Maharaji aka Prem Rawat in Rome 17th October, 1980 Satsang transcript

This speech given in Rome in October 1980 shows Rawat at his most boring and repetitious and to be completely open about it, stupid and ignorant. His knowledge of life, history and culture appears to derive from the watching of cartoons on television and his obsession with cars and planes is obvious. In this speech he stresses his Knowledge as the "key ingredient" for peace, love, bliss, joy, etc. This is the first time he used this term and he used it only rarely for the rest of his career. The guru lives by the Goebbels theory of communication "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The guru's message has always been: "Humans are unhappy, the only true happiness comes by obedience to me." Only his devotees actually hear and believe these absurdities. In this speech he specifies that the Greatest Sin is not knowing your Creator ie the Greatest Sin is not recognising Himself, Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat as the Creator in person on earth.

Maharaji explains how he thinks an LP works. Unfortunately, his explanation is ridiculous. There are only 2 grooves on an LP, one on each side. The young Prem Rawat, who believes he is a technological whizz-kid, believes there are many grooves and somehow they pass the needle on from one to the next while their "resonation" is sent to the amplifier. He also quotes a poem he later plagiarised and repeats the James Bond myth that passengers will get sucked out of a plane through a window that pops out.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat Rome, October 1980So again an opportunity you know for all of us to come here and to listen and understand something a deeper meaning that had to manifest in all our lives. You look at this whole world, you look at this entire creation, you look at this existent. So many things and somehow it leaves you with a very bad mouth, you know, very bad taste in your mouth. It leaves, it leaves you feeling in a very superficial way because something in there and something isn't there. We strive to attain something that would be incredible. We always try to attain something that will satisfy us and it seems to be such a delicate little thing, that one single balance, one single thing can upset our pleasure, can upset our dream, can upset the whole whole balance.

You know it's like uh it's a really incredible, it can be a perfect day, it can be a beautiful day, everything is going really fine then all of a sudden you realise you've caught a cold and it can just blow your whole day off and the next day and the next day and usually supposed to last about three days. Those three days you've had it, you know, and in this world we try to achieve something. Something that would give us happiness, we try to achieve something that would give us peace cause there's definitions of peace. What is peace? What is, what is the kind of harmony that we are trying to really look for because right now the world is not at peace, you know.

There is a war going on between Iran and Iraq, a real good one it seems like and Iran is saying we've blown those Iraqis to smithereens. No, the Iraqis are saying we've blown those Iranians to smithereens. Somebody is blowing somebody up obviously. Boom, Bam, Kebam. All those nice things that people like to get into and that's not peace and this wasn't obviously happening in a year ago. Well, was it peace then? Did every human being on this face of this earth felt content? Felt happy because there wasn't any wars going on between Iraq and Iran. Two years ago there definitely wasn't. But it was the same old story, you know, it's like you really somehow you get a feeling but it really feels no different if the whole world is at war or everybody is just sitting at home doing nothing. Cause somehow that inner contentment isn't there. Something within inside is missing and when that something within inside is missing it doesn't make any difference where you place yourself, how you position this world, how lovely you make it, how nice you make it, how incredible you make it you know.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat Rome, October 1980It's just like if I have a cold inside, I've got a scratchy throat you know runny nose it doesn't make any difference what kind of cologne I put on that's going to make it any better. It isn't going to make a difference if I go to my wardrobe and pick my best suit out that's going to make me feel any better, you know put my best shoes on that's going to make me feel any better. There's nothing, there's really nothing that's gonna make me feel any better and I may, I may even go and have a cup of tea with honey and lemon and I personally don't like honey. You go to try to have it you know cause you've got a sore throat and you got to somehow just tell that throat quit being sore. I don't have a sore throat now but I did about you know a week ago and it's just like you sit there and you drink one cup and you can drink another cup and you can drink another cup and another cup until your stomach is ready to pop but sure enough when you take that adventurous little gulp to figure out whether your throat is still sore or not you know sure enough it's still sore and stays sore because there's something that's happening inside.

