Sant Mat and Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat's father was part of what is known as the "Sant Mat" tradition. This is a group of loosely related northern Indian religious paths that began in a medieval revival in opposition to the strict Brahman Vedic religious system characterised by caste, rituals and sacrifices and dakshina. It's most prestigious and seminal voice is and was the weaver-poet Kabir and it's message was spread through popular poetry.

Prem Rawat, or Maharaji (the Ultimate Ruler) as he calls himself or Guru Maharaj Ji as he called himself until the 1980's no longer publicly claims to be the the one and only living Perfect Master nor that he has inherited the authority of the famous Poet/Sants lineage. He inherited his position from his father and he learnt enough about the Sant Mat tradition that he was originally able to quote the occasional lines from a Sant poem and later (after he had lived in the West for some years) to be able to mention a famous story attributed to a Sant. His father's speeches and books were littered with mention and quotes of the Sants: Govind Singh, Kabir, Mira Bai, Nanak, Surdas, Tukaram and Tulsi Das. There were too many to list but many of his writings and transcripts of Hans Rawat's speeches are available on this site.

Prem Rawat has continued to mention various Sants in his speeches especially when he was in India. Kabir was a special case. He is the premier Sant poet and as he became famous in the West, Rawat mentioned him more often and attempted to appropriate Kabir for himself denigrating the "so-called academics" with their terrible translations and their inability to understand Kabir's poetry as this required a Realised Master.

Prem Rawat Teachings About the Divine Light

Hans Rawat aka Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj
"I prostrate before the Master who is God in human form, whose words are like the sun in eradicating the darkness of delusion". So-called gurus nowadays bestow a rosary or teach some words or a verse of a scripture to their disciples and tell them to remember it as the True Name of God and people accept such gurus as real Masters. But St. Tulsidas says that such gurus are not true Spiritual Masters. Only the one who wipes out darkness and kindles the Divine Light within the heart is the true Spiritual Master. 'Gu' means darkness and 'ru' means light. The Word of the Master is as powerful as the sun. Darkness goes away immediately when the sun rises. Similarly the Word of the Master removes the ignorance of lust and attachment and wipes out sins.
Online Magazines: Manav Dharam (September 2007) downloaded 1st April 2010

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About Ram

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj (Prem Rawat's Father) The True Name Of God Is The Basis Of Bliss
Saint Tulsidasji wrote, "How can I adequately glorify the Name? Even Lord Shri Rama could not sing the glory of Ram-Nam". Meera Bai says, "O mind! The essence of this world is the nectar; only Holy Name can redeem from cycle of birth and death." Tell me if anyone could be saved from death without this Name. It is written in our scriptures that we should bow at the feet of saints. This is not written for elephants and animals. Go to the Spiritual Master, prostrate to him and ask. Then he will impart the knowledge of the Name which is indivisible and which redeems us from the cycle of birth and death.
Manav Dharam Online magazine (November 2008)

Maharaji's Teachings About Time Immemorial

Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj (Prem Rawat's father and Perfect Master of His time)
How did the saints become great? Because all of them remembered God's Name and meditated upon His Divine Light. People are engrossed in illusory things and have forgotten God and hence suffer from various worldly problems. A devotee wants to meet God but worldly illusions keep him away. It is well known that the soul is indestructible. So the souls of all creatures, whether living on earth or in water or in the sky, are indestructible. Moreover, new souls are not made, all of them have existed since time immemorial. It is also written that there is such a thing as salvation. Souls worthy of salvation achieved it and the remainder are bound to the cycle of birth and death. Those who did noble works got heaven. So, where have the liberated souls gone? Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, "Light has merged in Light". Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, "There is no difference between Me and the gyani". So, we should also search for the true Master and acquire Spiritual Knowledge from him.
Manav Dharam website (January 2009) downloaded 9 May 2009

