Prem Rawat's Core Message: In His Own Words

Prem Rawat's core message has remained the same over the past 50 years: "There is peace within, and I can help you experience it" or so he says.

For Over 50 Years, Prem Rawat Has Been Talking About and Promoting … Himself
Prem Rawat Has Not Been Talking About Peace As We Understand It

Prem Rawat the New Perfect Master's Speech July 29, 1966, Prem Nagar, India

When Knowledge of God is spread through the whole world, there will be one religion. The Knowledge will be spread through mahatmas, because, without these great souls, it cannot be done. … I will unite all religions. I only need the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. We will become such a multitude that we will fill every hall and every temple.

Hans Jayanti 1970Prem Rawat's Peace Bomb Speech, 8th November 1970

The age of darkness will come to an end and the age of Truth will start and people will listen to me and act accordingly. Do you think it is a joke? The great leaders think that I have come to rule and, yes, they are right! I will rule the world, and just watch how I will do it!

I declare that I will establish peace in the world. Just give me the reins and let me rule and I will rule in such a way that even Rama, Hariscandra, Krishna, and other kings could not have ruled like that! That day is fast approaching.

the time has come for restlessness to be destroyed and the Kingdom of Peace to be established. Whether you take it as my prophecy or anything else, the Kingdom of Peace will be established soon.

Prem Rawat in Tokyo, Japan, October 3, 1972

The greatest problem all around the world today, whether in America, Japan. China. Russia, India, or anywhere else in the world, is that people are not in peace. People want peace. Today, if two people fight, the government is supposed to settle them down. But when governments fight, who is going to settle then down? The only one who can settle the governments down is the Perfect Master, the incarnation of God Himself, who comes to Earth to save humankind. … And these Masters always come into the world to give and give and give and give.

Maharaji's Unique Message of Inner PeaceMaharaji's Message of Inner Peace: It's Within

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji claims to have a powerful and unique message - that peace begins with each of us and is within inside of us. This message is about as un-unique as it is possible to be. It is a message probably as ancient as humankind. It is particularly strange that Rawat would make this claim of uniqueness when there are so many famous and well-respected people saturating popular culture with this very message. People who are known by and respected by millions of people thoughout the Western world. There are also hundreds of thousands of unknown yoga teachers, mindfullness meditation teachers, healers, counsellors, authors, Hollywood actors and all the other anonymous people of many faiths making this very statement. It would only take him 5 minutes on Google to understand. Even his own father taught that message.

Hans RawatRawat has been repeating the message that "peace is within" all his career. He has also taught that he can allow people to access this peace through his empowered methods of meditation though these have changed - apparently that makes no difference. Everything involved in his teaching is at his whim and can be changed anytime.

How can it be accessed?

Shri Hans Rawat - Prem's father and Guru in December 1961

Addressing the audience at the 'Assembly of Saints' arranged by the Divya Sandesh Parishad at Animadhaula Park today, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj said that the source of real peace is within every human being. … Peace and equanimity are related to Spirit. Peace is impossible for the person whose Spirit is not still and tranquil. … He said, further that inner peace comes only from experiencing the Divine Light personally. The goal of Divya Sandesh Parishad is to open the Third Eye of mankind and show everyone the Inner Light. For the Parishad, national unity is not just a theory, but will occur of its own accord as the Knowledge of the Divine Light spreads. By revealing this Light to people of all castes and creeds, and thus threading them on the string of brotherly love, the Parishad was presenting a practical example of national unity.

Prem RawatGuru Maharaj Ji: Hunter College, New York City, October 8, 1971

God is within us, but until we realize Him, God won't come out. The Peace is within us, but if you want the spirit, you must put it in such a way that we can realize it. What is the aim and the purpose to come into this life, into this world? The only purpose is not to eat, drink and be merry. But the purpose is something else: to realize your God, realize your Father, Who is of all. But we have to know Him.

Only By Practising Prem Rawat's Knowledge Can true Peace and Bliss be Experienced

The "Knowledge" Can Only Be Revealed by Prem Rawat - else It Won't Work

Hans Rawat PreachingPrem Rawat's father and previous Perfect Master unequivocally stated that only an empowered Perfect Master in the bona fide lineage can reveal the Knowledge.

"The Holy Name should be received from one who himself received it from his Perfect Master, and who is presently Perfect Master in a correct spiritual succession. From ancient times the Perfect Master has channelised His spiritual power to His disciples. Since the Name comes from the same spiritual tradition, it has become very powerful. He who teaches this Name is called the Guru, and he who receives it is called the disciple." Hans Yog Prakash

He was quite definite that it would be useless if revealed by someone else when he spoke in June, 1961, at Prem Nagar, India

"Sublime devotion, however, comes from implicit faith and confidence in the Satguru of the time, and it must be clearly understood that only He who can bestow God-vision instantaneously within oneself is the Satguru of the time, and no one else. In reality, He is God incarnate." Hans Rawat