If I'm not happy within me, if I'm not, if I'm not happy in myself there is absolutely nothing I can do outside to make me any happier and this is quite obvious in this world. It is very, very obvious in this world because day after day I mean how many car manufacturers do you think there are right now sitting in their design rooms trying to plan new cars. Why? It's a chain reaction so perhaps their new model, so perhaps their new product can please you, make you happy and because it'll please you you will go out and buy it and because you will go out and buy it you'll give them money which in turn will make them happy, right? And in turn they will give it to their employees hopefully which will make them happy and the employees will bring it back to their wives and make their wives happy and the wives will go out and buy some food for the husband to keep the husband happy and buy some new clothes and the shoes and the toys for the children to make the children happy.

But it never seems to work that way because as soon as that toy breaks the kid's mad all over again, "I want a new toy!" And when the wife and when the child gets unhappy, the wife gets unhappy. When the wife gets unhappy the husband gets unhappy. When the husband gets unhappy (the guru sniggers) and goes back up the spiral and somehow when he is unhappy he goes to the production line makes a bum car then you get the bum car and you get unhappy. When you become unhappy you don't buy the car. When you don't buy the car it doesn't make the dealer any happy. When it doesn't make the dealer any happy then the executives of that company ain't happy so what can you do in fact to trigger off happiness in the whole thing. You know, what can you do? Along the line because there is the basic simple line, that's, that's how it works.

You know I'm not an economic expert but that's pretty much I think how it works because everybody is after that money and you go buy the car and you give the dealer the money, the dealer in turn gives it to the company that makes the car the money and it goes on and on and on and eventually somehow 20 bucks an hour has got to end up in that worker's hand so he can give it to his wife and you know the whole story goes down.

But really, who is happy? How can we be happy? I mean doesn't that seem to be the big thing? Why do we want peace? We want peace so we can be happy, you know we want love. Why do we want love? We want love so we can be happy. We have created this whole world, we have created every little thing in this, in this world. We have created highways, we have created aeroplanes, we have created rockets, we have created I really don't know if you can say it all in three days what man has created and yet it seems that underlying every inspiration that man gets today, that a human being gets today there is something within him inspiring him continuously to be happy. He looks for that happiness, he searches for that happiness, he wants that happiness, he wants to do something that'll make him happy and yet somehow oddly enough, strangely enough that happiness keeps slipping from him further and further and further and further and further and further away. Now there is absolutely no problem, you don't have to go out and blame everyone of yourself "it's all my fault, I've taken the happiness and have thrown it out, out the window" but that seems to be the evolution of every single, in every single age, that's exactly what has happened.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat's Evolution TheoryThere was a, once upon a time there was a man he didn't have the clothes to wear and of course he didn't have any place to stay. He didn't have to have any insurance payments, he didn't have, you know, if he lost weight or he gained weight he didn't have to bother about what happened to his clothes because he had no clothes, right? And the manufacturers weren't bothered, there were no manufacturers they weren't bothered about whether are we making the right designs? If is this in vogue or is this not in vogue? Are people gonna buy it? There were no clothes. Well man said I've gotta be somewhere, I've gotta stay somewhere so he climbs up a tree. Now that tree be in that tree better be in good shape, cause he stays on it, right? So now you, I mean somehow in the pursuit of some kind of satisfaction, in the, in the process of evolution, revolution, whatever have you he goes and he climbs up this tree to make himself a little secure, a little happy, a little less worried and now he is really taking on a worry and is worry that that tree won't fall down on which he is lying and then comes the whole idea of, wait a minute, this tree is kinda awkward you know I may fall off from it and I kinda have to balance myself and here I'm trying to sleep.

I don't know what, what language he thought it all out in and how he thought it all out but he figured why not go and get a cave. Well obviously at that time there was no electricity, there was no electrical bills, no gas there were no gas bills, no water, there was no water bills I mean at least it wasn't provided to the house. But then he goes on and he says okay this is where, this is where I want to be in. This is much more safer, it protects me from rain, it protects me from wind, it protects me from sun, it protects me from all those things I want to be protected from. It's so obvious, we want protection, right? We want to get protected, we want to get protected from all these natural elements. How many are there? Let's categorise them. Sun, under natural elements, sun, too hot. Cold, too cold. Wind, it can get very windy, you want just be sleeping out there with you floating around. You want to be in a place where you can't won't get blown off, gets very windy, protection from wind and we definitely want protection from animals. I mean obviously this man man at that time didn't exactly had a big wardrobe that he had to protect from some people, right? And he didn't exactly have all these suitcases together yet so it was basically four or five elements that he wanted to protect himself against but just look at that and look at the man today, what has he taken on?