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Shri Maharaj Ji, Delhi, India, August 7 1952
St. Kabir says that many lives have passed by talking beads, but the mind could not get peace, so he advises that you should discard the rosary of beads and take up the rosary of the mind, which can be obtained from the Guru. Though this is taught in schools and colleges, can any professors or teachers tell you how to use the rosary of the mind? It is comprised of the Mahamantra, which is "the Name which has neither beginning nor ending." Nobody can attain liberation without knowing the true and Holy Name. St. Kabir says that whatever is done without the guidance of Guru, goes astray. Many people believe today that Lord Rama or Lord Krishna, or a flag, or the Gita, or the Ramayana, etc … should be taken as Guru, but nobody bothers to think over what has been written in the scriptures. Guru Nanak writes, in the Granth Saheb that nobody should be mistaken, because one cannot get liberation without a Guru. One who was misguided can discard hypocracy upon getting the guidance of a Guru, and attain devotion to God. Guru is he who can transform a man into a god in no time, and can show an inner light which is more brilliant than the light of a hundred suns put together. The darkness of night cannot fade away without the rising of the sun. Similarly, until we find the Satguru, the darkness of our hearts cannot vanish. All the prophets, Guru Nanak, St. Tulsidas, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna preached about the Holy Name and Divine Light and told the public that this is the only way of getting peace and happiness. It cannot be attained by any other means. One can get relief from miseries by meditation and attain happiness. Ultimately he can attain God's Light. So the Name is the only way to lead one to liberation. … But all saints have remembered the Name. All saints and Vedas speak with one voice, that you should have love for the Holy Name. So the best act is to meditate on the Holy Name. By the Holy Name, your body will become fruitful, your spirit will be pleased, you will be free from the cycle of regeneration, and you will get liberation. You cannot get such a fate by reading scriptures. When you will remember the Name and meditate on the Divine Light while alive, you will merge with it after death.
Volume 2, Issue 2, And It Is Divine Magazine

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar, India, September 22nd 1967
And all premies should practice meditation. Guru Nanak said, "Meditate upon the Holy Name yourself and inspire others to meditate also. In this way, you will definitely attain liberation." A student first completes his own studies. Only then does he become a teacher, and teach others how and what to study. First he must acquire his own skill and certainty. In the same way, Guru Nanak tells us, "First you should meditate. Do not feel ashamed, just meditate. Because you don't have to do anything, really. Liberation is attained by itself."
And It Is Divine Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About The Holy Name

Peace Bomb Speech, India Gate, Delhi, Hardwar, India, November 1970
In the Bhagavad Gita, the Lord says that whenever religion becomes corrupted and evil increases He takes a human body and manifests in this world to destroy evil and to protect His devotees.
Remember what the Lord says about this in the Bhagavad Gita: "He who tells people about me is dearer to me than my own life." So tell people about God. In the Ramayana it is said, "The Supreme Light illumines all day and night; It does not need any lamp, oil or wick." You read the Gita, Bible and Ramayana daily, worship them daily, but have you understood their essence?
Saint Tulsidas has said, "The people of the world have developed cataracts, for they cannot see God who resides in their own hearts. Like the deer that runs about in the forest seeking the fragrance of the musk that comes from its own navel, God exists in every heart, but the world does not know."
I have this Knowledge and to give you this Knowledge I have come to Delhi. The very same Knowledge Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna and Lord Ram gave to Hanuman.
The great leaders think that I have come to rule and, yes, they are right! I will rule the world, and just watch how I will do it! Even the lion and sheep will embrace each other. Has there been such a king before? Krishna was not such a king. Rama also was not such a king. There were lesser powers in Rama, there were lesser powers in Krishna, but I have come to the world with full powers. Accept my words, accept me. I will give you Knowledge.
But come to me. Why do you hesitate? Mira did not hesitate. When she was given poison to drink and was told it was nectar, she drank without suspicion, so trusting was she in the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. If Mira had hesitated, definitely she would have been killed; but she was not at all troubled by pride or how her social position would be affected. She had sacrificed her whole life at the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, and this is why she did not die.
Today people everywhere listen to film songs and do not find time for Truth. Here I say that such films will be destroyed. Those film actors, those directors, those musicians whose music is causing harm to religions and satsang programmes, will cease their work. They are supposed to remind us of God, of Truth, of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Nanak and Lord Christ, but instead they only show stories of boys and girls. Is this the Hindu religion? Is this the culture of India?
If with a true heart you give me the reins of your life, place them in my hands, you will be saved. So, dear premies, if you want to merge yourself into that bliss like Mira did, you can. Do not think that time has passed. Now the time has come when people will see that a greater devotee than Mira has manifested. I do not want any praise for this. I do not gain any pride by doing this, I do not want to have a name for it.
It is time to awake and know the Word about which it is said, "The Word is the earth. The Word is the sky. There is but the Word; and all is enlightenment. The whole universe is based on the Word. Nanak says the Word is in every heart.
The Golden Age November 1978 Number 49

