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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Almighty

Hans Rawat's Letter to President John F. Kennedy through Sr R.S. Yogi, August 1961, Shakti Nagar, Delhi, India
Visualisation of Divine Light and the knowledge of the real name of the Almighty God cannot be acquired by study of books, performance of penance, sacrifices or rituals or by counting of beads. It is acquired with the personal contact and with the help of the Realised soul - SAD-GURU of the time only. A candle cannot be burnt by recital of its burning formulas nor can it be burnt by its contact with any extinguished light. It can be burnt by its physical contact with a burning light only. Similarly visualisation of Divine Light and Knowledge of His real Name is acquired by the personal contact contact with and aid of the living REALISED SOUL - SADGURU only.
Antidote To Nuclear Bombs

Maharaji's Teachings About Time Immemorial

Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj (Prem Rawat's father and Perfect Master of His time)
How did the saints become great? Because all of them remembered God's Name and meditated upon His Divine Light. People are engrossed in illusory things and have forgotten God and hence suffer from various worldly problems. A devotee wants to meet God but worldly illusions keep him away. It is well known that the soul is indestructible. So the souls of all creatures, whether living on earth or in water or in the sky, are indestructible. Moreover, new souls are not made, all of them have existed since time immemorial. It is also written that there is such a thing as salvation. Souls worthy of salvation achieved it and the remainder are bound to the cycle of birth and death. Those who did noble works got heaven. So, where have the liberated souls gone? Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, "Light has merged in Light". Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, "There is no difference between Me and the gyani". So, we should also search for the true Master and acquire Spiritual Knowledge from him.
Manav Dharam website (January 2009) downloaded 9 May 2009

Maharaji's Teachings About the Formless God

Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Originally Published by Divine Light Mission, B-19/3, Shakti Nagar, Delhi 7, India - 1970, 8th November, 1970
But the relation of the Guru and the disciple transcends human relations, and are based on eternal bond of the jiva and God. Every individual soul is destined to achieve salvation through the grace of a living Guru. … Knowledge of the soul cannot be attained simply by reading the holy books. It is only a living spark that can give us light. The truth can only be imparted to us from the living spiritual master. … Guru and God are one and the same entity. One is given form while the other is formless. "I and my father are one." (John, 10; 30) Thus, the knowledge of the self can be attained only at the feet of a living spiritual master. … The living spiritual master is Balyogeshwar Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj.
Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Reincarnation

Guru Maharaj Ji answers questions in Boulder, Colorado on August 18, 1971
Q: Would you speak on the subject of reincarnation? A: See, reincarnation means that a realized soul, which is one at a time, comes and reveals that Truth to people. Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Kabir, Nanak, Guru Govind Singh … and also Christ - and there are many. They are all called incarnations. They come to give this Knowledge to people so that they may be done with all the sufferings of this world. Like Krishna says, "When there will be a decline in the true religion, I will come to save it and form one religion." Which he did. And "religion" means realization. "Religion" has started from a word "realization." Élan Vital, Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Questions & Answers, Morgantown, West Virginia, August 31 1971, Noon Session
In reincarnation, does the soul alternate reincarnating as male and female, or does it stay one sex for awhile? What do you mean, incarnations? After you receive liberation, why would you do that? You never come back again. Liberation. When your consciousness goes to the Supreme Consciousness … When you are going and merging with this consciousness, what are you? What is that? You lose everything! You lose your senses here. In the graveyard. Mind - your "I" - remains in the graveyard. Sleeping. Will you think by yourself, "Yes. This is that; that is this"? In the graveyard your senses will be resting.
Élan Vital, Volume 4, Issue 3, Fall 1980

Maharaji's Teachings About Liberation

Denver Ashram, Colorado, 18 September 1971
Hell and heaven are on earth, and liberation is just beyond all these points. There are two types of liberation. One is not to be concerned with this world. The other liberation is to be concerned with this world, but not this world directly, but to the Perfect Master: to be a devotee. Devotion. When you go to the Judge and He weighs your balance, right? and only your one balance is good, only good, and bad has been finished away with this Knowledge, He will ask you, "Okay, what do you want, liberation or devotion?" People who ask liberation just go there and sit there. They can do nothing. But people who ask for devotion come again onto this earth, but they don't suffer. It is always heaven for them, and they always stay with Perfect Masters. It is so very beautiful to be with the Lord. Whenever a Perfect Master will come, they'll come with Him. … Liberation? - where a man cannot return back again to this world, it is the place of God. Rivers come for so long, running, running, running, running, right? But when they reach their destination, which is the sea, they are completely satisfied. Then you cannot take out the river water from the sea. Can you take it out? That is liberation. When this soul is attached to God and is one with It, that's called liberation.
And It Is Divine, Volume 1, Issue 1, November 1972