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat's Economic TheoryBank mortgage. He's unprotected by having a house against that. You gotta have a job to have protection against that mortgage on your house. Water, water company. You need water and what's the point of having a house if it's just got no water and if you gotta house you work for it for all your life now you definitely need that water in it and there's one more problem, gas. One more problem, electricity, one more problem. I mean, I've already named the four and you can equal it out, that's not all, the burglars. Now that you have got a house you've got to bother about burglars. The task and it's almost like when you look at it, the face of it somehow it turned out to be a really bad bargain but you ended up being protected for, maybe four things. What you ended up getting hold of all the problems were maybe 10 things and it seems to be this kind of process existing all over the world you know this kind of process seems to be existing all over the world. I mean you look at it you know and here you are in a Western country, in Italy, advanced and you say you look at everything and it's like yes human being human being has come to this point and everybody had a car and everybody has shops and this and that and what have you and about a week ago I was in India and you look at India barren, desert, you know part of it, little huts and at nighttime I was driving and there were people just singing you know dark little places no electricity, little lamps, live in their places sleeping in the middle of the you know they just recently built a highway a really incredible big highway and in the middle of the highway is where all the people were staying these little huts right in the middle of this divider. So then it all comes down to one human being, you take your eyes and you just look at that human being and you say okay this human being doesn't have a Alpha Romeo you know and this human being doesn't eat spaghetti all day long for this human being doesn't live in Italy doesn't live in America doesn't live anywhere, lives in India and what has he got? He doesn't have any of the creature comforts and yet, yet he's alive, he's a human being and is he happy and you look at, you look at into his eyes and you look into, into him and you see that yet his craving, his craving for happiness, his craving for that peace within and you can look at every single human being from doesn't matter where they are from, how technologically advanced they are, how much creature comforts they have, when it really nails down to one simple thing that peace, that bliss, that harmony within. Because if I'm not content within then nothing is going to happen, it's never going to work out for me.

Have you had one of those days that you get up and you by your sink you grab your glass of water to rinse your mouth and the glass slips out of your hand and then you pick up the tooth, tooth paste and you put it on the toothbrush and it goes all over your hand and then you open up the drawer to get your underwears and your finger stays in it and after about 10 numerous accidents like that you decide it's just not your day. And the incredible thing is once you have decided it's not your day it definitely doesn't remain your day anymore. Once you have decided it's just not my day that is like okay it's just not my day, that's it. I might as well throw in the blanket and sit at home. Look at, look at a human being today. All the little mistakes, all the little problems that a human being is encountering again and again and again. It very well appears that it's just not mankind's day ever because it never seems to appear, it never seems to come you know it never seems to manifest as a nice, simple thing that a human being can just relate to. Okay, here I am, in this world, beautiful world created for me. Every little plant, every little apple tree, every little thing created for me. Sun that I need I mean here are my basic necessities and I did not gonna pay for it, I don't have to do anything for it. I need that sun and there it is. I need that air and there it is you know I need this earth to walk on and there it is and I need to be alive and there it is I am alive.

Now what? Now what remains for me? What's left for me? What can I do? What's the next step in my life because it's not a matter of this age, before this and before this and before that and before that and before that and before that it was always it seemed to be that man was never content. For he didn't have that inner satisfaction, inner contentment and he wasn't going to content anything, anything that he could have invented, anything that he could've made. Obviously, Edison, who invented the light bulb I mean he was pretty old if he would've been still alive you think that would've been it for him. He would've gone on and invented something else and something else and something else and something else because of that quest just wants to go on and on and on and on never seems to cease never seems to end. That's all fine but anything that is in this world is it going to bring us that happiness that we're looking for.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat was Jesus
Maharaji aka Prem Rawat was Jesus

