Prem Rawat's Teaching about The Knowledge Being Priceless, - In His Own Words

Prem Rawat is so magnanimous. The Knowledge is priceless and so he cannot charge people to receive it which is a good thing as he'd be hard pressed to find people who'd be prepared to pay. Even hearing about the Knowledge is priceless: "The Ramayana says that it is only through great good fortune that satsang can be attained. Satsang destroys all our sufferings effortlessly. Satsang cannot be purchased with rupees, for it is priceless. You may be able to afford a diamond worth thousands of rupees, but you can never buy satsang. Satsang is beyond comparison with diamonds."

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You don't understand at all. Listen, I don't ask anything of you. On the contrary, Guru is the giver! He just keeps on giving, asking for nothing in return. He gives you something so priceless that the riches of the three worlds can never match it. I'm willing to serve any intellectual or mahatma who has realized the Name and the Light. The Ramayana and Vedas tell us that a human birth is extremely rare and only in this existence can the soul realize God. Why are the intellectuals and so-called mahatmas of today so blind? That is why they worship matter. Scholars everywhere hold what they call satsang, but what satsang can they give if they haven't realized the Truth (Sat) which is called consciousness and bliss? If they haven't experienced it themselves how can they show it to others? Knowledge of God and satsang go together, and without satsang one can't get Knowledge.
The Light Of Wisdom: Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Life And Teachings

Maharaji's Teachings About Jesus

Third World Peace Tour, New York City, Louis Armstrong Stadium, July 28 1973
But you could never buy this Knowledge. If we start putting a price on it, it's going to be a bit of a problem for Divine Light Mission, because it's going to cost an enormous amount of money. Too much. It's going to cost too, too much. You know all the money the government wasted to send Apollo out there? Well, that was for some achievement. And knowledge is the perfect achievement man has been looking for. I don't know how much it will cost -- much, much more. If I think of how much it's going to cost, if we assemble the whole world's wealth, everybody's wealth, and multiply it ten million times, still it'll be only one penny worth of it it -- that's all. So expensive. So, we want to give it to people, and, well, we can't charge money to them because they won't be able to pay it, so we give it free. That's the only thing we can do. We give it free.
And It Is Divine, Volume 1, Issue 12, October 1973

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Palais Ballroom, Melbourne - October 29, 1974
If you take all this wealth in this world, I mean all the currency of this world, if that's all combined together, all the gems, gold, silver, platinum that's not even been discovered in this world yet, if even that is all combined together, it's like nothing. It's like really really nothing. It's like saying, I want to buy a Rolls Royce for a dime. You know, going to the guy and saying, give me that Rolls Royce for a dime, sounds a nice price. And he'll just laugh at you, because compared to the price of that car, it's really nothing. It really isn't. And even that is not really the perfect example because 10 cents counts towards the price, but where this Knowledge is concerned, you can't even do that. They don't even count towards it - it's priceless.
The Golden Age Number 16, December, 1974

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Calcutta, India, April 23 1975
Lord Rama, Buddha, and Christ came and left; Alexander came and left. That's why we have to understand the importance of this Knowledge which we have received. We have to understand the value of this Knowledge. Its wealth is for one's whole life, not for one minute or two minutes, or one hour or two hours, but for one's whole lifetime. This is that thing which is priceless, which cannot be sold in the market.
Élan Vital, Volume III, Issue 4, Winter 1979

Maharaji Teaching About the Divine Nectar or 4th Meditation Technique

Nepal, May 2, 1975
As Mahatma Sampuranand told you, if even a thousand suns shone in the sky, their light could not compare with that Light inside. What is that Light which is called the Supreme Abode? What is that Knowledge? Brahmanand Ji said that there is a well in the middle of the sky from which delicious Nectar flows. A lame man climbs there without any ladder. Now, how can we think about this? What is this Knowledge? We cannot figure it out. But if we receive this Knowledge, we can experience it in a moment. Therefore, I have come here to offer you this Knowledge. It is not something that I give from my side. It is already within you. I only want to show this Knowledge to you. What is this Knowledge? It is priceless. This Knowledge can be practiced while you are sleeping, awake, all of the time. So instead of thinking about what this Knowledge will be, whether it is a rosary or mantra, don't waste your time thinking about it, receive it.
And It Is Divine, Volume IV, Issue 2, Summer 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About The Infinite

Paris, France, June 8, 1976
We have Knowledge, which is the greatest wealth anybody could ever acquire. What is the price of Knowledge? It's just endless. … You can't really put a price on it. But everybody who has experienced this Knowledge, even once, has tried to express that, "Yes, in fact something like this exists. Yes, in fact there is something that can give us Peace, that can give us tranquillity in this lifetime." And this is what all the scriptures and all the Masters that came time after time after time tried to reveal.
Élan Vital Magazine, Autumn 1977, Volume I, Issue 1

