The Spiritual Life Society

As of the beginning of 2009 I have very little information about the "Spiritual Life Society". However, it was the organisation started by Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji in New York in the USA after they deposed Prem Rawat. Their Western followers were not many and the core group were the musicians in Blue Aquarius and their families. The ashrams of younger Western premies continued until at least the late 1980's and they had a considerable presence in the Indian community. According to the testimony of members their loyalty lay with Bhole Ji and they found Satpal Ji far more approachable and intelligent than his youngest brother (who wouldn't?) and accepted the rationale for removing Prem Rawat as the Satguru due to his flagrantly unspiritual lifestyle.

There is a March 13, 1978 Time magazine article "One Lord Too Many" discussing the two Rawat brothers in a satiric snippet.

There is an internet interview with a Rick Roberts, a flute maker and former long time member of a Spiritual Life Society ashram on, the website, which was downloaded on 26/12/2008.

There is a discussion by "Carl" in the Ex-Premie Forum archives discussing and answering questions about his involvement in Blue Aquarius and his ideas about the family break up and his long term involvement in the SLS which was downloaded on 26/12/2008.

There is a letter from Sant Ji Maharaj (Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji) on Divine Light Mission letterhead and the OCRed text in which he explains groups like Blue Aquarius only bring confusion and orders his followers to have nothing to do with his brother, Bhole Ji, and orders Bhole Ji to return to India.

There are two copies of the SLS magazine Eureka published in the USA: Volume 1 Number 1 and Volume 1 Number 2.


The Secret Knowledge by Satpal Maharaj There is a book published in 1984, The Secret Knowledge by Satpal Maharaj