I mean Jesus came in this world and what was his, what was his message of peace and love of happiness, bringing happiness to people, a simple, simple thing. He didn't bring spaceships and he didn't bring UFOs and he didn't bring Parker pens or Mont Blanc pens. You know, he didn't bring, he didn't bring anything to people all he brought to people was a very simple message, a message, and Knowledge and when people learned about it, found out about it, it made them simply very happy. It just made them very, very happy and again and again this message is brought on to this earth. Because we look for this happiness, we want this happiness, we desperately need this happiness and the road we always have chosen to find this happiness is always wrong. It never, never works out. Every single road that we chose to discover this happiness, to find this happiness has just not worked out for us. A very because a very simple ingredient is missing. A very very simple ingredient is missing because of all our development, for all our little ventures, for all our little achievements, one day they're going to go away. For that human being who's lying on his deathbed what difference does it make if you started a UFO or doesn't didn't? I mean obviously that's not going to cheer him up any you know. Oh goody, you saw a UFO, maybe I'll see one on my way up, too. Lying on his deathbed he knows in maybe 10 or 20 minutes I'm gonna kick the bucket. You know, tell 'em America just just got to the moon and the Soviets just returned after so many months staying in the in the in in the outer space have just returned to earth. What's it gonna do for us? I mean what difference is it gonna make? You don't even mention those little things you know in front of a person who's about ready to die. You give him consolation, you tell him, you tell him to pray to pray to God to his to his God you know, pray to his, pray in his way that he will have peace, he will have satisfaction. You don't talk in front of him and say listen Ford of England have just come out with a new car or British Leyland have just come out with a new car and they hope it will be very successful. I mean obviously he won't be around to see it. What difference does it make to him?

And yet it's a very simple thing for that moment what is that man looking for, what is that man really trying to achieve? Contentment. He says to himself if I only had 10 more minutes I could do this I could do this, that letter I never wrote, that present I never got, you know that vacation trip I never took. Maybe I could if just I could have enough time to do that all my ambitions, all my ambitions are being left behind and if just somebody could tell him that his ambitions are endless, but not in this lifetime and not a lifetime again, not ages and ages put together could ever fulfill his ambitions. That ambitions would go on and on and on just like ours does when we are alive. On and on and on. When does it end? We do go to our vaca you know here we are we work work work really hard and get all tired and we get all mad we get all just drained and then we say great I'm going to go take a vacation. We get our act together, we get out our suitcase and do the whole thing and get out to the vacation spot you know only to get there and relax and see everything and feel really wonderful and to say to yourself again oh how nice it would be to come back here again. This is the place, this is where I'm going to come back again. I like this place

Like oh I've seen this, it's no good. I've seen this. I need to see something more. I need to see something better. Maybe I'll go to America, maybe I'll go to Canada, maybe I'll go to England, you know, maybe it's all better out there. When does it, when does it end, when do you put a stop to it, when does that ambition end? And yet somehow it makes so much of a offense to tell that man, to tell that human being, to tell that person you are eternal. That that you are a part of that everlasting thing and obviously you know you don't want to tell all this great stuff to that person if it's all a bunch of lies but it's not. We are part of that something that's eternal. We are part of that thing that's incredible.

Rawat's Plagiarised Poem10 years later Rawat plagiarised this well-known poem "High Flight" by John Magee a pilot who fought in WWII.

There's something that we try to reach in the outer space, something that we try to connect with, you know, there's this one aeroplane that I was flying one time and it had a little plate in the back of it right behind the cockpit and it said I have reached out in the wild blue yonder and I have touched the face of God. You know. He was really into it. Got there 60,000 feet, popped his window open and sucked everybody out and touched the face of God I wonder but you know in my ambition, in his ambition, in his thoughts that's what he wanted to do to go up there and dispatch that endless thing, endless thing that we call God, endless thing that we call energy, endless thing that we call peace. That endless thing that by having that endless thing even the faintest perception of it that'll bring us joy, that'll content us within, that'll bring us peace, that'll bring us happiness and we are all a part of that, we are all a part of that, that everlasting, ever existent thing within and yet we do not know it. Yet what we look for, what we strive for is this external aspect of life.

