Prem Rawat Los Angeles Public Program, 21st February 1988 Prem Rawat's Speech at a Los Angeles Public Program, 21st February 1988

Prem Rawat made this speech in February, 1988 to a group that mainly consisted of his followers. Thank God I'd realised Knowledge was a crock of sh*t and stopped listening to Rawat before he decided he was a sophisticated man of the world and fascinating raconteur.

  • For most of us work is satisfying and enjoyable. Most people in our society work and most people I've worked with enjoy themselves there. I have never heard or read Rawat say anything positive about work. Admittedly, nearly everything he says about human life he seems to have learnt from TV cartoons and sitcoms and he doesn't seem to understand the emotional richness of family and friendship but can anybody point to one of his speeches where he speaks warmly and respectfully about normal life among "the little people?" He talks about advertisements for relief from flu but he says if we got better "we'd end up back at our jobs and there's nothing to smile about."
  • He repeats an idea he's used many times, that your life will end up as nothing but a dash on a tombstone.

Prem Rawat Los Angeles Public Program, 21st February 1988

(Applause) Thank you, thanks. Thank you very much. (clears throat) First of all, I'd like to welcome you as well and let me start by pointing out what I hope to accomplish this evening. Now I understand that the time that we don't have too much of all of sometimes way too much but tonight we don't have too much of it and on the other hand what I'd like to accomplish is to give you a little taste, a little flavour, a little understanding, not much but very little. Maybe inform you that something exists that is not just a part of our daily curriculum. Something that we have heard about maybe even read about but that there is a way, there is a practical way to be able to feel that feeling and this way we call Knowledge, know-how to be able to get in touch with that but that I'll talk a little bit about later. Let me address this one question first, why Knowledge? Why do we need it? Is there something that we need to get in touch with?

After all, all of you sitting here have been around in this world for quite a while, seeing many things, heard many things and most of all have searched for something. You know, you're sitting there probably going "Gees, how vague can you get? Some thing." Yes let's call it something. Why not? What's wrong with something? Something means not necessarily that we don't know that it doesn't exist but maybe there isn't a word for it that I can speak and you can understand. Maybe that's why something and not that one is trying to be vague but is there, what is fundamental, everything stripped away?

People say "I'm a lawyer. I'm a doctor. I'm a pilot." Really? Who were you when you were born? What were you? You were a little baby that went "Whang whang" all of us you know and then then got out of diapers wet, if we had 'em. I was born in India, they didn't really have diapers so you were really taking your chances but I didn't know that and there were all those things that I grew up, you grew up, maybe went to school, university, whatever, got our degrees and today we say "I am a doctor" or "I am a pilot" and I would like for everyone to just stop for a second and make a distinction, a very simple distinction between you as a living, functioning, breathing entity that is alive and things that you do because being a pilot that is something I do. I'm not a pilot even though it always comes out you know when at the airport they ask "What are you doing here?" I say "Well I'm the pilot." "Okay, well you can go" but I am not really a pilot, I am any reasonable human being that can reason, that's the difference. I can reason between good, I can reason between bad and fundamentally something inside of me evokes me, pushes me towards something that is good, quality.

If I am in pain, I wanna get out of it. If I have a headache, I'm suffering, I want out of that situation. I mean look there is a multibillion-dollar industry just to take care of your little headaches. I mean they have commercials on television, this guy miserable. I mean look I have had colds and I've been miserable, but never as miserable as that guy on TV. He is really miserable and then the wonder drug that you can take and what does it promise? It promises to get rid of your misery and what does he do? He smiles and he says "Look, I feel good." This is what he's trying to tell you "I'm smiling again, everything is back to normal." Now the reality of the situation if we did get rid of our headache, if we did get rid of a cold or flu, we'd end up back at our jobs and there's nothing to smile about unless your job is to smile which I can't think of but here we are and somehow we want to feel good and feeling good is inherent to human beings.

