, the fire brigade became, couldn't decipher what it was. I mean, I suppose, the common practice, the procedure would be to contact the police chief and tell him to figure it out what it is and maybe that's not the procedure, maybe the Coast Guard would come and maybe the National Guard will come and maybe the United States Army will come. What is that? And it says simply, here it is, listening "I am the ultimate." Now to me this is much more conceivable that nobody believes in that light than to say everybody's gonna kneel down and say "Wow, this is incredible." Nobody is gonna do that.

Jesus came and he simply stated, simply stated, "I am the son of God and he sent me here, I have something for you." And there's a simple way to put it. He could have said right at the beginning, "You know you can kill me but I'll come back." My goodness that's hard enough to believe as it is, isn't it? "I'll tell you one day where to catch all the fishes." Here's what people are gonna think, "This guy is loony, this guy is crazy." And that's exactly what people thought this guy is loony and this guy is crazy. And now what is this a big difference in Luke, John, Matthew, all these people who write their experience of what they have experienced? What is this big difference, why aren't they calling him crazy?

In the morgue, I have never seen a morgue but I've heard that sometimes they, when the body comes, they'll, they'll put in umm formaldehyde, something to preserve the body, in the process of pumping this stuff into their blood all of a sudden they'll get a reaction and there have been cases where the bodies have just sat up. They're lying flat and they're pumping this stuff into them, and boom, all of a sudden there is this body just sitting there. What's the doctor supposed to do? You know what he does, sit down, lie down, you're dead. My God, you know, they could of kneeled and say, "Wow, this is a miracle, this is a miracle." (20:17) no, because it's standard common procedure, there is a logic to it, there is an understanding to it and when there is a logic to it and an understanding to it and everything can be accepted. When it doesn't have a logic and when we it doesn't have a meaning that at least we can place we call it a phenomenon and chuck it out the window, it's as simple as that. Doesn't make sense to us but I think the problem begins when a man doesn't want to even start facing the simple fact that maybe he's ignorant, that he is ignorant in the area of understanding and knowing, defining that Creator. No, we don't have to run around like geniuses, we are geniuses enough as it is, we've gotten ourselves into a pretty tight mess by our geniusnesses as it is and maybe time to step back. Okay.

Personally for me, if somebody came to me and said do you believe in God and if somebody would ask me a long time ago, a long long time ago to you believe in God I would've said yes and no I believe in God because I'd heard he exists but it's a blind faith. I can't prove to you that he exists and so, so far I'm concerned, maybe he exists maybe he doesn't exist, I don't know and if somebody would have been said, "Look if you do this this this this for the rest of your life, going to temple, ring your bell, have your little charity on the side, go to all the hots, hot spots you know, the pli pilgrim spots and they have all these places you can go to and umm don't do all the wrong things as so defined in this this this book then when you die you'll go see God. It sounds to me, why do I have to do all this to see God? What's God got to do with all this stuff? Why should I go to that temple if God doesn't really exist there? Who am I ringing the bell? If this is the house of God either he's in or he's out. If he's out I don't wanna go there, what am I gonna do there? Or if he's in, where is he?

India has temples, India has more temples than corners on the road, really. There, before you take a corner you can find a temple, while you're taking a corner you'll find a temple and after you finish the corner you'll still find a temple and they're all three different and as that person feels like I have seen incredible devotion from people where I was pretty much went to school and was raised was in this valley, this place and to get out of there you had to drive through windy roads and tunnels and after this one tunnel was this incredible temple, incredible temple and believe me you know what the common practice to pay homage at this temple was while you were entering the tunnel you knew that temple was right after the tunnel so you undo your window and you got your quarter or dime or your paisa right in your hand, right, and as the car still trucking, because you don't want to stop, you just pay him and shoo right into it. That is how people paid homage at this place and you know my mother always did this, this is ritually she always did this.

My father was sitting in the front, Shri Maharaji was sitting in the front and so she got her little coins in her hand to throw this then he asked her, "What are you going to do with this?" "I'm going to throw it at the temple." He said, "Why?" "Well because you know maybe I'll have salvation, or I'll be free. I'll have liberation." "So do you know by throwing this coin you'll get it? " She said, "No, everybody does it." He said, "Give me the coin I'll make sure you do have liberation." (applause) And uh, she didn't give him the coin (laughter) she just tossed it out the window (laughter) and I just about died laughing. (Laughter) And there goes the liberation, poof, right out the window and this I witnessed myself.