Prem Rawat Teachings About the Divine Light

Westminster Engand, November 2 1971
And this Knowledge is so Holy, so Perfect that one spark that comes out of this Knowledge is so perfect, so, so perfect, wherever it goes it hits, it makes it perfect and wherever it goes, again hits, it makes it perfect. Wherever just one spark of this Knowledge shines up, absolutely perfect. So that Knowledge I'm, I've got it here. … This Knowledge, because it is a very sweet fruit, whoever takes a bite feels the sweet and wants to take it more and more. It's not a thing that I'm a spiritual master, I can preach the knowledge then I should not retire. My soul is pure but not my body, it's a body same like you have got, I have got."
I Have This Knowledge video and Reflections of an Indian Sunrise

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Manifesting

Prem Nagar, India, December 10, 1971
So remember. We have to find that God, that person who is perfect; He is ours and we are His, and we have to find Him. To whom do we belong? We have to find Him, and get together and be one with Him, because if we are two we have got duality. … So remember: we are part of Him who Has manifested Himself as a Guru and who has come into this earth, and now we have to be one with Him. We have to completely merge and make our souls one with Him because He is perfect, and once we merge with Him we will also be perfect.
Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?

The soul is actually an energy, a part of that energy which is vibrating within inside of us. You see, everything is a vibration. My hand is a vibration of something. Everything is a vibration. And then there is a primordial vibration, which is, of course, the highest and the most beautiful vibration of all. One vibration is vibrating, that's why all the vibrations are vibrating
And It Is Divine, January 1973, p. 45. quoted in Sacred Journeys, James V. Downton

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About- Reincarnation

Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colorado, 28 April, 1974
Because it's only one time that we receive this gift, this body and we have to do something now. Otherwise, forget it. You never know! There are people who come to me saying, "Maharaj Ji, what do you think about reincarnation?" I'll tell you nobody has seen it till now. Nobody saw a soul fly from one body, go up in the heaven then go up in the hell and drop back to the earth. It's all concept but now you have this body. You are alive! There is some purpose for it. God is not a fool who gave you this body just like that. There is definitely some purpose and now that we have realised this Knowledge, the purpose is to go and tell people about it, to make 'em understand, to make 'em realise and premies if you need to become stronger because I understand some premies do need to become stronger before they can go out and do whatever I am saying. I am gonna hold programs every night, from seven to nine. Every night till I am gonna be here and if you want to come, there will be satsang there, I'll come and satsang will go on every night and if you don't want to take privilege of it, look, there is so much sweet water in this world that you have no idea but if you are not with it, it's gonna do you no good.
The Golden Age Number 6, Thursday, May 23, 1974 and Audio Tape

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Reincarnation

Hans Jayanti Festival, Orlando, Florida, 7 November 1975
Not only do premies feel, but we feel that Grace, that power, just lighting up our hearts, our souls. It's so beautiful because we have waited for such a long time for this to happen. We have waited for years; we have waited for centuries. Who knows how many people there are right now who have reincarnated into this world for the very purpose of realising this Knowledge? And who knows why the Lord has to come into the darkest of all times? But something sure happens. And the Lord comes, and we realise the Knowledge. We feel that experience and we realise that experience. Premies, this is what all our festivals are all about.
Golden Age, Number 27

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - The Master

Memorial Day, Malibu, California, May 28, 1978
Our body is finite. Something within this body is infinite. And if we join those two things, if we make that one connection … Because what we are trying to reach, what we are trying to get to, is that most spectacular experience. And that experience is always there, because it's infinite! And we can always achieve it. We can always be there, by going to Guru Maharaj Ji, by going to the Perfect Master. Because Perfect Master not only teaches us perfectness - and that is why he is a Perfect Master - but he has the key. And not only does he have the key, but that answer, that solution, that experience, lies within him. Because he is that experience. And by approaching that Master, then he unfolds, he unites yourself, that individual, that one jiva, that one soul, to himself, and thus bridges the most, most incredible barrier, crossing the most wide, most outrageous, most violent stream of all between us, crossing all factors of time, life, death, anything that's finite - crossing all those factors - and bringing us into that perfect harmony and that perfect unity.
The Golden Age, August 1978, Number 47