Life needs to feel good, if it doesn't feel good it's not gonna go too many places. It needs to feel good. So then what does it mean to feel good? Well, let's look at that. Have we fallen in a rut? Have we fallen in a track, a groove in which we continuously just go around like many before us and probably many after us. Life, first you go to school. Now, there are rare days when kids actually like to go to school but I say where? I have four children and if they could get out of it, they'd be lovely. Is that strange? Are my children strange? No, I did the same thing. I loved holidays. Saturdays, you didn't really get off. Saturday night was really wonderful because it promised Sunday as a day off but Sunday night was terrible cause Monday you had to get up and start all over again and then we grow up a little bit more, we have our job and if this sounds Monday into you and you've been through it please bear with me just for a few seconds, we'll get out of this too and uh we grow up and then we go to our universities, colleges, whatever and then we try to look for a job and then the race begins.

You've gotta have a better job, there is a better job out there, you gotta get it. You gotta improve yourself and this goes on, this doesn't stop. This goes on, that chairman's position looks lovely if you can make it. Supervisor, maybe a colonel in the Army, maybe a general but these days they're having a little problem with a reputation but chairmens are still making it. So there is these are vivid visions to attain things, to become this is person to leave a mark on this earth, to have done something good. To make a difference that you were a live in this world, well maybe not everybody has high ambitions like that but some of us do. Then, then comes this stage in which you hope you that have saved everything that you need to save everything for. Basically the society says "Arrivederci. Goodbye. Find a nice place. Please rest, relax and uh do your thing and wait." Wait for what? Well, wait for the uninevitable. (sic) It's gotta come. What is the unevitable? Well it's not a pleasant subject to talk about, it's that last date on the gravestone.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji 1988

That's what the inevitable is, that day comes, we wonder well what about from the time that I was born to the time that I'm gonna go? You know that's represented as a dash, a blank. There's the beginning date, there's the end date and whatever you are, the mark, the mark you wanted to leave behind (laughter) has been left behind. It's on a little tombstone and it's probably you know just about that big (stretches finger and thumb) and there it is. Okay we're all familiar with this, it's humorous, it's sad, it's terrible but of what we stop for a minute, back off for a minute and say "Life. What is life? What have I got? Am I in charge of something around here? Yes, you are. You're in charge of your life. Something somebody has given you, this incredible tool, amazing tool and there is this body and in this body this Creator has given you an amazing capability to create at will or destroy at will. You can make, you can remake. You can create, you can destroy, you can imagine and you can do what you want and that's the way most people live. Look, they don't think that they're in charge of their lives, somebody else is obviously in charge.

Well of course that one part of its true, there is The Boss that's always in charge. When He calls, we come whether we like it or not. Big Boss up there (looks up). Definitely be in charge but He has said "Okay, one big coffee break, do what you wanna do" and for so many people around in this world, the irony is the coffee break starts and they wonder what to do. They haven't decided yet what they're gonna do with their coffee break. It's a long coffee break but if we look at it in terms of time and how long it even human beings have been around on the face of this earth, it's the smallest coffee break. January 1 was the day that the earth started than it's around the beginning of December, end of November that the dinosaurs have disappeared and it's only December 31st a few minutes after midnight that human beings has have been around and if you look at the coffee break, it's a really short coffee break just a few minutes the whole humanity that is and yet what do we do?

Oh people tell me "Hey man there is this there is misery in this world." I agree, I agree there is misery in this world but you have to also agree that there is great joy in this world. I was in Madrid not too long ago and this gentleman asked me this question, he said "You know this this world has got great misery in it." I gave him an answer, I don't know even if he liked it or not nonetheless about uh less than 24 hours after Madrid I ended up in Dakar, Senegal and I told my driver "I wanna see Dakar. I've never been here, I wanna see it." So he said "Do you wanna go downtown?" I said "No no no no no." Downtown where the tourist stuff is, see that's all fixed up. That's where the camera people, I said "I wanna go outside the city. I wanna go in suburbs. I wanna see where the real stuff is happening" and we had to drive through part of the city and there were people and you know there were people that you would definitely dub unhappy and happy and this and that and we got out in the suburbs of Dakar and all of a sudden everything changed. There were people riding the bus and they were singing and there were people all around their little huts and they were talking and playing games and laughing, radio was on full blast and then I saw this kid. He had a little shirt on, holes in it, probably hadn't taken a shower in an awful long time, didn't have any pants on or anything else that he had a toy he had made himself. It was a little coathanger wire he had taken and put a wheel on it on the end of it and this kid was busy. He had that wheel on the road and he didn't care if the traffic came or went and he didn't care if Russia had nuclear arms or Russia-America had more or Russia had more. He didn't care if Shultz was go to talk to somebody or somebody was gonna talk to him. He didn't care! He didn't even know. He didn't even know that somebody in America is really worried sick about him. (laughter) He had that little wire wheel nailed on the side of the road and he was running and he was so happy that he had that little wheel on the side of the road and it was going according to plan.