So now here we are, we come to this, again to the same point, where this, this person who has witnessed, who has been through the process says, "I always thought this world is constant and you, my Lord, are the unconstant. I can find a logic, a reason, for everything in this world but I can't find logic behind you and from my perspective, from my concept, from what I view you don't exist, the whole world does. I can't see you. Where are you? Who said God is omnipresent, was he a hypocrite? If he is put him everywhere, he's omnipresent guys or did he have a realization that that Creator, that power, is omnipresent? And I believe me, this is the case with every man alive today, every human being alive today, woman included, children included to say, "I can see the world, I can reason and I have the logic for the world but no, not you. I have many ways to comprehend this world but I have no ways to comprehend you. I can believe in this world but I cannot believe in you. For me I can see every morning I wake up, the garbage truck is there but you Lord are the most unconstant thing. Sometimes you answer my prayers, sometimes you don't and religiously that garbage trucks comes every day and picks up the garbage.

So for me, you are the un-constant and when that Creator, that power by the grace, has to be by that grace, can't be without that grace, has no meaning without that grace. There's a grace that we are put on this face of this world, that's right, it's a blessing, people think it's torture it's a blessing. My God, this world, poor fellow. I mean, when the, when my youngest son was born I was right there and when he was born and he took his breaths and there he was, there he was. No questions about it. No ands, ifs and buts, there he was in this world and I know that the whole feeling was "Welcome, welcome to this world, welcome to this creation" not ssh I've got a tip for you, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, get lost, this world is bad and gettin' worse fast. Go back. No it's welcome, it's beautiful, it's beautiful because that Creator has created this world. Now maybe people think I'm just a big optimist, you know. Well, this is, this is okay. No, it really is that way.

That creation, that reflection, for him, for that power, what is this universe? We can't even begin to comprehend the universe. Man thought this was the only galaxy, now he comes to know that there are many, many many many many many galaxies. The only sun man thought, stars much much much much much bigger stars than this sun and much much much brighter than this sun. You look up and you see those stars and its, it's amazing to know that some of those stars you're seeing actually don't exist, that they're gone, they're dissipated, but the time it's taking for the light to travel to Earth so we can see it, it's still there but they're they're long gone and it's incredible to even think of it for a moment like that no end, an infinity, the where everything's strange, a light, if human being, they say, could travel at the s nobody could travel at the speed of light, the great guys say you'd just disintegrate but you can travel very very close to the speed of light and if you could travel at the very very very very close to the speed of light time would start slowing down for you, time would change, you would be in a warp. All this to even begin to conceive it's not possible.

Here is a, here is one child or one man or one boy hungry, he doesn't have food to eat. Now put after it a statement explaining the universe, two things both exist, here is a child that doesn't eaten and here is this infinite universe in which we a speck that don't even exist. Which one is real? Both real and both have to be looked by their own perspective, both have to be understood and both have to have a meaning. Yet one man isolates himself from something that he is definitely a part of he can't even begin to know what this is all about. People wanna know how we were created. People wanna know how the universe was created but nobody wants to know why it was it created. That's a big problem isn't it? I mean how it was created that's one problem but it's there, you're stuck with it. Tada that's it. It's here, you're here, I'm here, we're all stuck with it too, what are we gonna do, we can't change it, we can't just make it disappear but why was it created? What was the reason? What was the purpose? What did the Creator that created all this have in his imagination? And that's what we need to understand, that's what we need to fulfil and when we can fulfil that, when that grace comes and helps us and you know I was just talking about that hungry child I don't want to leave him alone the point of the that problem is there's no reason why that child should be hungry cause there's plenty of food in this world in fact in one of the past years farmers were paid money by the United States government not to produce food, not to farm because they had no way, they didn't know what to do with the surplus and it was going to cost much more to try to store the food and a lot of money that was paid out, it was three point some billion dollars to the farmers so they wouldn't produce. There is plenty of land, there is plenty of people and there's plenty of food to go around for everybody, really there is.

The problem isn't the food, to me I see somebody hungry and yes it hurts and yes it hurts as much as to say to porpoises in Japan they think all the porpoises are eating all their fish so they may just slaughter them I mean for no reason at all they throw the net out (tape is damaged making most of Rawat's talk of killing porpoises indecipherable) So if I go around just chasing every porpoise how successful do you think I'm gonna be? I don't know Japanese, not much of it how am I supposed to convince Japanese they shouldn't do this.