There is an internal life, there is an eternal life and that eternal life can be enjoyed now in this world now whilst we live this life. You know nobody of us has to throw in the blanket and say "here I go to the Himalayas and that's where I'm gonna find my peace." Peace isn't in the Himalayas really if you look for peace in the Himalayas all you will see is a lotta high mountains, a lotta low oxygen and cold, really, really cold and there may not be any telephone but how you're gonna wish you had one so you could tell somebody to ship you an electric blanket and the sweater that you forgot and the blanket that you really need and a new sleeping bag. Oh yeah you're gonna open your can of beans at 40,000 feet and they're going to be frozen stiff and you're gonna wish you had a telephone so you could call somebody and tell 'em to get drive a cooker here or something you know fire you need it. Because you know if I can't be content, if I can't be content in downtown Rome and if I can't be content in downtown New York, if I can't be content in downtown Delhi, if I can't be content in downtown LA or Miami or Kansas City or Vancouver or Toronto I mean I'm talking about the whole world, right? I'm sure not going to be content in Himalayas. If there's a key ingredient that's missing within inside of you if I don't have the key ingredient there I'm not gonna have that key ingredient there because it definitely doesn't grow on trees. As a matter of fact trees don't grow that high. It's too high for grass and too high for trees. Bare rocks and a lot of snow.

And I wondered if, I wondered if, you know I was born very close to the Himalayas, in the foothills of the Himalayas at a place called Mussorie and you could, you could go up there to this little town and stand on one peak of it, it was called the Camel's Back and you could stand on the Camel's Back and look and you could see this Valley that looked like it was endless and then you can see the peaks of the Himalayas just snow covered and that was about as close as I wanted to go to it. You know ??? but for me at that time now I have that key ingredient. I don't have to go to the Himalayas. We're all human beings, we're meant to be together. If we leave each other, if every human being split in the whole world just split right some went to the moon some went to the ???? ???? Planets you know all over the place, cold. What would happen? Do you think we'd all be much happier? Sounds like it, doesn't it? And there you are in the traffic jam and you can't go anywhere and it's like it's much faster to walk but you don't want to leave your car there and you sorta stuck and sometimes it feels like if everybody would just go away it would be so much better and yet it wouldn't make any difference because this key ingredient, this key ingredient can make us happy whoever we are, wherever we are and however we are.

The Greatest SinnerIf we are the greatest sinner, fine. What does that mean? If somebody comes up to us and says "You've sinned a lot, you're the greatest sinner in the world." What does that mean for me? Should I tell them "Thank you for telling me that" or do I say to myself "Congratulations kid, you know you've just won the title of the greatest sinner." What does that, what does that mean to me? If somebody comes up to me and says you're the greatest sinner, what does that mean to me? You know and to me it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything. But if somebody came to me and said "You are the greatest sinner of this world and I can get rid of all of your sins" that make a lot of sense to me.

Look at it this way. If you had a car, you're driving down and you had a blown tire, you're tired just went "Pffkt" hey? So you're not driving anymore and there you are standing by your blown tire and somebody comes and says "Hey you know what, you've got a blown tire" and then just walks on and the next one comes and says "Hey you know what, you've got a blown tire" and walks on. By the third and the fourth you will be ready with your sleeves up and your attitude will be very definitely "I know you idiot, that's why I'm standing here otherwise I'd be on my way up I know I've a blown tire." But if somebody really came up to you and said "Excuse me sir, you have a blown tire. Can I fix it for you?" Then that changes the complete story doesn't it? You will roll down your sleeves, very humbly say "Oh would you? Could you? Can I get the Jack? Can I get the spare tire for you? Anything? Here's the trunk. Take whatever you want you know please fix this tire for me. Can you? I'd be grateful." Well that's the story that really is the story. We all, we all get into that situation.

Sure I I I I suppose if, if we're not happy that's a sin in itself. I suppose if we are not peaceful, we don't have that peace, that's a sin in itself and if we don't know that Creator, if we don't know that Creator will this Creator know us? I suppose that's the greatest sin in itself to not to know who's created you for what reason, for what purpose not to know that, to just be living a borrowed life and on and on you go recklessly, carelessly, using this body and don't know why that Creator took so much pain to create this body. Why? Why did that Creator create this earth, every grain of sand, the ocean and I mean can you imagine it any other way than it is? Any other way? I mean I can't, I really can't. It has to be, it had to be just the way it is because it's perfect. You look at it, you see it it's like can you imagine the green sunset? Black water? Here you get a glass of this thick gooey black fluid that you have to live on but a fluid ??? clear, no taste no smell, no color. So this the way it's been created I've been put into this earth.