Then somebody in South America asked me the same question "Oh what about all this misery in the world?" I said "You know it seems to me you have time to think about it." Those guys that we think about are really miserable don't have time to think about it, they don't have the luxury to sit around in the living room watch CNN, sip coffee and say "Ah there is so much misery in the world." (Laughter) they haven't got CNN and when they wake up that you want to get on with the business of this thing called living and they start in the morning and ends in the evening. They haven't got a choice, see we've got electricity can turn on living room lights. First of all don't have the living rooms, secondly they don't have lights, they have no place to sit and think about this. They got a bed and no lights to turn on or off. They sit down and get on with it. I was amazed and then that evening by the hotel I came back, tried to take another shower, there was so much dirt just is is is in the middle of the desert flying around and I realized they were taking a shower too in the ocean because they don't have other kind of showers and the evening time, dinnertime came and the whole village turned out, pulled in this huge net which was filled with fishes, they all kinda came together quibbled for a little while, got hold of their fishes, divided them, took 'em home, cooked 'em and went to sleep. What was I doing session? Trying to figure out because the room was too cold or too warm, the air conditioning wasn't right, trying to set my alarm clock have to leave this town. These guys were having a ball and then I said "Let's forget it, I wanna watch these guys. I wanna watch them have fun" and to me in this life we have options.

We as human beings have choices, choices that are real, not somebody's imagination, choices that we can make, either to be with that quality, either to be in that beauty that is inherent in every single human being. Something very subtle but it's there and we have a choice either to experience it or not to experience it. We have a choice to further this life or not to further this life, this is our choice and I am not here by any means to judge whether that's right or that's wrong. I'm not a preacher, I have nothing to preach. I'm not a teacher, I'm nothing to teach to you either. All I have is a very simple message, very simple message that I give to you that in this life

yes of course it's fun to go skiing isn't it? You get on your little two skis and you stand on the top you know and slip and slide all the way down the slope yes and it's so, so much fun, specially when you get down, then you look up then you look around to see if anybody's looking at you. "Have you had coffee?" Warm-up again. Go home "Ah I skied today, I, I felt so good." And isn't it wonderful to be able to go to the beach? Lie there and do absolutely nothing for a while and then get up and jump in the water and then get out of the water all wet and lie there again and do absolutely nothing for another few minutes. Isn't that enjoyable? Walk around the tennis court trying to hit this ball with a very simple act, a simple act of taking a racquet and hitting a small yellow ball to your opponent. Nothing could be simpler and isn't it wonderful to try to do that and be unsuccessful at it for hours on end (laughter, clears throat) and to be able to go home and tell everybody "I've I'm getting better." (laughter) Isn't that wonderful, isn't that enjoyable?