Hey problem isn't there to just say "Don't do it and they'll stop doing it." That's not a problem ????? Everybody wished it was that simple isn't it I mean if we just tell everybody don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat, it'd be great. Share your food, it'd be great. People, you know, it's in incredible in just the last 1500 years man has learned how to, what to do with milk when it finally gets in the body. 1500 years ago when human beings drank milk, cow's milk that is, they would get violently sick, there's no way to remove the lactose sugar. For 1500 years, the past 1500 years finally the body has been coded by the genes and adapted so they can handle milk and only 80% of Americans can handle it other 20 have a violent reaction to milk and there are countries in Africa where these coded genes just don't exist. But they don't use their cows for milk, they use their cows for blood. Then when they have a drought, they wanna get some water, they don't have any water so they'll drink the blood of the cows. You give these guys a milk and they'll be sicker than a dog. They don't know how to treat it and that's just exactly what happened you know. They said all this dry powdered milk to Africa, the guys didn't know what to do with it so they painted their huts white. You know it seemed a logical solution. It's like somebody who religiously doesn't shave, you send them a razor, what are they supposed to do with it? They have no use, they have no purpose.

And we tried to attack the problems, to me there is no difference between the problem is that the oldest nuclear power exists something big banger is sitting at our door and somebody is going by hungry and all these problems and all these problems that exist there is one root and one cause for all these problems even though the problems are manifesting in different, different ways.

But regardless of all that coming back to this one point the solution, understanding the right perspective, being in the right place, understanding that right thing again, this being, this devotee said "and now that you have given me the right eyes, now that you have taught me how it works, now that you have shown me, my Lord, you are the constant the whole world is the un-constant. Now I see you and only you I can't see the world. You are the truth and the world is the lie. You are the perfection, this world is the imperfection. You have transformed me, you have given me, you are the love, the world is fake and by your grace now I see that beauty, I see that grace, I see that perfection that you really are and my Lord now I stand astonished, wondering how to even grasp all the beauty that you are. One lifetime or 1 million together just aren't long enough to even appreciate what you have shown me and yet let me consume this case, let me consume this beauty in me or let me be consumed by this beauty. Let me surrender, take me, take me above this misery, take me above the cycle, take me, take me from this mortal world and make me immortal. Show me the path, show me the way, now I have no questions, now I have no desires, now I have no doubt because I have now seen."

And when that becomes clear truly we are placed in that situation where there are no doubts, where there's no room for the doubts, there's no place for the doubts. Doubts exist everywhere and we, in our life, take the doubts to be constant and the experience of that Creator we unconstant. That experience goes, comes and goes but doubts always there. Filled, filled, imperfection, you know if you were to take imperfection and perfection amazingly enough you would find that there is a place where imperfection and perfection are so close together, like when the sun comes up and you look, you are just watching the whole earth on a satellite and you see the earth come up there is no place where the rays of that sun are shining and you can see that that's light but there is a place where that darkness and light are so close together but very far away, are so close together and this is what I would define as the field of complete paradox, complete paradox and yet I never even wanna be in that gray area. I never even wanna be in that situation. I wanna be in that place where the only thing that I experience is that perfection. What is perfection? Something perfect inside of me yearns that perfection no matter how I try to stop myself from even experiencing there's something in the that's gonna constantly yearn to have it. You know, how do you in this world even begin to think like this? I want an experience of you Creator, get everything aside. I want to experience God firsthand, not secondhand, if he's alive, if he exists, (short tape problem) it's like being on the telephone right, there's this guy, you can hear the guy but you can't hear who he's talking to "Oh yeah sure that's fine." You see that in movies, they'll pick up the telephone they'll pretend they're talking, there's nobody on the other side, you don't know who's on the other side. I wanna talk, I wanna have my communication very very straight. I don't wanna secondhand experience. Here by the way God, this is what, this is what he said, this is what he said "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP" and it makes about that much sense too.

