The "Satsangs" of Premies

The major and virtually only source of teachings, doctrines, etc in Prem Rawat's career as a "Master" are his speeches. These are mainly impromptu though they are very repetitious and have evolved greatly since he first began speaking to audiences as the empowered incarnation of God - (Guru Maharaj Ji) in 1966. However, they maintain some constant concepts, Prem Rawat is the only source of real peace and happiness in the world today and he is the last and greatest in a line of "Masters" that he formerly called "Perfect Masters", that includes Jesus Christ and Krishna who taught the same "Knowledge he now teaches. The language has evolved (though when in India he uses the same concepts that are no longer discussed in the West) but the message remains the same. Whether that is deliberate deceit or a growth and maturing in exposition is a matter of debate though it is difficult for most people to accept that the claim that Prem Rawat is the Ultimate Ruler and Supreme Divinity can be laid aside and still maintain any shred of credibility.

Prior to the early 1980's his followers were encouraged to speak publicly about him, his Knowledge and his glory. Since then, they have been ordered or at least strongly encouraged (a wink is as good as a nod when it comes from God) not to speak about Rawat and his Knowledge. At various times and for various periods during the last 30 years a handful of his followers have been given permission to speak about him. The following speeches were made and recorded before 1982.

Satsangs from 1973 published in "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?"

Satsangs from 1980