You know some people they like the enjoyment of going off an airplane and diving off of it, you know, jumping off an airplane. Now I fly airplanes. To me that sounds like a totally sacrilegious act. (Laughter) As a pilot I want to stay in that airplane, I don't wanna leave. To me that sounds like a terrifying act but some people they like that, just jump off a running airplane. Now, do we ever stop to wonder? There must be something inside of you that allows you to enjoy skiing. It must be something inside of you that allows you to spend those moments on the beach doing nothing. There's something inside of you that allows you to enjoy that tennis. There's something inside of you that is allowing you to enjoy these things. Enjoyment is not in the ball and is not in the racquet I can guarantee you that because there is something inside of you when you're racquet flies off that you go pick it back up again and continue.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji 1988

What about enjoying for a change that thing, that very thing that allows you to enjoy all those other things because it must be accessible as well. That is fundamentally the inside every human being. That's it. That's what makes the difference. You can go on, of course you can go on and live, live your life, do what you do and you probably do it very well whatever it is that you do but remember that something inside knocks as well. (knocks on dais) What about me? Something inside says just you, just you. Not everything else, just you. What is that all about? What is that life that you have been given, that you have been gifted with? What secrets does it hold? What does it hold a secret?

Oh no, I'm not talking about being able to move a glass of water without lifting it. No you want to move glass of water, move it. Pick it up and move it. I'm not talking about you know people say what about magic? I don't like magic, I don't like all that stuff. What about things happening all by themself? I really hate that, (laughter) I really don't like that at all. Food burns all by itself. I don't like it, I don't go around jumping in the kitchen "A miracle happened, a miracle happened, my food burnt." No, none of us do that. I don't like it. I don't like things what happen all all of a sudden, all by themselves. That's, that's strange. No I wanna be in control. At least if the food burns, I wanna burn it. I don't want just something to come along and burn my food. That way I I can keep the scores. I did that, not good but I did it and to me yeah, we can, we can go on. You know some people see the answer to life, the mysteries of life. Life isn't that mysterious after all actually. Ah so far I have seen, you can do anything and get away with it.

There's this guy in Brazil, this is a cute story. He stole a bank a long time ago, he stole a bank, millions of pounds and he fled to Brazil. Now England and Brazil don't have an extradition treaty so this guy is in Brazil, everybody knows he robbed the bank and everybody knows he's really rich and nobody can do anything about him, nothing about it. Now in a few months, I believe it is that the statute of limitations expires and virtually he'll be, he'll be able to get out of Engl uh Brazil, walk into England, pick up his gold and split and he's really happy about it and so are his friends because they've been waiting too. Well that's the only reason I suppose probably why he has friends and life isn't saying to him "Ah naughty naughty naughty, you shouldn't have done that, I'm going to leave you." No, he's still there, he's still alive, well so far life is concerned it doesn't seem to have passed a judgment on him yet.

So then, why here tonight? What necessity? What's the difference? That is the difference. If it was so obvious, if it was so obvious, that yes you must have it otherwise a red light keeps going off every three minutes on your forehead then people would flock here and you wouldn't have a choice would you? You would have had to find out what it is otherwise the red light won't go off but there is no red light and you have a choice. Lotta people think that they don't and recently I've been traveling and talking to those people who do have this means, who do have this Knowledge, who do have this method and I have to tell 'em exactly the same thing. You have a choice and if you want to you can enjoy something very fundamental in your life. Fundamental and this choice you must appreciate. This is the choice that allows us to search. This is this choice that can get us to take that one step in our lives for nobody else but just for us. (vertical arm waving) Nobody else is involved here. People say "What about my family?" You have your family, it's okay, they'll still be there.

Well a lotta people say "Well gee whiz you know I my life I have to leave I had to leave my family tonight to come over here." Don't worry, they're happy, they're really happy. Your kids are probably just ecstatic so is your neighbor that you're gone, you're not there, nobody is making the noise and all that stuff, everybody is ecstatic, you done 'em a great favor. Maybe you've done yourself a great favor being here but that is something you must decide and what does that lead to? Where does that lead to? And that if there is something within each human being, something fundamental, something beautiful then it can be experienced and that's the difference, that's the difference, that's the claim that's a little bit different because I don't know how many times people have told you "Peter, there's something good inside of you." "Jack, there's something wonderful inside of you" but the claim that's being made that it is possible to experience that thing and the method, the way that allows you to experience that is called Knowledge and that Knowledge is available, it is possible.