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - The Master

Hollywood, California, August 11, 1971
This is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave. And I am giving it. Supreme Knowledge. It is sacred. Top sacred! And it dwells within all of us. All human beings. And we are unable to know it without the help of the true Master. That is what I am teaching. Yes?
Élan Vital, Volume III Issue 3, Autumn 1979

Maharaji Teaching About Singing His Praises

Alta Loma Terrace, Hollywood, California, August 15, 1971
Whenever a Satguru has come, He has asked for devotion. … I haven't got any words -- how can I describe Him? How can I describe His praise when great intellect can't describe? I am not qualified. I am uneducated. How can I describe His Grace, His glory? Tulsidas was not able. Many and many people were not able to describe just His glory. Just glory. So much glorious! So much, so much, so much glorious! … So if you also love Him, He will save you. He is the Savior of whole world. He has to save. He will save us. So remember, we can't describe it; we have got very small intellect. We just sing some glorious songs about Him, and some words, some words, few words, and we think that is the glory that we have sung. Not at all. That is not it. We can't sing His glory at all. The writers, when they just thought about Him, they left their pencils, paper, and just -- they were amazed to see His glory in this world. So much glorious! … How many people want Knowledge? (many raise hands) Yes, okay. So you have understood the glory of Guru?
Élan Vital, Spring 1978, Volume II, Issue 1

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Suffering

Boulder, Colorado, August 18 1971
See, reincarnation means that a realized soul, which is one at a time, comes and reveals that Truth to people. Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Kabir, Nanak, Guru Govind Singh … and also Christ - and there are many. They are all called incarnations. They come to give this Knowledge to people so that they may be done with all the sufferings of this world. Like Krishna says, "When there will be a decline in the true religion, I will come to save it and form one religion." Which he did. And "religion" means realization. "Religion" has started from a word "realization."
And same thing Surdas said, very many scriptures have said: That there will be great struggle; the people who are crazy will die, you see, and people who are intelligent enough to think about God will be left. And then God will rule over them.
Élan Vital, Volume IV, Issue 1, Spring 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About The Energy Keeping Us Alive

Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar, November 27, 1971
You have been hearing about this ancient goal, this ancient mystery of life, the definition which summarizes all the definitions of all the scriptures, the Gita, the Ramayana, the Bible. This is the definition that the mystery of life, of the human life, is the cosmic unspoken Word which dwells amongst all the human beings. The Word which dwells amongst all is the most cosmic and ancient one. Through this Word we are able to survive. We are able to be alive because this Word is fully functioning in us and this Word is vibrating us in a direction, in a way, and thus we are alive. In the same way this Word vibrates in the earth, sky, air, and it is said by Saint Guru Nanak that this whole earth and this whole universe is entirely fixed upon the Word, upon the Shabdh, or upon the unspoken Word.
We should emphasize on one clearly written point in the Gita or in the Bible, that this is a word; w-o-r-d, not w-o-r-d-s; this Word: that means that in this single word, not several words. What is that single Word which cannot be spoken by the carnal lips or which is out of the subject of any carnal matter? What is that Word? At that time, when a man is going to die, at that time all of his body becomes nervous. Something comes and extinguishes all the energy that was making him survive and making him function. He seems to be losing it all and thus he is helpless. His body is losing the functions it is to do; he can't speak, he can't see at times, he can't write. All of his senses go away. At that time if it is a word which has to be spoken by the carnal lips, how will it be spoken? At that time, when a man loses all his senses, how will he be able to speak and say a single word?
Reflections on an Indian Sunrise, 1972

