Hans RawatShri Hans Ji Maharaj - Violence and Abuse

The so-called "His Royal Highness Yogiraj Param Hans Sadgurudev Shri Hans ji Maharaj" was a guru in India within his version of the Sant Mat tradition. He claimed to be the Satguru or Perfect Master of his time though he was not accepted by the majority of his own Master's other followers. He married twice, the second time to Jagat Janani Mata Shri Rajeshwari Devi, also known as "Mata Ji" and they had four sons. He was certainly not reticent in describing himself as God incarnate in human form and verbally attacked his competitors unmercifully. In 1953 he called the gurus of the Hare Krishna movement the biggest frauds in what was meant to be a Parliament of Religions.

At the Hans Jayanti festival in Kissimmee, Florida on the afternoon of Thursday 8th of November, 1979 Prem Rawat explained that to be a manmut is to be the worst, in hell of hell and told a strange story about his violent and abusive father who regularly beat people with timber and his shoes.

Rawat Says Ex-Premie Backsliders Go To Deepest Pits Of Hell

You know what manmut means? Manmut is what has been described as a devotee who is not a devotee, who has been sent beyond everything. A manmut is the worst. That's it. If there's the pits, then that's the pits. That's the end. That's the back room of hell. That's the hell of hell. And what manmut means is: the follower of mind. But before being a manmut, you have to be a devotee. First you have to be a devotee, follow Guru Maharaj Ji, and only then you can become a manmut. Because you leave Guru Maharaj Ji and start following your mind. And then you end up in the pits. That's it.

Prem Rawat Discusses His Violent and Abusive Father Beating a Manmut

Rawat loves his own shit jokes
Rawat loves his own shit jokes

So many people would come so many times in a day and they would all be turned away at the gate. There were these devotees, I guess, who try and try to have an experience of Knowledge. And they haven't really done anything wrong. And they're just told, "Go back. Come later."

But whenever this guy would show up, even when Shri Maharaj Ji was out driving and he would be standing there: "Stop the car." Right at the gate, he'd come out there and there'd be this guy. It's like, he was the luckiest manmut. He was the most fortunate sinner in this world, I guess, in one sense. Because every time Shri Maharaj Ji - somehow, sometime - he would get a whoof of it…

And one time I was travelling with Shri Maharaj Ji and somehow he got a whoof of it. Shri Maharaj Ji saw him on a roadside. And the car was going really fast. And Shri Maharaj Ji spotted him and said, "Back the car up. Go to him." Stopped in front of him, got out and let him have it.

It's just beautiful. In one sense it's just beautiful because so many premies never could get Shri Maharaj Ji's darshan. This guy would not only get Shri Maharaj Ji's darshan but personal attention. Somehow in that maybe the devotees will find the bliss. (Not being manmut. You don't have to go out there and become a manmut so that's what Guru Maharaj Ji will do to you every day.) But Guru Maharaj Ji has that compassion. And Guru Maharaj Ji has that love.

Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979
Hans Jayanti Festival 10th-Nov-1979

Because to me, that became obvious. If Guru Maharaj Ji didn't have that love, why would he say, "Stop the car"? There is this, you might say, highway. And this guy is standing on the side of it. And, "Stop the car", or "Back it up." The car would go past it. "Was that him?" "Yes, Maharaj that was him." "Okay. Turn around. Go back." And then for ten, twenty, fifteen minutes, this would go on. And then, "… and I never want to ever see you again." Close the door and go off. Two days later he would show up at the residence. Same thing would happen, "… and I never, ever want to see you again." Turn around and that stuff. But you would see that sometimes he would get angry at somebody and say, "Get out of here. Go away." Then two minutes later, "Where is he? Call him back. Send people out. Call him back. What's happening to him?"

Prem Rawat Recalls How His Father Terrified 'Tommy' Their Vicious Dog

Prem recalled the time he was revealed the Knowledge by his father and he mentioned their vicious dog called Tommy. While Shri Hans was away from home this dog would bite anyone given a chance but when Shri Hans was at home the dog was too terrified to do anything but sit quietly.

" We were busy playing outside. Somebody came and said, "He (Shri Maharaji) is calling you." In my family there was a sort of a regulation that when he called, it means something serious. In those days, during the time of Shri Maharaji, there was a pet dog named Tommy. We were very young. And that dog used to bite everybody. He was always chained. He used to run after every one to bite them. But when Shri Maharaji came back from tours and was sitting in a chair, that dog used to sit there quietly. He (the dog) knew quite well that if he would be nasty, he would be punished."

Prem Rawat Recalls Another Episode Of His Father Beating a Manmut

"Sometimes he'd get mad, really just thunder and storm, you know. Hurricane is just a little whoof of a wind compared to when he would just really manifest in that way. Everybody would be completely super, super scared. Everybody. The neighbors or anybody walking by - just everybody - completely would lose it. Sometimes you would look at the planning office - the one I was talking about. There'd be all these people working in there, right? And Shri Maharaj Ji would be in the backyard some day. And you could see the backyard from this office. And if he'd get mad at somebody - you would not even see a single person out in that office. Everybody would sort of just disappear somewhere, didn't want to be yelled at or be a part of it or anything."

"When Shri Maharaj Ji would be really angry at somebody, it wouldn't end. For me, it wouldn't end. It'd be going on for "hours and hours" - and probably it'd be ten minutes. But it'd be going on for "hours and hours and hours and hours." And here I was trembling and shaking. Didn't even … Here he would really be angry or mad at somebody - really mad. Really mad!"

"I remember there was this one guy. And every time Shri Maharaj Ji would see him. Shri Maharaj Ji'd get really upset with him. Really upset! And he would take his cane and start letting him have it. And he would take his shoe and start letting him have it. And it was incredible because this guy, just about every week that Shri Maharaj Ji was there, would show up. There would be other people who would come. All they would get to is the door and then they would leave. But this premie had the fortune, you might say, of getting called all the way into Shri Maharaj Ji's veranda. And there he would sit and this guy would sit not three feet away from him. And he enjoyed every moment of it. One day I was looking at this whole scene happening. Shri Maharaj Ji had a stick and he was hitting him to the point where even the stick broke. … Shri Maharaj Ji almost broke his shoe hitting him."

Prem Rawat's Fear Of His Father's Punishment For His School Sins

Prem Rawat spoke of his fear and loathing of school. He was terrified of the punishment he would recieve once the teachers uttered the dreaded words that would send a chill up his spine:

"I wanna talk to your parents and that is just like this cool chill just shoots right through your spine "Oh my God!" Even though, even though mind you some of that fear and guilt is because you love your parents and you don't want your parents to be disappointed in you but that love is taken and re-channeled, reshaped into something utterly useless "