I don't have to get into my imagination of what it's all about because my imagination isn't going to do me any good. I don't have to imagine my existence, I have to know my existence. I cannot, I cannot live in a dream state and call myself real. I cannot live in the dream state and say I'm awake but that's about how crazy you can never get. That's the sleepiest you can ever get. You know in that dream when you just pop up and start walking around and your mouth falls open and you know just no I cannot I cannot just dream on here I am I'm alive look everything is okay you know let it all go, that's it, that's it. How can I do that when I know here I am, here you are, everyone everyone means different, everyone mean different, everybody looks different and yet somehow for one thing we all live is that one power is what, what, what keeps us alive. You know the Americans don't exist off of a different kind of air than the Italians or the or the Indians or anybody. We all live, we all breathe, our hearts pump I mean that basic nip thing, that rhythm, that it's true for all of us. Life, a precious thing, it doesn't matter which form we are in, it doesn't matter if we, if we are white or if we are black or if we are what doesn't make any difference if we are tall or if we are sure worked with got curly hairs or flat hairs it doesn't make any difference but that one the simple rhythm in everybody's life. I know that that's the reality. I know that there is something real there and why do I live, why do I exist, why do I have two survive, why am I there? If I don't know that then that's the time to throw in the blanket and go home somewhere. Cause there is a purpose for me to be and I need to know it. There is a reason why that Creator has created this body and I need to know it and for every one of us that goes the same thing.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat Rome, October 1980Not to just go on and on and on in this life and just saying "Okay here I am, all I'm going to do is ever so much dream." That's not going to do me any good. There is a reality. There is a key ingredient. I have to tell you this because I myself have experienced it and you can experience it too and I have to tell you this because without that key ingredient I never so much had any perspective of this life. Without that key ingredient this life was a daily routine like a broken record, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. You know what is a broken record? It's like a record has fine, fine grooves in it and the needle sits in between the grooves, and the grooves resonate and when the grooves resonate the needle picks up the resonation and that needle transfers it to the amplifier gets amplified and you hear it. So what happened sometimes is it that the way the grooves are they continuously pass the needle onto the next groove and the next groove and next groove and next groove. But if one of those grooves has a scratch in it in such a way that when it comes time for that needle to be slowly passed on to the next groove instead of happening that it starts off in the same exact groove and all you hear is click and the same thing starts over again click same thing starts over again click same thing starts I mean how much, how much of our life isn't it, isn't it very much like that. We live in a routine, we play routine.

I mean it's it's it's incredible you know they have these places and they advertise on TV "Come, come to us and we'll work out your funeral. Come to us we'll pick out a plot, package deal 100 bucks for the whole thing. We'll pick out a plot for you overlooking the beautiful valley." Eh? What you gonna do? Get up at night time, open your casket, pop out and say "What a nice view." What do you need a view for anyway so (the guru sniggers) there you are we get you a nice view, yet you a nice green beautiful lush plot and will get you the ride, we'll get you the ride in the Cadillac, standard Cadillac limousine hearse and ah you know we'll have your casket for about 45 minutes in the funeral parlor and everybody can come and pay your respects to you and you'll go to them, they'll have the paper, they'll have the contract, they'll go over exactly the details. There is your life. You know one thing for sure is that when you die (laughs) when you die you will be taken to such and such funeral parlor, left open in the casket for 45 minutes then taken in a Cadillac limousine and dumped in a certain piece of land with a wonderful view and that you know for sure.

What about in between? Such as what about my contract with my Creator? Why did he send me here? What about what do I have this body for? If I'm going to be able to see that view dead and enjoy it from my grave what do I need this body for? And yet a very certain existence and I just see you know that we need that key ingredient and here I am you know I'm not just saying I'm not trying to criticize this world. I live in it you know so I can only criticize it so much. Do I see this whole world? Yeah, it's there, it's crazy I agree hundred percent with you. It really gets to you sometimes, really gets to you sometimes you know there you are and everything is going along right. You get mad at the glass manufacturer because if he just could have made it out of stainless steel then it wouldn't have broken all over your vanity and over your foot, right? And you wonder why don't they just make a instead of making toothpaste why don't they just make up a pill that you can just pop into your mouth and it cleans your teeth and you don't have to brush it. I mean there comes a point where it's like everything is wrong and this whole world is wrong and everything is wrong sure but there's a point there's a point you could come to and say "Okay there is this world and there I am and why does it all click? What I got, what I gotta do in this world, what's my part, look at me. I didn't invent toothpaste, I didn't invent car, I didn't invent a plane, I haven't invented anything, not a single thing. So what is my part? If Edison had a great deed to and that was to create a light bulb, he's 'e it.