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Patna, Bihar, India, December 25, 1971
Similarly, to see God, you have to wake up at His time. You have to wake up and recognize who your Father is, who your God is, and who will show you the path, which will bring liberation if you follow it. Saint Kabir says in his poems that Guru Maharaj Ji and God both are standing and he has to think to whom he should prostrate, God or Guru Maharaj Ji. And he decides that he has to prostrate before Guru Maharaj Ji, not before God, because he was crying so much for God, but God could not save him from worldly miseries. But Guru Maharaj Ji saved him immediately from all the troubles, and liberated him.
Because one greatest devotee, Surdas, has clearly stated, "Who is more crooked and mean than myself?" He referred to his own name, but he spoke for the whole universe. He says, "How crooked and mean I am, that I forgot that Power who has created this beautiful human body and given it to me. I fill my stomach daily and think only about sensual pleasures, as the pigs of the city do. 0 my Lord, Lord of all Lords, can there be any shelter for a mean man like myself?" And more specifically, he said one thing which I like very much. What is that? That is, "I even stay away from devotees of the Supremest Lord, and serve those persons who are away from the Lord!" This statement of that saint appealed to me most. This is applicable for people of today. They keep themselves away from their Father, and serve others who are against the Father.
Again, it is said, "Have darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji." Why? Because it is written in all Vedas and Ramayanas to have darshan. So touch the Lotus Feet. "Lay yourself down in the vast, unbounded ocean of Mercy underneath. Bathe and swing on the waves and sink inside. Drink the nectar of Mercy and Grace and Blessings, and be free from all sins."
Élan Vital, Autumn 1977, Volume I, Issue 1

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Almighty

Patna, Bihar, India, December 25, 1971
Only the Supreme Lord, Saint of all saints, Omnipotent and Almighty, can close the mouth of the whole universe and shower the Knowledge of self-realization. Otherwise, the small whistles are not heard in the midst of such big drums. Therefore, my dear aspirants, now that you know that Knowledge of Self, fulfill your aim. That is the only aim; that is the only goal. If a man knows that goal and recognizes it perfectly, he can come in perfect contact with God Almighty, his own Supreme Father, whom he has forgotten.
There is a great necessity for Guru Maharaj Ji. In any field, such as in the military or in a school, you need a guru (teacher). So for this Knowledge, which is the highest object, you have to have a specialist Guru. Other gurus cannot touch even the shadow of this Knowledge. This specialist Guru is one for His own time. He is the one for the present, commanding the entire age. He is the Supremest Lord of the time. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj said in His own time, "People of the world, always remember that one Supremest Eternal Power who alone is permeating water, earth and all the creations. Do not remember any other who is in birth and death." You don't have to remember others. You have to remember the One who is really One for the whole universe.
Why do you have this human body? To know this, we will have to take the shelter of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji knows all. Guru Maharaj Ji is Brahma (Creator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Vishnu (Operator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Shiva (Destroyer of illusion and ego). And above all, Guru Maharaj Ji is the Supremest Lord in person before us.
Therefore, my dear aspirants, what is that path? What is that medium which, if we adopt it, we can know that Supremest God, we can know that Creator of this universe, we can know our Father who, though He is omnipresent, is the secret of all secrets, is everywhere, is actually not secret. And you can know Him only by the Grace and Blessings of Guru Maharaj Ji.
Élan Vital magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Almighty

Patna, Bihar, India, December 25, 1971
it is said, "Go to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, under whose Lotus Feet Lord Ram, Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are all prostrated. He will give you the Truth, and you will know devotion to Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak, Shankaracharya, Saint Kabir, all at one time." It is said again and again, "If you go to a Teerath (a kind of holy place), you will find one fruit. If you meet a saint, you will get four fruits. But when you meet Satguru Maharaj Ji, you will get countless fruits." If you have the desire to find countless fruits, then you will have to go to the Lotus Feet of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is the one and only shelter for you.
Élan Vital magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 1977

