Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker?

Since the late 1990s Prem Rawat's followers, have been engaged in a cynical campaign to have him accepted as a world-respected inspirational speaker, Ambassador for Peace and all-round renaissance man. Some of them actually believe he is these things.

Tony Robbins: Inspirational Speaker
Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker
Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker
Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker
Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker

How well has it succeeded? Compare these two lives:

  • In 1966 Anthony J. Mahavorick was a 6 year child of Croatian immigrants whose abusive mother was about to divorce his father. The future looked bleak.
  • In 1966 the 7 year old Prem Rawat was declared to be God on Earth deserving of nothing but worship and luxury. Hundreds of thousands of people believed this nonsense.
  • In 1977 the 17 year old Mahavorick now named Robbins was sent packing by his mother at knife point and worked as a janitor.
  • In 1977 the 19 year old Rawat had been given numerous cars and bespoke suits, lots of ties and a Malibu mansion, oodles of money and he was about to embark on 5 year round of frenzied speeches with tens of thousands of people lining up to kiss his feet and give him even more money because he was the Lord of the Universe.

A few years later Rawat decided he should stop promoting himself as God and look for a less demanding career. Around 1995 Rawat decided "Inspirational Speaker" sounded good. For 20 years attempts to market Rawat as an inspirational teacher providing a method of improving life have been ongoing. His minions are not stupid enough to try to charge for these teachings yet as Rawat is no Tony Robbins but to beg people to try them for free.

Prem Rawat: Inspirational Speaker

Anyone can compare testimonials provided to Tony Robbins, a moderately successful 6 foot 7 inch, fit and healthy inspirational speaker, with those of Prem Rawat's, a 5 foot 1 inch, unfit and unhealthy wannabe. Of course walking on hot coals requires no special skills but then neither does thinking about your breathing.

Inspirational Speaker Inspirational Speaker Inspiring

Just because a man is extremely short doesn't mean he can't be inspirational. These photos are pretty closely aligned in proportion height-wise and Hayden Panetierre only looks taller then Prem Rawat because she's wearing high heels.

People who supply positive testimonials to Anthony Robbins:

Andre Agassi
Serena Williams
Bill Clinton
Oprah Winfrey
Hugh Jackman
Quincy Jones

On 30th July 2015 I googled their names with the word 'testimonials' and for Prem Rawat I found this page on As pages dealing with Prem Rawat are always changing I downloaded the information and compared it with Robbins has testimonials of people ranging from Andre Agassi to Serena Williams, Bill Clinton to Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman to Quincy Jones and why bother going on? Prem Rawat has testimonials from the following. No doubt they are decent people but not really inspiring but then neither is Rawat.

What People Say About Prem Rawat

  • Si Yu: For me, it is important to live in a peaceful environment so that I feel secure and free to pursue my dreams.
  • Sam Riahi: I feel something nice and profound is growing within me every time I hear this message of peace. This growth gives me gratitude, followed by the passion to help.
  • Belgin Bozsahin: Every time I get this chance I know one more time why I want to volunteer. For everything I put in, I get so much more out.
  • Mark Vigil: I want to be of some help to Prem. Knowledge is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me and how can I not hope and wish this for anyone else? I love being able to help.
  • Andrés: Peace is the key to the world's happiness. Peace feeds the dreams of the heart and silences the nightmares of the mind.
  • Irene Carmena: When you are the instrument and let the sound and music of appreciation and kindness play, it is beautiful to see how other hearts tune to the same melody.
  • Håkon Setterberg: Peace is identifying the sense of being alone with the sense of belonging.
  • Dodo Groguhe Marcel: I'm thrilled. Listening to Mr. Prem Rawat has changed me. We did not know that there was such a message. This is wonderful. When I listen I feel a peace in me and I am free.
  • Beth: I don't know of any other resource that confirms the value and beauty of my life as Prem Rawat does, and greatly appreciate being able to listen whenever I have the time and inclination. It makes a real difference to how I perceive everyday living.