And when we can be in that place, when that grace, when that somebody comes somebody comes that is different definitely it's the stream of water running the wrong way going up hill. Definitely different, strange, unrelatable, says strange things, goes against every grain. What he comes time after time, time after time he comes to point the way that he's been on that path. He's just not going to sit there and say wow this is a really nice world (tape problem) you get in the car you close the door and there's all these trees on both sides and it's really incredible and it's really nice and you get to the pearly gates and they open and you drive in. There's there's a nice beautiful parking lot and there's a valet standing bear and he takes the car and you you just get to go where you have to get registered. They ask you your name, your occupation, the all those things, what you have done, done anything good at a computer, an IBM or a TI rips out your name and it's got all your good points and bad points and it spits out your readout of your lifetime and if you deserve to go to heaven you'll be admitted otherwise the valet brings your car back and out you go. (end of Side A)

That's it and you can sit here and scratch your head like wait a minute is this the description, is this it? Somebody describes heaven to you or I have heard so many descriptions of heaven and obviously, needless to say, I've heard more descriptions of Hell than heaven. There are people who are doctors, they definitely need doctor's degrees in hell, they know everything about it, what color underwear the Devil wears, and what he does with you, how he does it, how you can get there. Me? I want to walk only one way, I don't wanna go to heaven and I, I definitely don't wanna go to hell. I don't wanna go to heaven, I wanna go wherever my Lord is. If he doesn't happen to be heaven, fine, that's okay, I'll go where ever he is cause that's my heaven, that's where I need to be, that is the place where I can find my tranquillity, he is my Creator not heaven, not heaven. He is my Creator, in him there is heaven, wherever he is there is heaven. He is the King, the Lord, the Creator, the sustainer, the destroyer, the operator, everything. In him I am complete because he himself is complete. Without him I am incomplete even though I am in heaven eating grapes. What am I going to do in heaven? It must be a strange place cause I never get hungry. Here on earth I get hungry, I can enjoy different foods.

You know itch is incredible. When you have a itch on your back and you can't reach it and it gets really intense and you cast aside your shame and you open the door and rub your back against that door it is an incredibly nice feeling, it really is, it really, really is well, and yet, feeling having that one it satisfied in this soul to be complete, to be one with my Creator. When the that it is satisfied, my God, it is too much, it's completely incredible. Lord, I can say this, without any fear and shame, Lord there was a time in which you existed and even though I might have been just in your idea, a little thing in your eyes but I existed and you existed. Nothing else existed, not the Sun, the moon, the earth, the religions, the holy books, the unholy books, and nothing existed just you and me existed. That's what I want now, that's what I want because then I am safe, then I am okay, then I don't have to bother about anything and again and again and again and again and again.

Like I was saying when Jesus came in this world he didn't say, "Now go read the Bible, that is the word, so long." "Did he?" No, he couldn't have. Krishna just didn't turn around Arjun and say "Arjun I know you have a lotta doubts, here's a quick lesson in speed reading, and here's Gita, read it, real quick and we can get on fighting. How could he, how could he tell him that? How could Ram turn around to Hanuman and say Hanuman let's relax here. Just let's relax, you know what the story is right. Here is Ramayan, I am gonna get Sita back and then I am going to lose her again. What's the point in chasing her? Let's go back. Isn't that, isn't that what happened? I mean, if you don't know the story, I'll tell you the story in a very short, abbreviated form. There was Ram and he gets married with Sita and Raven comes along, steals Sita, Ram's wife, now Ram is looking for Sita, he finally, just this whole battle, just this whole scene, gets Sita back brings her back to his kingdom. Finally becomes the King of and then he kicks Sita out. Because somebody said "If Sita had been my wife I would've wondered what happened to her when she was with Raven." Anyway, so he said, "Hmm. That's a good one, out you go. I can't have this, out you go." He finally kicked her out, she was pregnant, she had twins and they both ended up fighting with Ram's brother, with Hanuman, the whole army and then finally Ram came, found the sons and Sita disappeared for ever. Now, and this is the story and and how does Sita disappear in the first place, they're sent to exile, they're sitting in a hut, this beautiful, beautiful you know, deer comes Sita says "Go chase", says to brother-in-law "Go chase 'em, I want that deer." Right. And umm Ram goes after that, Lakshman goes after that everybody goes after that, he comes Raven the bad guy and he steals Sita and uh so at that point when he Hanuman or he could have turned around to his own brother, Ram could have and said, "listen, here is the Ramayan, you can read in there what happens, "I chain, she's not gonna end up with me anyway, so what's the point, let's drop it, let's go back. The whole thing happens, is this, I mean, is this it? Can't we have common sense and look at it and say.