Prem Rawat's Teachings About The Number of His Students

Nepal, May 3, 1975
Without going to the feet of the Satguru, it's impossible to have this Knowledge. This is that Knowledge which Mira Bai said can be neither cut nor burned nor stolen. It can be meditated upon constantly, twenty-four hours a day. This Knowledge can be revealed only by the Grace of Satguru.
Élan Vital, Volume III, Issue 4, Winter 1979

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Guru Puja Festival, Caracas, Venezuela, July 25, 1975
But let me tell you what Kabirdas thinks of this. He thinks that by diving in the holy river, you cannot be liberated. The reason why you cannot be liberated is because fish stay in that holy water all the time, and they never ever get liberated. So what's so special about you that you dive in and get liberated? He thinks that peacocks have very long hairs. They never get liberated by having them. What's so special about man that if he has long hair he will get liberated? He says that the woman who cooks all day long in the fire and gets ash all over her body, she never gets liberated. So what's so special about you? But, he says, the people who realise this Holy Word, who become one with that vibration, always get liberated, always get to the point that they want to be. You've got to become one, so that wherever that perfection goes, you'll go, so that you can always be in that vibration.
The Golden Age Number 23, September, 1975

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching - Liberation

Guru Puja Festival, Miami Beach, Florida July 29, 1977
Then Hanuman reaches such a stage that Lord Ram asks him, "What do you want, Hanuman? Whatever you want, I will bestow upon you. Whatever you want. Whatever you desire." And at that time, Hanuman just didn't do a flashback and say, "Oh boy, maybe I shouldn't desire anything, and I'll get it - what I want!" But he did go ahead and desire something. He did go ahead and want something. (And I'm just explaining to you the complexity of this whole thing.) So when he does desire something, what does he desire? He says, "I do not want any liberation. I do not want to be liberated. I want to come again and again, as you come into this world, with your body, to serve you. I do not want liberation. All I want is to be able to serve you every time you come."
Élan Vital, Summer 1980, Volume IV Number 2

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Becoming One

Guru Puja, Tucson, Arizona, Friday, July 14, 1978
Because you look at Mira. And she was a person who was from a very good house, very rich. Her father was king. Her husband was a king. But she left all that. And I'm not saying that you have to lose your kingdom. Maybe you don't have a kingdom. Then you don't have to bother about losing it. But she left all that to merge with that experience, to merge with that one thing that she wanted to become, that Love.
The Golden Age Number 48, September/October, 1978

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Ram

Guru Puja Festival, Tucson, Arizona, July 16, 1978
And we follow Guru Maharaj Ji. We follow Perfect Master. We follow that Knowledge which is within inside of us all, which is … We do not believe. There's a difference. "Oh yes, I believe in John. I believe in Arjun. I believe in Nanak." No! We do not believe; we experience. And there is a vast difference between believing, and knowing and experiencing. And we experience. We experience Jesus. We don't just talk about Jesus. We experience Jesus. Because in fact, who Jesus was was not a physical format. We experience the Jesus that Jesus talked about. We experience the Ram that Ram talked about. We experience the Krishna that Krishna talked about. And we experience that Knowledge that all the Perfect Masters talked about. Now. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace
Divine Times, August 1978 Volume 7, Number 5

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saturday, 26 August, 1978
Hanuman was asked, "What do you want? Would you like liberation?" Ram said, "I'll give you anything that you want." And he said, "I don't want liberation. What I am going to do with liberation? I want devotion." Because when Hanuman could have merged with Ram, then it would have been above and beyond any best situation. It's just like that one example where they were building a bridge. (Now when I say this, there's no certification behind it. It's just, that's the way it goes in Ramayana. And I haven't read that.)
The Golden Age, April 1979, Number 52

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Obeying Him

Dortmund, Germany, October 1, 1978
What did Mira feel? Why did she go crazy? Mira, she felt something and she could not care about this whole world, what this world had to say about it. Because it was her, and her experience alone. And it is you and your experience alone. It is not what somebody else tells you is what you experience.
Golden Age, Issue 51