Maharaji's Teachings About the Creator

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 10, 1979, Evening
Yet remember one thing: that that Guru Maharaj Ji, who is Creator, who is the Sustainer, and who is the Destroyer, has love enough for his devotees to come onto this Earth for his devotees; then absolutely, unquestionably, there are no bounds to what can happen. All we have to do is to become that devotee, to have that devotion. That's all: that faith, that surrender, to Guru Maharaj Ji, that love that is sincere, that comes from our hearts for Guru Maharaj Ji. Not in our imagination, but in reality. If we can become a devotee … If there is Guru Maharaj Ji and then a devotee, when they join, then there is devotion. And it is said that when that happens, when Guru Maharaj Ji and a devotee are bound together by devotion, then the purpose of that soul that devotee has been completed. That's it. There is no more to be done. There is nothing left to be done. It has received the stage beyond liberation. It has received, it has joined, it has merged in the state which is beyond, above and beyond -- joined its Creator. It has joined its Owner. It has joined where it came from; it has joined back to its own.
Affinity, February 1980

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Creator

Guru Puja festival, July 25-27 1980
Then yes we do because the precious gift we have been given is incredible. It is upon which the universe is existent. It is upon which this entire human life depends on. It is what sustains us. It is what is everywhere. It is life, it is energy in the purest form, it is the real you and me. It is the Creator, it is what the moon dances on. It is what makes the sun shine. It is the essence of this entire existence wherever that existence is, within you and me.
"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg. You know why. Because when we do get on our hands and knees we realise we had never for anything to give to anybody anyway. Born beggar. To beg the Ultimate One in our heart. To beg that Emperor for that solution in our heart. The most majestical thing that happens to a human being or can ever happen to a human being. To open myself up, me, to beg Him, a moment between me and the Ultimate Being. A moment for me to have with that Ultimate Thing, a personal audience (shouting) and I know that when I beg the Emperor is listening to me. (shouting) In this whole world the Creator of billions and billions and billions of souls is listening to me. The Sustainer, the Generator the Destroyer of this entire (long pause) thing, not just the world, above and beyond by His Grace I have captured a moment between me and Him and nothing stands in our way. It is complete, it is the Ultimate, it is real and when I become like that in my heart then that Gift is given to me (shouting) a Gift which is a part of Him, a Gift that's His, Him, He doesn't just give a third thing, He gives Himself."
You Are My Savior Divine Light Mission video

Maharaji's Teachings About the Perfect Master

Baltimore Maryland, January 1981
What is the Perfect Master? He's a human being just like you and me. And yet that soul is enlightened. That soul is full of that Knowledge. When that recipient soul becomes eager, when that recipient soul becomes hungry and realises that hunger then that soul that is enlightened, that is full of that joy, is full of that bliss, imparts that Knowledge to that other soul. Presto. Why? One lamp lit can light, really, millions of lamps. Because that, that light can just be on and on and on for us too.
Message Of The heart video

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Tteaching about His School Days

Follow-Up Program, Washington DC, 26th November 1981
When it comes down to just that nothing else is gonna count, it's just you and your Creator, it's down to the bare, bare fight and you throw your little beliefs at that the darkness and it just eats 'em up, just eats 'em up. So my prayer has to be for me. Too many disappointed little souls have said too many disappointed little prayers and gotten very disappointed cause they never got there. They don't even know where it goes. Sit down, cross your hands and kneel, beg "I pray to you my God my Lord I pray and I know that God is so merciful that Creator, that Lord is so merciful when you give him a call he's got this incredible ???? system. You see the Bell telephone system will bust, if him I don't know what the amount of people is I think if all of California picks up the telephone at the same time it will bust the phone system but it's not designed to handle that. That Creator's phone line system is outrageous, (shouts) him in the him in the everybody can call at the same time yet no recordings, goes through in the first ring and I feel good, I feel good about it, (shouts) that's my prayer. I don't you know I don't pray, "Make this a nice flight." I could do that, I just pray for acceptance that I may keep on accepting you my Creator.
Perfect Master Tape #216