Now we've got a problem with these light bulbs, they keep going out and get hot, given out too much light sometimes you know you've got to put a rheostat in the switch and this and that. But the guy is okay fantastic, he creates a lightbulb, fantastic. Well what about me, what about you that haven't really invented anything. How do you fit into this world? That poem that you made you know that you forgot in your school book that nobody ever read. That doesn't count as an invention and the song you dreamt up could have never you could have never sold it to Warner Bros. that doesn't count as an invention. So what is your function, what's your role? To be alive, to be in this world, to be, to be in existence and you know I'm not just going on and on and on and saying okay this is wrong and that's wrong and that's wrong and that's wrong but what I'm saying look you've got a blown tire. Can I change it for you? What I'm saying is, are you missing the key ingredient in your life? If you are, I've got it, do you want it? This is basically that same message and we have to acknowledge to this message. We have to acknowledge to this message. We have to understand what this message means to us.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat Rome, October 1980You know I'm not trying to preach a religion to anybody that's not I I personally got to stay away from religion cause what is it? You stay in your religion no problem. Doesn't matter who you are, how you are or where you are. That is un-significant if you are a Christian, if you are a Jew, if you are a Hindu, if you are a Muslim it does not make any difference and where you are it doesn't make any difference if you are in India in America in Canada in Italy it doesn't make any difference. Who you are, where you are you know and how you are. If you are rich, if you are poor it doesn't make any difference. You think you're white, doesn't make any difference. You think you're black, doesn't make any difference. You think you're gray, doesn't make any difference either. Pink, pale, white, blue, green, red, orange, it doesn't make any difference. We all need this key because with this key we can open our own heart. We can look within ourselves and realize who we are and for the first time be able to see how beautiful we really are, how incredible we really are. What a thing it is inside of us and that we are part of that infinite. We are a part of that incredible supernatural it's been called and millions of names, the entire cosmic ???, the fantastic, the infinite, the on and on and on. We are a part of it and that's exactly what's keeping us alive right now. What do you think it is? To know I can there's a way in which very simply, very simply and I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna throw a book at you and say read this book and come to me 10 years later. You don't need to read a book, you don't need to be a high school graduate, you don't need to be 23 (the guru's age). You know just be a human being. If you're sad, you'll become happy. If you smile, you will laugh and if you're happy you'll become a lot happier than you've ever been.

Cause I mean here we are and we all come here and what is this world got to offer us? We've had it. You know it's a very obvious what this world's got to offer us for. What Ford's got to offer us? Well they got new models every year. We don't even know what they've got to offer us yet. What's General Motors got to offer us? Well they still got plans in their design rooms they're secretly working on. You know Mercedes 10 years don't change their models. Rolls just introduced, introduced their new models, that'll take them 10 years to think about their new models.

That's it. World you got a 747 a DC-10 and very soon 757 - (the Guru Maharaj Ji mumbled about airplanes for a while, too difficult to transcribe)

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat with Long Hair
Maharaji aka Prem Rawat with Short Hair

You know there it is. Maybe 10 years from now, 10 years from now may be your clothes will change. Sure. Maybe you won't wear a tie anymore you know it seems like a trend you know you know was a medium cut hair or short hair you may call it long hairs long hairs long hairs then it peaked short hairs short hairs short hairs short hairs short hairs short hairs short hairs short hairs, really short hair. Sometimes even bald being a fashion. Maybe 10 years from now it's going to rise again and again and again and again and again and again and higher and higher shorter and shorter and shorter and shorter, longer and longer and shorter and shorter. I wonder what the new generation you know barbers go through. Cause I remember when they probably went to the school they had long hairs. They learned how to cut long hairs and then all of a sudden everybody wanted a short haircut you know and it becomes it become maybe you know maybe a jacket from a completely different the solar seems to be the thing so maybe the jackets will be clear and so will be our shirts, just clear. I hope nothing else gets clear (the guru sniggers). Well maybe you know green lipstick will be the new thing and maybe contacts will become part of the fashion so you can change the color of your eyes so you can match it with your lips and your hair. I don't know what will happen maybe you'll have shoes that will roll automatically with a little automatic gearbox and joystick steering wheel and just lean on it and let it go. There you go (the guru laughs). The way this world is going anything is possible I suppose.

