Truth Is Eternal

Some Words Cannot Be Un-Said

In human lives there are some words that cannot be unsaid, that change a relationship for good, that leave lifelong anger, hatred, grudges even feuds.

For 16 years Prem Rawat lived as if he was an incarnation of God and said he gave people the secret to God Consciousness, a secret worthless without his grace and blessings - things that can only come from God.

People who talk like this are crazy or crazy like a fox. No doubt excuses can be made. He was a boy told he was divine, a teenager with few boundaries and strong desires. Once he was mature he should have closed his organisations and told his followers he had nothing to teach them and that truth was a pathless land and his Knowledge was just some methods of meditation and he had no idea if they could change your life. They certainly hadn't made him a person of wisdom. If he had done that, he would be someoneg worthy of respect. Instead he pretended to do just that while carrying on as if he had some unique power that had arisen out of the void and in private taught his followers that nothing had changed between them but to keep it on the quiet.