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Montpellier, France on April 3, 1977
You try to add all that up; you put a fair price on it, and say, "Okay, this is how much it's worth." You can't do it. You just can't do it. Nobody has been able to do it. Brahmanand, in his song, says, "That experience that Guru Maharaj Ji has given me, if I take every cent, every money, every wealth there is in this whole universe, and multiply it millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of times, it still won't be a penny's worth to the experience he has given me."
Divine Times, June 1977 Volume 6, Number 5

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Guru Puja festival, Miami, Florida, July 19 1979
Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't matter if you are a rich man or a poor man. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't matter if you are a beggar. More the beggar you are, better you are off, you know because you you're used to begging, you can go to Guru Majaraj Ji and beg for something. Your pride won't hurt. I mean it's true, some peoples' pride hurts. Some peoples just can't go to Guru Maharaj Ji and say "I beg of you." You know they can't really beg from the heart and yet what Guru Maharaj, Guru Maharaj Ji is is is the only person in this world who can give you anything. Guru Maharaj Ji is the only person who can give you that donation. It has to be called a donation because there is no price for it. All the donations that this world give us, gives us, we can do without. All the free ll knowledge that this world teaches us, we can do without. But what Guru Maharaj Ji hands us down, what Guru Maharaj Ji gives us, that experience that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us, is you know, a donation, is a gift.
Guru Puja Miami, Florida video and Élan Vital, Volume III Issue 4 Winter 1979

Affinity magazine

No-one is Kinder or more generous than the Satguru because He gives you such a priceless thing. Even if you had eighteen lives and served Guru Maharaj Ji day and night, still you will not be able to repay what He has given to you. You cannot compare Satguru with an ocean because an ocean has limits, even an ocean is finite. But Satguru is unlimited, He is deathless. The ocean hides jewels, pearls, and precious stones deep inside itself, but Satguru never hides anything -- He gives everything He has. We cannot compare Satguru with a river because a river is sometimes dried and sometimes flooded, while the Guru's Love and His Knowledge are always balanced and of a constant and equal force. It is always benefical.
Affinity magazine June 1979

Maharaji Teaching About the the Pricelessness of Knowledge

Habitat Center New Delhi, February 17 2004
Breath comes and it goes. And when it comes, it brings everything. It makes the trees green and the sky blue. And it fills us with the most precious thing there is, called life. Because it comes, I am a husband, an uncle, a father, a friend. And when it stops coming, I'm not a husband, an uncle, a father, or a friend. I am nothing. And when it comes, not only does it bring all those things, but it brings something else that is priceless: It brings joy. It brings peace. It brings not what my mind desires, but what my heart desires. The thirst is innately within me, wanting to know, wanting to be content. Ten thousand solutions and one that is simply pounding, pounding in my heart to be content.
Inspire electronic magazine v1 i2 2004

Inspire v2 i55, 9 April 2005: The Most Beautiful Story
Today, I'd like to talk about what we have-not what could be, not what isn't, but what we already have. So many of us would rather hear about a dream-how it could be, how something could change. But I talk about the most priceless thing that all the money in the world could not replace-your life. Do you know how to see the value of the gift you've been given?
Inspire v2 i68, July 2005: Incomparable
You have heard about peace in many different ways. Maybe this is just one more perspective, but it is a perspective that comes from the heart. Peace. We think, "Peace. Yes, something over here called peace." When I travel around the world and mention the word "peace," everyone has a different reaction. It ranges from "I've heard about that" to "It's a waste of time" to "I am interested in peace." The most significant statement is: "I am interested in peace." I, as an individual, a person-not a label, not a box, not a globe-but a living, breathing, human being whose existence is priceless. This is the opportunity each one of us has been given.
Inspire v2 i90, 22 December 2005: Joy and Gratitude (translated from Hindi)
One breath. Just one breath-coming and going-what is the value of it? It is priceless. There is no amount of money or gold or diamonds in this world that is equivalent to the value of just one breath. People have made so many different advancements. They have gone to the moon. But who can bring back a breath? Nobody.
Inspire v3 i93, 5 January 2006: Potential for Joy (translated from Hindi)
Fulfill this life. This is your life. It's been given to you. What you do with it is completely up to you. You can throw it away or save it. You can attain joy and fulfill your life. Every day is precious, priceless. Will tomorrow come? Nobody knows. All we can do is hope it will. Every day that is given is a blessing.
Inspire v3 i110, 2 September 2006: Our Nature
How do you begin to say thank you? How do you begin to feel that magic in your life? How do you begin to celebrate that kind of beauty? The answer: Look within. Listen. Listen to your longing without fear. Listen to how sweet it is, how delicate it is, how strong and persistent it is. There's only one life-many days, but one life. From the bottom of your heart, enjoy every single day. It is the most priceless thing there is. Every breath that comes into you-you cannot buy it, you cannot exchange it, you cannot give it. It is yours.
Maharaji Teaching About the Divine Nectar or 4th Meditation Technique

Knowledge is a gift. It cannot be bought or sold. People ask why Knowledge is free. It is free because it is priceless. No price could ever be put on it. Those who have understood even a small part of it realize that this is true.
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