Prem Rawat's Receiving Knowledge video

This video contains some footage of Prem Rawat in a "Pre-Knowledge" session, speaking and answering some questions. It also contains interviews with some people before "receiving Knowledge" (aspirants), directly after "receiving Knowledge" and up to a year later. His concept of religion is exceedingly shallow and doesn't seem to have matured since he was 11 years old and proclaimed that "People think God is a man. I do not know whether he is demeaning the experience of people whose religion doesn't include him as the divinity through ignorance or as a tool of propaganda. I don't know what to think about his answer to the question if people without Knowledge can be happy.

The most important thing is where you are at. That's what it's all about. What you understand. What you are willing to accept in your life. That's what it's all about. Knowledge is Knowledge, the four techniques. Yes, you'll be shown the four techniques. And hopefully, if all goes well, you'll understand it. And then what? And that's what I wanna talk to you about. You've been given, you've been given a life, an incredibly precious gift. You don't have to weigh it, you don't have to judge it, you don't have to compare it, that's not why you were given this existence, That's not the purpose of it and maybe I'm not here to tell you why you were given your life because that would probably be another statement being added to the millions already out there and it would mean nothing but maybe I can tell you what it itsn't about that it isn't about comparing , that it isn't about sadness, that it isn't about doubt. That there is this opportunity as that breath comes, it's an opportunity, opportunity to be alive, opportunity to be real, oppoortunity to exist and how many of us in this life, truly every day accept that opportunity? I can tell you one thing, not very many. Because that's not how we have set ourselves to be. We have set ourselves to get away from our reality, truly all our life, everything that we have done, it's amazing, it's really, really amazing. From that television, to that radio, to our music, to our this, to our that and I'm not criticising, believe me, I'm not criticising these things. I listen to music, I watch television but I can tell you that these are not the things that bring you to the focus of this life. In so far you know what tool you use for what, you're in good shape but when you don't know, I guess that's the difference between a surgeon and a monkey, the tools are tools. The surgeon knows scalpel, this, that, what to use for what and the monkey would gladly pick anything up and chop it up and cut it up and cut himself up. And so here you are getting ready to receive the gift of Knowledge and yes so you can see what it's going to be like, these are the very chairs, this is the very room where the Knowledge Session is gonna take place. And that can all be arranged but hopefully the most important part is that you are here to accept that gift of Knowledge, that tomorrow when you come you want to accept, not measure, not weigh, not all those other things that we usually do but to accept what it is that you are being given.

And for a person to be really comfortable they have to be focussed on what is important, what they can be comfortable about and Knowledge is the most comforting thing there is cause where is it taking you? I know that, and I I understand it, I'm not criticising it, I understand it, you don't have Knowledge, you're going in for Knowledge and the question is "What is it?" But when you first heard about Knowledge that's what you wanted to know "What is it?" And then through the process of listening and understanding that question changed because something else became more evident that there is you, that there is this breath, that here is this life and you have to acknowledge that and those fundamentals don't change, even this evening, they're still there. This life, this heart, this understanding, the meaning of being alive.

And people become "Oh I don't wanna do anything wrong." But this is not a question of being wrong, this is a question of going inside, this is a question of just being relaxed, even though there is 122 or 121 people here, it has nothing to do with 121 people, it has nothing to do with 122 people, it has it's each one of you is an individual. That's who you are. You sit in that chair, that's one life, not two and not three and not four, one life, one person, one life, one existence

It is very easy to take Knowledge and to take what I am doing and put it on the parallel tracks of religion but this is about as far from religion as it gets. Because religion is a discipline so that after you die you go to heaven. You do all, you do everything right, then you got the Indian heaven, you got a Chinese heaven, you got you know this heaven, you got that heaven, busy place."

"I'm not saying that those people who don't have Knowledge are gonna go to hell." "But can they be happy?" (voice from audience) "Huh?" "Can they be happy?" (voice from audience) "Can they be happy? Without going to hell? Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Um. Uh uh."

Prem Rawat's Religion

Since 1988, Maharaji has given knowledge to more than 140,000 people.

The breakdown of figures based upon known percentage for a year during this period would be at least 130,000 or more in India, the remainder everywhere else in the world for a period of a decade. Not very impressive.

But nobody is "given" anything by Rawat. Rawat claims that by using his special meditation techniques, that only work if taught by himself or his appointed agents,

Prem Rawat's Religion