You know it's like, it's like making a movie about Thomas Alva Edison inventing a light bulb with a huge light bulb on his workbench, does that make sense? He's got this huge lightbulb screwed in his ceiling, right over his workbench and there he is, you show him making the lightbulb. What is he doing if the lightbulb is already there? It's like him inventing the telephone and you see him working on this thing that looks like a telephone and then the phone rings and he picks it up, "Hello." What would be the point? What would be the point of it? That would be a ludicrous movie, that would be a stupid, stupid movie. It's like the guy who invents the television he's watching television and he gets the course from the television and he makes his television, "Who, look at this, I've invented television from watching television." It doesn't make sense! It doesn't make sense, it's the same way, it doesn't make sense.

And yet I have no problems whatsoever, in me there is no doubt I have seen my Creator, I have felt my Creator, I have touched my Creator, I am happy, I am sure you don't care what the world does. I've just gotta make sure that the world's unhappiness doesn't rub off on me then I'll be unhappy too and if I am unhappy here is one more soul that's unhappy and that's going to make my Lord unhappy because he made me happy and now I leave him to become unhappy. Smile. Everywhere I go, you know, to buy something or to see somebody, "Have a nice day" really what I should be saying is have a nice life, you deserve it. I mean if you've made it this far that you're a human being and that you're alive you may as well enjoy it. Why be saddened and be miserable? Yet, I know, nobody could handle that comment "Have a nice life." "That's a new one, where did you hear that?" And that's gonna probably make 'em more miserable so I figure they maybe could handle one day, "Have a nice day." Very simple. (really shouts) How? And I just wish somebody would ask me that. Nobody does. If somebody had asked me how I'm supposed to have a nice day, I'd tell them how to have a nice day. I know, I don't have to blink my shoulders and say, "I don't know. I was just tryin' to be nice to you." I would tell him, I know not only how to have one nice day but he can have every day of his life be nice, every day of his life to be wonderful because it really, really is.

And here we are so lucky, so fortunate. We have been given the direction, every single thing that we need not only have we been given everything to walk the path we have been placed upon the path that we need to walk. No more, no less is now required. We are in that place to go on. People have doubts, doubts and doubts. We know it's simpler and easier not to have doubts than to have doubts, all you got to do is open up, open up inside, let that light, let that experience shine through and the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji is with you. There's nothing you have to fear, there's nothing you have to be afraid of. Again and again, again and again I see that the Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's grace manifests in ways exactly how I need it. If I have ideas about it, Murphy's waiting for me. If I surrender about it, Guru Maharaj Ji is waiting for me, I just have to beg and this is the way it's always been.

That Murphy, he's too much. He always just sits there and waits, he's got nothing else to do except torture you, that's all. He is the one that makes things go wrong because he is the one who has very clearly stated anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If he wouldn't have said that, maybe it wouldn't have but now that he has said it he he waits for you believe me and he waits for you. When I have my ideas, sure he's there ready to just click zap me. And yet when I can just open up and accept, surrender in that sweet beauty of that surrender, that letting go, just all you have to say is, "Lord, I agree, you're smarter than I am." Maybe that's it, instead of always saying, "Now wait a minute Lord, uh, I, I I know I know I'm I'm smarter than you think." And here we go, day after day, imagining, pretending "Oh yeah we're smart we know it all, we've got it nailed, we've got it tight, we have it tight." Do we have it tight?

How many times are we to be taught the lesson, we don't know, we simply do not know and we do need somebody that does know. And that's all (applause) that's all really really we need. (15:37) Somebody who's been there, who knows it, who's experienced it. I'm not trying to pass an experience onto you, I'm not going to sit here and give you the experience verbally I want you to experience the experience that I have had because it's beautiful, because it's wonderful. It's beyond your wildest imaginations, you can't imagine it. Uh oh, what you imagine, this is a simple law, if you can imagine it, it's not the right stuff. Just simply, if you can imagine it, it's not the stuff that I am talking about. Don't imagine, don't even try, don't even begin to imagine it and why does this all happen, why does this all manifest, because of that love.

