Prem Rawat's Teaching about Enlightenment - In His Own Words

Both Prem Rawat and his father, self-declared Perfect Masters of their time, asserted they could provide realization, liberation and enlightenment though Prem mentioned realization and liberation far more often than enlightenment.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About His Shelter

Hans Rawat (Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj)
If the touch of an enlightened soul is absolutely necessary to get this Knowledge, how can it be possible to get it from a Guru who has left his mortal body? Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad would not have called upon the people of their times to come into their shelter and consecrate mind, body and actions to them. Lord Rama could have said, "Seek the shelter of Narayana." Lord Krishna could have told Arjuna, "Seek the shelter of Lord Rama." Jesus Christ could have told people to seek the shelter of some previous Master. But they did not say so simply because they were enlightened and they knew perfectly well that past enlightened souls cannot help the average aspirant to attain enlightenment.
Online Magazines: Manav Dharam (September 2008)

Prem Rawat Teachings About the Divine Light

Hans Rawat aka Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
Lord Krishna said," Attain this Knowledge by all means. If you prostrate yourself at the feet of the tatwadarshi (seer or enlightened soul), serve him in every way and ask him sincerely for this Knowledge, when he is pleased he will impart it to you." This is the only way of getting that knowledge. There is absolutely no other way. But the problem is how to recognize the enlightened Guru? The word 'Guru' means 'the person who can show the Light within'. The term 'gu' stands for darkness and 'ru' means light. Hence, one who can show self-effulgent Light within you, and thereby instantaneously remove the darkness, should be taken as the real tatwadarshi guru. Thus we see that the only way of bringing about an improvement in human behaviour is the acquisition of this true Knowledge with the help of a living realized soul. The aims of human life - unalloyed happiness, deliverance from all suffering and salvation from the bondage of death and rebirth - can be attained by immersing the mind in the Divine Light and constantly meditating on the Real Name. Non-stop meditation on the Name gives mental equanimity, stability, tranquillity and complete concentration which in turn brings true peace.
Online Magazines: Manav Dharam (September 2008) downloaded 1st April 2010

Prem Rawat Teachings About the Divine Light

Dehradun, India, January 20 1970
Similarly, in order to be with the Lord, one has to become a humble servant in the beginning. You, in the western world, are crippled with materialism. Come to me, for I shall heal you from your disease. You are blind with your eyes, for you cannot look to the spiritual world. Come to me, for I shall enlighten you. If you are lame, I am there to help you. Dear aspirant, day by day, man is exploring materialism. But the saints had explored in the spiritual world. Scientists write books and theories while the saints write scriptures and sing the glory of God. Love God for He is Love. See divine light for He is DIVINE LIGHT. And Sing His glory in words, for He is the WORD. Quench your thirst for He is TRANQUILITY. Listen to the heavenly harmony for He is HEAVENLY HARMONY: from which the universal frame began.
The Golden Age, April 1979, Number 52

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About The Holy Name

Peace Bomb Speech, India Gate, Delhi, Hardwar, India, November 1970
So, dear premies, we Indians have a duty and that duty is to forget that self-esteem which makes you lazy and to destroy those things that separate you from God. Only accept that which is of God, which is one with the Name of God, and from which every ray of the Light of God comes. Accept that and show the Western world that in this degrading age, we are the same Indians as before. The Lord, Guru Maharaj Ji, has brought the same Grace with Him that He brought for us before, and if you are not receiving it then come to me. … Soon I will leave my studies and spread the Holy Word of Guru Maharaj Ji throughout the world. How will the world not receive it? To every single child, I will reveal this Name. I will give you such a thing, such a Name, that you have never received before in your life. But come to me. Why do you hesitate? … So devote yourself wholeheartedly, sacrifice your life to propagate this Name. You can serve the world afterwards, you can fill this stomach eating and drinking later, but if you sacrifice yourself now for the devotion of God, I say that people will spread out golden carpets for you. It is time to awake and know the Word about which it is said, "The Word is the earth. The Word is the sky. There is but the Word; and all is enlightenment. The whole universe is based on the Word. Nanak says the Word is in every heart.

Maharaji's Teachings About The Knowledge of God

Hunter College, New York City, October 8, 1971
So if you want to find the true Knowledge of God, no problem at all. No difficulty at all. Go there, and seek that Knowledge. If it is true Knowledge, it will give you Peace. It will give you enlightenment. It will give you a point there where your mind will rest. It will be a headrest for your mind. And if not, your mind will still wander around. Your mind will still wander around if it is not the true Knowledge. So this is how you will really know what is the true Knowledge.
Élan Vital, Volume I Issue 2 Winter 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About His Own Perfection

Central Hall Westminster, London England, November 2 1971
Then how to find this Word? We have to find this Word by a teacher, by a guide - a guide who is perfect and who can teach this perfect Knowledge to us, a perfect guide can guide us. Like Guru Mahatma Guru Charnanand Ji just told you that you need a burning lamp to light another unlit lamps. So, same way, you need a enlighted (sic) Perfect Master to make you enlighted (sic) and perfect also. If the Master himself is, you know, not perfect, how can he make you perfect? You need a Master.
Perfect Master Tape #004 and Reflections on an Indian Sunrise, 1972

Prem Rawat Teaching About Buddha

Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar, November 24, 1971
Buddha Bhagwan said, "I would like to have a glimpse of that Holy Knowledge." And thus, Sujata revealed that knowledge. If this knowledge were available without a Guru, then Buddha Bhagwan himself would have kept quiet and would have continued sitting. As soon as he took knowledge, as soon as he was enlightened by Sujata he started making his disciples and he started telling them, giving his agya (command) to them to go and spread this Holy Word of God.
Reflections on an Indian Sunrise, 1972