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Coming Into The World

Holi, 7th April, 1979
And Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world, every time. Jesus came. Mohammed came. Guru Nanak came. Shri Maharaj Ji came. Guru Maharaj Ji. For devotees, everything. God is a myth. Guru isn't. Because in the whole realm of "God" there can be people who believe in God and don't believe in God. But in the case of Guru Maharaj Ji, it isn't like that.
Guru Maharaj Ji comes into this world. There are devotees. Because, tell me. Is there a possibility that people need not be saved? That is not a phenomenon. That is impossible. People of this world always need to be saved from their mind, from their ego, from their hesitation, from their confusion, from their trips.
Holi Festival '79

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Liberation

Holi, Miami, afternoon, 8th April 1979
And to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, to believe Guru Maharaj Ji, and to have that devotion towards Guru Maharaj Ji, is to me the most ultimate experience of this Knowledge. Devotion. Never, ever has a Perfect Master gone up to his devotee and said, "Listen devotee, because you have meditated enough, I grant you a wish." No. "You have been a devotee. You had devotion. You have surrendered. You have done service. I grant you a wish." And what wish did Hanuman ask when Ram said, "Okay Hanuman, I give you a wish. You may have anything you want"? Did he say, "May I, every time I come in this world, have Knowledge?" No. He said, "Look, I don't want liberation." He said, "I want devotion."
Divine Times, May/June 1979, Volume 8, Number 3

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Begging

Holi, Miami, Florida, 8 April, 1979, afternoon
There is one song that goes "Without Guru Maharaj Ji, nobody is going to find the path." And it just becomes so obvious in our lives that, yes, we are made to be dependent on somebody, on that perfectness. We have to rely on that perfectness. We have to be a beggar. And we have to be the "most humblest" beggar. Not just a beggar, but the "most humblest" beggar. Because everybody is a beggar. There is this one poem by Tulsidas. It goes, "In this world, you should do two things. Accept Holy Name and give peace." And that's what you have to do. You have to be a beggar. And to understand that, and to beg from your heart. Because what else can you do? … But to beg for that Knowledge in the "most humblest" way. That's what Krishna says. You have to get rid of all your "cheats," your tiny nooks and crannies of this mind. Give it all up. With a humble heart approach the Perfect Master of the time and beg for this experience.
Divine Times, May/June 1979, Volume 8, Number 3

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - His Incarnation

Guru Puja, Miami Beach, Florida, Saturday, 21st July, 1979
You know it seems so evident that by now everybody would understand, that everybody would understand all the mistakes human beings have made in the past with the Perfect Masters and would not commit the same mistakes again. Too many stories and too many examples. The cost of every living Perfect Master who has incarnated into this Earth. Look at Krishna. Look at Ram. Look at Mohammed. Look at Buddha. Guru Nanak. … You know, we think there are so many experiences out there. But every living Perfect Master has come to reveal one experience.… The things that we get caught up in, the things that we get involved in is like quicksand, the more you try to get up, the more you get buried in it. And I'm not saying it's wrong to own a Cadillac, and I'm not saying it's wrong to see this world, after all you can't become, you can't expect every to, everybody but, to become Surdas who upon seeing, you know, how involved he was into this world, was seeing how dark this world was and what he needed to see was within him. He poked his eyes out. There's no sense in becoming that, in everybody to become Surdas.… As I was saying the first day, is our life really just a slash in between the two dates? That's all the people in this world will come to find out? What did the saints do? What did John do? What did Jesus' disciples do? What did Mira do? What did Radha do? What did Arjun do that made him so famous?
The Golden Age, October 1979, Number 55

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Liberation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 10, 1979 -- Evening
When Hanuman and Ram were there, Ram asks Hanuman, "Okay, I grant you a boon. Ask what you would like to ask. Would you like something? Would you like salvation? Would you like liberation?" And all Hanuman could say was, "What am I going to do with salvation? What am I going to do up there? I want to be with you. That's where I shall find my salvation, that's where I shall find my liberation: in your Feet."
Affinity, February 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About God With Form

