What You Are Looking For Is Within You - How To Find It?

Prem Rawat Not FastingIt is a truism repeated by many people that "What you are looking for is within you." They are usually referring to your happiness, well-being and peace, not your kidneys. Prem Rawat is a pretty ignorant guy and he imagines this cliché is something he invented and so he keeps repeating it, again and again. He's so proud of it. Of course he may be pretending that he thinks he's the only person ever to have come up with this shtick. What you are looking for may be within inside of you but you certainly won't find it using Prem Rawat's method which consists of four techniques of meditation. These techniques are not deep and meaningful but rather they are simple and simplistic.

The first meditation technique consists of holding your eyelids closed with your fingers and looking at the patterns this generates. You are actually still looking out as you can't rotate your eyeballs so you're not really looking within. The second meditation technique consists of squeezing your fingers into your ears and listening to … whatever's going on in there but be careful most of Rawat's disciples suffer from tinnitus after years of trying this meditation. Rawat's third technique is concentrating on your breathing and the air does get sucked sucked inside but you don't. Rawat's fourth technique, formerly call the Divine Nectar weirdly enough physically tries to go inside by looping your tongue backwards and up towards your mucus slimed nasal cavity as it is physically impossible to poke it down towards your stomach. Even a quick look at Prem Rawat shows he certainly is spending a lot of time looking within, within towards his stomach which he is always trying fill up as those impressive jowls so obviously demonstrate.

Divine Light
Music of the Spheres
Holy name
Nectar of the Gods

Prem Rawat Cannot Show You Within YouHow Can You Find What You Are Looking For If It Is Within You?

You'll have to find a better way than Rawat's 4 techniques of meditation and listening to his interminable speeches unless you think you can find the joy and bliss within you through boredom. Rawat's method is simple, every day you must:

  • squeeze your middle finger and thumb on your eyelids with index finger between the eyebrows,
  • poke your thumbs into your ears
  • think about your breathing
  • curl your tongue backwards round your uvula for 15 minutes each
  • see him and listen to him as often as you can and believe everything he says
  • give him as much time and money as you can afford
  • be eternally grateful to him no matter what
  • kiss his feet whenever the opportunity is given to you.

Peace is Within

There May Be A Way To Look Within You For Peace and Love But Prem Rawat Doesn't Know It