Maharaji aka Prem Rawat's FashionsBut I tell you it's not going to make any difference so far your happiness is concerned (the guru laughs). You know that sadness isn't going to disappear any by anything that's going to be invented. Man has always needed that key ingredient in his life. Man has always wanted that key ingredient in his life and one who has truly true devotion search for that key ingredient has found that key ingredient in his life. Has found that Knowledge, has found that thing, has found the purpose in their life. Very simple, very simple I know I know the kind of concepts people have in this world today you know you gotta have rosary or you probably gonna end up with a chant for probably gotta have all your hair shaved and probably end up with saffron clothes and this and that and and and and. Then even at that you never know if you're really liberated and all that stuff. Very simple, very simple it doesn't make any difference like I said who you are and where you are, how you are. It really puts on that smile, it really puts on that smile that you've been wanting to have for a long, long time. Really puts on that smile and maybe your whole life one time you smiled and that was when you first came out and the doctors called it burp. That's really strange you know doctors called it they said little children never smiled is always burp you know they burp like that. I wonder how they associated burp and a smile on a kid's face. Sometimes you smile and don't burp you know ??? Now but that really the smile that is coming from the heart that is coming from the joy, that that smile not a diplomatic procedure. You don't do it to your wife right don't smile to your wife she's going to slap you back "Don't you like me anymore? Don't you love me anymore?" Don't smile in front of your boss, you may get fired. "Hello how are you" you know and a nice big smile waiting for him when he walks through his office, your office to his office.

No but a smile on your lips. You're smiling because you're happy. I laugh that comes from in a heart not because somebody cracked a good Irish joke you know but something that's really coming from the heart, something that you laugh because you want to laugh and you know here I am and maybe it sounds like I'm trying to teach a lie and maybe it sounds like I'm trying to teach too much of a philosophy. Fact is I'm not trying to teach a philosophy to anybody. I don't wanna teach a philosophy, I don't have a philosophy. I'm not trying to teach a religion to you, I don't have a religion to teach to you. Don't want you to become a cult, I don't have a cult to offer to anybody. Just one thing, happiness, peace, joy, truth you know that's what I've got to offer. Truth, joy, happiness, bliss is the name of that one thing. It's also called the Creator, it's also called Infinite, it's also called Primordial, it's also called oh it's got so many names. You need it as one thing, by having that one thing it will bring us that joy, by having that one thing it will bring us that peace, will bring us that eternal satisfaction. That's it.

It's Over, Thank GodSimple as ABC, it really is you know it really is actually ABC is a lot more difficult. I don't remember my ABCs, really don't. You know I stop after 't' I think (crowd laughter). You scratch your head and figure out what comes after t. ??? I can speak all the words but the problem is when do you ever go to a person and say ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP you know (crowd laughter) (guru the guru sniggers) but it just I just got involved saying ABC because uh you know the song ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP and goes on you know and now I know my ABC so on and so forth and singing that song I just realized that I don't know my ABC. Doesn't make any difference really doesn't. I can get by fine (crowd laughter) so if I don't go to a country where there where you have to say A-Z and shake their hands to the people, right? I go to the immigration and they say "can you say from a to Z?" If you can't, you can't enter the country. Now I just pull out my dictionary and go through real quick ABC DEF G. Anyway (the guru laughs) besides all the different concepts and besides all the philosophies and besides all the religions and all those little things that maybe this world's got to offer I'm not one of them. I don't have to offer that. What I feel I have to offer, what I feel I have to offer is just that key ingredient and by that Grace it's possible now you know so it's just you know it's just really beautiful both to just have this opportunity, to be able to come here and have this three-day festival, to be able to say what I want to say you know it isn't like you know I get it all cooped up in me and I just really like to talk a lot, it isn't like that at all you know but it just is really beautiful to talk about something that you know about, you know that it has given you happiness, that it has given you that peace, has given you that satisfaction and so thank you very much and good night. (Crowd applause)

CopyriteThe speech ends with a song that reinforces my belief about the shocking state of Italian popular song.

It's Over, Thank God