Hans Jayanti, Kissimmee, Florida, November 5, 1979
Look at Mira. She didn't care. She was the wife of a king. She didn't say, "Well, where am I going?" In the Indian culture, a shoemaker in the caste system is supposed to be the lowest. And she found Guru Maharaj Ji. Her Guru Maharaj Ji had manifested for her in that form. And she went. She didn't care. And she completely got lost, she got completely blissed out. Even one time her husband sent her a cup of poison and said, "Here, this is the charanamrit from your Guru Maharaj Ji. Drink this." And she did. And it was. And it was. (I'm not saying that that's what you should go out and try - that's the trial. That never happened in the time of Krishna. Nobody sent Arjuna a cup of poison and said, "Here, drink this.") But it's that Grace. It's that love. And the gopis weren't going into a trip right and left, right and left, right and left. And that's why they could enjoy Krishna so much. Mira wasn't going into a trip right and left, right and left, right and left. That's why she could enjoy her Guru Maharaj Ji so much. Because the only thing to her was one thing. Not herself, as we hold on to our dear selves so preciously, so intimately.
Élan Vital, Fall 1980, Volume IV, Issue 3

Maharaji's Teachings About His Own Glory

Lima Peru, 7th February 1981
How Guru Maharaj Ji is born in this world? What he does in this world? We can't have any idea about that. That there was, there was Ram who was born a prince and then to change the whole story all of a sudden he's not the one that's gonna be crowned, is one of his brothers who's gonna be crowned and he's gonna be exiled and then there is Krishna who is also born a prince and yet born in a jail. Taken away to another household where he's brought up and not till he gets older he realizes these his parents he thinks are his parents aren't even his parents and yet that King I mean is it, is it in our concepts where do we look at, what do we see that yes this is the way it's gonna happen. Mira, Mira's guru was this really really really poor shoemaker, that's all he did, a cobbler, that's all.
Lima Peru, 7th February 1981 audio tape

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About God With Form

Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi, Hans Jayanti celebrations, November 9 1990
Just see, today this word 'guru' has become a ridiculous term, a sort of a joke and people do not know what is a 'guru'. When I fly a plane in India, I often listen to the radio in the cockpit. There are talks going on between various pilots in the vicinity. Somebody would address: "Well guru, how are you?" Because they do not know the true meaning and implications. They don't understand the glory of a guru and Master. Because they have forgotten altogether. They have made such pseudo-guru who have put the whole system to disrepute. … Such so-called gurus have marred the reputation of this institution. It has been ruined. Actually the guru is such a personality about whom it is said: I bow down to the lotus feet of my Guru Maharaj Ji who is the ocean of mercy and is actually Hari (God) himself in human form. And whose words are like sunbeams to disperse the accumulated darkness of gross ignorance. So Tulsidas says that he bows down to such a Guru Maharaj Ji, the Master, who is really Hari (Supreme Power) in the form of man. So the main thing to understand here is that he bows down to the feet of that guru whose utterances, whose expressions are able to illuminate. And what is that which is illuminated by his words? It is the heart which is illuminated. His words are able to sever and dispel the spidery web of illusion, infatuation and ignorance.
'Life Force', Volume 7, Issue 2 April-June 1991

Maharaji's Teachings About KabirLong Beach California, December 5 1997
I have to realize in my life what I want. If I ignore that, then the idea of Knowledge, the idea of what Kabir said, the idea of what Krishna said, the idea of what Tulsidas said - the very idea of being saved - is negated. The concept of peace is thrown out the window. The understanding of joy is chucked.
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Maharaji's Teachings About Krishna There was an Indian man who had studied the Bhagavad Gita. And every time he had a chance, he'd ask questions about the Gita: "Why did this person say that? What does this mean? What does that mean?" Again and again. So finally, I said to him, "In the Gita, Arjuna has questions, and Krishna is answering them. And as the Gita progresses, Arjuna has fewer and fewer questions. Finally, it gets to the point that Arjuna has no more questions." So I said, "Don't you ever wonder what happened to make him stop asking questions? That's what you need to find out."
ADI magazine, Issue #5, 13th October 2011