What does it take to get it? It requires a s a little bit of a process. Some will say a little bit, some will say a lot but it requires a process. What is the process of? What does the process require? Now, let's, let's take this question because till now when somebody said you are something good inside it was one of those statements like you know "You have something nice inside of you" (said in a whiny stupid voice) "You're a lovely person, don't feel bad" and if you weren't feeling bad nobody would ever mention you have something good inside of you. You feel bad, they'll send you, your good. If you feel good, they won't tell you anything so it's, it's one of those, those, those statements that people make to console us. Sometimes we believe it and sometimes we don't. "You're kidding" we say "Not in me, there's nothing good" "No know you're okay there's something good."

All of a sudden, somebody is making a claim that you can experience it for yourself, you think that's easy to swallow. No, not as easy as you think it is, not as easy as you think it is because you have up till now trusted everything else in your life. You trust your car, doesn't matter how lousy it is, you trust it. You get in that driver's seat and you put the keys in the ignition and you turn the ignition, you know what you're doing? You're demonstrating your trust in the car that it'll start and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't and that's an irrelevant trust. It doesn't matter if it doesn't start, you go out, kick it a few times and it starts. If that doesn't work you call the AAA, if that doesn't work you get rid of it. Big deal, trusting your car. You trust your house. When you get back from your job it'll still be there. When you leave your job you demonstrate that you trust your house. You demonstrate that you trust your family that it'll be there, that your husband or your wife will still be there. You demonstrate that, they may not be, that has nothing to do with it, they may have split. All of you, all you may find when you get home is a little note "Goodbye, good riddance" but when you leave your office or you leave somewhere to go back to your home you demonstrating a trust. But these days divorces are coming by the dozen, if the husband leaves the wife will find another one. Hey there's plenty on the mark there and vice versa. So, the kids, you're demonstrating the kids will be around. They may have also written that note "Dad, bye, love, see ya" and gone but what about when is it that we are ever challenged to really really really trust ourselves? Just us, nobody else, nothing else. Not what we can do, not our abilities, not our capabilities, just us and sometimes

I was talking to this one survival instructor one time and he says you know what the hardest thing in survival is. I said "What?" "Being with yourself. You can't stand it." Then I said "Geewhiz that can't be very difficult" and then he said. "Look, what do they do in prisons? Solitary confinement. Drives people nuts, being all by yourself drives you nuts" but when you think about it, you cannot drive myself nuts, yes, that's a frightening thought, I don't need anybody else to drive me nuts. I'm capable of driving myself nut. When you think about it like that it's like "Whoa" that's dangerous. I'm dangerous to be left alone with me. (laughter) How can that be? Well, that's the way it is because it's much easier to know Bill, it's much easier to know Jack, it's much easier to know somebody else but me? I don't know.

The famous question, Socrates says "Know thyself, know thyself" "Agh, the guy was a philosopher." You know like you've got, you've got crazy guys, you've got idiots and you got philosophers or something like that. "He's a philosopher, you know they talk like that." Uh he had, he had, you know he had some followers, he had some disciples, they didn't think he was an idiot, they thought he had something cooking there when he said "Know thyself" and they wanted to know too and it's a deep thought and people are taught the statement by the dozen but they don't know, they don't know what it means, know thyself. "I know myself, I'm a doctor." The one day you make a boo-boo, the court says you're not a doctor anymore. Who are you? I'm me. What me? Well you know ex-doctor.

You know you know to me somehow this continues like that but there is something so beautiful, class, quality and I think that Creator has a lotta class, lotta class. Good taste, I'm really glad that he or she or it, however you want to put it, you know it's not like see I was talking to some people today, I said "It wasn't like I got up one morning and said 'and let there be God' you know, God was there before me so it doesn't matter how we believe in Him so far we believe. Whether we call Her power or we call Him something that's okay so far it's earnest, something is fine you know whatever how we wanna perceive that power. I'm really glad because if we were given the task to design this Earth? Oh my God! Can you imagine the sky looking like the Gucci top of Cadillacs or their luggage? Oh that that that would drive you nuts. Nobody would look at the sky anymore. Moon? It would pulse. You know, some of those other planets would probably tell time: "12:30 A.M. Universal Standard Time." You know how practical human beings get, right? Grass wouldn't be green, never. Purple, gray, some strange color but not green. Sky would be blue, no way. Probably uh just some some of the peculiarst thing you can think of but the Creator's got class. It created you, created me. In class, in style. Now I can think of some ways that that Creator could have created us which would have not you know shown style and created with such, with such cleanness, with such trust.