So many times I've seen and it's so true that person that comes in this world again and again to lead us, to take us to that place recognizes ??? This love, understand this love, you love me and I love you and we have perfect and beautiful relationship. You stop loving me I still keep loving you and this is what you have to know where does it stop where does it begin. It has no beginning and it has no end. This is the only reason why this person comes in this world because of that love, wanting that love, because it's it's food, it's his food, this is it. You can live on this, no other reason, no justification, no other thing can there ever be and when this love opens from our hearts, when we can finally try to even understand, yes yes, give me that love, your love, your true love, your perfect love, you feel my heart, every empty space in my soul, fill it, fill it with your love then I am confused, then I am truth, then your love is what can make me walk on this road, protect me on this path, help me fulfil and let me have that love for you. You are the love, the world is the hate, possibly I thought it was the other way around, you are the perfection, the world is the imperfect. Constantly I thought, always I thought it was the other way around.

You and me I wanna just be the same sparkle that I was when nothing existed because then I know I was completely content and my Creator gives me a body and yet he wants it to be that sparkle inside, that little thing in his eye which is complete, which is perfect. This is what I am, this is what I can be enjoying this life. Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world, he doesn't say, "Okay guys, start being miserable, never, enjoy." Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this life, comes in this world, he puts smiles on peoples faces.

There are people you know, "What are you grinning for, what's so funny? We're talkin' about the Lord, don't smile. This is serious matter. Get that silly grin off your face. The Lord is serious stuff." It's like getting a shot in your arm, you know, you know it's going to hurt, you just wait for the pain then you know the needle is in. Serious, tough, quiet, really quiet, don't say nothing, be afraid, look only one way, don't touch anything, don't do anything and uh I find it very interesting is the place you should laugh your head off, just, just laugh it off, I mean, where else you gonna do it, where else you gonna do it, you know, where else can you go and laugh because you feel like laughing. I saw this one movie "History of the World Part One." There's this guy walking with uh 15 Commandments then he treats and he drops five and he says, "Oh, I have 10 Commandments for you." It's a joke, it's a real joke and some people think this guy has got very secure but I bet you anything if Jesus saw it he would laugh. (laughter and applause) He would laugh because it's funny, it is funny and he would laugh even if there was no reason to laugh cause then it's not funny, it's beautiful, it's incredible, it's complete, and that's, that's the gist of it.

People don't need to be mad, people don't need to be serious, people don't need to torture themselves to find God, is ridiculous. If God exists, people should find him and and and be with him all the time. That's the way it's supposed to be, you know. What are you going to tell that Creator once you find him? "Oh by the way excuse me I've gotta go to the office, it's getting late. So I hope you hang around here, here's five bucks, there's a pizza store around the corner and they have free Pepsi so uh I'll see you bye, ciao, slap in your car and go to golf. Really, you tell me, this society hahaha this is funny, the way they've created everything and they've created that they're all waiting for it and he dared to come in, what would you think they'd do with all the office buildings? There he is. People want food, whoosh, the corn is up, the wheat is up. He takes one loaf of bread, bakes it, takes it out and that's it everybody feeds from it for the rest of their lives, I mean, it keeps expanding and keeps expanding and keeps expanding and keeps expanding and keeps expanding. What are we going to do? Nobody has thought about this, not even the religions. They've got prime time TV times, right, prime TV spots and they've got their satellites, they'll have to shut it all down. What are we going to leave the Lord and go, "Oh by the way he's there on the 56th St and the 78th St, come on down." No way. Either they're going to try to drag him to the TV station, "Lord how about an exclusive?" And he appeared on all TVs at the same time whether they were turned off on or what channel they were, FCC would freak out "Aaaaargh, sabotage, it's the communists." (laughter and applause)

And it's funny, it really is, it's hilarious because it's like uh a farmer who takes seeds and throws them on his carpet and says, "They're gonna grow." Carpet is like soil, takes the hose and he hoses them every day. My goodness they've got this incredible plot about the Lord coming, nobody's ready, nobody's ready. If the Lord became, people would be so messed up, it would throw the economy off, the stock exchange will collapse, everything would become a complete fiasco cause we're not ready. We will never be ready.

When he comes in his own good sweet time, whenever he feels like it, he comes, he hangs around, a little knock knock here, a little knock knock there and maybe that's all he does. Knock knock. Who's there? Lord. Lord who? Me you idiot, here I am, you know I wanna save you (crowd shouts in unison: Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) and I wanna give you the peace and the joy and whatever you want.

