Rome 1980 Ashram Satsang Transcript (Part 2)

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang to ashram premies - 25th June 1980 - Rome, Italy

Look when there is going to be Guru Maharaj Ji in this world, whenever Guru Maharaj Ji is going to come in this world, and has, and will, and you know by his grace will keep coming again and again and again. Cause it's not guaranteed either. He can skip a term and that'll be the devastation of this entire planet.

Then there will be those devotees too, who will undoubtedly and unquestionably want to dedicate this life, or put it more poetically would like to hand Him the reins of this life. Not everybody is going to be able to do it under different circumstances and that's understood. Not everybody is going to want to do it, not everybody can do it but a few will want to do it, can do it and will be able to do it. For those few devotees who don't want to be involved in the ifs, ands and buts of this world, you know, who don't want to be involved in the maya and this and that of this world, who don't want to be bothered by the aspects of this world and want to totally take this life and give it one single aim, give one single purpose.

Satsang, service and meditation. Who do not want to think who do not want to be in a state where there isn't Guru Maharaj Ji in their lives. Who do not want to practice anything except that manifestation of Knowledge, then those people are truly the ones, who, whose ashram is made for. Those devotees, those premies who really want to do that, you know. Not, not, ashram is not just a house because it becomes very associated, you know, 50 and 60 Race St, just point to it, "Oh that's an ashram." Is it? Could it just be?

It doesn't matter what we come together and try to do but if it doesn't have the blessing of Guru Maharaj Ji, then how can it become, how can it manifest into something? If our understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji is so weak, that can't we, we can't even understand, even the simplest format because you see, look we have to understand one simple thing. There's a lot of mystery involved right and a lot of times you know you have questions and initiators come around and tell you, "Wow, you will never be able to understand that." What you can't understand, it doesn't exist. When Guru Maharaj Ji Himself, like I said, that power Himself, accepts and will and does, take a human form, so that you can relate, for every individual human being, then what do you think is left that you can't understand? Do you think He'll come in this world, do you think Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world to make the most incredible thing the simplest thing and then take the simplest things and make them so incredible that nobody can understand them. It doesn't even make sense.

But just that one very beautiful aspect, you know, because there are premies, down there, I can see a little opening, they're married and they can be premies, sure, and there are people who don't wanna think about ashram, they're premies too. So what's the difference between them and you? Not much except that one thing you want to be in that format where all you can practice is satsang, service and meditation. You want to be in that place. Yes you want to surrender this life, the reins of this life to Guru Maharaj Ji. You know.

Maybe it has nothing to do with your salvation, maybe it has nothing to do with your liberation, but it definitely has everything to do with your devotion. You, because in this incredible game, there you are, you know, in this, in this incredible game in which Guru Maharaj Ji comes, you know, and then He has given you that opportunity. He has given you that gift to be, to be His premies in this day and age. You know and it's a very broad issue and mind just brushes it off, every time. Well. You Know. Me, is it just me, or is it anybody? It doesn't matter if it's anybody or it's nobody but you, yes you as individuals have this gift, have this opportunity, you know and I can see that yes slowly that time is coming when ashrams are truly going to become what they are supposed to be, not a hangout, not an overnight motel, not a place for you to experiment, not a place where you just hang your hat and hang your shoes but truly that holy environment and you know who that holy environment is going to left up to to maintain, that's gonna be you. You. To be in that consciousness of what this gift is, to be in that place, to to understand yes that's going to be your, your responsibility. No games, I think we have had had enough of the games. Because I just feel, you know, as this time approaches, in this world where things are starting to get a little too thin, you know, and the season for skating over the ice I think is over. Now serious business begins. You know, it's like this lake you know that was frozen over for years and years and years and every kid went skating on it and so everybody grows up and goes skating on it and then everybody their children's children and children's children and children's children and this gigantic ageless saga has gone on and I think now it's starting to get so hot that that, that ice is starting to get thin in places and now it's not going to be the same old game anymore and we have to really wake up in our eyes. You know. And I just see that to gear up to that consciousness to have the first public program … is incredible. What is involved in it? What does it mean? You know, and just the other day I was just sitting there and I was saying how about doing a public program, you know, because, you know we were just talking about this whole thing about like you know, obviously when you have a public program and you start mentioning about satsang, and darshan and premies and you gonna have a lot of question mark in the audience, you know, what is this, what are we talkin' about, you know and you have it where it's geared it's made its purpose to come, you know, of course because premies can never be denied their right to see their Guru Maharaj Ji in any circumstance and the premies will always be there, people who are interested, people who have who are the aspirants will be able to come and listen to pure simple unsophisticated words.

What we really need, in this life what we really desire, what our true heart really desires what we really should have because satsang is never sophisticated if it's satsang a lot of riff-raff gets sophisticated, liberation and the seven chakras and the eight chakras times squared and the fifth and the fourth goes off and then you know like a fuel injection system so complicated and one little thing goes off and there you have it but a simple, simple, simple thing. Yes we all know what it means, I mean, I know what this world needs, you know it was just this thing, how about doing a public program? And so, you know, so I finding a place where should we do it? I mean should be place where people are really going to be receptive. You know, people are really gonna be ready to understand. And it was like it was just building up in such a beautiful way just the whole conversation you know was just starting to just really melt and just really feel … You know it's like in that time of summer and you walk through a field and there is a golden wheat and is the feeling is so incredible because the wheat's ready, it's golden, the sun's shining, the skies are clear. I think it's called ripe.

And it's such a feeling, yeah, time is really becoming, you know, time is really coming when people have to open up because so many things are just a whole bunch of … jokes, you know, and it's like what Michael was saying and, you know, he was giving satsang and I was listening to it, in the residence, and he was saying, yeah, there is one joke going on in Venice. It's like yeah, it is a big joke, it has no purpose, it has no meaning, you know, cause the other day we landed in Ciampino, and you know, there's these two Airforce One airplanes sitting there you know and then facing them Pan American airplane and a TW airplane and you just can imagine the whole trip involved in it. You know, just this and that and you know how many people it must have had and just this whole incredible scene so they can all come here and do what? They can't improve the situation. Nobody can overnight and yet the whole game continues, "Oh yes, this peace, I mean look at this whole whole joke. In the Middle East there has been this war going on for years and years you know. All of a sudden these guys really plough into it and they want to make it peaceful. So these guys are flying back and forth from America and the two guys are getting together and they're sitting in these top-secret places and having their negotiations and the Oh everybody is standing on the top of an icicle and just waiting to hear what's going on and they come out and very happy and cheerful and hugging and embracing and getting the Peace Prizes and oh just an incredible show. Nothing has changed, people are still getting killed right and left and they are going to be and now is the question comes well wha-wha-hat's going on? And what this guy didn't keep up his peace promise and I'm not going to keep up to my promise, you know, that's the condition because the the problem stems from a completely different place. The problem stems from that uncontentment, from not understanding what people need in this life, what people need, now.

You can have your concepts, you can have your uh, ideas. Those ideas aren't going to be any good if there isn't some substance that can replace the darkness in everyone's heart. That's what's needed, a real solution, not talk, you know. Oh there's enough talk, there's plenty of talk and what we need is that real solution and always has been, always will be, and is now. Knowledge is the only solution, really Guru Maharaj Ji is the only solution to bring that peace into this world. That's why Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world. You know, not because this whole place is so wonderful. No, there's nothing left of it, all that wonderfulness is gone, you know, with that true thing, that true solution. That's what we all need in this world. And yet, you know, like I was saying just the whole conversation is just going and going and then it was just like "Wait a minute, can we really do it? Yeah, we can do it but would it have any meaning? Would it have any purpose? These people would come and perhaps they would get interested and then where would they go? What would the follow-up be like? Who's gonna follow-up? Who's gonna take care of these aspirants? And all of a sudden you felt the whole situation stalling, just stalling, stalling, stalling. It just feels like, Oh my God, we thought we were working at this for years and years and years and years and now where's that? You know who is in which way will these people be able for themselves come and see what we are talking about, what we are preaching, what this Knowledge does in our, in one's life? What, I mean how? Will the ashrams be able to demonstrate that? You know, are people really understanding what has to happen? You see because I've, I've no problem with it in one thing because there's plenty of understanding around, it's just somehow it never gets put together. Always the personal differences come in, always the person's ignorance come in, always the trips come in. Because in one way what you end up following is a religion, it becomes a format for a perfect religion, you know. There was one day Jesus decide to have dinner so he called all his devotees called it a farewell party sort of called everybody together and said "Here, enjoy the meal." Since that day to now, I mean of course the bread's changed to little cookies, you know, but that's all it is. That becomes the peak, you know and that becomes the whole thing, and you know of course then you have these priests who love that blood so much that they won't put the glass down, you know "More, more!". You know or then you get somebody hungry and says, "More flesh, more flesh, more blood, more flesh."

But there is a very, very fine line we have to understand what that fine line is. We have to understand that what we have to do is what Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to do not what our stupid mind tells us to do. There's big difference in it. You know, if our faith in Guru Maharaj Ji is not there then obviously the mind's gonna win every single time. You know and I just see this whole act has to clean up, has to come to a point where the propagation can really begin to happen. Where there can be that demonstration, where there can be that "Yes! Knowledge! Yes! Guru Maharaj Ji!" Where people can see, like I said in the satsang, you know, people are gonna look at me, then they're gonna look at you, and if they see something there, then they're gonna look at me again and say "Can I have your Knowledge?". When people look at me, then they look at you, and they don't see anything, they're gonna look not look at me either. Why should they? There is nothing there. You know. Because it reflects in every single thing we do in one sense. You know, and I mean I'm not saying that you all have to go, you know, all the girls have to go and get a pedicure and a manicure and get the best lipstick and the best eye make-up and the best haircut and the best dresses and the best clothes and the best of everything and all the guys have to get a manicure, you know, get their teeth polished, and get a face lift and hehehee wear a wig, you know, I'm none of that has to happen, it's your own deep inner commitment that has to take place first. All the toying around, all the joking around first has to stop and the inner commitment has to become that deep commitment to Guru Maharaj Ji, to Knowledge, to surrender, to satsang, service and meditation.

Unless that happens. Otherwise there's always going to be those questions, well. How do we do propagation? There is no magic word, there is no magic key, there is no magic thing that you can do that's gonna boost up the propagation. Nothing. Everybody coming together, everybody realizing, is what's gonna do it. Everybody understanding, everybody having that commitment and more than anything else, everybody ready to obey Guru Maharaj Ji's agya and be in that space. Guru Maharaj Ji says "Yes, let's do propagation", people go out and have that understanding and do propagation. Because, what comes in otherwise is a lot of mind, "How I'm gonna do it? I can't do it." You know, and then it just becomes a dog trying to bite its tail, just going round and round and round.

So I just see you know when a very beautiful opportunity has been given to you and you have to take that gift and take it to your heart. You have to really open up and really understand. You know, you've got to somehow quit listening to your mind, you know, all these silly little games that the mind wants to play with you believe me aren't gonna lead you anywhere. Your commitment, that's, you know, that's basically what I have to say nothing new probably to what I said at the last satsang or last to last satsang or last to last satsang. You know. In essence, what I'm trying to say is that when you get up and say "Bhole Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai" mean it! Not just say it because uh 9,000 other people are saying so, so you say it too. You know. And when you sing Arti, mean it. And all that's gonna come from your practice of Knowledge, from your understanding. So, (Rawat takes out handkerchief and wipes his brow) you have any questions? 41:45

Transcript Questions and Answers session, Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 25th June 1980, Rome, Italy