I love the one part where Milton describes that Lucifer has come down. He is, he's gotten out and he he just wants to check out what God's been up to and he comes down and he sees the earth and then his eyes fall on the human beings and he's blown away and he says to himself I mean at first the whole, the whole, the whole problem with Lucifer and so on is that he won't admit to the glory, to the greatness of that Creator. So there he is, he's looking at this and he's he's his heart is just gone "My God, you've really outdone yourself this time, you have created the masterpiece, better than the Angels, better than all of that stuff, you have created something more beautiful than the heavens above" and of course in that moment he realizes that he's been carrying away in here he's getting carried away. He's gonna start singing in just a few seconds and then the whole big problem will be over so he catches himself of course and tries to figure out how he can mess this up and so on and so on and so on the story goes and people are very willing to say to continue that statement how successful he has been. I'd like to take that moment and say no, it's somebody else who has really been really successful and is not Lucifer, it's someone else and it is us who have the eyes of appreciation to see, to behold.

It is us who have the enjoyment in us, it is true that the beauty is in the eye of the holder. Sure we eat food and we think that the flavoring, the food has got the enjoyment in it, don't we? But it doesn't. No way McDonald's milkshake has got enjoyment in it, it's got everything else but no enjoyment. It tastes like nothing but anybody likes it, (during this speech there is a lady in the audience whose high pitched shrill giggles other highlight of the night) there proves the point that their enjoyment is in human beings, not in the food that we think it's in and that, that precision, that beauty can be appreciated because it is that each human being has that beautiful, beautiful cup of joy that has been placed inside of us. I was talking about that today, support from Kahlil Gibran and I like it. I was talking to some people, I use that quote, I just love this one and he said that God placed in the soul a cup of joy and so far so good you know sounds good, a cup of joy, that's good and then Kahlil Gibran says and then God said you may not drink of this cup and everybody goes that's typical. First he places the cup of joy that's good, that's good then he says you may not drink of this cup, that's typical you know. Except! See! Except! (Shrieking) When you have forgotten the past and renounced the future.

Heavy stuff, sounds much easier than it is. Forget the past? How can we? We live there man, that's where we, that's where our villa is, that's where our family lives, that's, that's the right stuff, the good place and renounced the future? You kidding! That's where our bank is, that's where that's where the this is this is the destination is in the future but he says that and he means it and then he says and you know people are saying where's the real stuff? Well, here's the real stuff, then God placed in each soul a cup of sorrow and people go yeah yeah uh now you're getting down to earth and he said drink, he meant it, drink and God placed within the soul a cup of sorrow and he said drink so you may understand the meaning of the cup of joy but a big problem happened. When we started drinking of the cup of sorrow, we got addicted to it. Nowadays people say "What cup of sorrow, this is good stuff! I like it, it's cheap it's good. I don't need no cup of joy. It's for all those other seekers, me, I like this stuff. But this I can make myself. (Laughter some clapping) I can brew this stuff are right at home, I don't have to go outside but nonetheless the gentleness, the kindness has also been placed and love has also been placed in that soul and he says "Love that would depart with the first sigh of content." Just when you say I think I've got it it's gone. Just when you say I think I've got the whole situation together, my houses up, it's fallen. Surprise, not such a big surprise, not such a big surprise.