We're not buying whatever you're selling. That's it. We're in no position, where are we gonna put him up? Do we know him? When he shows up, where we gonna put him up? Okay Lord this is where you gonna stay overnight. Where? What are you gonna feed him? ) What? It's like those are the first things they should go around doing, you know, if they really, can you imagine what would happen to all the temples and churches and everything. Would it just be a fiasco. Urgh. What if he decided to come Sunday morning, that'd really do it all up wouldn't it? We sleep late on Sunday morning and then and then you know it would just be strange. When should he come? When should he come, we've got to define that for him, he can't make up his mind. We tell him when he can come.

For goodness sake, that's exactly what he doesn't do. That's exactly what he doesn't do. What you think he's going to do, he will not do. He will blow your concept to smithereens like he always does systematically. Learn from the mistakes. People said, "He is going to come. Oh sure, he is going to come like the King." The comments, humble, simple little carpenter, born in some stable somewhere, quiet and private and now they know it's gonna be a carpenter. Only logic makes sense, right? How's it gonna? What's it gonna happen, I mean, there's got pictures, I've seen pictures of Pegasus and on the the back of Pegasus is the Lord riding down, coming right through the clouds, clouds in a certain formation. Why? What does he do wanna do that for? Is there any reason why he should that? Is that the only way for? Isn't that the only place for those, the infinity and the finite meet so he can drop down. The body is he going to take? What is he going to look like? Oh we haven't got the faintest. Societies, we go on believing in many things and yet none can be trust ourselves.

None can we accept ourselves and we need to be just in a place where we can happy because one thing is for sure every time he comes, that Lord comes in this world, he never ever has yet asked anybody to have blind faith in him. He is always revealed something through which you will have proof positive about him, his identity and the light. This is exactly what happened to Kabir. This lady asked him you know, "Now you have given me experience, now you have given me this knowledge, now I know the Perfect Master, why didn't you just tell me you were Perfect Master before? ??? Save you a lot of hassle and time, save me a lot of hassle and time." And Kabir says, "Listen, if I would have told you I was it, would you have believed me? And now you know and you are saying it yourself. You have an experience of Sat and it's all very simple and logical and straightforward." It's always that way, we are human beings and believe me we have shortcomings (screaming) and that Creator, if anybody knows our shortcomings that Creator does. And believe me, he's going to make it very, very simple for us to experience him. Not complicated, not sophisticated but always beautiful and always joyous. So rejoice, be happy. The power to dispel the doubts, the darkness, is in you. Rejoice. There is no other thing to do except to rejoice, be happy. Sad, tears, crying oh you've done that for awfully long times.

Now this changes, people are waiting for the age of Aquarius. What do they think, it's gonna be 12 midnight, everybody's gonna go, "Aquarius wow." No, for goodness sake, no. Those who will be saved, will be in that heaven, will be in that age of Aquarius. What else can the age of Aquarius offer to human beings? They will be happy, that love will exist, you can see in your life, I can see in my life or that of the real true love wins all and it has. All, all the miseries is shrunk compared to that happiness and joy that I can truly experience. So (sucks snot up his nose and swallows) I mean it's really incredible, I know we sit in our little places and we go, "My God terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible" and uh then the ?????? ??? We open our eyes and we go, "Wow that's beautiful, it's incredible, has it always been like this?" Yeah, it's always been like this but you, you changed. You keep your eyes closed and it's miserable for you, you keep your eyes open it's incredible for you and surely I have enjoyed this festival very much, it's not quite over yet we have one more day left and uh I guess you must have all read in your little thing you want him what ever you want to call it that, uh, tomorrow is the festival of Holi.

Now what ever that means, chances are you might get wet. I don't know what Holi means here. Holi is way past due, March 9th ?? Holi ?? we played it in India. This isn't Holi, this isn't Holi, by no means is it Holi, in fact, its something very different. ????? It is what it is I mean it's just no different to me, you come, I come, you're not here what am I going to do here? You come, I come or I come then you come, right? When we get together and the thing is, it's not the trouble, the thing is something always happens. It's always incredible, always incredible, I mean I have seen things happen where you would say you know you go backstage and somebody will come wow that was strange you know and all the things that went wrong. I have seen these musicians fry to the point where they don't even know which side of the guitar to play and um everything I mean just this one program we had in New Orleans that was it I mean it was just it. It was all over the place and premies were there, I was there and something incredible started to happen above and beyond all the rest of it. How it manifest, where it manifest, what its shape be, does it manifest, does it not manifest, I mean I see everywhere here Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy is just waiting for the premies. He just, he just waits very patiently and he's just ready to grab, and tell you, he has a very good success rate with 'em, he just waits and he gets 'em, sure enough (37:09) I, I try to beat him, beat Murphy, in a sense it takes a little doing but you can do it, you can do it, you can't beat Murphy at his own game and it's completely possible.