Maharaji's Teachings About The Energy Keeping Us Alive

Sydney Lower Town Hall, Australia, 6 October 1972
So what is this thing that makes us alive? What is it? Doctors have been trying to search for this thing for years and years and years. They have never been able to find it. The day they will find this thing, they will be able to make a dead man alive. But they are still searching. Really it is right inside of us, but how to know it? How to understand that which is the nearest thing to us? The retinas of our eyes with which we see are the nearest parts to our eyes. But can we see our retinas without a mirror? Can we see our face without a mirror? Can we see the tip of our noses without a mirror? And they are the nearest parts, very near parts to us. Can we see them? Can we see the tip of our nose, our eyelids, without a mirror? No. In the same way the nearest thing to us, this energy, cannot be seen without a mirror. But which mirror should we apply? Not these materialistic mirrors, but the mirror of Knowledge, the mirror of enlightenment, is the only mirror which can lead us to this light, which can lead us to this energy.
Divine Light magazine Volume 2, Number 8, May 1973

Maharaji's Teachings About God With Form

Killarney Heights, Sydney, October 1972
"Form" means that energy takes a form which is like Guru. Okay? Formless energy is energy. Formless form of God is energy, and does that energy have any form? No. Guru has a form, right? And Guru is a form; energy is formless. But you have to see to consider something formless and with form. God is not visible by these eyes. So He is formless, He has a form yet He is beyond all that. Because you cannot see Him with these eyes. This is a common thing, but commonsense is uncommon.
Why did God ever take form?
There is no question we can ask "Why?" to God, of course. God is ten times, a thousand times, a million times more clever than us. And any step He takes we do not know why He took that step. If you are the boss of the world and God works under you then you can ask Him, "Why did you take a form?" He takes a form of a Guru to come into this world to enlighten people, to show then a way, to show them a path. That's what we can see, that's what we can realize why He takes a form.
Golden Age May 1978 Number 45

Peace on Earth

Chicago Illinois, August 7 1973
this Knowledge has to be revealed by the Perfect Master which is a source who can reveal us this Knowledge. We have to go to a source and that's why it is very necessary that we go to a Master. When we want to drive a car, now car is something that finally somebody made it and the first guy who ever made a car he drove it. Now he didn't have a Master to drive the car but finally when other people had to learn they had to go to Master. In the same way when the Perfect Master comes in this body he is enlightened but if other people want to be enlightened they can't be like Perfect Master because they are not the one, they are created. There is a great difference between a creator and created like there is a great difference between the chair and a maker of a chair. In the same way there is a great difference between God who created the world and the creation itself which we are. God creation and if we try to compete with the creator we can never do that because creator is perfect and we are not perfect. Creator is infinite and we are not infinite, we are finite. We have a beginning and we have a end but the infinite one who is God doesn't have a beginning and doesn't have a end to it. That's the constant primordial vibration sustaining the whole world and to realize it is realizing Knowledge, is the Knowledge.
PMT #008: The Practical Solution Studio Rehearsal

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching about Drugs

San Francisco California, February 10 1974
Maharaj Ji, what would you say to a premie that smokes dope and smokes cigarettes?
Well, the only thing I can say is that, look. You already have a Knowledge that is far superior to that. It's like this person who has an airplane and is saying, "Oh, I want to go to Los Angeles as soon as possible. Oh, I want to go to Los Angeles as soon as possible. I want to take the quickest means." And he has a jet which is okay. It runs. It's perfect. But all he does is take his briefcase and suitcase and start walking towards Los Angeles. And that's not the quickest means. And it's just like that. Saying, "Oh, I want the realization. Oh, I want that perfectness. Oh, I want this enlightenment as soon as possible," and then still going to something that is completely inferior, when Knowledge itself is superior. What can Knowledge do until you have really concentrated on it? If you have really understood it … until then what can Knowledge really do to you? If you are not meditating on it, it is just like food before you. If you are not eating that food, it's not going to go by itself into your tummy. And it's like that.
Élan Vital, Volume IV, Issue 4, Winter 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About the Perfect Master

Baltimore Maryland, January 1981
What is the Perfect Master? He's a human being just like you and me. And yet that soul is enlightened. That soul is full of that Knowledge. When that recipient soul becomes eager, when that recipient soul becomes hungry and realizes that hunger then that soul that is enlightened, that is full of that joy, is full of that bliss imparts that Knowledge to that other soul. Presto. Why? One lamp lit can light, really, millions of lamps. Because that, that light can just be on and on and on for us too.
Message Of The heart video

Maharaji's Teachings About the Perfect Master

Miami January 16, 1981 from PMT #171
Every time there have been there has been a Perfect Master and there have been devotees, the devotees have always want to see their Perfect Master. (clears throat) Why has it been like that? And as it's not a new thing. It's a very old, ancient thing. Because because this enlightened soul, this Perfect Master, this Guru Maharaj Ji comes to save us and if you put it in this context if you put it in the context for instance why would premies like to see or why would devotees like to see their Perfect Master. It's a question right? Why? But the answer to it is also very simple. Why shouldn't a human being see his saviour? The one who has come to save him.
Perfect Master Tape #171

Maharaji's Teachings About Spiritual Paths & Religions

ADI Magazine #10, created 21/5/2012
But then there have been those others who have said: "Ensure there is joy in your life."What does that mean? Smiling every minute? Is that what joy is? A lot of people look at these people who are "enlightened". They might wear saffron or white robes; they've got nice gray hair and maybe an Indian tilak on their forehead. When I see those "enlightened" people, I want to tell them a joke to lighten them up! Do you know what "lighten up" means? It means "Don't be so heavy." But it could also mean light - as in, lighten up!
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