If we can get under addicted to that cup of sorrow and start to realize that there is beauty of incredible proportions and we can enjoy, we can actually be a part of this incredible festival of life and we need to remember that, we need to understand that. It doesn't matter if we have Knowledge or we don't have Knowledge. It doesn't matter if we are just starting off or we have found it. It doesn't matter. Appreciation is one thing that you can't just have one day and it will last you forever, no. It's one of those things that is very short-lived. You wanna appreciate, you've got to stay every moment. If you miss one moment of appreciation, that's the moment in which you won't have that appreciation and when you don't appreciate, guess who loses? Not the moment and nobody else. You know there is that saying "When you cry, you cry alone and when you laugh the world laughs with you." Well, I have a modified version of it. "When you cry, you cry alone and when you laugh, the world thinks you're crazy." So forget about that part of it, don't laugh for the world. Laugh because you want to laugh. Don't cry for this world, this world doesn't care. There's nobody out there. There's-you know something? There's nothing called 'world' out there that I have yet to be able to point my finger at and say, "Ah, there's the world." I have flown over the earth and I've seen a lotta people and people don't seem to have much to do with this earth, they just gotta stand around on it, that's about it, they do other things that I don't think our very nice but that's you know, that's what they do. I have never, I haven't seen this one thing called "the wo-o-orld." No, it's just a whole bunch of people, every individual trying to climb their own step-ladder, everybody making their little effort to enjoy this life a little more every day and that's okay, that's okay and that's where Knowledge comes in, to be able to enjoy that very fundamental, that very basic thing and that's what it's all about.

So much has been said of course this evening, some of it I'm sure people said "Well that was funny but I didn't understand a thing he said." Well, give it some thought. Maybe there is a few words flying around in there that may make some sense someday. Some day, you don't have to do it tomorrow you know. If you're interested, want to know more about it then as you go out the ushers have a little card which has an address in it where you can call. At least a telephone number and an address I think. If you're interested. Is there a charge for it? I wish there was. It would make life a lot easier for everybody. Well me of course and then for you to because you you just pay your 40 bucks and you get it but guess what unfortunately there is no charge for it and never has been and never will be. Because it is a gift of heart. It is a gift from one human being to another human being not because I know you. I don't know who you are just because of one reason we're on the same boat. We're not on different boats, we're on the same exact boat. When your bow goes up, so does mine and when the stern flops around in the waves well that's my stern too.

That's the reason, not, I'm not trying to make this world a better place to live in it already is a pretty decent place I think. It's got a few bugs but not the earth, us. Let's put the, you know, put it where it belongs. There's no problem with the earth, is the problem with the people on it and at that, why? Because of ignorance, because they don't know any better. Well tomorrow if they did, things would change. I'm not trying to change that, I'm here, I'm here. I'm alive. You're here. You're alive. I've found something. You can find something, too and it's simple as that and it's lovely. It's lovely to be alive. We got to take those moments in our life and say "Hey, I know I don't always say this but thanks" because when it really comes down to it there's one thing that is totally indispensable and that's you, completely. That's the bottom line and enjoy it, enjoy this gift you have been given. Inevitably it's not going to last forever and if you have run out of ways of enjoy then there is a way to enjoy. Enjoy the enjoyment and that's where Knowledge comes in, that's as simple as it is.

If you're interested, give us a call. If you're not interested, don't give us a call. It's free, everybody who works on this to help you out, to receive your call is a volunteer. Nobody's getting' paid, straight and simple. Big organization behind it? No. Who's behind it? People. People who're alive, that's who's behind it and we wanna enjoy and I want to thank you for coming this evening. I hope nothing else, laughter is a good medicine and you've been able to feel something, maybe able to understand something.

The message is very simple, this is not a philosophy, this is not a religion, is not a cult, none of those things. It doesn't interfere with religion, it doesn't interfere with philosophy and it does not interfere with a cult (laughter) but it is none of those things. It is just a gift from one to the other and any monkey business involved well putting your legs on your toes and your toes on your legs, no, none of that, it's very simple. I mean look I can't, I can't do that stuff, I've tried it umm I mean talking about manipulating the body I mean one time I tried to have a chiropractor tried to do it, oh it really hurt, that's it umm I have a very hard time with that but I'm not here to show anything else, teach anything else except that simple, simple Knowledge. Thank you very much, good night, have a wonderful life. Thank you.