So always understand that experience to be the reality and its world saving, it's incredible saving and if you stand on the deck and if you go hmm up and down, up and down, up and and it starts very minisculy, oh you almost don't feel it, just that little queasy feeling except that you know once it's started it won't stop. It just keeps on getting queasier and queasier and queasier and queasier and queasier till you throw up and then you are really sick and that's it. So, everybody wonders, "How come the captain doesn't get sick? How comes the captain don't get sick? Everybody else throws up, how come this guy don't, what is his trick?" People have got this legitimate logic, "Oh, he's got this sea belly." No. There is a trick to it. When you're with him, you're in the place cause he is in the place. Can you imagine how many people he has seen get sick in different parts of the world that he is in a place on the boat where you won't get sick. Plenty of fresh air and you don't see the up and down you just look right he drives the boat. If you can be with him you won't get sick. You decide to take a little adventure. "Lemme go downstairs in the cabin and look out the windows. All you see is the water and boat's going up and down, you know you are moving but the cabin is stationary and then you look out the window and you think, "Oh my God this is it." It all starts to happen. Being in that place, don't settle for any less. Settle for the best seat with the captain and you'll be okay. You start to get sick nudge him on the shoulders and say, "Hey Capt. I'm starting to get sick," and he'll say, "Okay, here is the trick to it" and he'll just tell you the trick. He wants you to have a nice trip and it'll be all right. Don't go off in your own adventures, that's where trouble begins, that's exactly where the trouble begins.

Being in that one place, everything is fine, everything is okay. So, there is that love, there is that grace, enjoy and rejoice that it's there. So I just wanna, you know, thank everybody for coming, it was a beautiful, beautiful today program, you've got tomorrow too and I'd just like to say a few things. I don't know how many uh European premies are here, there might be a few, they always drop in once in a while and I got a tour schedule for the European premies. Wed Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday and Friday Monday and Tuesday that's it uh um here it is uh Wednesday, September 22 September 19 this year 1982 Paris and then Thursday, September 23rd Germany at large no you see I shouldn't say this um there's gonna be a program in Germany on Thursday September the 23rd hopefully. There however will be a program in Germany anyway I hope. Why am I saying this? Because they haven't found a hall yet. They've found one but it's not confirmed yet and uh if that is not the hall that works out we might have to shuffle the dates. Anyhow, I hope on Thursday, September 23rd that there's gonna be a program in Germany maybe maybe not, but I think there's gonna be. Friday and the whole tours may be maybe not. Friday, September 24th in Milano and then ha Monday, September 27th Madrid. Tuesday, September 28th Lisbon and Friday, October 1st Manchester England and Monday and Tuesday October which is fourth and fifth London London. So all we wanted to know is how many foreign premies were here, that's what this is all about.

So, just wanted to announce that and then I would like to also say that umm tomorrow, and when we play the, whatever it is, watch out for your eyes and stuff like that. Don't look at that water spraying at you, you can look at it when it is spraying somebody else, don't look at it when it is spraying you. That thing puts out somewhere in the vicinity of what ever it's set at but it can put out 750 gallons of water per minute, per minute. That is a lot of water and it is putting it out somewhere in the vicinity of when it's full peaked out somewhere in the vicinity of 250 pounds per square inch. By the time it gets to you it's not that hard hopefully that it is very, very strong pressure. This is so all the premies here can get wet and again I would like to say, I've always said this, it's not a place for the little kids because they're a little, 250 PS I, 750 gallons per minute equals no kids, a little formula. So it's best if they can be in a place where they can get wet but they won't get hurt. That's the most important thing, nobody should get hurt and nobody has to get hurt if you're just careful and I think you are going to enjoy the festival very much as you know is happening in the evening instead of the daytime which is the usual, always had it, happening in the evening and uh there's a few surprises there so I'll see you tomorrow there I hope. Nothing is permanent you know nothing is permanent except the experience you have inside of you, that's always there. So thank you very much, good night and blessings to all the premies.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai)