Prem Rawat's Corporate Trainings:
Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge - Transcript

This video, titled 'Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge', a Visions International release, was produced in 2000. It contains scenes from two training sessions Élan Vital held attempting to teach Prem Rawat's "students how to introduce people to the "Possibility of Knowledge" and a speech in Miami. The "invited guests" paid dearly for the chance to be at these sessions as their Master was going to be there. Nearly all of them had been devotees of Maharaji for up to 30 years and so the idea that they needed such training was extraordinary enough in itself. What made it even more remarkable is that most of them had been doing such personal and public recruitment in the 1970's relatively successfully despite the derision he had received in the press until Rawat had ordered them to cease and desist circa 1983. The seating at this "training session" was especially weird. Two rows of premies sitting around the walls craning their necks sideways with all the empty floor space.

Rawat gave a brief introduction to the video:

"This is the training of how to present Knowledge and that will be videoed and that video will be made available throughout, hopefully, the whole world (makes quote marks with fingers) for people who are interested in presenting Knowledge.

What has to happen has to be synchronised, has to be a synchronised effort in the community and like I said with that enthusiasm that is sincere, that is real. I know from my experience that it is always the right time, always the right time to give propagation a push."

Introducing The Possibility of Knowledge
(Female Voiceover) Maharaji as been speaking about the topic of Knowledge since he was a young boy in India. "While Knowledge itself has never changed, the way people have spoken about it over the years has. At the end of July, Maharaji spent two days in Atlanta, Georgia talking to a group of invited guests about how best to introduce the possibility of Knowledge. Then in September, Maharaji spoke further about the objectives of the Atlanta Training in Amaroo, Australia. The following broadcast contains excerpts from both meetings."

Objectives of the Training
Amaroo, Australia September 2000

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge
1. To feel comfortable communicating about Knowledge.
Here we go, objectives, you should feel comfortable communicating about the possibility Knowledge. The keywords here are "about the possibility of Knowledge." Should everybody have Knowledge? (long pause, laughter) I see there's a lot of people and they're like (shifts eyes left and right, loud laughter). I feel electricity going both ways in my muscles, this way and this way and … I don't know which way to go first. Now you just, you just think about it OK? It's very simple. It's very simple. Only those people who want Knowledge should have it. That's one of the fundamental things. How can you discard, you know, "Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened unto you." Fundamentals. Fundamentals. So a lot of people come with "Yes, yes, everybody, it would be great if everybody had Knowledge. Well, that's again one of those things, you know, great intentions, but how can you for the sake of that great intent that you have discard the fundamentals of Knowledge itself. No, you can't do that. Knowledge can only be made available to those people who are genuinely interested. That is one of the conditions.

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge
1. To feel comfortable communicating about Knowledge.
2. To avoid misleading scenarios.

After this training you should be able to avoid misleading scenarios.

What is it all about? There is a person, there is a Master, who makes Knowledge available. There it is. That's the beginning and the end of it. But if you're out there to convert people you're gonna have problems. Because when people go to convert it's like put up your dukes (makes fists, laughter). You know this is how the conversations begin.

Because to convert a person what fundamentally you have to do is prove everything they're doing is wrong. And so if you start with "you're wrong" it's like the other guy going "No, I'm not!"

1. To feel comfortable communicating about Knowledge.
2. To avoid misleading scenarios.
3. To accomplish greater precision and synchronicity.

You should be able to accomplish your objectives with greater precision and synchronocity (sic).

It would be really nice where the two other trainings, there's this Training, this is about talking about Knowledge and so we can have it in a DVD format and that way we could reach a lotta people and that, this would be going to a lotta people, this, this actual training and uh it would be great to know that everybody is talking Knowledge, about Knowledge the same way.

1. To feel comfortable communicating about Knowledge.
2. To avoid misleading scenarios.
3. To accomplish greater precision and synchronicity.
4. To utilize the help of the team.

Last, but not least, you should be able to utilize the help of the team. Do I believe in it, yeah, I do. Cause it takes a team, it has always taken a team. "From the time of Shri Maharaji whether he was sitting by his instructors, whether he's giving an event, it always took a team, it took a team effort to do it so let's not con ourselves into thinking it doesn't take a team. But once there is a clear recognition that it takes a team then may as well may as well make that team work.

Communicating About the Possibility of Knowledge
Atlanta Georgia July 2000

You can, you should feel comfortable communicating about the possibility of Knowledge, only possibility of Knowledge, that's all you can do. You can't tell somebody about Knowledge. Knowledge is not an issue of the mind. Beyond your mind, beyond your comprehension lies the realm of Knowledge. So keep talking, you're not going anywhere. You have Knowledge, do you think it is beyond comprehension by the mind? What you feel within you when you practise, how can you objectively describe that? Without using or abusing all the adjectives, "Oh it's beautiful, it's wonderul, it's fantastic, it's incredible, it's great, it's da, da,da,da da.

"When no two people in this world, can describe even the process of drinking water the same way. It's futile to even attempt to get into that realm of "Let me explain to you what Knowledge is." So what I'm saying to you is that in this day and age when we can communicate so well the possibility of Knowledege so well we must understand there is a serious limitation and I'm grinding this into you that there is a limitation because I don't think you have ever looked at it as a limitation.

Just, you know, bouncy, bubbly happy feeling, well let me, you know (waves hands in circular motions) Maharaji, why don't you come up with a leaflet that we can pass on to people that talks about Knowledge, can't be done!. Maharaji, why don't you come up with a video that talks about Knowledge, can't be done! Maharaji, why don't you write a book on the subject of Knowledge, can't be done!"

One of the things I talk about later on is limitations and it's a wonderful subject because for a lot of us we look at limitations negatively but there are positive limitations too. If you have a horse that is so intelligent that every time you get it over to a cliff, it won't go any further. Wll that's a good thing isn't it? My horse is so smart that it won't go over a cliff. Yeah, you can count it as a limitation but it's a positive limitation. And therefore Knowledge has a very positive limitation too. If you're not interested in it, it won't work for you. That's an automatic limit that it has. Even if you receive it and don't practise it, it won't work for you. It is an automatic limitation that it has, so recognising some of these things, that all we are trying to do in this field of informing people about Knowledge is only the possibility exists and that's all it is. So Knowledge can only be presented as a possibility because we have a choice. Every human being on the face of this earth has a choice. And that choice to have this fulfillment is a possibility and that's why it talks about you should feel comfortable communicating about the possiblity of Knowledge and of course this is a loaded statement because if you understand that Knowledge is only a possibility you will feel a lot more comfortable talking about it.

Avoiding Misleading Scenarios

Why are there misleading scenarios? Because if you understand the limitation of Knowledge then it is not a subject that can be comprehended by this mind. Now I know some of you are getting hyper-spiritual and getting excited about that but in my opinion flying an airplane is like that too. Driving a car is like that too. Riding a bike is like that too. I can tell you, look ahead, pedal, pedal, pedal, hold the steering, hold the wheel but that's not going to teach you how to ride a bike. How do you transpose your knowledge, what you know to ride a bike to a person who doesn't? Can it be done?

It cannot be done, it simply cannot be done. Experience rules supreme here not facts and fictions so what I'm saying is not coming from a real context then I'm gonna make up things. Oh, it's this and it's that and Oh it's just. "Will it fix my migraine?" "Oh yes, you won't have to ever take a Tynenol again." "Ah, will it fix my blood pressure?" "Yes, of course it'll fix your blood pressure." It always fascinates me, it always fascinates me. People say "Will it fix my problems, take a way my frustrations?" If we don't recognise the limitations of Knowledge we're gonna end up creating more rules and more rules and more rules and more rules, what we can say and what we can't say and what we can do and what we can't do. What we need to do is understand these limitations and not go out and give misleading scenarios. You know it, a lot of people come from the thing "I have to sell Knowledge, I have to make a good impression about Knowledge." Well, making a good impression about Knowledge is not so bad but when it sales gets, gets into it, then it's bad, then it's terrible. And a lotta people don't know the difference that when they're starting to sell Knowledge because as soon as you start selling Knowledge well it all goes to the dumps.

Understanding the Fundamentals

Knowledge and all things associated with it are compliments of the Master. The Master doesn't want Knowledge sessions to happen, guess what? They're not happening. The Master changes the rules, creates the rules, disposes of these rules as the Master wishes. The possibility of Knowledge is brought to you by the compliments of your friendly Master. (laughter and scattered applause)

Now I'm not getting into the logistics of it, OK. I understand it is the people who are interested make many of those things a physical reality but the key frame here, compliments, Master says yes this is OK to do. You may talk about Knowledge, you may not talk about Knowledge. Both have to be taken with the same stride.

If you're borrowing your neighbour's car, the neighbour says, "Yes you may drive it" but one day the neighbour may say "No you may not drive it, I want my car back." You have to realize ownership of Knowledge resides with the Master. (one clap) Hearing about Knowledge is a privilege.

Being able to talk about Knowledge is a privilege, it's not a right, it's a privilege. Receiving Knowledge is a privilege. Being able to practice is a privilege. Being able to participate is a privilege.

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge
The New Approach

In our approach to introducing Knowledge, forget about introducing Knowledge, it's a much bigger package now. So you are here. OK we're gonna find out some new fancy ways to introduce Knowledge? Let's eliminate introduction to Knowledge as we know it. Let's say it's one thing and what is the one thing? Follow-up as well. Up till now if that's the whole pie, introducing Knowledge was maybe just a small fraction of what goes on. Now let's not look at it that way. Till up to now it was "Well, let me just introduce and then I'll hand, hand the person over to the system. And the system will carry, instructors will get involved and then this will happen and that will happen and they'll start going to the hall and attend the videos and do this and do that and. Right? So let's not do that, let's just stay and eliminate this and say let's just really look at the whole part of the picture, however big that picture is.

Not just introducng Knowledge but follow-up as well and it would be great to shoot and achieve 100%. So this is where, this is where the difference starts to come up. Every person introduced to Knowledge ends up not only receiving Knowledge but practising as well. Broaden our horizons. There were times my job is only to introduce Knowledge, the rest is not up to me, right, but now you know how Knowledge sessions happen. Now what you may ultimately end up doing is playing a small role but let's look at the overview, the overall picture that we develop whatever system we develop introducing Knowledge it should not just be limited to introducing Knowledge it should very well have the characters built into it to how this person is going to end up receiving Knowledge and continue to enjoy Knowledge. What good is it to come up with a Knowledge introduction system that doesn't take into account the final factor which is to enjoy Knowledge for the rest of their lives.

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge
The Benefit Of Doing Your Homework
Toronto Canada, June 2000

You know there's one person in one of the communities and they've had an incredibly succ high success rate in bringing people to Knowledge and of course one of the instructors got interested (mumbles) "How you do this?" and the guy said "Look what I do, is I have gone in the Library and looked at all these videos and I choose the video for the person that I think would do them the best." Just that much little homework produced an incredible amount of result. Imagine if that starts to happen in all the communities.

You don't have to dazzle anybody with knowledge, you really don't. Knowledge is more beautiful than anything you can say about it. So let them experience it first hand. Let it be that pleasant surprise and it is, let it be that. If one person in the United States is having a better success rate introducing people to Knowledge because this person does their homework by watching the videos that are available, familiarizing themselves with the videos, then depending who that that person is talking to hands them that video and achieves a much better success rate.

I think somebody is trying to tell us something. Am I mistaken there? You mean I think that's staring you in the face and saying if we come together, right? do our homework, we can actually change a lot of these outcomes." But there are gonna be people who do not wanna hear about Knowledge. You see that in a way that's why we're here cause if everybody did want to hear about Knowledge "let's go home." (a little laughter) Right? What's our effort? Is our effort like I said in the beginning to introduce people to the possibility of Knowledge and here comes that word again 'possibility' or is our objective the Spanish inquisition and convert everybody whether they like it or not.

There is a lot of people out there that are willing to listen to Knowl the introduction to Knowledge and wanting to receive Knowledge. I mean it'll keep you busy for the rest of your life, don't worry about that. (a little laughter)

A Little History

When a lot of the mahatmas came to the West they brought with them immeasurable amount of concepts and it kinda went wild and there was no stopping it. The backlash of that I had to directly bear because people would ask me point blank these questions, "Are you this, are you that, you know, what is this, what is that?" Whereas, a event or question and answer session was very informative for people because the questions were being dealt with, it slowly changed to where you were trying to lay down groundwork of what you are not or what you don't do, what you aren't you shouldn't expect will happen.

Well in a way that went on for an extremely long time and this is my key of bringing the history here. That people were very open to Knowledge, that people were very open to me and I really don't think that I have ever felt that that has changed. That people are still very open and when they listen and what they hear they're just as fascinated by it as they were when I was a little boy talking about the same stuff. So that's the good news, the bad news is that the concepts have really gotten us buried in a hole to this day where we're still having to defend ourselves, which I find pathetic, having to defend ourselves and say, "No these things are not true."

So we cannot afford to perpetuate any concepts. Knowledge works, look you mean, let's face it, Knowledge works. The Master when given that right environment does his thing and it's great. It all works. Whatever we forge for the future we have to remember where we came from and we have to remember most importantly how incredibly dangerous, incredibly dangerous this stuff is. Shooting your mouth off is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination."

What you say in your fuzzy feeling, you know what I mean fuzzy feeling when you're feeling nice and oh oooh so inspired, can be deadly dangerous. What you say cannot have any tolerance for mistakes. What do you think? Does this part of the history make any sense and why I'm bringing this up cause I see you in the same shoes. There's a lot more of you than there were of them. Comprende? Just playing Russian Roulette with a lot more guns. Your chances go up. I don't want to be in those shoes.

I don't think these mistakes have to happen and I don't think that these mistakes need to be there and we can look at them and we can evaluate them and the question you have to ask yourself, genuinely, do you believe in Knowledge? Does Knowledge work? Does it work for you? And I'm not talking about miracles I'm just talking about putting you in touch with that feeling that is inside of you that is (shaking his head from side to side) very simply beautiful. Does what Maharaji say inspire you and put you in that right path and remind you of those things that are important to you. Now that you have knowledge then that's it, that's, that's sufficient. Those two things right there in a nutshell, if you understand that and accept that end of conversation. That's very powerful. No more if needs to be added to that, that's it.

But if you're gonna have doubts about it, if you and doubts sometimes comes you know even trying to compare other persons' experience "Oh well that person must have better experience than me." That that throws the doubt in there. It's over. Cause it's not, then you're not standing on your experience, you see what I mean, you have to, you have to stand on your experience and if it's good and if its' solid enough that you can stand on it then that's end of conversation. The Knowledge is not working as a belief system, Knowledge is a living thing, you are a living thing then what is happening here is a living thing, the people who are being reached are living people so let's not arouse their concepts, their concepts are not a living thing unvariably as soon as a concept is made to live it evaporates. You don't have to try to present me in any other picture than who I am and you do not have to try to present Knowledge in any other picture than what it is because it is beautiful. It's incredible

Let me put it very simply are you in your own self content with not having to define Maharaji? Maharaji is Maharaji. How comfortable are you without having to define Maharaji? That's the real question. Are you comfortable with that? Cause if you're not then you're gonna sit halfway half-baked between the belief system and what Knowledge means. Until that happens the history can never really be cleared up cause it still lives in that error, the shade of darkness still looms."

Are you trying to create a positive image for me? Here's another consideration. You're trying to create a positive image for me, are you selling me? Do you really want to sell me? Maybe what we are saying about Maharaji and Knowledge isn't really appropriate. It should be better than that. That in fact Knowledge and Maharaji deserve more respect than how we're putting and presenting Maharaji and Knowledge. But now hopefully you're going to look at this with a little more sense of responsibility and not only a sense of responsibility but here I may be opening up the door to a person and I would like that this person not only to be introduced to Knowledge but I want this person to also receive Knowledge and I would like that person to continue enjoying the experience of Knowledge.

Respond To Your Heart
Miami, Florida, May 2000

Right now there is something to the tone of 60,000 aspirants waiting for Knowledge. Should that number grow? Yes. How will it grow? It will grow if we become ready to respond. I'm not asking you to respond to me I'm asking you to respond to your heart. Cause I know if you respond to your heart , your heart will respond to this Knowledge. To me that's how it happened. That's how you got to Knowledge, remember? (applause) That's how you got to Knowledge, all I had to do was just like a tennis match, right? All I said was listen to your heart and you did and you received Knowledge. It's a simple process, so here is an opportunity that is presenting itself, to come with sincerity and to want to help, it is the chance of a lifetime, chance of a lifetime. I know people and one person passed away not too long ago the beginning of this year. All his life a simple man, simple man all his life, all his life, help, help, help, help, help, help. And he was an instructor for the longest time and he could no longer do that. He got to a point where he could no longer do that so he picked up the gardening tools to help. Whatever he could do because it comes and it has to come from the heart. One of the, one of our objective of introducing Knowledge to people really has to be to kinda make this pleasurable process for them. (laughter) You know, an enjoyable process cause uh when things are right it should be.

And I I I like I'm not I'm not really trying to say here what you should say and you shouldn't say, and you shouldn't say I'm trying just bring out some understanding this time around because a long time ago I did say to people "Please don't say anything" and it was really a stop-gap measure and I'm revisiting that whole scene and I'm saying OK it is time to be actively involved and let's have this training and in this training what I'm trying to do is not put words in your mouth but try to give you some understanding so that you will understand there is no necessity to go out and say things that are phfft and secondly make it a pleasurable experience for yourself and for the other person. I think it'll work. Trying to give you picture, not just a microscopic picture for a, you know, tunnel vision but I'm trying to give you a big picture and what I'm saying to you in essence is that, you know, your responsibility is not only going to be for the introduction but somehow, you, what you say needs to be projected in a way where it does take into account the fact that yes, this person not only becomes interested in Knowledge but yes this person receives Knowledge and yes this person enjoys Knowledge. Because what I'm saying to you is this "Hey guys. I only wanna give Knowledge to those people who will continue to enjoy it" so do it in a way for me, this introduction business where once they do end up receiving Knowledge, they will enjoy it. And that's why I brought up the point do you feel comfortable enough in your own understanding, cause if you don't, you won't do it. Where do you see prop, propagation ending up in another 5 years the way we are going unless there is major change? It's gonna drag (makes downward curve with hand).

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge
Precision and Synchronization

Now let's take the next jump is a whole another ball game and it's gonna require for people to be together, people will have to take a tremendous amount of responsibility and people are gonna have to take a tremendous amount of incentive but the incentive cannot happen in Lone Ranger style it has to happen in a synchronized fashion. You know this is, this is about passion, this is, you have to have a passion for wanting to do this. If you're just here "Well give me some words, you know, how should I do this? Give me my ABCDs I'll just go out and enact that in my community." It's not gonna cook.

Do you really think if I just said "OK, what's you idea and what's your idea and what's your idea we'd get any where. It's not about ideas, it's about understanding fundamentals, this is what I'm trying to do today, set a good layer of fundamentals down so that that when you start to do the hands on work it's like OK we know where our dimensions are. Where we know we can't cross and where we can go and enjoy the process. It's a challenge but it's not a bad challenge to do your best not be caught up in tell me what to do. How many of you operate in that way in your life. Just tell me what to do, just tell me what to do. So you are going to introduce the idea of freedom to other people with shackles on? Give those people, the new people who don't have Knowledge some credit cause once you were like them.

Have you forgotten that once you didn't have Knowledge either? (very long pause) And of all the journeys of up and ups and downs and doubts that you have gone somehow that could have been minimised or eliminated wouldn't that be nice? That when you after you received Knowledge that you would have had the strength not to get caught up in doubts but to be clear and continue to practice and enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and enjoy." And wouldn't it have been nice not to listen to all the other things but to listen to Maharaji and have that connection and feel connected. Wouldn't that have been nice? Off the bat.

Knowledge is a Personal Journey

I don't know if you can present Knowledge as a course. Here watch 15 videos, it'll take 5 months and then you will be ready. This is much more of personal journey. We can not start abdicating that responsibility by making it a course. The idea of people watching videos, getting their questions answered and proceeding on the path of wanting to have Knowledge and enjoy Knowledge cannot be presented as an academic process because it is not an academic process. It neither substitutes Maharaji nor is it intended to substitute Maharaji. I mean this is how we're going to achieve that 100% when we all understand what we're trying to drive at, what we're trying to achieve because if you boil your function down just as a passer of a video it is going to become academic. Because you know 2 days later that guy might come and say "Well I'm very interested, what am I going to do?" "Well watch more videos." But that wouldn't take very long for my mind to say "OK, I guess, that's all I have to do is watch some more videos then I'll get Knowledge." I'm sure you've come across people who think that through videos they will receive Knowledge if they just keep watching one day BANG you know, they'll have Knowledge.

Knowledge Cannot Be Boiled Down To Technicalities

Let's talk about a little bit of a myth, you don't propagate Knowledge, in fact when it boils down to this little word 'propagate', not that little, this is I think the culprit right here (Rawat has been pointing a remote control or a laser pointer at screen or whiteboard) 'propagate'. Because it takes a process that is so incredible and it reduces it to technicalities.

Let me make a card, let me make a brochure, let me make a video, let me make a disk, let me put up a web site. Let me say whatever I feel like today. Time out. That's not what it is about.

This is awakening the heart, quenching the thirst, connections that have been broken for so many years. To re-establish those connections with the heart, with the thirst, with the want, the fulfillment. So how mechanical can you make a process like that?

Also remembering, also remembering that it is the Master that needs to be connected to this person, right? and the Master's message that needs to be connected to this person, how much of yourself do you interject in that?"

It's A Curious Little History
Miami Florida May 2000

You know and it's a it's a curious little history because there was a time where people would introduce Knowledge to other people and it was wild, it was absolutely, incredibly wild, I spoke 48 languages, in those days, walk on water, walking on water, no problem.

And an introduction of Knowledge was not based upon Knowledge not based upon those factors it was based upon "Let me see if I can dazzle you because if I can dazzle you I got your attention." And people love to be dazzled, who doesn't? Knowledge is not about dazzling, this is a journey that they have to take.

So then came a time when I said "Please you know do me a favour don't say anything just pass on a video or something."

But I feel that the time has come where if we can have a broad spectrum of material that is available to people to pass on that it will severely curtail their fantastic imaginations and they will tend to synchronise their tend to synchronise to what is in the materials rather than to just go off and you know "Yeah, 48 languages, he knows 48 languages", I know no 48 languages.

So the chance, the opportunity, one thing I was mentioning to someone, I said if we could bring, marry, merge, mix the enthusiasm of the 70s with the understanding of today and the technology of today, marry the two together, we'll come out way ahead of the game. (applause)"

Master will give you an opportunity to do something and provide you more support than you can possibly imagine to accomplish it. Even if it is by one word saying "Keep it simple." We cannot become indifferent to the fundamental elements that are involved. This is a very human thing and really what we're trying to accomplish is as much as possible that the person, the aspirant, feels that they're connected to the source. Support should be there but it should be in such a way that it is peripheral not that it detracts takes away from what that vision needs to be for that student for that person. Pretty simple, straightforward.

When it is my ball, why do I need you?" But I'm saying I need that support and I need that help. I don't have to but I'm saying, and I will tell you you will hear things from me, that's why I'm here, the world's a different place. You sit here in America or some place ??? the world, the world, the world. No, it's just people, it's just people and exactly like you with different flavours. It's the same lollipop (some laughter) with different flavours. And that is wonderful because it breaks the monotony but it's the same lollipop. Whether it's China, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, same thing. Now there are concepts and people who would love, who thrive on the differences and they do. They do an incredible disservice to humanity wedge differences, highlight difference because really, really what needs to be highlighted is our similarities, our pain, it's the same, our joys, they're the same. There isn't one culture I know of that doesn't like to dance. It doesn't matter if their dance takes half an hour to do this (takes a step) (some laughter). It doesn't matter if their singing is completely off key, it doesn't matter if their song is made out of one word but this is life is we express it doesn't matter what we look like. And you know if you're going to be involved in propagation you've got to fundamentally understand you cannot have reservations about people, people are people you have to look at their thirst, you have to look at their wants, you have to desire to be happy to be content, that's exactly the same wherever I go. And one of the questions you definitely have to ask, you know, are are "Do you carry those differences in you?" Cause you shouldn't. People just like to be treated like people, that's all. That's all anybody is asking, nobody is asking for anything else, they just want to be treated like human beings, that's all.

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of KnowledgeCome With Your Strength, Not Your Weakness

If I'm going to venture on a road where nobody has walked before I don't need a whole bunch of people who've got walking shoes on, I need people with shovels cause if we're gonna go places where no roads exist it is not the people ready to walk that I need, need people to make road, the difference. So if you come in your beautiful walking shoes, got your backpack and say "where are we going today?" Wait, you're not needed. You come with your shovel and say "OK boss, where are we going to dig today?" Alright, let's go. That's what this is all about. It has never been done, it really hasn't, you really have to appreciate it has never been done. What we are about to do ahs never been done. That's why it's fun.

The Importance of Teamwork

Now I'm an optimist, not a pessimist and I have had, you know, difficult times with the team, you know, at times and I am sure that everybody has because the objectives fray, everybody in the team starts to come up with their own objective of what they want to accomplish, of what they want to do and when that happens there is no longer a team. You know I was reading, I've had this little book I was reading uh about all the booboos that have happened, you know, incredible, incredible booboos and this one guy finally retires after 23 times he's scored the goal on the wrong side (loud laughter). I'll. That's what we don't want. And there you know to me there is no objective that is so difficult that it cannot be accomplished. There is no goal that is so difficult that it can't be fulfilled. It can be achieved, it definitely can be achieved. Whatever, whatever, but it takes that synchro, that synchronicity and it takes that courage to say "OK, I will give it my best."

Propagation Requires Infinite Patience

To be involved in propagation, you have to have infinite patience, get it, cause you're gonna make that effort and nothing is gonna happen and you're gonna make that effort and nothing is gonna happen and you're gonna make that effort and nothing is gonna happen and you're gonna make that effort and nothing is gonna happen and nothing is gonna happen and nothing is gonna happen and then you don't give you, you just keep at it, then you keep at it, then you keep at it and then one day, Ba Ba Boom!

I Want To Plow The Field
Miami, Florida May 2000

I just want to make the possibility of Knowledge available to people, that's all. If they so wish in their life to pursue it. I just want to plow the field, that's all I wanna do. Do you remember that story where this man bought that farm, worked it all his life, took everything he had, bought gold and buried, told his children if you wanna become rich, plow the field.

"If they want it they will have it, if they don't want it fine. I'm not forcing it. This is not a religion."

"That's what this is all about. It has never been done you know you really have to be appreciate it has never been done. What we are about to do has never been done."

I hope you get something out of it and I hope you remember something of it and I hope, most importantly it helps you. I think uh I think it's exciting if even a little bit of what we have discussed and talked about comes true it'll be more than any any fantasy fulfilled."

Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge Prem Rawat Introducing the Possibility of Knowledge